Chapter 597: Plan within Plan, Sinister Tian Ting

Chapter 597: Plan within Plan, Sinister Tian Ting

When night fell, Chu Mu walked out of his own room. Under the clear moonlight, cold air faintly emanated from Chu Mu’s body.

Chu Mu didn’t have much time, so after he got the Ground Immortal Ice, he immediately consumed it, and used his soul remembrance to slowly draw it into his soul, pushing down the temperature of his soul.

Thankfully, the process wasn’t very long, and the effects of Ground Immortal Ice were incredibly apparent. If it were stretched on for too long, Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to execute his plan either.

After absorbing half the energy in the Earth Immortal Ice, Ning, who was connected to Chu Mu, also benefited greatly.

Though Ning only gained a sliver of energy after Chu Mu absorbed most of it, the Earth Immortal Ice was still an absolute treasure used to strengthen emperor rank soul pets. If a normal person consumed it, they would definitely get instantly frozen to death.

After the Earth Immortal Ice’s effects, Ning directly fell into deep slumber, needing a rather long process to absorb the soul items full of ice type energy.

Presumably, Ning’s fighting strength would increase greatly after it finished absorbing the Earth Immortal Ice energy that leaked from Chu Mu’s soul.


Tian Ting was very careful. After learning that Chu Mu wanted to do the exchange at Departed World Gates, he guessed that Chu Mu had other intentions, so he specially called Nightmare Palace elder Ye Tao to soul palace to preoccupy the elder, not letting the old fellow have a chance to attack. He also made sure Chu Mu could only go alone.

No matter how careful Tian Ting was, he wouldn’t have too much precaution towards Chu Mu, though.

Chu Mu utilized this mentality of Tian Ting’s, intentionally directing Tian Ting’s attention to the elder. This way, as long as he thought he had the elder preoccupied, he wouldn’t worry about the exchange at all.

Tian Ting doing this also affirmed the assumption that Tian Ting was the only one that knew about the secret.

After walking out of the room, Chu Mu summoned Night and ran towards Departed World Gates.

The reason Chu Mu selected Departed World Gates was to create the illusion that the half devil originated from the strange space. This way, after killing Tian Ting, soul alliance couldn’t find their way to him even if they sent people to investigate.

After all, half devil itself was a very dangerous creation. No matter how Soul Alliance searched, they wouldn’t be able to find the origin of the half devil, neither would they find out that Chu Mu, a young generation competitor, was actually the half devil!


Once Chu Mu reached near the city gate, he specially stayed for a while.

After not too long, Old Li hurriedly ran over from afar.

“Young master, Tian Ting Residence has three spirit emperors, all of which are soul alliance members. Tianxia City main official - Ma Yilu, freelance expert Li Teng, and Nightmare Palace’s Jia Cunding. They’re the bottom of the pack in spirit emperors, but they are great enemies nonetheless to young master.” Old Li said.

“Old Li, you think these people may know the secret?” Chu Mu said.

“Getting rid of them is safer because even if they don’t know the secret, they will know that you’re making the exchange with Tian Ting here.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and patted Mo Xie on his shoulder.

In pitiful appearance, Mo Xie leaped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. Under the moonlight’s shine, it caused Mo Xie’s fur to shine even more enchantingly.

Chu Mu knew that if he didn’t show up, Tian Ting probably wouldn’t show as well. So, Chu Mu left little Mo Xie near the city gate while he took a detour to reach Departed World Gates.

Departed World Gates was also known as Mirror Sword Mountain. Chu Mu didn’t specify their meeting location, but to hide from others, Chu Mu still went to the top of the mountain and slowly waited for Tian Ting to arrive.

On Mirror Sword Mountain’s east side, a group of strangely dressed people were swiftly approaching the Departed World Gates.

They all wore masks and black clothes, clearly not wanting anyone to know their identity.

They rode seemingly normal soul pets, and didn’t look like very top tier experts, yet they knew how to hide under the moon and approach the Mirror Sword Mountain stealthily.

This group of people had Cheng Peng leading them!

Cheng Peng had already planned on contacting some of his special friends to assassinate Chu Mu and steal the cyan hidden dragon egg on Chu Mu.

, Tian Ting suddenly told him that Chu Mu would appear at Departed World Gate today and asked him to kill all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, leaving him with half a life. He also had to do it cleanly and leave no trace.

Though Cheng Peng was the leader, he didn’t plan on attacking. After all, if he participated, his soul pets would be revealed and if soul palace investigated, he wouldn’t have an easy life after.

“Cheng Qiang, don’t worry, they’re simply a newbie with a pseudo-emperor rank soul pet. All his other soul pets are garbage. Just get rid of a few souls of his. The spirits you need I will absolutely give you tomorrow.” Cheng Peng laughed and said to Cheng Qiang beside him.

Cheng Qiang was a name many people in Tianxia Realm knew, and most people’s faces would blanche at the name.

