Chapter 6: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(1)

Chapter 6: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(1)

Xia Guanghan’s position in the Nightmare Palace was very high. Though he wasn’t in a supremely top-notch position, everyone knew that Xia Guanghan, who had received the Nightmare Palace Owner’s attention, would have an immeasurable future in Nightmare Palace.

Everyone knew that Xia Guanghan was a very cold and grim person. He had seen many talented teens, but none had truly received his praise before.

Yet, everyone found that when Xia Guanghan talked of the guy that was still alive, his eyes revealed some praise. This led many people around him to be very surprised. After all, Xia Guanghan’s strict treatment towards his subordinates was infamous throughout the entirety of Nightmare Palace!

“What do you mean ‘if he’s still alive’? How can a person whose own life is still in danger have the qualifications to compete against me?” Su Yu didn’t try to restrain his own arrogance in the slightest. In reality, he never needed to restrain his arrogance. Even in front of the man who was known as the “Harsh Executioner”, he would never restrain himself in the slightest.

“Wait then. If you are so confident in yourself, if you can beat him, this position is yours.” Xia Guanghan replied.

“Okay, I’ll see what powers this person that Boss Xia thinks so highly of has!” Su Yu said.

Beside him, Zhou Luling was equally caught off guard, his eyes following Xia Guanghan’s gaze into the sky, wanting to know what kind of person could really garner this much appreciation from Xia Guanghan. It was enough appreciation for Xia Guanghan to think that this person could match Su Yu with all his power!

Ten minutes passed by quickly. Affected by Xia Guanghan, everyone’s attention was on the slowly nearing organism in the sky.

Everyone recognized Xia Guanghan’s Ice Winged Tiger. What everyone was looking for was naturally the unkempt black clothed teen on the Tiger.

The black clothed teen straddled the Ice Winged Tiger. Before the Ice Winged Tiger descended completely, he jumped down from ten meters, landing steadily before Xia Guanghan.

But, when the teen landed in front of everyone, excluding Xia Guanghan, everyone else’s expressions became somewhat strange. From Xia Guanghan’s words, everyone was very interested in the approaching teen, guessing which superior’s apprentice this teen was…...

One really couldn’t judge them for changing their expressions to ones of doubt and even contempt, because the teen that jumped down from the Ice Winged Tiger was really unbearable to look at in terms of both clothing and appearance. To be honest, many beggars on the streets were dressed better than this teen.

“Boss Xia, you mean him?” Even the cold woman standing behind Xia Guanghan couldn’t stay calm.

Xia Guanghan examined the ragged Chu Mu and simply nodded, “Should be.”

In three years time, Chu Mu’s appearance had changed considerably. His facial features were sharper, and he was widely different from the previously young Chu Mu.

“Boss Xia, if you don’t want to give this position to me, just say it. You don’t need to find such a comical thing. Even if who you meant is him, I don’t have interest in battling a person whose stench is unbearable.” Su Yu looked at Chu Mu’s appearance and distinctly had trouble connecting him with “young powerful trainer”.

Chu Mu’s clothes were not too strange. Three years of outdoors survival had made him oblivious of his outer appearance. Even in the month of riding the Ice Winged Tiger to Nightmare City, Chu Mu still immersed himself completely in the training of Violent Blood Pupil, never caring to stop at a certain location to dress himself better.

Furthermore, with the Ice Winged Tiger following its given path of flight, stopping at any wilderness location to rest when tired and resuming flight when rested, Chu Mu never had the chance to rest at any city anyways.

Xia Guanghan didn’t realize this. Chu Mu’s caveman appearance with tattered clothes was indeed quite indecent.

“Chu Mu, right?” Xia Guanghan vaguely remembered the name.

Chu Mu nodded, not minding everyone else’s strange looks.

“Feng Xiang, bring him down to make him presentable, let us have the competition later.” Xia Guanghan said to the cold woman behind him.

“Boss Xia, I don’t have time to wait for this guy to slowly wash and groom.” Su Yu said coldly with a humph.

Su Yu, as the son of the Blue Nightmare Palace Master, had a very superior position. Calling Xia Guanghan Boss Xia had already shown that Su Yu, the arrogant little prince he was, revered Xia Guanghan.

“If its a battle, let’s start now.” Chu Mu glanced at the neatly dressed Su Yu, but his eyes were incomparably indifferent, as if watching a man that was about to die.

Feeling Chu Mu’s penetrating glare, Su Yu’s brows immediately furrowed. The title of Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist was definitely not unfounded. Su Yu never had to directly regard any of his peers, and he couldn’t stand any disrespectful looks from others either.

“Who do you think you are? You don’t even know your basic etiquette. Let’s not forget about you not  paying your respects when you just arrived, but how dare you speak recklessly!” Su Yu glared fiercely at the caveman-like Chu Mu. Su Yu’s identity was very noble, and he never bothered to act like he was amiable and approachable. Facing a person he never met with no background, he would of course show no politeness.

“I only know how to kill.” Facing the prince of an influential big power, Chu Mu still had an absolutely indifferent face. The words he said, coupled with his scary glance, however, caused people to feel shivers!

Killing too many people will naturally cause a killing aura to form. Chu Mu now had this densely packed aura of killing. Especially his pair of black pupils. When they stared at a certain place, it would become as ice-cold as a sword!

“Do you want to die? Do you know who I am?!” Su Yu was obviously enraged!

