Book 2 Chapter 60 - You Yang Family, Anyone Who Comes Up, I, Chu Mu, Will Kill

You Yang Family, Everyone who comes up, I, Chu Mu, Will Kill


Little Mo Xie laid down on Chu Mu’s shoulder and was telepathically connected with Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s hatred and desire for revenge transferred to Mo Xie. Though she stayed in her Pitiful Appearance, her silver eyes had already pierced into the eyes of the two soul pets, like icy daggers!

The deep purple silhouette kept walking forward. Compared to the two sturdily built Blood Beasts, Chu Mu seemed weaker, yet the aura Chu Mu had from excessive killing was still enough to subdue the two Blood Beasts!

Thirty meters…...twenty meters…...

In the three hundred meter long plaza battleground, since Chu Mu had stepped onto the battleground, he had kept on walking. Yang Zhiren just watched as this cold man approached him step by step, and felt that Chu Mu, from beginning to end, didn’t even look at him once. He even completely ignored the two soul pets that he had summoned!

“You…...You are courting death!” Though Chu Mu’s imposing manner was very scary, Yang Zhiren couldn’t stand Chu Mu’s belittlement and, as Chu Mu neared the ten meter mark, he shouted angrily and commanded his two soul pets to lunge straight at Chu Mu!

Yet, even though the two Blood Beasts had already leapt forward, bringing a wave of putrid blood scent towards Chu Mu, Chu Mu still kept walking, having no emotional change in his black pupils!

“Mo Xie, kill!”

Feeling the two soul pets nearing, Chu Mu only spat out three words.

Mo Xie’s silver white pupils suddenly burst with a demonic glint and, like daggers, her stare frenzily pierced towards the two Blood Beast!

Evil Stare!!

Mo Xie’s Evil Stare was instantly casted. Whether it was the sixth phase first stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast or the seventh phase second stage Rare Blood Beast, after being affected by Mo Xie’s two demonic pupils’ stare, their bodies were petrified, standing stiff in place!

The light retracted and Mo Xie lightly leapt off of Chu Mu’s shoulder onto the ground. Her little elegant body instantly blurred into a silver streak the moment she touched the ground!!

Death Assault!!

Mo Xie was like a silver lightning bolt that flashed around everyone’s vision!!


Just as the silver lightning bolt neared the two Blood Beasts, the brilliant light suddenly split into three, making three, running demon fox lights!!

Evil Flame Claw!!!

The crimson red blade suddenly appeared from within the three light shadows, ripping through the air, and making three shocking scarlet blade awns! Biting cold!

Evil Stare, Death Assault, Illusion, and Evil Flame Claw!

The casting of the four abilities was unbelievably strong with a sixth phase fourth stage Mo Xie. The Rare Blood Beast and Blood Winged Trioptic Beast seemed like they weren’t able to fend against it even in the slightest!



Two ripping noises sounded out, and then one more followed!



Two dashes of blood, and one dash of blood followed the rhythm of the ripping, as the blood began to spew out like a fountain, creating three bloody mists on the rice colored battlefield!!

The three blood mists came out from three different bodies. Floating two meters high, above the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s heart, was the Rare Blood Beast’s skull that was frozen by Evil Stare, and the wide eyed Yang Zhiren’s neck!!

The entire ten thousand people within the plaza stadium became dead silent! People could even hear the three streams of blood spraying out from the bodies!


While still spraying blood, the first to fall was the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Its body slammed  heavily into the ground, and its wings shrivelled up, leaking blood!

“Beng!!!” Almost at the same time, the Rare Blood Beast’s body fell to the side, but the other half of its skull that was cut slid off, allowing disgusting brain fluids to flow out of the wound!

The last to fall was Yang Zhiren. He held his bleeding throat, trying to save his own life. But at the same time, the unstoppable Chu Mu walked right past him, as if a grim reaper on foot!

Finally Yang Zhiren fell!

His body convulsed on the ground a few times before losing all signs of life. Blood quickly oozed out of his neck, wiping red onto the battleground floors……

The entire stadium was as if time froze- staying in a completely frozen and silent state. Only the dark purple robed demonic and charming man moved. He moved past the three corpses and continued walking towards the other end of the battlefield!

One hit!!

Everyone saw that supremely fast soul pet of Chu Mu’s only cast one claw ability!

Yet, this claw hit that split into three actually scarily instantly killed two soul pets and one man!!!!!



Such bloody scene could only be described with such words!

Even if Yang Zhiren’s power was weak, he was, at the very least, a Spirit Teacher. The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast he summoned was at the sixth phase first stage, and the Rare Blood Beast was even at the seventh phase second stage. Although his two soul pets were never strengthened by high level soul crystals, they still had a certain fighting strength. Yet, these two soul pets couldn’t even withstand Chu Mu’s strange soul pets’ single attack, which was even enough to split off and also rip Yang Zhiren’s neck apart!!


