Chapter 602: Half Devil With a Consciousness Part 2

Chapter 602: Half Devil With a Consciousness Part 2

The blood struck the faces of others, and a few more courageous spectator soul pets were already completely stupefied. Beside them rained down snapped off hands, snapped off legs, half of people's’ heads and shattered innards that rained down with blood and fluids into the city!

This was a shocking and harrowing scene!!

Countless people in the city among this purgatory of flesh and blood immediately fainted. Countless others stood there petrified, while some stared with eyes wide open at the sky raining in blood… 

Everyone’s ideas of justice and evil had been completely turned on their heads after the Shattering Heaven Seal. These people who had received small benefits and favors from Soul Alliance for so many years were now watching their protective guardians die so miserably.

On top of the roof, the bloody rain pattered onto a short soul pet trainer’s face. He looked stunned and panickedly muttered: “It’s good… it’s good that I didn’t pass…. didn’t pass the test of the Soul Alliance team.” 

This short soul pet trainer, if he had passed the test for the Soul Alliance team, would have been one of those members whose limbs would have spilled all over the place!

Shattering Heaven Imprint was a completely slaughter!

And the creator off this slaughter was like the ruler of the night!

He was emanating in demonic aura as he floated in the bloody rain towards Tian Ting.

Tian Ting’s soul pets didn’t die. Chu Mu’s Shattering Heavens Imprint was targeted at the entire Soul Alliance team. It was also Tian Ting’s last resort. As for the two middle class monarchs Tian Ting had summoned and the Eight Feathered Turtledove of which three wings had been ripped off by the Shattering Heavens Imprint, they could no longer pose any threat to Chu Mu.

Tian Ting was on the verge of collapse on the Eight Feathered Turtledove. He was trembling as he watched Chu Mu walk over.

As Soul Alliance team was cleanly slaughtered, Tian Ting collapsed. He took responsibility for the strategy just now. The arrogance from having high class emperors and the aggressiveness due to having the reliance of the Soul Alliance team was completely gone!

"Do you want to tell them my name?” Chu Mu seemed to see through Tian Ting’s thoughts and spoke mockingly. 

Tian Ting trembled as he opened and closed his mouth...

Tian Ting really had planned on saying Chu Mu’s name. He wanted to tell everyone in Tianxia City that Soul Palace Chu Chen was Li City’s half devil, as well as Tianxia City’s half devil. He was a seed of calamity that could transform himself into a half devil!

However, Tian Ting could no longer speak. The enormous pressure was practically going to rupture his heart!

“You… you…” Tian Ting twitched from head to toe as he tried to speak. But what he wanted to say to Chu Mu was no longer important!

“This is just the beginning. There are too many people like you in Soul Alliance who deserve to die. I will crush each of their heads one at a time…” Chu Mu reached Tian Ting and grabbed his head with one hand, lifting him up by his head!

The bloody rain began to calm. All of the corpses fell onto the roofs, streets, courtyards and water platforms… 

The smell of blood pervaded half of Tianxia City as it even began to spread. Presumably in the next few days, the sewers of the entire Tianxia City would run red, as would the rivers flowing outside the city...

The Shattering Heaven Imprint didn’t strike the ground. Aside from the evil devils descending and affecting a few people, this battle didn’t bring any heavy casualties to Tianxia City itself or deliver any tragedy to the people. 

However, the shock and horror this fight gave the city was of enormous impact to the hundreds of thousands of people watching. As for how serious the aftereffects would be, nobody could be sure.

“Head seat… head seat… he was caught by the Nightmare…” 

Several spirit emperors who had very high defensive abilities were dumbstruck on the ground as they watched the far away sky.

Most of these spirit emperors didn’t even have middle class emperor rank soul pets and above. Unless there was someone else with even more authority who came here to organize a team, they would not send themselves to their deaths. Especially since the head seat under the throne was being lifted up by the Nightmare’s claws as if it was grabbing a dead creature. 

“Someone… someone appeared!!” 

In the center of Tianxia City, several tens of extremely fast enormous figures rushed towards this city district urgently.

“It seems to be the elders and spirit emperor experts!”

The scattered Soul Alliance members quickly recognized the group of experts approaching. After this savage calamity had passed, the only one who would dare face this enemy would only be the spirit emperor camp!! 

When the entire city was threatened, Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance, and theElemental Sect, as the most authoritative representatives of the human soul pet domain, would combine forces to resist unknown invaders. 