“I don’t know who you are. If you want to battle, let’s finish it now, don’t waste my time.” Chu Mu directly turned around and walked towards the battlefield, his entire person resembling a wild beast about to reveal its savageness. Even when restrained, he still emitted a sense of power.

Seeing Chu Mu walk into the battlefield, Su Yu angrily grinded his teeth and said to Xia Guanghan, “Boss Xia, I can never restrain myself in battles and may accidentally kill your subordinate…...”

“Feel free, if you can, that is…...” Xia Guanghan said slowly.

Xia Guanghan didn’t know what level Chu Mu’s strength was at but, anyone who could live and escape Prison Island must also have the strongest survival ability on the entire island. Though Su Yu was strong and had also experienced killing, it was impossible for him to have the same survival instincts that embodied Chu Mu, who developed them through three years of ceaselessly killing.

So, it wasn’t that Xia Guanghan had faith in Chu Mu; Xia Guanghan had faith in the killer instincts of anyone who could survive on the three thousand men Prison Island.

“Chu Mu, right? You should pray that Xia Guanghan can save you in time. That way, you might still live cowardly!” Su Yu said coldly.

“So it isn’t a life and death match…...” Chu Mu looked as if he just lost most of his interest.

Hearing this, Su Yu immediately felt a breath of air pent up in his chest, threatening to blow his lungs up if he didn’t release it.

Those watching from the high seats were also all incessantly chattering. Su Yu before was already extremely arrogant. No one expected that this neanderthal that came later was even more insolent, keeping “killing” in every sentence of his. It was as if without killing, he had no interest in battling.

“Stop this nonsense, summon your soul pet!!” Su Yu pushed down his anger and said coldly.

“You first…...” Chu Mu said.

Su Yu took a deep breath, barely concealing his rage. He really didn’t want to have a debate with some savage, so he just chanted an incantation and summoned his Blue Nightmare.

Blue Nightmare: Other World - dark type - nightmare species - Blue Nightmare subspecies high class commander rank.

On Prison Island, Chu Mu had already dealt with many prisoners that possessed Blue Nightmares, so naturally he knew the Blue Nightmare well.

Chu Mu’s insight was also very special. He could tell that the Blue Nightmare that Su Yu summoned was a noble among Blue Nightmares. It had greater potential and talent than those Nightmares on Prison Island.

“The competition only allows summoning one soul pet and no switching allowed.” Xia Guanghan’s voice slowly floated over.

Chu Mu nodded but immediately casted the summoning incantation and summoned his Ice Air Fairy in front of him without hesitation.

“Ice Air Fairy?”

Seeing the soul pet that Chu Mu summoned, Su Yu expression immediately turned strange.

Su Yu’s Blue Nightmare was already at the fifth phase third stage. Blue Nightmares, especially noble, evil soul pets like the Abyss Blue Nightmares were possibly the strongest of the commander rank.

If one sent a Warrior Class soul pet to fight it, if it weren’t above the sixth phase fourth stage, then the chances of it winning was essentially nil.

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was obviously still at the fifth phase ninth stage, not even sixth phase. Additionally, its rank was still a full rank lower…...

“Aren’t you embarrassed for letting such trash appear? Seems like I only need three minutes to get rid of you!” Su Yu said while laughing greatly.

Chu Mu didn’t agree. In individual fighting between soul pets, Species Rank and Phase didn’t decide everything. The Fire Type Mo Xie and the Dark Type Night Thunder Dream Beast may be able to defeat this Blue Nightmare, but clearly the Ice Type Ice Air Fairy would have less of a hassle doing the same thing.

“Its skin is white and flawless, the element of ice and frost naturally undulating between its fingers, its two pupils snow white. This is a top talent Ice Air Fairy…… But even if it had top talent and was a strong soul pet in the warrior rank, it shouldn’t have been summoned to contend against the Blue Nightmare.” The experienced and knowledgeable Zhou Luling opened his mouth and said.

Just like Zhou Luling, when everyone else saw that Chu Mu had summoned an Ice Air Fairy, their eyes widened. Everyone knew that this caveman was egotistical, and they knew that Xia Guanghan was optimistic about him.

But, however egotistical he was, he shouldn’t summon a fifth phase ninth stage warrior rank Ice Air Fairy against a fifth phase third stage commander rank Blue Nightmare!

Right after Zhou Luling made his comment, the battle burst into action. The deep, blue-flamed Blue Nightmare was very similar in temperament to his owner, impatiently casting his strong Devil Fire abilities, attempting to end the battle quickly.

Yet, the Ice Air Fairy was also just like its owner, calm and collected. As the Blue Nightmare attacked violently, it perfectly casted an ice wall that stopped the sweeping Devil Fire.

“Five minutes…...” Xia Guanghan watched Chu Mu command his Ice Air Fairy and slowly spoke again.

“Boss Xia, you mean this Chu Mu person will only last five minutes?” Feng Xiang said in a whisper.

“No, Su Yu…...” A sliver of light shone in Xia Guanghan’s eyes, as if simply seeing the start of the battle was enough for him to see the end.

Xia Guanghan’s words made everyone nearby even more speechless.

Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist only lasting five minutes against that caveman?

What was wrong with Xia Guanghan today? An Ice Air Fairy beating a Blue Nightmare was already a miracle, yet he even said that it would only take five minutes to end such an uneven match- was that even possible?

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