Chapter 605: Return to Western Kingdom

Chapter 605: Return to Western Kingdom

Ten days after the half devil wave, Elder Liu finally appeared in front of Chu Mu.

Elder Liu’s first sentence was to ask why Chu Mu was so eager to leave Tianxia City.

“I said I wanted to go train more.” Chu Mu now needed to increase his soul pets’ strength very urgently. After all, to a large amount of soul pet trainers, top tier monarch rank bottleneck was not much of an obstruction for Chu Mu.

Elder Liu had long since called Chu Mu a workaholic, so he said earnestly, “After Tian Ting died, I secretly got rid of some people from soul alliance. However, I believe that not long after, soul alliance will send someone to replace Tian Ting. Similarly, he will also be told to retract your Seven Sin Fox.”

Chu Mu nodded and said gloomily, “I know, which is why I want to leave immediately and not appear in any big city.”

Elder Liu shook his head and said, “Your identity hasn’t been revealed yet I think, you can still use the identity of Chu Chen. A few days ago, I got the news that soul alliance master went straight through the forbidden realm, and isn’t currently in our human world……”

“He crossed through the forbidden realm?” Chu Mu was immediately shocked!!

Initially, when Chu Mu walked to Xiling Region, it was the place connected directly to the southwest forbidden realm. And, at the time, Chu Mu had only walked slightly out of the human realm but he was already faced with an emperor rank kingdom master!

If one compared the forbidden realm to a boundless ocean, then the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s bewildering world was just a small beach. So, just how shocking was the concept of passing through the forbidden realm!

“En, only alliance master could go straight through forbidden realm.” Elder Liu said.

“He…...why did he go straight through the forbidden realm. Are there any special soul pets on the opposite side of forbidden realm?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

Elder Liu shook his head, “That I don’t know. I haven’t gotten to the other side of forbidden realm either. Though soul alliance master has the ability to go straight through forbidden realm, it will take a while, so he won’t return in a couple of years.”

Elder Liu said this and calmed Chu Mu down a great deal. He even started praying in his mind, “This soul alliance master better meet some unknown beyond emperor rank soul pet and just instantly get killed.

Since alliance master wouldn’t appear in a few years, Chu Mu could indeed improve his strength calmly. In fact, once soul alliance master came back, if he sent someone like Tian Ting again, he wouldn’t even be his opponent.

“Every time soul alliance master goes through the forbidden realm, his strength will increase. He truly is the most powerful human of all. No one dares to be his enemy over this many years. Chu Mu, you inherited the soul pet trainer talent of Chu Tianmang and Liu Binglan, so you have a great base. You have been trying very hard all your way through growth. However, if you go against him, you may become like your father, losing your glorious future and the rest of your life……” Elder Liu’s tone lowered as he looked at Chu Mu and continued to say.

Elder Liu indeed didn’t want to see Chu Mu offend alliance master because of a soul pet. After all, Chu Mu was a very excellent soul pet trainer, and had a high chance of becoming one of the few humans to reach the realm of true experts.

“Uncle, don’t worry, I will stay careful.” Chu Mu said seriously.

Chu Mu understood Elder Liu’s warning. However, telling him to give up Mo Xie and improve his strength without worry would instead just make Chu Mu feel like a walking corpse. It wouldn’t matter how great his achievements would be later in life.

Thus, even if his current enemy was the strongest human in the world, Chu Mu wouldn’t be moved.

“Ai, it seems like you still don’t understand how powerful this person is, so powerful that all the soul palaces in the world has to avoid him…...whatever, you should be fine these couple of years. If the soul alliance master doesn’t find any clues, this secret may just get lost. Since you have your own path, just walk it.” Elder Liu knew he couldn’t convince Chu Mu any further.

Elder Liu didn’t want to say anymore, so he patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and walked away with his hands folded behind his back.

Chu Mu watched as he left and returned back to his own room.

Chu Mu was always swift like thunder. Since they had to start anew, then the second morning, Chu Mu had to leave directly.

Before leaving, Chu Mu gave the Fierce Wind Demon Emperor young soul pet to Old Soul Teacher De telling him to find a good buyer to exchange for wind type soul items that could strengthen his binding wind spirit.

Old Soul Teacher De took over the emperor rank young soul pet with much complaining, saying he was always handling small logistical things for Chu Mu, and that he wasn’t even an elder at this point, but a house servant of Chu Mu.

Though he complained, Old Soul Teacher De didn’t reject it, and also expressed the thought that strengthening Binding Wind Spirit to emperor rank was much smarter than training an emperor rank Fierce Wind Demon.

