Chapter 594: Tian Ting, You’re Still Not Dead? (1)

Chapter 594: Tian Ting, You’re Still Not Dead? (1)

Chu Mu truthfully didn’t know that Tian Ting actually stopped suspecting Mo Xie because of something accidentally mentioned by the senior elder.

Back then the senior elder silently had people go and protect Chu Mu. When he discovered that he had been targeted by Tian Ting, he expressed that Chu Mu was a young master who was Soul Palace female majesty’s son.

The female master’s status in Soul Palace was incredibly high. Moreover, she had taken up a temporary official position in Soul Alliance and was the Absolute Star of the Sixteen Absolutes. She was even considered superior to Tian Ting in status.

The Alliance Master didn’t want to expose things so he dispatched Tian Ting who wasn’t particularly conspicuous. If Tian Ting were to forcibly make a move on Chu Mu, given the Absolute Star’s temper, she probably wouldn’t hesitate to destroy him. 

This matter was done according to the Alliance Master’s instructions, who absolutely wanted things to be low-profile. Tian Ting naturally could only tell the senior elder that Chu Mu accidentally obtained Soul Alliance’s treasure, he had to hand it back.

When the senior elder had asked what treasure it was, Tian Ting could not be too nervous and pretended to be calm as he said this was a rather important item. 

Tian Ting knew that if he told him how valuable the object was, and that the Alliance Master had specially instructed him to complete this matter, the senior elder, that old fox, wouldn’t have hesitated to get to the bottom of the matter. If it was divulged, it would bring them much trouble.  

In the ninth realm, Chu Mu had summoned an emperor rank soul pet, the Seven Sins Fox.

At that time, the senior elder had come to a flash of understanding and immediately believed that Tian Ting was referring to Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch. 

But Tian TIng’s thought process was not like that. He was clearly very suspicious, and couldn’t be certain of anything. He remembered the Alliance Master saying that a restriction had been placed on the soul pet egg, and that it probably wouldn’t hatch within the next ten years. However, the appearance of an emperor rank Seven Sins Fox was too abrupt.

But what kind of person was the senior elder? When it came to psychological warfare, Tian Ting was a bit too inexperienced. 

Therefore, when Chu Mu had summoned the Seven Sins Fox, the senior elder had maintained his calm and had attracted others’ interests by saying: “Yes, it seems that this soul pet truly does have very high talent.” 

The senior elder’s words had been immediately noticed by Tian Ting, and he thought that it was very likely that this Seven Sins Fox had been given by the senior elder and Female Majesty to Chu Mu.

The Seven Sins Fox was a perfect monarch and a soul pact could be signed with it at the spirit master level without it defecting. Although the Seven Sins Fox was rare, compared to emperors or to someone at the level of Tian Ting, it wasn’t that remarkable. 

Tian Ting had looked down on the senior elder and Female Master then. They had unexpectedly sneakily given the heaven defying soul pet to a young generation. Wasn’t this intentionally violating the Tianxia authority’s rules? 

Tian Ting was the head of the four seats. If a young generation’s soul pet had come from an elder, he would not be able to receive any award. 

However, Tian Ting didn’t want to offend the senior elder so as to prevent that old fox from discovering something. Thus, he turned a blind eye to the matter.

Since the Seven Sins Fox had been allegedly given to Chu Mu by the senior elder and Female Majesty, Tian Ting naturally excluded Mo Xie from the list of possibilities. 

Therefore, when Tian Ting told Chu Mu to hand over the soul pet egg, he didn’t realize that the egg the Alliance Master had told him to recoup had already hatched. Moreover, it had continuously followed Chu Mu and already mutated into a Seven Sins Fox! 

Of course, Chu Mu maintaining his calm was very crucial. If Chu Mu, because of Tian Ting’s threat, had sworn out loud never to hand over Mo Xie, then he would have exposed everything. 

After some quick thinking, Chu Mu felt that he had to stall Tian Ting. Promptly he said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only have the Hidden Dragon egg. It hatched not too long ago.” 

“Stop playing dumb with me. Don’t mention the Hidden Dragon egg to me. Immediately hand over the restricted soul pet egg. Otherwise I’ll let you die a horrible death!” Tian Ting didn’t have the patience! 

“A restricted soul pet egg? How could I have such an object?!” Chu Mu was able to pretend when he needed to. Right now he acted righteous and self-confident. 

Tian Ting was angry and he immediately grabbed Chu Mu’s clothes!

Just now Chu Mu had look startled indicating that the object was in his hands. Even if Tian Ting was stupid, there was no way he would have missed this.

Even now this brat was still playing dumb in front of him. He really didn’t even put Tian Ting in his eyes. Did he really believe that this place was Soul Palace and that he wouldn’t dare harm him?! 

“Tian Ting, this younger generation doesn't understand much. Just educate him a bit, and it will be fine. There’s no need to use a soul technique.” at this moment, a middle aged man with a hoarse voice spoke.

Tian Ting was startled and turned around. He discovered that a middle aged man with slightly white hairs on his temple had unknowingly appeared in the courtyard. Moreover, he had broken through the soul remembrance barrier he had created earlier without being discovered!

The man walked up to Tian Ting and placed his hand on Tian Ting’s shoulder, indicating that he should control his anger.

Tian Ting had a startled expression, and sucked in a deep breath of air!

Chu Mu stared at this man who had suddenly appeared and was silently shocked in his heart. Aside from the king, Tian Ting was probably Tianxia City’s strongest person. Yet now an older man he had never seen before had completely dispelled his anger. Moreover, he looked extremely strange!

