Chapter 599: Half Devil Under the Heavens (1) Part 2

Chapter 599: Half Devil Under the Heavens (1) Part 2

Tian Ting’s two strongest soul pets, the Triumphant Tooth King and Sky Thunder Fair Emperor, hastily chased after him. Their beast type and lightning type attacks violently bombarded Mirroring Sword Mountains, causing it to intensely shake!

The half devil Chu Mu was very close to a peak emperor rank, but he was still unable to immediately kill the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor and Triumphant Tooth King working together.

If he took the time to fight the two high class emperors, with the Eight Feathered Turtledove’s speed, Tian Ting would already have reached Tianxia City and have found other experts to help. This way, Chu Mu would be met with even  more obstacles in order to kill him.

Therefore, Chu Mu ignored their techniques and chased Tian Ting!

“Half Devil Wind Cave!”

In between Chu Mu’s fingers emerged a layer of black ripples. As it rippled, space began to peel off.

As space peeled, devil flames began to burn before transforming into a Half Devil Wind Cave that possessed extremely powerful suction energy!!

The wind cave formed black wind patterns that manifested into indiscernible spatial curves. They intensely sucked the surrounding space thus sucking back Tian Ting who was riding the Eight Feathered Turtledove!

“Attack the wind cave!” seeing the situation, Tian Ting hastily ordered his two high class emperor rank soul pets! 

The two high class emperor ranks began to ferment techniques. The Sky Lightning Fairy Emperor began to manifest lightning, quickly forming an enormous compression lightning ball that created a buzzing “Zi zi” sound in the air. 

If the lightning ball were to blow up with full force, it was capable of destroying an entire city district!

This lightning ball, under the Sky Lightning Fairy Emperor’s control, accurately flew towards the wind cave Chu Mu opened. After being sucked into the Half Devil Wind Cave, it suddenly blew up inside!!

Immediately lightning flashed in a dazzling manner, illuminating the city gate region like a white sky. It was even possible to see the terror-stricken faces of the black mass of people on the streets!!

The amount of energy the wind cave could suck was limited. When the Triumphant Tooth King struck the wind cave with its beast type strength, the wind cave finally was unable to bear any more and was destroyed!

Seeing the wind king destroyed, Chu Mu’s eyes turned ice cold. He stared apathetically at the Triumphant Tooth King and Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor!

The two soul pets’ interference made it hard for the half devil Chu Mu to pursue Tian Ting!!

“I’ll kill your soul pets first!!’ a demonic smile blossomed on Chu Mu’s face. It was a merciless smile. Even high class emperors couldn’t help but tremble when they saw it!

The half devil Chu Mu possessed other pupils, and could clearly see through the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor’s and Triumphant Tooth King’s movements. The Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor which was stronger than the Triumphant Tooth King didn’t use its full strength because it had been wounded not too long ago! 

Chu Mu locked onto the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor that Tian Ting was so proud of.

“Dimensional Devil Flames!” 

Chu Mu’s mercury cast body slowly disappeared amidst the devil flames, turning into a ball of white devil flames!

The began to slowly expand from the height of a person before finally transforming into a ten meter in diameter white colored devil flames!

The white devil flames expanded as the half devil Chu Mu began storing energy. When the torrential devil flames reached a diameter of twenty meters, the fleeing Tian Ting could clearly feel an enormous energy within the devil flames!!

“This is…” Tian Ting looked with astonishment at the Dimensional Devil Flames. For a moment, he didn’t know what kind of strength this was!

The Dimensional Devil Flames were continuously compressed from ten meters to one meter. Finally, they transformed into the size of a heart.

A flaming heart Dimensional Devil Flame?

Tian Ting could clearly see that the Dimensional Devil Flame heart was rhythmically beating. Although it didn’t seem like it was of any use, for some reason Tian Ting felt that the Dimensional Devil Flame this time was abnormal. The Dimensional Devil Flame may have grown smaller, but the energy inside still existed… 

“What is that bright ball? Can you guys see it?” 

“It seems to be a moon. But it’s burning!!” 

“The moon is on the other side. That is definitely some technique, but it’s too far away and I can’t see it clearly.” 

The thousands of people near the city gate gazed up in shock.

In a fight between high class emperor ranks soul pets, each technique was stunning. Although the Mirroring Sword Mountains were still a great distance away from the city gates and although the fight was thousands of meters in the air, the fight was still able to shock the people in this large city district. 

