Chapter 595: Tian Ting, You’re Still Not Dead? (2)

Chapter 595: Tian Ting, You’re Still Not Dead? (2)

The old man warmly spoke for quite a while with Chu Mu.

If the circumstances were normal, Chu Mu would have accompanied the old man to speak for a while. In any case, this was a senior elder rank ultra expert. Chu Mu had never truly interacted with a figure of this level. Being able to talk with him would allow him to learn many things.

However, right now, time was of the essence. Chu Mu viewed Mo Xie as important as his own life, and he had to find a solution to this matter.

Senior Elder Liu could see Chu Mu was worried and he finally let out a light sigh. He said to Chu Mu: “Previously I had Old Soul Teacher De tell you about Soul Alliance in order to prepare your heart.” 

“I know. However, I cannot give up my soul pet.” Chu Mu earnestly said.

“There are times when you must reach a compromise. This time, we hold the advantage and if you give your soul pet up to Soul Alliance, I will demand for an item back to compensate your loss. This compensation will definitely be much more valuable than your soul pet.” said Senior Elder Liu.

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “Even if you give me a soul pet that surpasses the emperor rank, I won’t give up Mo Xie. This isn’t a question of whether they can compensate me.” 

Senior Elder Liu was stunned. He felt that his own words were a bit pedantic. However, he really didn’t have another option. Senior Elder Liu could only try his hardest to get some benefit for Chu Mu.

“You can obtain other soul pets. You absolutely cannot forfeit your own life because of this matter.” earnestly said Senior Elder Liu.

Senior Elder Liu was afraid of this. Particularly, he was afraid Chu Mu would continue being stubborn.

Senior Elder Liu could see that the Seven Sins Fox in Chu Mu’s hands was a creature the Alliance Master had to have. If it was anything else, with Soul Palace’s prestige, the Alliance Master would have given up on it. However, this matter concerned the Alliance Master’s benefits, and this Alliance Master would not be lenient. 

“Is there really no other way?” Chu Mu’s heart slowly sank.

Senior Elder De shook his head and said, “Your aptitude is very high. I’m sure in a few years you’ll be a force to reckon with in the soul pet domain; moreover, you could even step into higher domains. If you lose your life over a matter like this, you simply won’t have any qualifications to talk about resisting Soul Alliance’s influence.

You had best not see Tian Ting backing off and giving me the opportunity to delay as this matter not being that crucial. The more he’s like that, the more important this matter is. It truly relates to Soul Alliance Alliance Master’s benefits. Him giving me face is merely so that I don’t see through this matter. Crudely speaking, if you don’t hand over your soul pet, your other soul pets will be implicated in this matter. Although I can understand that any single soul pet is like a life to you, you should take the bigger picture into consideration…” Senior Elder Liu was afraid Chu Mu would take extreme measures and continued to persuade him.

“He doesn’t want to be seen through? Is that why Tian Ting was so tight-lipped?” Chu Mu asked in a low voice.

“Perhaps.” Senior Elder Liu looked at Chu Mu and felt that he should probably give Chu Mu some time to calmly think it through.

Promptly, Senior Elder Liu patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and said: “Have a good think about it. I’ll come and find you tonight. When that time comes, I hope you’ll make a wise and mature decision.”

After speaking, Senior Elder Liu gave a deep look at Chu Mu before walking out of the courtyard with his hands clasped behind his back.

Chu Mu’s emotions were extremely complicated at the moment. He was rapidly thinking in his head, searching for a trace of hope. 

However, when he thought of resisting, his other soul pets and other people who were related to him would be harmed by Soul Alliance. This made Chu Mu even less comfortable in his heart.

“Old Li, do you think Senior Elder Liu would dare kill Tian Ting? Moreover, I heard that Tian Ting was injured when he fought the Blood Beast Emperor in Immortal City?” after a while, Chu Mu asked Old Li two questions.

“This… he probably wouldn’t dare. Right now in the entire Tianxia City, the only person who can kill Tian Ting is Senior Elder Liu. Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master only has to send a group of people to search, and they’ll know who did it. When that time comes, you’ll still be met with trouble. If you want to kill him so he doesn’t say anything, you need to do it in a way that doesn’t invite trouble. Tian Ting’s strength is clear. You won’t be able to find other experts who would dare offend Soul Alliance to kill Tian Ting.” said Old Li.

Tian Ting was probably the only one who knew this secret. If he was able to kill Tian Ting without leaving a trace, then no one would know about Mo Xie!

However, how would he get rid of a spirit emperor with a high class emperor rank soul pet? 

Just as he was deep in thought, Chu Mu suddenly discovered that Senior Elder Liu with his two temples of white hair suddenly returned. 

Chu Mu looked at Senior Elder Liu and revealed a confused expression.

“I nearly forgot about something else important.” said Senior Elder Liu.


Tian Ting’s manor.

Tian Ting sat heavily in a spacious and splendid hall. His face was downtrodden. 

Two deep grey clothed men were kneeling there. Among one of them was the spirit emperor who had prevented Chu Mu from exiting the city.

“Senior, do you have any instructions?” This fat spirit emperor softly asked.

“You two are my most loyal subordinates, eh?” Tian Ting looked at the two of them. 

The two spirit emperors suddenly looked at each other in dismay. Being able to become a spirit emperor meant these people were not stupid. Tian Ting suddenly asking them this meant that he wanted them to do something shameful and shady that couldn’t bring trouble back to him.

“Of course.” said the fat spirit emperor.

“I, Chen Peng, have always been loyal and devoted to Senior.” said the man called Chen Peng.

