Chapter 593: Thunder from Clear Sky, Tian Ting Threatens

Chapter 593: Thunder from Clear Sky, Tian Ting Threatens

Chu Mu was very confused. Looking at these experts in battle of the realm, he started wondering why Tian Ting would find trouble with him.

Chu Mu naturally knew that if he didn’t obey, these seemingly polite people would definitely attack. He could feel that these people were powerful. Adding on the other few people, he knew he was no match.

In Tianxia City, soul palace’s power was much larger than soul alliance. Tianxia City itself was very safe as well, so Chu Mu wasn’t too worried of any accidents happening, so he backed off.

In reality, Chu Mu was ready to stay in Tianxia City for a while. After all, the battle of the realm staff hasn’t given him his emperor rank young soul pet yet.

Chu Mu wasn’t worried the competition staff wouldn’t give it to him; he just felt more at ease if he had it in his hands.

But, the battle of the realm staff notified him that the emperor rank young soul pet was still in an adjusting phase after birth, so soul pacts couldn’t be signed yet.

Chu Mu was ready to go east to look for spirit resources before returning back to get the emperor rank young soul pet.

Emperor rank young soul pet was taken care of by soul palace elder Ting. Not picking it up and immediately leaving was also to reduce his own burden. After all, an emperor rank young soul pet also ate spirits. If he truly picked it up, Chu Mu would be spending at least 300 million gold every day. This was an expense Chu Mu couldn’t sustain, so he wisely told elder Ting to keep it for now.

“Ok, I will go back into the city. I can walk around wherever within the city, right?” Chu mu glanced at the people.

“Yes, as long as you don’t leave the city, you can walk anywhere.” The smiling soul emperor said.

Chu Mu nodded and no longer cared for the couple of people. Jumping onto his night thunder dream beast, he returned back into the city.

Seeing Chu Mu return, the smiling soul emperor’s face quickly cooled down with a mocking smile, “A middle class monarch rank Night Thunder Dream Beast still, he’s truly dumb lucky to have strengthened a soul pet to emperor rank…..”


Returning back into the city, the first thing Chu Mu did was find old soul teacher De, because if there were any reason he was banned from leaving the city, odl soul teacher de would know.

When he arrived back at soul palace, a middling bodied yet arrogant man walked out of soul palace, with two women beside him.

One of these women was the incredibly cold and arrogant woman Chu Mu saw in fourth realm, known as Lady Shan by the competition guard.

This Lady Shan was a first tier expert, yet for some reason she didn’t participate in the battle of the realm.

Lady Shan immediately noticed Chu Mu walking up and looked surprised.

Before, Lady Shan was completely disdainful at the famous Chu Mu, but now she clearly couldn’t have the same attitude, When seeing Chu Mu, her expression was strange, as if she wanted to smile and nod but also didn’t know how to.

Seeing Lady Shan’s new attitude, Chu Mu smiled secretly, noting how snobbish she was.

Lady Shan wasn’t worth noting. The arrogant man, however, caused Chu Mu’s heart to sink.

It was the person who imprisoned Sinking Wind Dragon, Chu Mu’s great enemy - Tian Ting!

Sinking WInd Draogn was still in Chu Mu’s soul capture ring. Chu Mu originally wanted to leave the city and let it out in a silent place.

However, Tian Ting restricted him from leaving, so Chu Mu was afraid he was looking for trouble because of sinking wind dragon.

“Perfect, I have something to say to you, follow me.” Tian Ting glanced at chu Mu lightly. As he finished speaking, he walked towards the courtyard aside. There was no command in his tone, yet the attitude suggested that Chu Mu could only obey.

Tian Ting was the same generation as Chu Tianmang. Chu Tianmang wasn’t young, so if Tian Ting was the similar age, he would be in his fifties.

Yet, this middle aged man looked only in his thirties. Every action he had carried a cold arrogance of an upper class man. A clear black wart was on his cheek, causing his laughs to be ugly, which may be the reason why no one has ever seen him laugh truly.

This was soul palace, so Chu Mu didn’t worry that Tian Ting had any hidden moves. While he was wondering secretly, he followed without question.

“You wait here.” Tian Ting saw that his two follows joined and simply added.

Lady Shan and the other paused and quickly stopped walking, no longer daring to follow.

After reaching the courtyard, Tian Ting specially set down a soul remembrance barrier to avoid their conversation leaking.

He turned around and stared apathetically at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu wasn’t sure about it in his heart, but he had nothing to fear, so he stared back, hiding the resentment he had for this man.

