Chapter 600: Tianxia Half Devil (2)

Chapter 600: Tianxia Half Devil (2)

“That…… that beast in the skies, full of tusks, is it…… is it leader’s Triumphant Tooth King!!” At this time, someone saw that behind the demonic devil emperor, there was a tusked beast.

This tusked beast didn’t have flight ability, but it relied on its terrifying strength to step on sheer space to chase the evil figure!

“Triumphant Tooth King? Isn’t that chief leader’s beast type main soul pet? Its said that it has a high class emperor rank strength!”

“Chief leader is fighting this unknown evil devil!!” Some better vision people even saw Tian Ting’s figure.

The burning devil full of white devil flame was definitely a powerful emperor rank, and the Triumphant Tooth King was a high class emperor rank too. It’s said that fights between emperor ranks often never were visible to the public. After all, emperor ranks’ destruction is way too powerful.

Even now, if the two organisms weren’t both extremely high in the night sky, how would people be able to lift their heads so relaxedly to watch!


In the skies, Chu Mu, who had just finished a technique glanced tyrannically at the doggedly fleeing Triumphant Tooth King!

Chu Mu’s right fist tightened, gathering a white star-like glow!

The fist burning with devil flames sent ripple upon ripple of energy out from Chu Mu’s wrist!

Nightmare Ardent Star!

Chu Mu swiftly threw his fist forward!!

As if breaking the night sky, immediately white starlight flew everywhere, like a meteor shower, bright yet bringing a stinging killing intent towards the Triumphant Tooth King!!

Starlight devil flame ejected, each streak covering half the night sky!

Every bit of starlight had powerful piercing abilities. The Triumphant Tooth King’s body was continuously attacked, many times directly being pierced through. The ardent stars that pierced through went on towards the horizon, piercing straight through the furthest mountains of Tianxia City!!

The Triumphant Tooth King’s body was pierced bloody by the countless shining Nightmare Ardent stars. Even its sturdiest tusks would get shattered when hit, showing just how powerful the technique was!!


Chu Mu suddenly cast Displacement Specter. When the Triumphant Tooth King was howling from the pain of the technique, he strangely appeared right above the Triumphant Tooth King!

The white devil flames burned like the sun. Half devil Chu Mu was completely covered in the devil flames as he suddenly fell from the skies, flaming body colliding with the Triumphant Tooth King’s head!


With this attack, it was immediately blasted from the hundred meter skies, falling swiftly downwards!!


The Triumphant Tooth King’s massive body slammed into a city area, sending the entire group of structures to collapse in a rumble!!

“Evil Nightmare Oblivion!”

Staying in the skies, half devil Chu Mu looked down at the Triumphant Tooth King and slowly started an incantation!

Chu Mu lifted both his hands high up, creating a massive ring of devil flame that circled Chu Mu!

This hoop had a large diameter. People under looked up and felt that even they were covered by it!

Emperor rank energy was always filled with destruction and killing. Seeing the evil devil technique shroud them in the skies, the city area’s people immediately became frenetic, all summoning their soul pets to leave the range of this technique.

Thousands of people almost simultaneously summoned their soul pets to escape. This was bound to cause congestion in the streets. In a moment, the region was sent into chaos and panic as more people started regretting why they didn’t escape earlier.

“The…...the technique range is shrinking!”

Just as everyone was scattering, a soul remembrance suddenly spread throughout.

This was clearly some soul remembrance expert’s doing. After all, such aimless escape would only cause greater chaos. Only organized evacuations could avoid larger casualties.

Of course, the soul remembrance expert didn’t lie just to calm down the populace, because half devil Chu Mu’s hoop indeed was shrinking!

The process of shrinking was incredibly slow, but it was like a special energy was forcefully pushing down from hundreds of meters in the skies, not leaving the Triumphant Tooth King any chance to get up!

Tian Ting who had escaped further, saw that his Triumphant Tooth King was pressed into the ground and knew how terrifying the half devil’s technique was, so he quickly gave the Triumphant Tooth King a command.

Tian Ting’s proudest Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor was already killed. If this Triumphant Tooth King were killed as well, even if he lived on, his status would fall greatly!

Triumphant Tooth King’s red glow wrapped around his body. At this moment, the pressure on the Triumphant Tooth King weakened, making it able to pick itself off the ground.

