Chapter 607: Chu Family’s Seven Color City, The Danger of a Natural Disaster

Chapter 607: Chu Family’s Seven Color City, The Danger of a Natural Disaster

With Chu Mu’s current speed, if he were to ride Night, he probably would be able to reach the Chu Family in a month.

However, Chu Mu chose to cross a mountain range through the entire Zhanli Kingdom and Western Kingdom that nobody dared to use.

This mountain range was Western Zhan Mountain Range. It was an authentic large bewildering world. Due to the ample resources in the mountain range, the phases and stages of the soul pets inside were extremely high. Moreover, species communities were everywhere and a small careless mistake would lead to one encountering a soul pet group numbering in the hundreds or thousands.

It was best if the bewildering world had different levels of difficulty. This way, it would satisfy the training requirements of soul pet trainers at different levels. However, this particular mountain range belonged to a lawless area between the two kingdoms. If one didn’t have enough strength, trying to pass through would almost inevitably lead to death.

Since Chu Mu planned on searching for spirit items that could raise his soul pets to the peak monarch rank, this mountain range happened to become Chu Mu’s training ground due to its ample resources.


Chu Mu was different from other training soul pet trainers, who would normally run away when they encountered communities of soul pets.

Chu Mu would actually go to areas where the soul pet communities were dense. If there weren’t over a thousand soul pets, Chu Mu himself felt that it wasn’t enough. 

Western Kingdom and Zhanli Kingdom were both small places and there weren’t many high ranking soul pets. Chu Mu could naturally only use quantities of soul pets to satisfy his fighting training. 

The one month of training went by very quickly. Chu Mu also obtained a tenth rank wood attribute soul crystal, which was the most suitable to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Of course, even if he had the spirit item, giving it to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to use wouldn’t necessarily mean it would strengthen. He had to wait at least two months, otherwise the tenth rank wood attribute soul crystal would most likely fail.

In the one month in this mountain range, Chu Mu would often have the Little Hidden Dragon bully those creatures weaker in phase and stage. Moreover, each time it fought, Mo Xie would follow beside it like a bodyguard to ensure nothing unexpected happened.

After continuous fights, the Little Hidden Dragon grew very quickly. When Chu Mu left the mountain range, the Little Hidden Dragon had reached the eighth stage.

Chu Mu’s previously estimated that it would take two months for the Little Hidden Dragon to reach the second phase. Yet a month had gone by now, and it was already at the first phase eighth stage. One could see the effects of continuous fights.


Another month later Chu Mu stepped into Western Kingdom’s Western Region.

Western City was Western Region’s region city. After Chu Mu left the mountain range, he began to inquire about the Chu Family.

Since the Chu Family’s business had already reached Zhanli Kingdom, it could no longer be a mere eighth rank city family. It probably now had some fame in a tenth rank city.

As expected, after inquiring, Chu Mu obtained some information. There really was a Chu Family in Western Region, and it was considered a first tier family. All of Western Domain’s cities had Chu Family property.

Moreover, the one who was managing the Western City property was Chu Lang, who had participated in the family competition together with Chu Mu.

Chu Lang was an open-minded person, and his strength was near the top in the Chu Family young generation. It was said that his strength now also ranked near the top of Western Region’s young generation.

The increasing of a soul pet’s phase and stage and rank were determined on the one hand by continuous fights and on the other by spirit item help. If Chu Family’s business had made it big, then the younger generation probably was able to obtain numerous resources. Their strength was probably very different now.

Chu Family’s business in Western City was buying and selling crystals. The effect of crystals was similar to soul crystals. Soul Crystals were worth more than gold and would never depreciate in value. Although Chu Mu didn’t understand much about economics and business, he was able to understand that since the Chu Family was able to monopolize the business on crystals, there was no way it was comparable to the eighth rank city small family from back then.

It seemed that choosing back then to migrate the family was a correct decision. The family had clearly broken through its original development limit and had become more prosperous with each day.

Chu Mu reached the center street, and quickly found a four storied crystal store.

The moment Chu Mu entered the store, a small store assistant amicably ran over and eloquently said:

“Good afternoon esteemed guest. This store has every type of elemental crystal. The first floor has first and second rank crystals, the second floor has third and fourth rank crystals, the third floor has fifth and sixth rank crystals and the fourth floor… What ranking crystal does esteemed guest require? As for the price, we can guarantee that esteemed guest will be satisfied…”

“Is the manager of the store Chu Lang?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

Chu Mu couldn’t even be bothered with items in the ten ranks system now, unless a large amount of them appeared at once. 

“Yes, Young Master Chu is on the fourth floor. Does guest have some business he would like to talk about with Young Master Chu? If you do, this assistant will immediately report to him. If you would like something else, then I can only have this esteemed guest wait for a moment.” this small store assistant really was able to talk.

Of course, this small store assistant had spotted an elegant and beautiful nine tailed fox lying on Chu Mu’s shoulders. This kind of soul pet was probably extremely expensive, so this person definitely had some status.

Chu Mu thought for a moment. He had ostensibly obtained numerous soul crystals and crystals while engaging in his slaughter in the mountain range. Getting rid of it would be perfect.

“I have numerous soul crystals and crystals on me. Take me up.” indifferently said Chu Mu. 