The night before Chu Mu left, he also quietly said goodbye to Princess Jin Rou. Princess Jin Rou was busy with something, or it could be said that, since coming back from tenth realm, Princess Jin Rou had never appeared again.

Chu Mu never understood this woman. Since he had already went to say goodbye, Chu Mu didn’t think of it much and just left Tianxia City directly.

The moment he left Tianxia City, Chu Mu glanced at the far horizon where the sky met the ground, and one felt entirely worry free. He urged his steed on and started running down the plains of Tianxia City…...



On the green plains, there was a blue water belt that meandered slowly into the distance…...

The river was wide and deep, and one could see countless boats slowly riding through it.

Most of these were merchant ships, making trades between Western kingdom and Zhanli Kingdom.

The brown dirt of Western Kingdom was something Zhanli Kingdom didn’t have. Brown dirt was an important construction material that many palace level structures needed. Whenever palace-like structures needed to be built along this kingdom river, they would constantly need these merchant ships from Western Kingdom.

Of course, because this river spanned the two kingdoms, it became the water source of a dozen large cities. This also made this river a transportational node. To avoid danger on travels, many people who had to go through the kingdoms chose to avoid danger by taking a guest ship too.

The view along this Western Zhan River was always extremely beautiful, making it a hot tourist location for scholars and ladies.

There were many different ranks of guest boats. Normal boats were slowly pushed by very low phase water elementals up the river.

Slightly higher rank ones were pushed by even stronger water type soul pet techniques.

The highest rank ones blitzed through the river. Called “the gangster-like” boats, they often were pushed by a huge group of water type soul pets, so its speed wasn’t any slower than soul pets on the run. 

“Oh, so the passenger ship was Chu Clan’s business, interesting.” On one of these domineering boats, a white clothed young man rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

The boats were extremely fast, sending water everywhere around the white clothed young man. This feeling was indeed refreshing in such a hot summer day.

“Hehe, it was just picked up not long ago. For this, Chu Clan used many experts to win the deal from Lu Clan.” The explaining boater said smiling.

This boater was naturally smiling broadly, because this rich young man in front of him had just reserved the entire commander rank boat for himself.

A commander rank boat could board at least a hundred people and was expensive. This boater really hadn’t seen anyone else with this much money.

The young man stood at the wooden fence and watched the spraying water as he murmured to himself, “Since its along the way, lets see what the clan says. I don’t know how grandfather is now, and uncle too……”

The young man who took over the commander rank boat was naturally Chu Mu.

After leaving Tianxia City, Chu Mu headed west, and seemed to follow his way back to Zhanli kingdom.

Of course, Chu Mu’s route was different. For example, this West Zhan River was something Chu Mu didn’t travel through.

Seeing the river, Chu Mu needed a break from his continuous nights of travelling, so he spent some silver to take the speediest guest boat up the stream to the source of the river, which was basically the main base of Chu Clan.

What Chu Mu found very surprising was, Chu Clan clearly had a decent strength to be able to make this cross-border deal. Though it was just a guest boat, it was a water flow that spanned multiple great cities, so guest boats were definitely a lucrative business…...

Chu Mu remembered that when Chu Family was still in Gangluo City, its main trade was between eighth and ninth rank cities. They had no chance in extending to tenth rank territory. Now, they spanned such a large region, so presumably, Chu Clan had grown very well in the past few years.

“Young master, as a soul emperor, kingdom power is very powerful. If you own a Kingdom, all the kingdom’s resources will be yours. Even the worst kingdoms could at least keep a pseudo emperor rank alive. Young master should consider taking the western kingdom resources. From what I estimate, the monthly production of spirits should be near 100. In fact, some spirit sources haven’t even been excavated. If they are all excavated, it’s another large gold source.” Old Li said.

“Only a hundred spirits? If this is gold, the entire kingdom only makes 10 billion?” Chu Mu asked

“Young master, how many times do I have to emphasize that no idiot would switch 1 spirit for 100 million gold! Spirits can’t be compared to gold, they are completely different in status! And now, spirits are in low supply with disasters everywhere. Emperor ranks are increasingly important. In these times, even if one tried to exchange 1 billion for 1 spirit, some soul emperors may be willing!”

“The fluctuation in spirits is always very high because it had to do with disasters. 1 spirit for 100 million is the absolute bottom line…….” Old Li said.

“Okay, though I still have 1000 spirits to use, I should have some fixed assets to avoid an increase in burden once I have more emperor ranks. I will consider using my family to fix the issue of spirit sources.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu had the power to fight against a Kingdom Master now, so helping a clan out shouldn’t be a big problem.

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