Chapter 604: Chu Mu’s Emperor Preparation Team

Chapter 604: Chu Mu’s Emperor Preparation Team

The second day, at the departed world gates mountain, corpses burnt beyond recognition were found by the city guards.

Afterwards, Tianxia City’s spirit emperors found that the restricted gates towards Immortal City were ripped open forcefully by other type technique!

The departed world gates led to the immortal city was information that only highly positioned Soul Emperors knew. Inside was also sealed countless ancient powerful organisms.

Indications of ripping were very bizarre, so many people came to the following conclusion about the half devil:

The half devil attempted to enter Immortal City, but after touching the seal, chief leader Tian Ting noticed it, so chief leader Tian Ting brought the soul alliance team ahead to fight a great battle against the half devil…...

The result afterwards, many people saw. Tian Ting, the three soul emperors, and the soul alliance team all lost.

The soul alliance team truly lost too poorly. Many people witnessed the blood rain’s magnificence. Though the soul emperor formation and many factions guaranteed that the half devil would never appear in Tianxia City again, in the following days, many people remained alarmed. No matter how locked down the news was, news still spread all over about the shocking battle that night.

The commotion lasted a while. The entire Tianxia City was constantly in a guarded state, strictly controlling all people entering the city.


Speaking of that day, the main character Chu Mu, after dealing with Tian Ting, returned to Soul Palace from a different direction.

Once back to soul palace, Elder Liu sent people to search for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had readied an excuse already; he simply said when he went to look for Tian Ting, he wasn’t in his residence, so he walked around outside before returning to soul palace.

Elder Liu only wanted to ascertain Chu Mu’s safety. Since Chu Mu was safe, he didn’t ask any more.

Chu Mu returned to his room, he let out a long breath. After resting a while, he used the Ground Immortal Ice to slightly adjust his body situation before falling asleep.

A few days later, Chu Mu was about to use soul palace’s power to make the situation even more undetectable. He especially couldn’t let soul alliance’s people stare at him right after Tian Ting’s death. Additonally, he had to get rid of all those who stopped him from leaving the city.

What Chu Mu was surprised about was, when Chu Mu was ready to get rid of these people, all of them disappeared mysteriously.

These People couldn’t have exited Tianxia City in this period, and couldn’t have guessed the true reason of Tian Ting’s death. The only reason they might disappear was that someone dealt with them before him.

The only person willing to take this risk to hide the secret was one person: Senior Elder Liu.

Afterwards, Chu Mu had confirmed with Palace Master Yu that, after Tian Ting died, Senior Elder Liu used his secret power to wipe away all evidence, making sure Chu Mu wouldn’t be scrutinized by Soul ALliance.

Elder Liu’s action’s caused Chu Mu to be frightened. Could it be that Senior elder Liu had already guessed he is the half devil, or does he just want to protect him using this opportunity?


No matter whether Senior Elder Liu knew if he was half devil, Chu Mu could finally rest his heart.

Because he was perpetually stressed, Chu Mu hadn’t even had the chance to look at the emperor rank young soul pet. He hadn’t even looked through the spatial ring that Tian Ting kpet with him.

Now, after everything against him was dealt with, Chu Mu could check just how big of a reward he received.

Emperor rank young soul pet was a little fellow that was like little Hidden Dragon, not even entering first phase first stage.

At this time, the young emperor was laying silently in the soul capture ring sleeping,not knowing it had already been passed through multiple peoples’ hands.

Chu Mu observed this little fellow closely, and faintly felt as if he had seen the shape of this little soul pet before, but he couldn’t remember immediately. He could only tell it from its faint wind type aura that it was a wind type elemental emperor.

“Young master, its a Fierce Wind Demon Emperor. Look at its head, theres the basics of an emperor plume forming……” Old Li’s appraising eye was great, immediately identifying it as a Fierce Wind Demon Emperor.

With Old Li’s words, Chu Mu realized. It was the Fierce Wind Demon Emperor. He had seen it back when he was in the Binding Wind Sacred Region.

“Fierce Wind Demon Emperor?” Chu Mu sighed. From his expression, one could see that he didn’t care much about this emperor rank soul pet.

Chu Mu already had Binding Wind Spirit, a Wind Type soul pet. Though the Fierce Wind Demon emperor had a natural species advantage over the Binding Wind Spirit, Chu Mu didn’t have the habit of switching soul pets.

Chu Mu himself preferred the binding wind spirit’s fighting nimbleness. Though the Fierce Wind Demon Emperor was powerful, it wasn’t Chu Mu’s ideal wind type soul pet.

“Young master, you aren’t too interested in the Fierce Wind Demon, are you?” Old Li said.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“This is simple. Just sell it! Young master doesn’t particularly like this Fierce Wind Demon, but countless other people are frenetic about it! With the value of the Fierce Wind Demon, this emperor rank species, exchanging for a wind type emperor rank soul item shouldn’t be an issue.” Old Li said.