Therefore, among the tens of figures, there were Soul Palace elders, Nightmare Palace elders, Soul Pet Palace elders, various great Palace Lords, Kingdom Lords, and Spirit Emperors that controlled other resources...

Flying at the very front of them was the only senior elder level person in the entire Tianxia City, Soul Palace’s Senior Elder Liu!

Immediately behind the senior elder were the other three seats: Elder Hai Qiu, Elder Xie Tao, and Elder Ting. Behind the three elders were the elder level figures from the three great factions. Old Soul Teacher De was among them.

After the elder group were the great Palace Lord level people. Most of these people had middle class emperors and occasionally there would be a few spirit emperors riding very fast soul pets dithering nearby the group of great Palace Lords.

The final group were the Palace Lords and normal Spirit Emperors. What they possessed was low class emperors and pseudo emperors!

The spirit emperors watching over Tianxia City normally numbered about one hundred. This time, nearly half of them appeared!!

Moreover, as this group of people neared, scattered spirit emperors on the ground began to continuously fly up into the air, joining the duty bound spirit emperor group!

This shocking fight didn’t continue for long. The emperor group of experts didn’t appear too slow. After all, the entire Tianxia City was incomparably vast. From the very center to the city gates were several flourishing districts, city cores, the inner city and the outer city’s four districts. The area of each district was calculated in kilometers. Even if emperor rank soul pets were faster, they would not be able to immediately arrive. 

As for the Spirit Emperors who were originally nearby, they didn’t even have the courage to attack or even assist. 

This kind of Spirit Emperor team was unprecedented in the past tens of years. The congregation of this group of experts was in order to fight the evil emperor half devil that had suddenly appeared in Tianxia City! 

Senior Elder Liu’s flying speed was the fastest. His two pale white hairs fluttered in the wind and his profound and wise eyes looked at the demonic devil figure burning with white flames in the distance.

Even if he was a senior elder, when facing a true half devil, his eyes clearly changed. One had to know that tens of years ago another half devil had destruction was still vivid in Senior Elder Liu’s mind. 

Senior Elder Liu’s soul pet was overflowing with aggressiveness. It astonishingly was an Immortal Ming Bird that had been strengthened to the peak of the emperor rank! 

Undoubtedly, the half devil Chu Mu was not necessarily a peak emperor rank soul pet’s opponent. Moreover, one could see that Senior Elder Liu didn’t only have one peak emperor!

“Everyone stop!” suddenly, Senior Elder Liu shouted with soul remembrance, ordering all of the spirit emperors to stop!

There were now already sixty spirit emperors. Yet, regardless of which faction an expert was from, after Senior Elder Liu gave an order, none of them dared disobey. They all stopped behind the senior elder and didn’t dare step forward.

“Senior Elder Liu?” Hai Qiu asked, not understanding.

Right now they were only a thousand meters away from the half devil. To an emperor rank, this distance wasn’t anything.

Moreover, at this distance, every Spirit Emperor could clearly see the evil emperor half devil’s figure. Numerous spirit emperors discovered the ground littered with bodies under them and were even more shocked!

“So this is a half devil…”

“Nightmare Palace’s sin.” 

“Devil flames, beast strength, and other type. The strongest creature without a weakness. A devil god from another world!” the emotions of spirit emperors from Nightmare Palace were extremely unsteady.

Many spirit emperors didn’t even dare look at the half devil. The shock from staring at a half devil from such a close distance was something hard to describe.

“Senior Elder Liu, head seat is being held in its hands. We still don’t dare attack?” asked Old Soul Teacher De in a low voice.

Senior Elder Liu’s expression became grave as he shook his head.

There was no need to talk about Tian Ting. He was definitely dead!

The half devil would be able to kill him whenever he wanted. Even if Senior Elder Liu attacked it was of no use.

Right now, Senior Elder Liu was afraid of the condensed death devil flames in the half devil’s other hand.

This death devil flames had condensed when everyone neared.

If this technique were to attack the spirit emperor group, it wouldn’t be able to deal much damage.

However, if his technique were to be thrown at Tianxia City below, the repercussions were unthinkable! 

“Half devils possess other type abilities. Even if my Immortal Ming Bird is faster, it won’t be able to stop him from attacking the countless citizens in Tianxia City.” Senior Elder Liu’s expression continued to change. 

Several elders also darkened their expressions.