Tian Ting glanced at thee fat spirit emperor. As if he felt that this man wasn’t fully trustworthy, he waved his hand and said: “You’re dismissed.” 

The fat spirit emperor was stunned and thought in his heart: “Is this good or bad? Whatever, what kind of good things will come out of following Tian Ting? It’s best not to worry about these things too much and just to let Chen Peng deal with it.”

Chen Peng remained and he was thinking pretty much the same thing as the person who left- whether this was something good or bad.

“I’ve been in Tianxia Realm for so many years. Do you know why?” asked Tian Ting.

“This… subordinate does not know.” Chen Peng lowered his head as he spoke.

“You don’t need to understand it in full. This was something Alliance Master arranged. I’ll tell you now…” said Tian Ting. A glint passed through his eyes.

Chen Peng listened very closely and was silently shocked: “Tian Ting unexpectedly told me something so important. Doesn’t this mean that I’m about to be promoted and rewarded? It seems that my words of sincerity just now had a lot of effect.”

Chen Peng couldn’t help but sneer at the fat man. 

“This subordinate understands. This subordinate has made friends with a few subordinates and they probably will be willing to help. Moreover, they won’t leave a trace of evidence behind.” earnestly said Chen Peng. 

“Very good. After this matter is done, you can take another territory of land to your kingdom. I presume that you’ve wanted this piece of territory for a very long time, right?” Tian Ting rubbed his chin as he spoke. 

When Chen Peng heard this, he hastily bowed down and expressed his thanks.

The piece of territory Tian Ting was referring to was a third rank emperor spirit source. Each month, the spirit production would be capable of supplying a low class emperor the resources to continuously fight. This was a rare large sum of resources. If he had this piece of territory, Chen Peng wouldn’t have to fear and worry that he would be incapable of supplying his soul pets sufficient resources. Moreover, Chen Peng would be able to extract extra spirits from this territory and use these extra spirits to exchange for a strengthening spirit item to raise his soul pets’ ranks!!

At the emperor rank, each time a soul pet raised by one class, his status would be completely different!

“Don’t worry, this subordinate will absolutely take back the orthodox bloodline Cyan Hidden Dragon egg. Moreover, that Chu Chen brat…” Chen Peng’s eyes shifted around and didn’t say anything else.

“Ok, you’re dismissed.” Tian Ting satisfactorily nodded his head.

Chen Peng’s face was full of smiles as he left and his heart was bursting with joy.

“A young man with only one soul pet with emperor rank fighting strength. I only need to know his location, and I’ll be able to kill him without leaving a trace. This is practically too easy.”

Of course, Chen Peng wasn’t stupid. Although he didn’t know who Chu Mu’s true backers were, it wasn’t wise to embroil himself in the matter. Therefore, he immediately contacted a dissident group of experts to have them complete this matter. 

“I truly never expected that an orthodox bloodline Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon egg would be in this brat’s hands. That is a high class emperor rank dragon species and its fighting strength is no less than a peak emperor. If it comes to my hands and I raise it to the tenth phase, I’ll be able to fiercely stomp on Tian Ting. If I manage to raise it to a rank that surpassed the emperor… zeze” Chen Peng was still calculating if he could conceal himself from Tian Ting and take the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon for himself!

In the large hall.

Tian Ting watched Chen Peng leave, but a smile rose on his face.

Only an idiot would believe that an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would split off an orthodox bloodline Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon egg. 

“All of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s offspring are split off Cyan Hidden Dragons. The true offspring inheritance is done through a Jade Spring Holy Blood baptism. How can it directly split off an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon offspring… an idiot is an idiot afterall. However, if he’s able to help me get rid of that brat, it will be good. This will prevent a thorn in my side from remaining in the future.” ridiculed Tian Ting.

Thinking of Chu Mu possessing an emperor rank soul pet in the young generation made Chu Mu apprehensive. Moreover, after this matter was over, he was sure that Chu Mu would loathe him. If the alternative was having to deal with the huge trouble of Chu Mu’s limitless potential, it was better to get rid of him now!

“Husband, has the matter been completed?” an enchanting and charming concubine slowly walked out. Hearing that Tian Ting’s mood wasn’t bad, she hastily pasted her fragrant body to his. 

“Almost.” Tian Ting laughed. A slight hint of lustfulness appeared on his serious face. His hand quickly climbed up to this flirtatious concubine’s breasts as passion immediately arose in this hall.


Inside Soul Palace’s courtyard.

Senior Elder Liu walked up to Chu Mu and handed something to Chu Mu from his spatial ring. He said: “This is something your mother had someone bring here. Its a piece of Worldly Immortal Ice. She said your soul is abnormally high temperature and needs to be moderated.” 

“Worldly Immortal Ice!!” 

Chu Mu’s eyes immediately lit up!

Worldly Immortal Ice was a treasure that could cause an emperor rank soul pet fighting rank to increase!

Chu Mu never expected that Liu Binglan was really able to find the extremely rare Worldly Immortal Ice. Most importantly, she had sent it over at this crucial moment!!

Chu Mu obviously wasn’t going to use the Worldly Immortal Ice to strengthen his soul pets. Instead, he was going to use it to immediately lower the temperature of his soul!

The moment his soul temperature lowered, Chu Mu could use a power he had been unwilling to use - the half devil!! 

“Tian Ting, let’s see if you still be so arrogant? Or violent? This time you’re definitely dead!!”

Amidst dire straits he had found hope. This made Chu Mu’s heart immediately burst with joy!!

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