“Fierce Wind Demon also lives in Binding Wind Sacred Region. However, the Fierce Wind Demon isn’t listed in the seven diagram sacred pets. This, in fact, means that if the Binding Wind Spirit could get strengthened to the same rank as the Fierce Wind Demon, its fighting strength would be even more powerful than the fierce wind demon emperor.

There was only one serving of the Immortal Spring Water, definitely only enough to feed to the little hidden dragon. If he had to retrain the Fierce Wind Demon, he would have to do it phase by phase, needing many years.

Binding Wind Spirit was already ninth phase middle stage. Strengthening it to emperor rank, Chu Mu would have a tenth phase wind type emperor rank soul pet very soon, which was much more important!

“Young master, your next goal is to raise Binding Wind Spirit to tenth phase and to top tier monarch rank. Then, you can exchange soul items to strengthen the binding wind spirit to emperor rank.”

Initially, the old kingdom master Li only had a pseudo-emperor rank to stay superior in status. In not too long, Chu Mu would have multiple emperor ranks. Indeed, many people he once had to look up to had to respect him today.

After figuring out how to deal with the emperor rank young soul pet, Chu Mu took out Tian Ting’s spatial ring.

Old Li knew things better, so Chu Mu simply gave the ring over to Old Li.

Old Li was looking through the spatial ring very enthusiastically before offering a hair-raising laugh.

“Young master, the things in this spatial ring are much better than the defector young woman’s!” Old LI said.

The reason Old LI was this excited caused Chu Mu’s eyes to light up naturally. This was a spirit emperor spatial ring, so the things inside would cause Chu Mu’s strength to increase!

“There’s a thousand spirits in cash, a second rank emperor rock crystal, an emperor rank wood type soul crystal, and an emperor rank healing medicine of a hundred flasks. Just selling the medicine alone is worth hundreds of billions, let alone the rock crystal and soul crystal!” Old Li said excitedly.

“What is the rock crystal for? And, the second rank emperor rank? First emperor rank? 

“Beforehand, didn’t you talk with young master? Tenth rank items were split from servant rank to monarch rank. In emperor rank, there was a new ten ranks. Pseudo-emperor rank, low class, middle class, high class, top tier, five clear tiers. Of these, first and second rank are usually directed to soul items, medicine, minerals, soul crystals used for pseudo-emperor ranks……”

“Third rank and fourth rank mean those are able to be used for low class emperor rank, and so on.”

Chu Mu was enlightened. It seemed like emperor rank and the previous four tiers were split apart. This meant that, in the future, when he met spirit emperor ranks, their first rank didn’t need things buyable with a few gold…...

“Young master, the medicine ranks are all too high. Leave some for yourself for emergencies, but sell the rest on the black market to get a few hundred billion. Then, you can spend them until all of your middle class monarch ranks are tenth phase top tier monarch rank. After that, just worry about raising them to emperor rank……”

“Second rank emperor rank rock crystal is a good thing. Once young master’s monarch Ghost King reaches pseudo emperor rank and you give it to the Ghost King, within pseudo emperor, no special attack technique could possibly break through the monarch Ghost King’s defense.”

“As for the first rank emperor rank wood type soul crystal, you probably don’t need me to explain?”

Chu Mu nodded. Soul crystals were items that never lost their value. An emperor rank soul pet’s soul crystal’s price was something Chu Mu was extremely clear about.

“Old Li, by what you said, Tian Ting had high class, middle class emperor ranks. What he needed were between fourth and eighth rank, so why would he not even have third rank emperor rank soul items?” Chu Mu asked.

After Old Li heard, his whiskers were stiff, “Young master, you truly aren’t content. Do you think emperor rank soul items are like the first ten ranks’ soul items, laying everywhere? I can say very surely that even these first and second rank emperor rank soul items caused Tian Ting a lot of pain. Emperor rank soul items are incredibly rare. Why else do you think her majesty spent so long just to find a fourth rank Ground Immortal Ice! Emperor rank items aren’t storable. Even Tian Ting’s secret treasury may not have many emperor rank soul items above third rank, because two high class emperor ranks have immense consumption!”

Chu Mu nodded with some understanding. All in all, Old Li was letting him know that he truly hit the jackpot this time. As for how large the pot was, without truly reaching emperor rank, Chu Mu couldn’t understand accurately.

“The Binding Wind Spirit is bound to be an emperor as well as the Little Hidden Dragon. The first thing you have to do next is raise all your soul pets to the peak monarch rank before raising them one at a time to the emperor rank. Haha, I would guess that before long, the people who will dare cause trouble for young master can be counted.” Old Li spoke with a bit of excitement. 

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