Chapter 602: Half Devil With a Consciousness Part 1

Chapter 602: Half Devil With a Consciousness Part 1

All of the Hurricane Fairies had already released a technique. If they wanted to launch another round of techniques that had effect against the half devil, they would have to spend a few seconds of preparation time.

At this moment, only by relying on the technique linkage of the Sunset Eagles could they have a hope of stopping the half devil Chu Mu.

As for Ma Yilu, Jia Cunding, and Li Teng’s emperor rank soul pets, their single attacks were unable to damage the high defense half devil. But combined with the thousand Soul Alliance members, they had some effect.

The well-trained Sunset Eagles had already begun preparing wing type techniques earlier. When Tian Ting gave the order, all of them began to move. Their golden yellow bodies rapidly moved and intersected with each other, displaying a dazzling sight!

When the half devil Chu Mu saw all the Sunset Eagles approaching him, these golden lights carried powerful severing energies. A thousand of them slashing across the sky really would deal damage to him while also interrupting his technique. 

However, the half devil Chu Mu wasn’t worried. His violently burning thoughts were filled with battle memories of the half devil. All of the half devil techniques were at his disposal! 

Facing the thousand Sunset Eagle attacks, the hand Chu Mu used to block the Hurricane Fairies stretched out. 

After Chu Mu blocked the wind type technique, this hand firmly clenched together. If one looked closely, in between his fingers were traces of chaotic wind seeping out.

Suddenly, Chu Mu opened his hand!

In the half devil Chu Mu’s hand, the wind cave unexpectedly hadn’t disappeared!


The half devil Chu Mu’s palm opened and suddenly, an incomparably violent wind element strength surged out of his palm. Astonishingly, it was the Chaotic Wind Hurricane that Chu Mu had neutralized earlier!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!”

The hurricane expanded and swept towards the Sunset Eagles flying at him!!

“He’s using the Hurricane Fairy’s technique against us!!” Jia Cunding’s face immediately paled. This was the half devil’s other type reversal ability. It was a strange ability that could reverse the energy from every attribute!

Jia Cunding’s knowledge of half devils was extremely limited. How would he know that the half devil Chu Mu would reverse the technique from just now. The enormous amount of Hurricane Fairies had practically been replicated, and now his eyes were full of fear!!

To the soul emperors with emperor rank soul pets, if this wind type techniques were to disperse, it was not capable of instakilling them.

However, the Soul Alliance members would not necessarily escape unscathed. Especially since the Hurricane Fairies would be unlikely to use a wind defense!

“Combine! Combine together!!!” Tian Ting roared!!

All of the Sunset Eagles had dispersed. The more dispersed they were, the more effective the wide area attack wind type technique would have. This amount of leadership, Tian Ting still had.

With Tian Ting’s Eight Feathered Turtledove in the lead, the Soul Alliance Members all flusteredly gave up on attacking and rapidly formed their original star board formation!

“Half retract you wings!” Tian Ting said.

The thousand Sunset Eagles collectively half retracted their wings. Everything was in unison, and they indeed were well trained. This way, the wind strength attack they suffered was much weaker!!

“Hong Hong Hong Hong!!!!!!!!!!”

The sound of the wind fundamentally changed once again. The chaotic hurricane wind swept out with long teeth and dancing claws. It repeatedly tried to engulf the golden team!! 

Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!”

The Soul Alliance at the very edges of the group were swept away by the hurricane. Their miserable cries rung out in the air!

The wind strength was terrifying. To individual Soul Alliance members, the wind strength had even more destructive strength. Therefore, the moment they were swept away, they would definitely be ripped to pieces in the air!

The Soul Alliance members all lowered their heads, and laid on their Sunset Eagles with fear. Death continuously whistled in their ears!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!”

The wind sound eventually returned to normal. This meant that the wind technique was weakening.

Finally, the members in the team opened their eyes. However, the members who remained could tell that their numbers had been greatly depleted.

Nobody knew how many teammates they had lost, but the fear of death was all looming in their hearts!

“Don’t pay attention to those people. Quickly form together!” Tian Ting couldn’t be bothered to take notice of the people who died. He extremely cold-bloodedly gave an order.

Although the team was a team, the hurricane had clearly scattered their formation. It would take a while before they would be able to create a group attack.

Tian Ting swept his eyes over the members. Seeing them so undisciplined, he immediately cursed!

“Don’t form up. Disperse a bit. Perhaps a few of them may be able to survive. If they all group up, they’re all dead!” at this moment, the half devil’s devil voice was arrogantly transmitted into the ears of the Soul Alliance members!

The half devil Chu Mu revealed a savage smile!

The half devil was innately an incarnation of slaughter. It didn’t matter that these were lackies of Soul Alliance. Even towards normal people, the bloodthirsty half devil would not be merciful at all!

Evil was evil, and it meant that a large amount of corpses were going to be piled up. Otherwise, how else would one step into the pinnacle of evil?

After Chu Mu’s reversal hurricane technique, he never put down his hand reaching to the horizon. In other words, he immediately began fermenting a technique from that moment! 

“Shattering Heaven Imprint!” 

Finally, the half devil Chu Mu coldly spat out the technique name!!

The horizon abruptly pressed down!!

A shroud of destruction loomed over everyone’s heads. The horizon was within reach!

There were people that watched, stunned. There were others that fled in fear. But in reality, whether they fled or not, it didn’t matter. Indeed, the level of this energy covered a range of several thousand meters. The technique only took a few seconds to ferment. If the technique were to directly strike the ground, any soul pet of the emperor rank or under would be unable to escape this wave!

The sky continued to sink further. Suddenly, a strange shattering heaven crack broke through the sky like lightning! It was astonishing!

The half devil Chu Mu’s silver face had completely transformed into that of a Nightmare. He had a clearly protruded silver nose, and his lips broke into the most savage and ruthless smile possible as demonic lights and flames of range emanated from his other pupils...

His other pupils stared at the heavens that were cracking, and he slowly opened his mouth. From his mouth spat out a white pillar of light that fiercely struck the expansive heavens!!

After the might from the light pillar continued up, the cracks in the sky became even deeper and more expansive!!

As if countless savage Nightmares appeared in this black sky, their devil claws ruthlessly extending out and ripped apart fresh blood and flesh in order to fill their stomachs! 

Even more shattering sky devil claws appeared. The golden yellow colored Sunset Eagles and soul pet trainers were extremely weak under this energy. As long as they were slightly touched, they would undoubtedly transform into flying flesh and blood!!!

“Ah ah ah!!!!! Ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!”

“Ah ah!!! Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!!!”

The miserable shouts didn’t stop. Every Soul Alliance member had practically fallen into this Nightmare purgatory. Each one of them was ripped to pieces by the Shattering Heavens Imprint!

Like rain, the flesh and blood from soul pet trainers spilled from the sky while the feathers from the Sunset Eagle began to drift about covered in blood and broken limbs fell from the air. A bloody mist covered the city!!

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