Chapter 601: Tianxia Half Devil (3)

Chapter 601: Tianxia Half Devil (3)

Ma Yilu, Li Teng, Jia Cunding’s three soul emperors heard Tian Ting’s angry roar, and continued to hesitate before finally giving the command to summon wing type soul pets!

A thousand elite soul alliance members all had the same soul pet, the high class monarch rank Sunset Eagle!

This team was one of the most elite as well as one of the most powerful team, completely listening to soul alliance’s highest authority!

Before coming to Tianxia City, he directly gained control of this elite member group. Just with all these wing type soul pets combined, a thousand high class monarch Sunset Eagles, was a group powerful enough to fight a middle class emperor rank soul pet. Adding on that all of these people had three more soul pets, from pure numbers and strength, the thousand elites could completely compare to high class emperor ranks!

These well trained soul pet trainers all had good coordination between themselves, creating an effect higher than even normal high class emperor ranks!!

In the chaotic streetway, figures of gold flitted through the night sky, leaving behind sunset like glows that lit the entire city gate area up!

The thousand sunset eagles flying into the skies immediately got everyone’s attention.

One had to know that every high class emperor rank sunset eagle was near ten meters in length. When every sunset eagle set flight, their golden feathers carpeted the skies, creating many tidy teams within the air that didn’t show any chaos. From the bottom up, one could see all the sunset eagles blotting out the night sky, creating a spectacular scene!

“So many sunset eagles!!” Many people have never seen such a brilliant scene in their lives, letting out exclamations of admiration.

“We’re saved, that definitely is soul alliance’s team, the strongest of Tianxia City!!!”

Many people had clearly heard of the news of this sunset eagle team. Seeing a large team of well trained sunset eagles fly into the skies, they knew it had to be the undefeated soul alliance elite team, the greatest power of soul alliance in all of Tianxia City!

“If I had just gone through the last test, then I definitely would be a part of that team. Its too bad that soul alliance’s team exams were extremely strict. Even I, a fifth remembrance spirit master, was eliminated because of low control over my soul pets. Now watching them appear, I’m truly jealous, regretting why I didn’t try for the exam again.” A short soul pet trainer sighed on one of the roofs.

Once the soul alliance team appeared, people seemed to be much calmer.

 Most people in the city area had average distinguishing ability. They often simply compared grandeur to determine the battle situation. Seeing the sunset eagle team appear so flashily, almost covering the entire night sky, the unknown evil devil seemed to get suppressed. From their view, this was the struggle between the mass of justice against a lone evil. The soul alliance team will definitely be able to take down this evil devil!    

Tian Ting saw the sunset eagle team finally appear, and let out a long breath and quickly rode his Eight Feathered Turtledove into the team of thousand sunset eagles!

The eight feathered turtledove isn’t much larger than the sunset eagle. However, its white feathers and flamboyant eight wings were incredibly noble. In the thousand sunset eagles, it stood out like a swan in a group of chickens, magnificent and outstanding!

Tian Ting quickly took the commander position in the soul alliance team. He glanced at the chasing evil half devil and smiled nastily!

“Summon your Hurricane Fairies!” Tian Ting raised a single hand and shouted angrily using soul remembrance!

The thousand soul pet trainer soul alliance team were extremely in sync. The moment Tian Ting spoke, everyone cast their incantations, their body getting shrouded in turbid wind!

The soul alliance teams were strictly required to select a certain type of soul pets. In air battles, they must have sunset eagle and hurricane fair. So, every team member of soul alliance had high class monarch rank hurricane fairies!

With a thousand high class monarch rank hurricane fairies together, their pure fighting strength wasn’t any weaker than a middle class emperor rank wind type soul pet. If these thousand high class monarch rank hurricane fairies cast the same wind type fairies, stacking the wind type technique, this element could create a destructive power that even high class emperor ranks couldn’t handle!

“Throw it into the Snowfall Mountain Range!!” Tian Ting shouted, giving an attack command to all of the soul alliance team!

Snowfall Mountain Range city gate position was a couple dozen miles, so if all of the hurricane fairies cast the same wind type technique, even a high class emperor rank would get sent a couple kilometers away!

In the skies, the chaotic winds blew carelessly. Countless black winds started whipping the city, sending debris and loose items into the air. The items with worse support started swaying in the air. Some weaker structures instantly lost their roofs to the rampaging winds!!

In the night sky, the wind type energy freely got stronger and stronger. As the thousand hurricane fairies gathered their techniques, the effect caused the entire night sky to become muddied!