The small store assistant was shocked when he heard this: “Numerous?” 

The small store assistant naturally didn’t ask anything further, and hastily guided Chu Mu up to the fourth floor. He silently thought: a huge customer has come! 

Chu Mu walked up the stairs, and when he reached the third floor, his soul remembrance captured a man’s voice.

“Ai, how can it be so easy? Back then I was really opposed to having the family city be Seven Colored City. In the entire Western Region, who doesn’t know that that city will have random natural disasters? Our family has spent how much money resisting those things… although we make much profit, the risks are really too much… 

“We don’t have a choice. Our family being able to prosper so quickly was through relying on Seven Color City’s resources. Now that a problem has appeared, we naturally must solve it.” another man’s voice rang out.

As they spoke, the two people seemed to hear the sound of footsteps, and immediately stopped talking about this topic.

When he reached the fourth floor, Chu Mu immediately saw Chu Lang dressed in an azure outfit. He was sitting on a chair and beside him lay an Ice Winged Tiger fast asleep. It seemed to be at the eighth or ninth phase.  

Beside Chu Lang was another man who was a bit older. Chu Mu didn’t know this man’s name, and he probably was a side-branch disciple like Chu Lang.

“This friend…” Chu Lang stood up and looked at Chu Mu. He was about to politely say something when he astonishingly discovered that this handsome man dressed in white looked very familiar.

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. When he had arrived in Western City, Chu Mu had Old Li change his appearance back. Although many years had passed, Chu Lang definitely would not have forgotten Chu Mu’s appearance.

Indeed, Chu Lang was initially puzzled, but slowly shock and excitement appeared on his face!

“Chu Mu, you are Chu Mu!” Chu Lang let out a shout and quickly walked forth!

“It’s me. Chu Lang, it’s been a while.” Chu Mu also stepped forward and hugged Chu Lang.

“It really is you. I… I…” Chu Lang was so moved he didn’t know what to say.

Back then, after destroying Yang Family, Chu Mu had mentioned migration and afterwards, nobody in the family had seen Chu Mu again.

Chu Lang had originally thought that Chu Mu, who would only grow further and higher away the more he flew, wouldn’t return to his tiny family. He never expected Chu Mu to actually return. This made Chu Lang both shocked and happy.

After an exchange of pleasantries, Chu Lang hastily introduced the young man next to him.

This young man was called Chu Shenghua, and was a side-branch disciple. After migrating to Western Region, his performance in the family was extremely outstanding, and he was now Chu Lang’s assistant. He was helping Chu Lang manage Western Kingdom’s crystal business.

“Chu Lang, you just mentioned Seven Color City’s danger. What’s up with that?” Chu Mu quickly turned to the main matter.

“Oh, I was just going to speak about this.” Chu Lang patted his head, and promptly recounted the huge problem the Chu Family was now facing.

It turned out that, after the Chu Family had migrated, they had chosen Seven Color City as their family city.

Seven Color City was a ninth rank city. Its resources, territory and human capital were much more than Gangluo City. Moreover, even Western City had to obtain rare resources from there.

It was because of this city that the Chu Family grew increasingly prosperous and their strength grew increasingly solid.

However, this city had a huge problem: natural disasters would often occur.

This so-called natural disaster didn’t refer to food shortages. Instead, a huge number of soul pets in the wilderness would wantonly go on a rampage, and destroy human cities before taking control of their resources.

These natural disasters were frequent, yet Seven Color City was the model case of being plagued by these misfortunes. Every few years it would be ransacked by some ‘tribe’.

Now that the Chu Family had only developed for a few years but was about to encounter a huge natural disaster, if they weren’t able to resist it, this would definitely be a huge blow to their strength.

“Young master, if it’s Seven Color City, that place is very close to the spirit source I spoke of earlier. The reason why these disasters happen often is most likely due to that spirit source’s existence.” Old Li’s voice drifted in Chu Mu’s mind.

Old Li had told Chu Mu that this spirit source was extremely concealed. Moreover, its single output was enormous. Every month there would be a huge harvest!

Western Kingdom’s resources were exceptionally meager. Each month, it would only produce 100 spirits.

Old Li indicated that this spirit source had existed for many years, and its single output was probably over a thousand spirits. Moreover, its production each month wouldn’t be little. If he could obtain this spirit source and operate it well, Chu Mu wouldn’t have to be worried if he could raise an emperor rank soul pet, even if he sat at home.

In each kingdom, the resources to strengthen an emperor rank were extremely limited. The problem of the Binding Wind Spirit becoming an emperor was already settled while the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could use the emperor wood type soul crystal to increase in strength.

Moreover, Chu Mu still had Night, the Ice Air Fairy, the Ghost King, and the White Nightmare. These soul pets all had to reach the emperor rank. The only way to strengthen them was through spirit items.

Yet, emperor spirit items were extremely rare. Chu Mu had no way of finding them. He could only obtain a huge amount of spirits.

Spirits were equivalent to emperor currency. With them, Chu Mu would be able to exchange with other emperors. Therefore, on the one hand, Chu Mu had to obtain enough spirits to raise his soul pets, while on the other hand he had to obtain enough spirits to exchange for spirit items that would strengthen emperors. 

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