Chapter 596: Plan and Kill to Silence

Chapter 596: Plan and Kill to Silence

Initially, in Li City, the White Nightmare was only seventh phase middle class monarch rank. Adding on the effects of Jade Spring Sacred Blood, they could kill everything!

Now that white nightmare was ninth phase high class monarch and Chu Mu himself was near eighth remembrance soul master, becoming a half devil now would make him much stronger than before. Adding on the Jade Spring Sacred Blood, he would be even more terrifying!

Most importantly, Tian Ting was injured and didn’t have his guard up against him at all!

If Chu Mu could mount a sneak attack, he probably won’t even summon a single soul pet before he was instantly killed!

“Tian Ting’s last chance for me is tonight, so I will act tonight!”

Chu Mu was very decisive. Since he wants to kill, he won’t hesitate the slightest!

The half devil identity was something almost no one knew about. If Chu Mu killed Tian Ting with his half devil state and told elders to create some rumors, then soul alliance won’t be able to find Tian Ting’s death. No one would know the secret, and Chu Mu would continue to be free and unfettered!


“Young master, there isn’t that much Ground Immortal Ice. It is probably enough for young master to use half devil twice. However, if young master wants to kill Tian Ting, I suggest you only absorb some of it to ensure you can reduce your soul temperature after this half devil. The remaining Ground Immortal Ice is best kept to strengthen your Ice Air Fairy.” old Li said.

Chu Mu knew that if he took the ground immortal ice, the main effect would be to lower his soul temperature. Though Ice Air Fairy would get the benefits, it would be limited.

If it was used directly to strengthen the ice Air Fairy, its battle strength would raise even more!

“Approximately what rank could we bring the ice air fairy to?” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask.

“As long as the young master strengthened the ice air fairy to pseudo-emperor and used this earthly immortal ice to continue the strengthening, reaching low class emperor rank shouldn’t be an issue. One has to know that this treasure could cause a whole trove of soul emperors to fight over. I don’t know where her majesty found this.” Old Li said.

“Low class emperor!!” Chu Mu was joyous.

Pseudo emperor and low class emperor wasn’t juat another jump in strength. That means that if he could find the soul item to strengthen ice air fairy to pseudo-monarch, he could bring it to low class monarch immediately!

Now, even Chu Mu felt that his future was limitless!

Of course, he first had to get rid of the spiky problem at hand. If he didn’t kill Tian Ting, nothing he thought about would be useful.

“Young master, for safety, you should go and learn about Tian Ting’s main soul pets. Knowing more about the enemy will always increase your chances.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. He had to find a way to kill Tian Ting today without leaving any trace!

Finding out about Tian Ting’s strength wasn’t too hard. Chu Mu asked Ting Lan to ask Elder Ting for him.

Ting Lan quickly brought Chu Mu the approximate situation of Tian Ting’s soul pets, but also brought bad news to Chu Mu.

“The Battle of the Realm emperor rank young soul pet is stuck in Tian Ting’s hands?” Chu Mu was astonished.

So Tian Ting ran himself to soul palace to take away the emperor rank young soul pet!

The meaning in this was to tell Chu Mu, “If he doesn’t give up the item tonight, the final honor of first tier, emperor rank young soul pet, won’t be his either.”



Tian Ting Residence

Tian Ting had seven soul alliance subordinates, all of which had emperor rank soul pets.

These seven soul emperor experts were in Tianxia Realm all year, representing soul alliance’s power and exerted some control over the power in this region.

One of the seven soul emperor who often appears beside Tian Ting was a soul alliance expert named Ma Yilu. This soul alliance expert was in charge of many territories around Tianxia City. Some of these include near a fourth of the spirits near Tianxia City.

If one compared spirits to gold, then spirit sources were gold mines. Through hiring low level soul teachers that knew how to excavate spirits, they could excavate enough spirits to feed the emperor rank soul pets of these soul emperors.

The reason why Tianxia City was the most luxurious city also had a lot to do with the density of spirit sources nearby.

Places with more spirit sources often meant the environment was diverse and robust. All sorts of soul pets would appear, so when soul pet trainers want good soul pets, they often visited these resourceful areas. Soul sources and soul pet sources were complementary.

Ma Yilu had three pseudo-emperor main soul pets. He also wasn’t that young anymore and didn’t dare to go further up. Therefore, he decided to settle down in Tianxia City and enjoy the fame, position, and power with his three pseudo-emperors and a steady source of spirits.


“Jia Cunding, why do you have time to come to Boss Tian Ting’s residence?” Ma Yilu had just handed over this month’s spirits when Nightmare Palace’s Jia Cunding came up, so he went and mocked.

Though Jia Cunding was Nightmare Palace, his other identity was a direct subordinate to Tian Ting.

They were both in soul palace, but they were both soul alliance experts too. This placement was a way for soul alliance to monitor the other big factions.

Jia Cunding didn’t even lift his head, “Boss’s Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor is hurt, and I don’t know which bastard said I had a pile of thunder type soul items.”

