Chapter 606: The Tough First Phase little Hidden Dragon

Chapter 606: The Tough First Phase little Hidden Dragon

Being able to return to his family, Chu Mu was very happy. After all, he had lived with them for over a decade. After having left for that long, Chu Mu indeed missed them.


The white water splashed everywhere. On Chu Mu’s shoulder, the little hidden dragon was even happier. It actually climbed onto the railing itself. Yet, its small claws slipped. It was only when Mo Xie helplessly extended a tail to catch this mischievous little fellow that it didn’t fall right into the river.

Little Mo Xie’s playfulness was no longer evident. She was mainly focused on eating and sleeping. After little hidden dragon was born, Mo Xie was like a little maid, having to watch over it constantly, in case the little guy got lost without even knowing.

Chu Mu’s palm flipped up, revealing two nail-sized spirits. The larger piece was fed to little Mo Xie, while the smaller was given to little hidden dragon.

The little hidden dragon’s appetite wasn’t large. After the cleansing of the Jade Spring Sacred Blood, it was strengthened to emperor rank, its usual spirits weren’t even a hundredth of Mo Xie.

Emperor ranks usually need the replenishment of spirit, because their power was too strong and used up too much energy. Emperor rank young soul pets naturally don’t need to eat as much.

The washing of Jade Spring Sacred Blood was done not long after Chu Mu left Tianxia City. After the washing, little hidden dragon successfully crossed into emperor rank. Except, it fell into a slumber that it only woke from not long ago.

Now, little hidden dragon was first phase first stage, no longer as frail as its infant stages.

It had some attack power, so Chu Mu was readying to find some weaker places to train little hidden dragon.

Immortal Spring Water was given to little hidden dragon as well. The little hidden dragon wouldreach tenth phase in about two years. However, if Chu Mu let it constantly battle, it may take even less time.


The little hidden dragon wriggled its green body, its eyes watching as the water splashed everywhere. It looked very excited, as it again struggled free from little Mo Xie’s tails.

The boater beside clearly had never seen such a special soul pet so he inquired with a smile, “Boss, what soul pet is that? It seems very young, is it only first phase first stage?”

“En, it had just been born not long ago.” Chu Mu replied. He didn’t say much about little hidden dragon’s species. If he said it was a cyan hidden dragon, the boater may become too dumbstruck to continue.

The boater was just about to continue talking, when suddenly a larger splash appeared under the boat!!

The boater looked at it confusedly. Following the splash, a Sawtooth Steel Python flew across, its blood red maw clearly visible!

This Sawtooth Steel Python was nearly three meters long. Its target was the little hidden dragon playing on the fence!

“Boss, careful!!” The boater shouted. He wanted to summon his own soul pet, but it was too late.

Seeing the Sawtooth Steel Python bite towards the cyan little soul pet, the boater’s heart sank.

Since this teen was this wealthy, his soul pet definitely wasn’t simple. The attacking Sawtooth Steel Python was definitely second or even third phase high class servant rank. It could easily rip the first phase first stage soul pet into pieces!

The boater already yelled out, but he saw the young man doing nothing, instead smiling.


Suddenly, a flash flew past extremely quickly, as if a sword were drawn. Even the splashing water seemed to get cut in half!

The next moment, blood splattered outwards, mixing with the water as it painted the deck.


An ugly head fell its its sawtooth maw exposed, gory and drenched.

Seeing this, the boater’s jaw fell down!

Because, just as the Sawtooth Steel Python bit towards the little soul pet, the little cyan soul pet actually cut off the Sawtooth Steel Python’s skull in a single claw!

“This…...this little guy isn’t first phase first stage??” The boater stared in disbelief at the scene.

First phase first stage soul pet, yet it directly killed a near third phase high class servant rank! Just how high of a fighting strength did it need to accomplish that!


Little hidden dragon let out a string of excited calls. After it clawed the python, its body was enveloped in cyan light. It had grown!

Seeing little hidden dragon grow, Chu Mu smiled.

Presumably, from today on, little hidden dragon’s strength would grow rapidly as it morphs!

The boater originally thought the little hidden dragon had some hidden methods to hide its true stage and phase. Yet, this green glow further proved it was really just first phase first stage. This caused the boater to be even more dumbfounded. Counting with his fingers this time, he was trying to figure out what rank soul pet could possibly kill an opponent near two phases higher!

To the boater’s shock, little hidden dragon didn’t mind it at all, as if it did nothing impressive, simply continuing to play with the water by the rail…….

In the water, a group of other Sawtooth Steel Pythons that were ready to ambush under the cover of water immediately scattered at the sight of the little hidden dragon, afraid that this little monster would jump down and kill them all.

“Boss, these Sawtooth Steel Pythons usually aren’t a worry for us commander rank boats. However, they often used the underwater geography to hide and ambush weaker people and soul pets as we pass through. If you aren’t on guard, there could be danger of life. However, your little soul pet… truly is powerful, is it the legendary monarch rank?” the boater asked tentatively.