Just as people didn’t understand what this ball of light was, it suddenly burst apart with rays a hundred times stronger than the scorching sun. Immediately, everyone looking at the night sky felt a piercing pain in their eyes!!


“Hong Hong!!!!!!!!!!”

An enormous dimensional sound rang out as the Dimensional Devil Flames exploded!

When the first size Dimensional Devil Flames exploded, it created an earth-shaking destructive energy as the torrential devil flames surged, whistling, through the expansive night sky!

The color white was omnipresent!

The entire black night sky had been swallowed up by the pale white and demonic devil light. Even the moon hanging in the horizon had dimmed and lost its color. It was as if a sun with a hundred times the energy had exploded in the night sky!

Devil flames and a demonic light practically illuminated a quarter of the enormous Tianxia City. Underneath the night sky, this energy was incomparably boundless. The Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor’s injuries all ruptured, as it was struck by the devil flame energy!!

The Sky Thunder Fair Emperor was already injured before this. Moreover, the half devil Chu Mu was stronger than it. Thus, since this technique was purely aimed at the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor, how could it withstand it?

Devil flames surged through the air, engulfing the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor nearly ten thousand meters in the sky. The powerful devil flames blew up its wounds before entering into its body and burning its soul!!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The energy even spread to Tian Ting who had flown far away. At this moment, he didn’t even have the courage to look back. Despite the Eight Feathered Turtledove having flown so far away, the devil flame wave even struck his back!

The soul rupture soon arrived as the injured Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor was ultimately unable to withstand the energy. In the sky, it transformed into ashes amidst the beautiful devil flames.

Tian Ting’s face was full of pain. This wasn’t only because his soul pact had ruptured, but moreso because he had put so much effort into the Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor. He never would have expected that his strongest soul pet would be turned to ashes by a single attack of the terrifying half devil!

“Fly!! Fly faster!!!!”

Finally, Tian Ting grit his teeth and roared at his Eight Feathered Turtledove!!

He was certain that the half devil needed to rest for a moment after using this technique. Only by taking advantage of this time to flee even further would he have a chance at surviving!! 

Perhaps, even now, Tian Ting still hadn’t fully believed in the reality of the half devil that had suddenly appeared. However, the genuine fear in his heart was telling him that if he stayed here, he was undoubtedly dead. The half devil’s resenting anger and glare simply didn’t belong to this world. The strength that it possessed surpassed the knowledge that everyone had towards soul pets. 

This creature, even if one was the same rank as it, was still undefeatable. Moreover, if one was careless, he still had a chance of being insta killed!!

Tian Ting was very resolute. Even though his soul pet had been killed, he decisively fled back to Tianxia City!

Chu Mu’s Dimensional Devil Flames were much more terrifying than Li City. From his location, he could see that Tianxia City had been illuminated by his technique. 

Tianxia City was winding and continuous. Even from very high up in the sky, one still wouldn’t be able to see the end of the city. Yet, a single technique had illuminated a large portion of the city thus demonstrating how powerful it was.

After using the Dimensional Devil Flames, Chu Mu indeed required rest. He gazed coldly at Tian Ting who was fleeing towards Tianxia City.

Chu Mu originally wanted to instantly kill Tian Ting. However, his two emperor rank soul pets were not weak. Thus, he could only kill them first before killing him.

“Even if he flees into the city, killing him will only be a bit more troublesome!” Chu Mu was radiating with killing intent. Inside Tianxia City, no matter who obstructed him, the half devil Chu Mu wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. He wouldn’t leave anyone alive!!


“My heavens!!! What is the devlish figure standing in the air?!!!”

"Is it a White Nightmare? But it also doesn’t seem to be a White Nightmare. A White Nightmare doesn’t have a demonic aura like this!!”

When Chu Mu made his way to Tianxia City, the thousands of people on the city wall all let out shocked cries. Their shocked cries created a stir in the city district around them. Immediately, more and more people walked out of their houses and stared at the sky above Tianxia City.

Regardless if it was spirit emperor rank experts or spirit disciple rank weaklings, their first reaction when they saw the figure in the sky was feeling as if a nightmare was descending. It was a shocking and frightening Nightmare descending!!

This was a demonic king. With the empty darkness behind it and the serene white flames as its main feature, it radiated with an evil energy that was incompatible with this world!! 

He stood in the black night sky making him seem like a sinister hegemon that was capable of stunning all of the experts congregated in Tianxia City!!! 

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