Speaking of this, Jia Cunding got infuriated. These thunder type soul items were originally for his Chaotic Thunder Sprite to see if he could strengthen it to pseudo-emperor. Though there was only a 1 in 100 chance, the soul items cost him quite a fortune to get. Now, he had to give it up to Tian Ting as medicine for his Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor.

"Hehe, you truly are unlucky.” Ma Yilu laughed.

“Why aren’t you at your own residence, what are you doing here?” Jia Cunding asked.

“I don’t know either. Boss called Li Teng and I over for no reason today, and haven’t told us what to do yet.” Ma Yilu said.

“His Triumphant Tooth King is hurt. Maybe you guys have to give up something too.” Jia Cunding let out a cold humph.

Speaking of the Triumphant Tooth King, Ma Yilu’s expression grew worse.

A couple of years ago, Ma Yilu didn’t know that Tian Ting was a soul alliance expert sent from Wanxiang City to Tianxia City, so he intentionally was hard on him.

At that time, Tian Ting had summoned an emperor rank Triumphant Tooth King that defeated all three of his pseudo emperors.

So, speaking of this Triumphant Tooth King, Ma Yilu felt uncomfortable. After all, Tian Ting’s soul pet’s fighting strengths were all pretty terrifying!

Triumphant Tooth King: Beast World - Beast Type - Tooth King Species - Monarch Rank Triumphant Tooth King

The Triumphant Tooth King naturally were extremely aggressive. They had a body like a lion, but a head of a wolf. It had four eyes and on its shoulders were massive bone blades that could be lifted up or put down flat. Even its movement had great destructive abilities.

The greatest characteristic was the four extremely long and protruding tusks. They were indestructible, and could easily shatter rocks and gold, and it was the feature the Tooth Kings were named after.

Triumphant Tooth King’s Tian Ting was another main soul pet that Tian Ting strengthened from monarch rank all the way to high class emperor rank. Before Tian Ting got his Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor, he relied on this Triumphant Tooth King to stay undefeated.


“Jia Cunding, the thunder type soul items are perfect for my Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor. Very well, I will take your gift to heart. Also, I have some other matters to discuss with you so stay at my fort.” Tian Ting sat in the hall, nodding very satisfied towards Jia Cunding.

Jia Cunding was face full of smiles, yet in his heart he had cursed the fake Tian Ting thousands of times over. A sentence was all he needed to take away all the thunder type soul items he had tried so hard to collect!

Jia Cunding saluted and left, following the lead of a female servant to Tian Ting residence to rest.

Normally, Tian Ting Residence had Cheng Peng and the bloated soul emperor nearby. Today, things were different, as Tian Ting left three other soul emperors in the residence.

Tian Ting wasn’t stupid. If he let the elder see the restricted soul pet egg, the elder would definitely realize the egg wasn't anything normally. If the elder pulled the trigger and wanted to take it for himself, Tian Ting definitely would be the first to be killed to keep the secret.

Though the chances that an elder attacked him are very low, Tian Ting had to ensure things weren’t amiss. He specially kept three soul emperors in his residence. He didn't expect them to do anything, but at least he wouldn’t be completely unprepared for the elder.

“Boss, there's a soul palace servant that brings words from Chu Chen.” A family servant came up and kneeled down.

“Bring her over.” Tian Ting said.

After a moment, Chu Mu’s personal servant Jia Jing appeared in the hall of Tian Ting residence. Seeing Tian Ting, Jia Jing didn’t even dare to breath hard. She said quietly, “My… young master, told me to say…… to invite you to Departed World gates after the night falls, where he would give up the things himself.

Tian Ting slightly furrowed his brows and hardened his tone, “Tell your young master to send it to my residence himself!

How high was tian Ting’s soul remembrance? With such a tone, he caused Jia Jing to become even more frantic. Her face paled and said, “Young master…… young master said….. He wanted Tian Ting to bring the emperor rank young soul pet as well. If Boss Tian Ting doesn’t come…...young master…… young master would release the secret of the item.”

Tian Ting slapped the table and suddenly stood up!

The alliance master spoke multiple times that he had to keep it a secret. If it were revealed, Tian Ting would get scolded by the alliance master again. Tian Ting didn’t expect the kid to use that to threaten him.

Jia Jing was frightened by this sudden rise, falling butt first onto the ground and no longer able to speak.

“Heng!” Tian Ting coldly humphed and his eyes stared coldly at Jia Jing.

After a while, Tian Ting finally asked, “Tell your young master I will bring the emperor rank young soul pet, and that if he doesn’t give it up tonight, I Tian Ting won’t be polite anymore!”

Jia Jing quickly got up and ran out frantically.

Before, Jia Jing always thought that the four leader’s leader was handsome and cool, with the appearance of an expert. Today, she saw the beast-like side of them- it truly was terrifying!

Seeing the little servant girl run away, Tian Ting laughed coldly, “A kid with an emperor rank soul pet, I want to see what you can do. Don’t expect Elder Liu to fight because I won’t give him a chance to fight!”

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