In the skies, the half devil Chu Mu saw the Triumphant Tooth King get up and simply said apathetically, “Die!”

Chu Mu’s words were like an incantation. The pressure suddenly became greater. The Triumphant Tooth King had barely regained its ability to move when the evil hoop’s special energy again bulldozed over!

“Evil Nightmare Oblivion!!” Chu Mu’s hands pushed down forcefully!

Immediately, the shrinking evil hoop fell down. While it was falling, the very space seemed to be compressing, creating a spatial storm that rampaged the night sky!

The area covered by the evil hoops had two lighthouses and a fifty meter tall soul pet shelter. As the evil hoop fell down, the two lighthouses and the fifty meter tall structure were all shattered. In fact, hundreds of meters of streets sank under the pressure!

Deep in the center of this oblivion, the Triumphant Tooth King wasn’t spared!!


As the street and ground completely collapsed, a massive empty hole appeared in this region of the city!!

The hole was nearly bottomless. Just how many rock layers it fell through, no one could know. Yet around the empty hole, apocalyptic cracks started spreading outwards!!

These cracks followed streets, alleys, passed through houses, courtyards, storefronts, extending a couple thousand meters out, covering a large and bustling city area that sent tens of thousands of people into panic!!

The crowd was dense. All under their feet were deep cracks extending to the the grounds, shockingly covering the streets they usually step on!

Such destruction, to those without soul pets, was a catastrophe!

“That…...that…...that’s the chief leader’s Triumphant Tooth King!! Thats high class monarch rank!!!!!”

The more powerful soul pet trainers’ emotions were in even greater turmoil. One had to know that even in Tianxia City, the amount of high class emperor ranks were limited and their powers were uncontested. In countless experts eyes, the chief leader’s high class emperor rank Triumphant Tooth Beast was unsurpassably powerful!

Yet, such a person that was heralded as the most powerful beast type emperor was slammed deep into the rock layers by a few techniques, dead or alive!

The night sky devil’s power shocked the entire city. Many experts who thought they were powerful and wanted to band together to fight the unknown creature instantly shrunk back.

If even high class emperor ranks were this easily destroyed, wouldn’t flying up be suicide?

“Are we…….are we dreaming?” beside a broken water fountain, a man in deep gray stared at the sky!

This man was Ma Yilu who was originally waiting silently at Tian Ting Residence. At this moment, he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Beside Ma Yilu was Li Teng. Li Teng looked younger, and his eyes were as wide as they could be. He never imagined an organism could beat Tian Ting’s domineering Triumphant Tooth King!

Nightmare Palace Jia Cunding’s head was lifted, jaw agape since the beginning!

As a Nightmare Palace member, how could Jia Cunding not identify what the figure in the devil flame was!!

So, of the three people, Jia Cunding’s shock was extreme!!

The half devil that has been heralded as the god of Nightmare Palace!! Before, there had just been news of a half devil shocking Li City. The entire Nightmare Palace blew up over it, and before that even settled, the Tianxia City had another half devil!! It was a half devil that could easily beat even high class emperor ranks!!

“Jia Cunding…...this…...this is your nightmare palace organsim?” Ma Yilu said slightly stuttering.

Jia Cunding was full of shock, so how could he answer Ma Yilu’s question? He could only stare fervently at the half devil in the skies!

Behind these there soul emperors, there were a thousand purely black clothed soul pet trainers!

These were the core power of soul alliance in Tianxia City, the elites!

Listening to Tian Ting, the three hid here originally to stop the soul palace senior elder!

Though they knew they weren’t soul palace senior elder’s match, and that all of them losing was just a matter of time, these were all elites of soul alliance. No matter how powerful the elder was, he wouldn’t dare to attack this soul alliance power easily because doing that would be declaring war with soul alliance!

At this moment, all thousand elite members were staring into the skies with shock, watching the chief leader Tian Ting escape raggedly towards them.

In this many years, they’ve only seen the powerful, bold chief leader. When have they seen him like so?

“You!! All of you get over here!! Do you want me to die?!!!” 

At this moment, Tian Ting’s angry soul remembrance voice came from the skies!!!

Tian Ting ran towards them because he wanted this force that originally stopped the elder to fight.

Now, the Triumphant Tooth King was also killed, none of Tian Ting’s middle class emperor rank soul pets could stop the half devil’s steps!

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