The late arriving evil flame started burning on the body’s wound, seeping straight into the inner parts of the three corpses.

Following that, everyone saw an even more hair raising scene!

The scary evil flame burned from within the corpses, and managed to burn all three bodies into ashes within mere seconds!!

A gust of cold air swept through the battlefield. Usually, affter every silence from shock was an explosion of uproars.

But, this time, no one could open their mouths, because no one knew how to describe the scene in front of their eyes.

The shock from Chu Mu’s eruption of terrifying strength, the appall from Chu Mu’s apathetic killing, and the fear from the ruthless burning of bodies!!

In short, the battlefield stayed silent for a long time. Even when the man full of demonic killing intent reached the other side, there still was no sound in the battlefield!

Finally, Chu Mu stopped. At this point, Chu Mu didn’t conceal his body full of blood, and unrestrainedly releasing the crazy aura formed from the ravages of four years of torturous death experiences!

With the blood freshened killing intent was also the unsuppressable desire for revenge and hatred!

This desire and killing intent caused the nearby air temperature to drop, and like the cold wind, it frantically buffeted Yang Luobin and the other Yang Family members!

This imposing manner was not something the Yang Family could defend against. Other than the mysterious teen, Yang Luobin and the rest were all forced back a few steps!

“Yang Luobin, listen carefully!”

Chu Mu’s eyes were like beasts’ as they stared at Yang Luobin. His voice felt like it pierced the soul.

“Four years ago, you told me to die!”

“Four years later, I, Chu Mu, will make all of the Yang Family die with you!!”

From now on, the people from your Yang Family, every person who comes up, I, Chu Mu, will kill until there are none left to kill!”

Chu Mu’s words were sent with his soul remembrance. This blood stained voice therefore spread through the entire battlefield!!

A frightened commotion exploded as no one would’ve thought Chu Mu dared to do such a crazy action!!

The Yang Family was completely subdued by Chu Mu’s imposing manner!

Even everyone in the Chu Family didn’t think that Chu Mu was arrogant enough to challenge the entirety of the Yang Family to the point where he said such vicious words as this, “people from your Yang Family, every person who comes up, I, Chu Mu, will kill until there is none left to kill!”

One person challenging the entire Yang Family, killing everyone that was sent. On this ten thousand people plaza battleground, in this Gangluo City expert gathering Recommendation, doing such an arrogant and scary action needed not only a beast-like courage, but also four years of sedimented hatred and desire for vengeance concentrated by death struggles!!

Someone who would say such a thing was definitely crazy, but at this moment, for some reason, everyone felt this teen wasn’t speaking lies because of a loss of logic when angry. It was just the opposite. Everyone present could feel the young man’s calm, as well as the bloody killing intent that had been formed through blood!!


“Such…...such a boastful manner of expression. I do want to see just what power you have to eradicate the Yang Family!!” The Old city master Yang Kuo was filled with anger as he stood from his place and shouted with his soul remembrance. He wanted to use his own mannerisms to subdue the scary Chu Mu!

Seeing someone humiliate the Yang Family in front of the public, and even swear to kill all of the Yang Family, how could Yang Kuo sit still?

Yet, just as Yang Kuo stood up from his place, an icy voice appeared near Yang Kuo’s ear, causing Yang Kuo to shake!!

“Old fellow, do as he says and send your third generation members up one at a time, and let him kill to his heart’s content. Otherwise, the Yang Family’s entire mansion house will be burned to ashes!”

This extremely icy voice didn’t sound like it came from a normal person. Even its voice hid killing intent.

Yang Kuo was dazed. He could feel that the owner of the voice was a real killer!!

“You…...could it be that you are the one that raided our industries?......” Yang Kuo frantically morphed his soul remembrance into a voice and sent it into the killer’s ear.

The voice didn’t respond, but this nonresponse was what made Yang Kuo feel even more terrified. The old city master completely didn’t think that the mysterious man who heavily damaged Yang Family a month back would suddenly appear at the Recommendation and sneak attack the Yang Family’s mansion house while most of their experts were at the Recommendation!

Yang Kuo could choose to not believe the killer’s words, but he definitely couldn’t bet the entirety of the Yang Family’s assets, especially after remembering the unbounded ruthlessness the other party had in their actions a few months back!

“Even if they don’t come up, they still have to die!”

Chu Mu’s voice travelled over again. Now, Chu Mu was no longer like a teen contestant in the Recommendation, and was rather like a killing demon full of hatred and vengeance that had been deeply rooted through the four years on Prison Island!

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