Chapter 599: Half Devil Under the Heavens (1) Part 1

Chapter 599: Half Devil Under the Heavens (1) Part 1

“Triumphant Tooth King!”

Tian Ting quickly retreated, and didn’t dare near Chu Mu. He immediately had the Triumphant Tooth King launch an attack!!

The Triumphant Tooth King raised its head and let out an angry roar.

The dark horizon abruptly began to sink as the emperor roared. The Triumphant Tooth King bared its large mouth full of fearsome teeth. As if it had an ability that devoured the heavens, it began to rapidly suck the dark clouds into its mouth!!

Any one of a high class emperor’s techniques would undoubtedly shake the heavens and penetrate the earth. The people who had congregated at the city gates due to the activity heard the roar and saw some creature being swallowed by the black clouds on top of Mirroring Sword Mountain. All of them couldn’t help but cry out in fear!!

To normal humans, when would they have a chance to see this strength that was devouring a large piece of thee horizon? 

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!!!!”

The Triumphant Tooth King finally finished storing up its strength, and it fiercely spat out a black triumphant tooth storm!!

This storm covered the sky and the earth. It practically enveloped the entire Mirroring Sword Mountain. Amidst the hazy mist, randomly flying enormous fierce teeth ripped apart the Mirroring Sword Mountain and the curtain of darkness!!

Tian Ting was the first to attack. Clearly, he wasn’t able to maintain his composure; after all, he knew how terrifying a half devil was!

Chu Mu, who was facing the Triumphant Tooth King’s attacks, transformed into an illusory state as the technique fiercely ripped at him. He began to float around like a spirit and all of the triumphant tooth attacks swept past his body, not dealing any damage to him.

Instead, Chu Mu moved forwards with his illusory body towards the high class emperor!

Chu Mu clutched his two hands. In front of the Triumphant Tooth King’s attack, Chu Mu couldn’t completely disregard it. The technique it was using was similar to the Binding Wind Spirit’s Hidden Wind technique.

This time, the half devil lived up to Chu Mu’s expectations.  Its strength was much stronger than Li City. Although Chu Mu couldn’t be sure if it reached the peak emperor rank, it was much stronger than Tian Ting’s Triumphant Tooth King!

The moment he transformed into a Half Devil, Chu Mu’s consciousness was stimulated. If he harbored any hatred in his heart towards a certain person, when he was in the half devil state, this hatred would continuously grow and he would become even more bloodthirsty and ruthless!!

Chu Mu’s eyes were like an evil emperor death god staring at Tian Ting. Tian Ting’s face was full of horror, and he didn’t even dare look back at Chu Mu in the eyes!! 

“This is an illusory technique. Break it!!” Tian Ting saw that Chu Mu was using an illusory technique to approach and hastily roared at his soul pet.

The Triumphant Tooth King was indeed a high class emperor and even though Chu Mu was moving like a spirit, it wasn’t left without options!

Promptly, the Triumphant Tooth King’s pair of eyes flickered with a red light and the edge of its sharp claws also shimmered with a demonic red light!

Demonic Light Claw!!!!

Practically any soul pet that had reached the emperor rank would possess some special energy; for example, Mo Xie’s sin imprints!

As for the Triumphant Tooth King’s emperor rank ability, it was demonic light, which was a beast type ability. To a certain extent, it was similar to elemental strength crystallization!

This emperor rank strength was the reason why emperor ranks were far stronger than monarch ranks. Although from various aspects its physical traits were only three levels higher, if one were to add on the emperor rank strength every emperor possessed, its strength would not only be three levels higher!

The Triumphant Tooth King’s pure beast attacks were not able to deal any damage to Chu Mu. However, the emperor strength demonic light was able to actually strike Chu Mu.

The half devil Chu Mu quickly realized this, and his illusory body gradually solidified!

After solidifying, the half devil Chu Mu greatly increased in speed. The Triumphant Tooth King’s demonic light transformed into a pillar of light that pierced through the dark night and flew towards the distant horizon. It was a shocking and frightening scene!!

Chu Mu immediately used Demonic Phantom to dodge. The terrifying blood pillar brushed past his shoulders and the devil flames on his shoulder unexpectedly instantly extinguished!                                                                                                          

Chu Mu glanced at his shoulder. After the devil flames extinguished, they reignited after a moment. Although this attack was clearly very powerful, it was unable to deal any real damage to the half devil Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s two hands created two white blades. Facing off against the ruthless Triumphant Tooth King, Chu Mu abruptly brandished his two hands!

Demonic Beheading!!

Two pairs of white devil flame lights intersected with each other. They resembled axles of light in the air that broke through the night sky and passed by the Triumphant Tooth King’s body!!

The two Demonic Beheadings were astonishing. They could even be seen from the bottom of the mountain. They resembled two deep white markings breaking apart the dark sky, leaving scars that were hard to refill! 

Even if the Triumphant Tooth King was faster, it would still be unable to dodge the Demonic Beheadings that chopped apart space!


The Triumphant Tooth King let out a howl. Two clear criss-crossing wounds appeared on its skin that was as tough as black rock crystals. There was still white demonic energy emanating from its wounds. Devil flames quietly began to seep in, and it began to burn the Triumphant Tooth King’s soul! 

Tian Ting was greatly shocked. His high class emperor rank Triumphant Tooth King’s defense and attack were both very strong. However, the half devil Chu Mu was able to use a technique with such astonishing might with the mere wave of its hand!

“Stop him!” Tian Ting naturally knew his strength probably couldn’t contend with the half devil!

After speaking, Tian Ting silently chanted two incantations. He waved his two hands. In his left hand was a summoning pattern that gradually grew clearer!

In the pattern appeared a large amount of snowy white feathers that were neatly linked together. It resembled a gorgeous and artistic feather pattern!!

These were four pairs of white feathered wings!! A total of eight feathered wings unfurled from the summoning pattern and irradiated with holy sunlight energy!

This obviously was a wing type soul pet. From its elegant physique, it was a wing typee emperor and its secondary attribute was the light attribute!

Chu Mu glanced his eyes over the wing type soul pet.

From Ting Lan, Chu Mu knew about Tian Ting’s main pets. This wing type eight white feathered creature was Tian Ting’s wing type soul pet - the Eight Feathered Turtledove. A middle class emperor!

Although the Eight Feathered Turtledove was a middle class monarch, its flying speed was faster than numerous high class monarchs. This was one of Tian Ting’s main pets!

Tian Ting summoned this Eighth Feathered Turtledove not to fight but to flee!

The Mirroring Sword Mountains were very close to Tianxia City. As long as he managed to flee into the city and summon the thousand heavenly experts cultivated directly by Soul Alliance, relying on the innumerable soul pets, the half devil wouldn’t be able to deal with so many elite soul pets, even if it was any stronger!

As for Tian Ting’s other hand, he summoned his strongest elemental world soul pet - the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor!

The moment the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor appeared, the area around Mirroring Sword Mountains immediately lit up with thunder and lightning that intersected with each other. Countless snaking and curving flashes of lightning wildly smashed the ground and the mountain. The two peaks of Mirroring Sword Mountain immediately began to shake and it seemed like it was going to be blown to smithereens by thee violent lightning!

“Stop it!” Tian Ting ordered as he quickly jumped onto the Eight Feathered Turtledove. He immediately flew towards Tianxia City!

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