Cheng Qiang was a typical evildoer that soul palace, soul pet palace, and Nightmare Palace all listed as wanted. Even when he was just a soul master, he had done countless evils and often killed innocents without a thought. He even disregarded rules and killed many young generation members of all factions, angering everyone.

Usually, people wanted like him have an incredibly difficult time. However, this person somehow got a lucky encounter and got the soul items to strengthen his soul pet into emperor rank, making him even more arrogant and wanton!

If Cheng Qiang did it, with his bad reputation, soul palace definitely wouldn’t doubt soul alliance. So, Cheng Qiang doing this was a perfect fit!

“Heng, isn’t it just the person who took both tier final honors, what's there to be secretive about!” Cheng Qiang was resentful.

“Yes, yes, yes. It seems like brother Cheng Qiang was watching. If so, do you have more confidence now?” Cheng Peng asked.

“Its just a kid, its not even confidence or not anymore. Just wait to collect the body.” Cheng Qiang eyes were cruel. This person was clearly evil on the outside as well!

“This…...this, we can’t kill the person. Just kill the soul pets.” Cheng Peng said in a small voice.

“Truly a hassle!” Cheng Qiang waved his hand impatiently.

Cheng Peng quickly smiled obsequiously.

Kill? Cheng Peng obviously didn’t dare. Especially when elder Liu was still in the city, Chu Mu was from soul palace. After you killed him, elder Liu would definitely investigate.

Cheng Peng dared to kill Chu Mu at most through finding traces of Chu Mu and sending people to assassinate him. He wouldn’t possibly dare to do it himself and attract trouble.

Of course, if Cheng Peng knew that Chu Mu was children of her majesty, the grandson of senior elder, he wouldn’t execute this mission no matter what. It was unfortunate that Cheng Peng wasn’t as good at playing tricks as Tian Ting. Once the matter ended, Cheng Peng would take the blame for sure.

“You guys, create some chaos.” Cheng Qiang commanded his subordinates.

Getting this command, they immediately split into two packs that went towards departed world gates in different directions, moving very stealthily.


“Strange, why are there two groups of people fighting at the bottom of Departed World Gates?” Looking down from above, Chu Mu was confused.

Under departed world gate, there were a dozen of soul pets. These soul pets were all around monarch rank.

The two sides were tightly engaged in battle, sending sparks everywhere. The techniques quickly alerted the nearby guards and citizens.

Chu Mu was incredibly puzzled. Why would two waves of unidentified people appear and fight right where Tian Ting agreed to show up?

“Heihei, kid, aren’t you confused, want brother to explain for you?” Just as Chu Mu was confused, a sly voice came from under the mountain.

Very quickly, a masked man in black came up to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. The comer wasn’t friendly, meaning Tian Ting was playing some dirty trick again!

Chu Mu wasn’t flustered. What Chu Mu was confused about was, didn’t Tian Ting want his restricted soul pet egg back? Why is he sending killers instead?

“Can it be…… this Tian Ting, truly isn’t someone easy to deal with!” Chu Mu thought carefully and suddenly understood!

This Tian Ting is truly terrifying. Even if he planned to give up Mo Xie, he wouldn’t let him off easily!

“Kid, you don’t want to live anymore!!” Cheng Qiang saw that the kid ignored him and instead went into deep thought and immediately roared angrily!!

“Are the two groups down there both your subordinates?” Chu Mu asked calmly.

Cheng Qiang’s face immediately darkened under his mask.

The group of people under were naturally set up by him. Though Cheng Qiang was evil, he didn't want to hurt anyone he couldn’t afford hurting.

He would usually tell his subordinates to fake fight and throw other faction corpses there…...

Cheng Qiang didn’t think the kid would see through his plot so quickly. He always prided himself on his ability to shift the blame this way.


Departed World Gate south dark side

Tian Ting stood alone under the black sky, watching Departed World Gate from far away.

This time, Tian Ting had a plan with some holes, but a plan that could solve things permanently.

Tian Ting knew that Cheng Peng would definitely bring his special friends to kill Chu Mu’s soul pets. Once the special friends have taught Chu Mu a lesson, he would appear.

At that time, Chu Mu’s soul pets would definitely be more or less all dead, and Cheng Peng would have Chu Mu’s spatial ring.

What Tian Ting had to do was appear as a righteous elder, and kill the special friend and the greedy Cheng Peng who wanted the firsthonor rewards!

In passing, he would also take the spatial ring from Cheng Peng.

Tian Ting believed he definitely would find the soul pet egg.

And even if he didn’t find it, Tian Ting wouldn’t worry because he would just continue to look. After all, the subordinates weren’t his. And if he didn't appear, the kid may just have been killed. He may even become Chu Mu’s life saver.

This plan was perfect, but it had a flaw, which was naturally soul alliance master will help tian Ting fill.

“White devil flame? This kid is summoning his White Nightmare? Truly laughable, what can a high class monarch rank white nightmare do?”

Tian Ting watched the Mirror Sword Mountain from afar light up with a sprout of white devil flames and murmured to himself.

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