Facing the thousand hurricane fairies’ wind type techniques, the half devil simply floated in the sky. The lone evil white fixture stood against the countless golden figures and turbid wind images!

The killing of the Triumphant Tooth King had wasted some of its time. Now, fighting his way into the soul alliance team formation was hard, so he must withstand one of the hurricane fairies’ attacks!

Chu Mu didn’t want to sit and wait for the attack, but instead wanted to have the thousand soul alliance members’ techniques collide with themselves!

The turbid wind whistled past its ear. Half devil Chu Mu extended a right hand, opening his palm!

The devil flames burned. In the palm of half devil Chu Mu, there slowly appeared a strange vacuum hole!!

The vacuum continuously expanded. One could clearly see the vacuum expanded towards the nearby region of Chu Mu’s palm, devouring the nearby night sky as well!!


All of the hurricane fairies finally finished their chanting. Immediately, countless hurricanes appeared. All of the hurricanes’ heights were nearly hundred meters tall, reaching ten meters in width as well!!

The ninth rank hurricane was near fifty meters in diameter, but clearly these high class monarch rank hurricanes were all compressed greatly!

Though barely ten meters in diameter, with nearly a thousand shocking hurricanes, not considering the effects of the hurricane, this was already a technique that covered ten thousand meters!!

One could imagine a technique that covered ten thousand meters. When standing on the ground and glancing upwards, the feeling was like one was in a world of wind, while all of one’s senses were devastated by wind!

Finally, the thousand hurricanes rolled out!

Every hurricane's path was locked onto the half devil Chu Mu. Hurricanes on different heights would have clear deviations that overlapped with other hurricanes that created stronger wind currents!!


The wind sound was too massive, creating a fundamental change that was incredibly heavy!

Finally, the forward most hundred hurricanes stacked up and swept past. The energy able to pull up whole mountains collided with Chu Mu’s palm vacuum!

Bizarre events unfolded soon afterwards!

The hundred hurricanes stacked together when collided with the vacuum suddenly weakened. In a few short seconds, the vacuum of twisted space in Chu Mu’s right hand completely dissipated!

And Chu Mu himself only slid back a couple meters!

When the second hundred hurricanes came, the same thing happened. The hundred hurricanes stacked together were completely absorbed when they neared Chu Mu’s palm, still only sending Chu Mu a couple meters back!

Ten times, the hurricanes swept over, yet only the last hurricane sent Chu Mu a few hundred meters back. Other than that one, the rest of the hurricanes only sent half devil Chu Mu a couple meters back!

With such an imposing presence, falling like the wrath of god, such a destructive wind type technique was just dissolved so simply!!

It felt as if a huge tsunami came from the horizon, yet when it was about to devour all, it became a tiny tide at the shore…...

“Snowfall Mountain range is in Tianxia City?” In the night sky, regaining his balance, Chu Mu heard Tian Ting, and said coldly with some mocking tones.

Tian Tin watched the half devil Chu Mu and his face twitched!

The dozen kilometers the Snowfall Mountain Range spanned was nothing compared to the hundred meters Chu Mu was sent back.

Tian Ting would never have thought that the half devil’s other type techniques would be so effective against wind type techniques. One had to know that, other than ground type, wind type could usually send its opponents really far away even if it couldn’t do direct damage head on.

All of the soul alliance team showed poor expressions. Joining the soul alliance team for so long, they rarely used their full strength and still got dealt with this easily. The opponent’s strength was far beyond what they estimated when watching from the ground!

“The half devil has three types to the extreme. Though its high class emperor rank, even top tier emperor ranks couldn’t necessarily win……” Jia Cunding said. From his tone, one could clearly see it was ruining their own morale and raising the opponent’s might.

Tian Ting gave Jia Cunding a wicked stare to shut him up, but Tian Ting himself was shocked beyond belief!

Their attack is done, its my turn!” Chu Mu smiled !

Chu Mu’s other hand lifted up. Also opening up its palm, this time he raised it high up above his head, facing the sky, clearly wanting to grasp the very sky in his hands!

“Don’t…...don’t let it cast techniques!!” Tian Ting’s face immediately changed. He let out a large roar that commanded all the soul alliance team members to attack with their sunset eagles!

After giving the command, Tian Ting summoned his middle class emperor rank. Not caring whether the middle class emperor ranks could harm the half devil, he just wanted them to obstruct any techniques it wanted to cast!

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