Elder Hai Qiu said: “He probably wanted to attack Tianxia City. If it releases his technique, Tianxia City will be engulfed in a catastrophe!” 

After speaking, the hearts of all the experts sank.

They had so many experts watching over Tianxia City. Yet they still allowed Tianxia City to suffer such a disastrous attack. What kind of qualifications did they have to receive the support and respect of these people? There would be countless people condemning them! 

Of the elders, Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xie Tao had the most complicated expression. After hesitating a while, he used soul remembrance to speak to Senior Elder Liu: “Senior Elder Liu… did you see it?” 

Senior Elder Liu slowly nodded his head. His expression was complicated. After a while, he used soul remembrance to reply: “This half devil… possesses consciousness…” 

A half devil with consciousness! 

The half devil was full of slaughter. If it appeared, bloody wind and rain would equally emerge.

How the half devil appeared was extremely clear by the senior elder and elder rank experts. IT was an extremely powerful soul that was devoured by a powerful Nightmare.

Because some experts had extremely powerful willpower, they were unwilling to be devoured by a Nightmare, and thus would engage in a soul fight with the Nightmare whilst being devoured a little bit at a time.

This state of bitter struggle in the expert’s soul was the half devil!

It could be said that if an expert was able to resist this pain from his soul being devoured and continuously not give up, an incomparably evil and grievance pain-based strength would emerge. 

In human form, one’s strength was average, and when in Nightmare form, its strength was also average. Only when in the state of both human and Nightmare would one be the strongest! 

When in the half devil state, the Nightmare was the dominant side. Otherwise, if the Nightmare didn’t devour the soul, the human would passively struggle. The Nightmare needed to devour, but wasn’t able to fully control the body.

However, in the half devil state, the half devil only knew how to slaughter. It could not possess a consciousness.

Senior Elder Liu was someone who had experienced a half devil calamity while Elder Xie Tao also understood it. They were both clear that a half devil didn’t have reason, logic, or intelligence. 

However, the hearts of Senior Elder Liu and Elder Xie Tao were trembling because: the half devil in front of them unexpectedly possessed consciousness!! 

It understood how to grab the head seat, Tian Ting, but not kill him. It also understood how to use the innocent civilians’ lives in Tianxia City to threaten their enormous spirit emperor group.

No matter if a true half devil was strong or weak, they were simply unable to think whilst struggling amidst the pain, let alone do actions like this!

“Senior Elder Liu, you try… try using soul remembrance to communicate with it…” Elder Xie Tao spoke softly with soul remembrance. 

The half devil possessing consciousness gave Elder Xie Tao an enormous shock. If this news spread, the experts in Wanxiang City would be horrified!

Senior Elder Liu nodded his head. While confronting the half devil, he attempted to communicate with soul remembrance.

“We won’t go forward if you don’t let your technique descend.” Senior Elder Liu’s soul remembrance transmitted into Chu Mu’s mind.

The half devil Chu Mu stood there. His devil flame hand was still clutched to the half dead Tian Ting. He stared at the enormous spirit emperor group.

Only, the half devil Chu Mu didn’t say anything.

Chu Mu’s heart right now was full of savagery, ruthlessness and bloodthirstiness. But it was also filled with reason and calm. He didn’t say anything because he was afraid Senior Elder Liu remembered the sound of his soul remembrance, and could identify this half devil as his own grandson that he just met not too long ago.

Chu Mu didn’t want too many people to know about his half devil secret.

“If you have anything you want, you can tell us as long as you don’t harm the innocent civilians in Tianxia City.” Senior Elder Liu seemed earnest as he spoke.

Senior Elder Liu was an upstanding Soul Palace old man. He really did care about the civilians in Tianxia City.

Right now, he had no choice but to humble his senior elder attitude, because several hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives could perish if he said one wrong thing.

The half devil Chu Mu watched this old man with strength far greater than his, but who was willing to lower his own status. The evil in his heart lessened a bit.

However, the half devil Chu Mu still didn’t say anything. He clutched Tian Ting’s head and slowly retreated towards the outside of the city.

Senior Elder Liu saw that the half devil was retreating and slowly moved forward.

However, at this moment, the devil flames in Chu Mu’s hands bloomed, forcing Senior Elder Liu to hastily retreat.

“I won’t move forward. I definitely won’t move forward.” Senior Elder Liu hastily said.

The half devil’s actions caused Senior Elder Liu to confirm that this evil emperor half devil had a consciousness. Moreover, it could very well be a very clear consciousness! 

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