Now, his smile was no longer as fake as before, instead showing a real respect for experts.

Monarch rank? Chu Mu shook his head and smiled, not elaborating further.

Little hidden dragon’s fighting strength?

To be truthful, even Chu Mu didn’t know. This little fellow definitely was emperor rank after the Jade Spring Sacred Blood. As for pseudo emperor, low class emperor, or middle class emperor, Chu Mu wasn’t sure.

However, Old Li warned Chu Mu that if little hidden dragon reached seventh phase before Chu Mu reached Soul Emperor, the little hidden dragon would very likely leave and establish itself elsewhere!

The reason little hidden dragon completely followed Chu Mu was definitely not because of the soul pact. It was because of the Jade Spring Sacred Blood’s special relationship that caused little hidden dragon to view Chu Mu like a dad.

In terms of strength, Chu Mu had a rough estimate for little hidden dragon. The first phase first stage hidden dragon’s strength was similar to a second phase servant rank. The reason it was able to kill the near third phase Sawtooth Steel Python was mainly because of its domination of emperor rank techniques.

Using tenth phase calculations, little hidden dragon was pseudo-servant rank. Once it’s second phase, its strength can be comparable to a pseudo-warrior rank, and that was a tenth phase pseudo-warrior rank!

It could be said that when Chu Mu walked off the prison island, all of his soul pets together weren’t second phase little hidden dragon’s match. From that one could see just how terrifyingly powerful the little hidden dragon will be if it truly grows up!

From first to second phase, it needed about two months. Chu Mu predicted that, by the time he reached Chu Family, little hidden dragon would be about second phase.



In the process of leaving Tianxia City, Chu Mu never slacked a single second. He still constantly passed through all sorts of bewildering worlds, mainly to train all his other soul pets.

Chu Mu had a bunch of money now, especially now that Mo Xie was emperor rank and stealing the resources of bewildering world much easier.

With Mo Xie’s lead and unlimited soul items, Chu Mu’s other soul pets’ strengths grew even faster. In a short amount of time, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets reached tenth phase.

Able to eat ninth and tenth rank soul items like food, what were bottlenecks?

In terms of fighting strength: Night, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Zhan Ye, and Binding Wind Spirit were all high class monarch rank.

Under normal circumstances, even with a large group of soul items, soul pet strength increasing needs a buffer and digestion period.

Yet, this buffer and digestion period could be completely reduced through battle. Chu Mu entered a ninth rank bewildering world and went on a killing spree. 

Waging a battle against tens of thousands of soul pets, the soul pets all consumed most of their energies in the battle. No matter how full they were from soul items, they probably used it up after the battle. So, that was why the soul pets grew at such a rapid pace.

Ning was still in slumber because of the Ground Immortal Ice that Chu Mu had before. Ground Immortal Ice was a fourth rank emperor rank soul item. Even though Chu Mu absorbed most of it, the tiny bit used on a monarch rank soul pet had a surprising effect.

After sleeping for a few months, Chu Mu estimated that Ning would wake up as tenth phase top tier monarch rank.

White Nightmare had been strengthened to high class monarch rank by Chu Mu. To raise it to top tier monarch rank, Chu Mu not only spent 60 billion gold, he even searched all over for other type, fire type, and dark type tenth phase top tier monarch ranks, spending a total of 100 billion on strengthening it forcefull.

Normally, 30 billion was enough to raise a high class monarch to top tier monarch rank. However, this usually needed a couple of years of buffer.

Chu Mu couldn’t wait that long, so naturally his investment was multiplied manyfolds!

With a 100 billion investment, White Nightmare was truly undefeated in monarch rank!

Normally when they met soul pets lower than emperor rank that no other soul pet could beat, White Nightmare took the task so he could avoid Mo Xie fighting and using up more spirits.

Chu Mu also went to another Kingdom Capital to make a big clean up. In his wealth, he got rid of all his “ill-gotten wealth” and gained 400 billion gold.

Seeing 400 billion gold in his hands, Chu Mu’s eyes were gleaming at the time. Not long ago, he had to struggle for a few hundred million. Now, he was holding a few hundred billion accidentally, causing even Chu Mu to stare in disbelief!

Of course, the main reason was because he entered emperor rank, so Chu Mu wouldn’t find it troublesome to get 400 billion anymore.

In the 400 billion, 100 billion was used to strengthen the White Nightmare, while another 100 billion was used on raising all his soul pets to tenth phase high class monarch rank.

The remaining 200 billion Chu Mu didn’t want to spend haphazardly.

The money didn’t come easily. Now that his soul pets’ strengths were all up to par, Chu Mu could go to high level bewildering worlds himself. On one hand, he could gather more soul items, but on the other hand, he could subject his soul pets to high intensity battles, which saves him from having to use up 100 billion to raise them from high class monarch to top tier monarch.

As for Chu Mu himself, with all his soul pets increasing in strength, Chu Mu reached eighth remembrance soul master. If all his soul pets were top tier monarch rank, Chu Mu would probably reach ninth remembrance soul master.

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