“Young master, this old fellow is Senior Elder Liu. It seems that someone is going to save you!” Old Li’s voice floated out.

“Is Senior Elder Liu very strong?” Chu Mu rapidly asked.

“He’s strong and not only normal strong! This old fellow’s secondary soul pets can probably destroy Tian Ting!” said Old Li.

Secondary soul pets destroying the head of the four seats, Tian Ting? Chu Mu was shocked. He never expected this old man with a warm face to be so powerful!

“Is he trustworthy?” Chu Mu earnestly asked.

“He’s surnamed Liu. What do you think?” Old Li asked back in return.

Chu Mu had just been overly nervous, and had neglected this detail!

“It’s best if you tell him the truth. This way he’ll be able to help you find a turn for the better. If you hide anything, it may not work in your favor. Afterall, you need to rely on him in order to have a chance of keeping your small fox. Tian Ting isn’t someone easy to deal with. Perhaps he still doesn’t realize that the soul pet egg Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon brought with it was the small fox, but if you don’t bring out the object he’s looking for, he’ll quickly target your Seven Sins Fox. Then, after a search, he’ll be able to find out that it can continuously mutate!” said Old Li.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head and promptly watched the two people without uttering a word. 


“Senior Elder Li, because I have to wait until after the Battle of the Realm ends before I return back to Soul Alliance to report, I already politely waited until after the Battle of the Realm ended before conducting my search. Senior Elder appearing here to stop me… could it mean you wish to obtain the Alliance Master’s object?” Tian Ting calmed his temper and spoke with the Senior Elder.

“Of course not.” Senior Elder Liu wore a warm smile and slowly walked up to Chu Mu before saying: “Chu Chen, when you were on Prison Island, did you accidentally pick up something that didn’t belong to you?” 

Senior Elder Liu intentionally walked in between Chu Mu and Tian Ting to both protect Chu Mu and to use soul remembrance to communicate with Chu Mu.

“I can manage to keep Tian Ting under control, but if other experts from Soul Alliance appear, not only will you be in trouble, but I also won’t be able to protect you. It’s best if you still give the item that belongs to Soul Alliance back to them.” the senior elder seriously said.

In truth, senior elder had already guessed that the item the Alliance Master wanted was extremely special. Senior elder could only stall for time, but if he truly angered the Alliance Master, then nobody would be able withstand his anger. 

“I can’t. It has already signed a soul pact with me!” Chu Mu immediately used soul remembrance to speak with Senior Elder Liu.

Senior Elder Liu’s expression was calm, but he was shocked in his heart: Could it really be the Seven Sins Fox?

Senior Elder Liu didn’t overly communicate with Chu Mu. He sighed and turned around before saying to Tian Ting: “I just spoke a few sentences with him. Don’t worry, the Alliance Master’s item will definitely be given.” 

“I have to wait again? Senior Elder, isn’t this just looking down on our Alliance Master?!!” Tian Ting’s attitude was a bit more stubborn. 

Tian Ting could no longer wait!

“Chu Chen is young and hot-blooded. He didn’t understand the serious implications of this matter. I just spoke with him, and now he understands and will hand it over to you. This way we won’t harm our friendly relationship. Moreover, the item isn’t on him right now. Chu Chen knew that the object was precious so he hid it. He still needs to go get it. How about you head home first. I’ll send you home myself.” Senior Elder Liu laughed as he spoke. 

“Hmph. The Alliance Master’s final deadline is coming up. If you don’t hand it over, I can only report that to the Alliance Master and have him personally deal with it.” Tian Ting coldly harrumphed before turning around and leaving.

Tian Ting wasn’t afraid that Chu Mu and the senior elder were going to try and steal the item. After all, this was the Alliance Master’s object. If anyone dared touch it, he or she would die. This included Soul Palace’s senior elders!


Tian Ting left very bluntly. Of course, he had a face of anger as he left.

If it wasn’t because Soul Palace’s senior elder had mysteriously appeared, this matter would have ended a long time ago. It would have stalled out for so long!

Tian Ting silently resolved that if there was a chance in the future, he definitely would teach Chu Mu a lesson!

After Tian Ting left, the senior elder stood in front of Chu Mu and re-established a soul remembrance barrier.

“You should be called Chu Mu, right?” Senior Elder Liu wore a smile on his face. From looking at his eyes, one was able to discern benevolence; moreover, his expression showed that his actual age was already high. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He looked at the old man in front of him with white hair on his temples. For a moment he didn’t know how to address him because he really didn’t know much about his own mother’s life.

“I am your mother’s adoptive father. When you were younger, I even took care of you for a while.” the old man didn’t talk about the pressing matters, instead speaking about this with Chu Mu.

“This… I don’t have any memories of this. However, since you are my mother’s adoptive father, then you must be my grandfather.” Chu Mu’s initial impression of this ‘grandfather’ was very good.

“Back then when you were in Soul Palace, you were only three or four. Afterwards, your father took you away to Western Kingdom. Western Kingdom is rather far away and the communication there was naturally very little. If you feel that calling a stranger your grandfather is slightly awkward, then just call me senior elder.” Senior Elder Liu was able to see what Chu Mu was thinking.

“No, it’s fine. I am extremely grateful from the bottom of my heart that grandfather is protecting me like this.” Chu Mu wasn’t lacking in manners.

If it wasn’t because his grandfather had appeared in time, Chu Mu probably would have been in big trouble. Chu Mu truly had to give him a heartfelt thanks. 

When Senior Elder Liu heard Chu Mu address him as grandfather, the smile on his face got deeper. It seemed that he was just saying all that earlier out of politeness. He really did hope that Chu Mu would recognize him as a grandfather. 

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