“I won’t hound you about sinking wind dragon, you can let it free if you want.” Tian Ting directly got to the matter.

Tian Ting’s tone and attitude made it seem like he didn’t do anything shady to the seal, causing Chu Mu to feel very unsatisfied.

It seems like he knew that he was son of Chu Tianmang. If so, Chu Mu didn’t have to feign politeness, immediately replying , “Wow, thank you so bunch.”

“Cyan Hidden Dragon egg is on you.” Tian Ting said as if he knew everything.

Tian Ting’s words caused Chu Mu to feel as if thunderstruck from clear skies!!!

How could he knew of little hidden dragon!!

Little hidden dragon was secondary. Most importantly, if he knew about little hidden dragon, then he must know about Mo Xie!

Does this mean Tian Ting already knows of Mo Xie’s multiple mutations?

“Keeping elder’s face in consideration, I’ll give the cyan hidden dragon to you as well.” Tian Ting said lightly, clearly disinterested in it as well.

Tian Ting specially glanced at Chu Mu. Seeing his expression change, he looked with disdain and thought, “You think you hid well? Not long after you joined battle of the realm, I found out you were the sole survivor of prison island. If the elder didn’t make clear that I could only retract it once the battle of the realm ended, I would have dealt with you long ago!”

Chu Mu’s heart shook. He had always thought that his identity as Chu Chen wouldn’t be revealed, yet he had no clue that soul alliance Tian Ting knew of it all. Could this Tian Ting be the soul alliance expert that chased the cyan hidden dragon before?

Chu Mu’s face sank as he refused to say anything.

Seeing Chu Mu silent, Tian Ting showed even more disdain in his eyes.

Tian Ting had no good feelings for Chu Mu. This mainly stemmed from Chu Mu being Chu Tianmang’s son, similarly bossy. If not for Soul Palace noblewoman and soul palace elders, Tian Ting would have assassinated Chu Mu in secret long ago and taken what was his.

The old alliance master had commanded that all items Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon took away must be found again. If not for this, he wouldn’t have stayed in Tianxia realm for this long.

Now that he finally found it, he ran into soul palace elders. With the force of elders, to not let the elders discover the secret behind it all, Tian Ting couldn’t directly disregard their wishes and had to wait until the end of Battle of the Realm.

The restriction on Chu Mu leaving the city was given long ago,  but Chu Mu just never noticed.

Now, the changes in Chu Mu’s heart was rapid. He finally knew why old soul teacher De was warning him that soul alliance people can’t be violated; it must have been because of this incident.

He couldn’t possibly go against soul alliance right now. Even if he had the mysterious elder and his mother protecting him, soul alliance would definitely not give up on Mo Xie. After all, it was continuously mutating soul pet. Tian Ting likely got authorization from soul alliance master himself. These were all experts beyond emperor rank!

If he didn't give up Mo Xie, they would definitely also use special methods in which no one would be able to save him.

But to tell Chu Mu to give up Mo Xie? That was even more impossible!!

Specially thinking back to Li Huang’s Cyan Hidden Dragon, Mo Xie was ninth phase already. Soul alliance would definitely use memory fluid to wash away Mo Xie’s soul, making her a walking husk like Li Huang’s cyan Hidden Dragon!

Chu Mu already saw Mo Xie as a part of his life, so how could he give Mo Xie up to the same path as the empyrean cyan hidden dragon!

It wasn’t possible!

Chu Mu would never give up Mo Xie!!


Tian Ting stared at Chu Mu. In his eyes, Chu Mu was as weak as a child, so he wasn’t afraid of anything Chu Mu could do. Instead, he emotionlessly watched Chu Mu’s facial expressions change.

Of course, Tian Ting wasn't’ that patient. Now that the battle of the realm ended, he wanted to get the items as soon as possible and return back to soul alliance. This has dragged on for too long already.

Immediately, Tian Ting’s tone became more severe, “Give up the soul pet egg, don’t think that anyone can save you. Somethings you aren’t supposed to own. If you give it up early, you can continue out of battle of the realm with your emperor rank young soul pet, hidden Dragon egg, and that emperor rank soul pet you got somehow and continue your training. If not, you will die painfully!”

After saying that, Tian Ting pushed his sou lremembrance over, a direct threat towards Chu Mu!

Chu Mu immediately felt an immense pressure causing his head to spin!

This mental pressure only stayed for a second before slowly dimming down…...

Yet, facing Tian Ting’s pressure, the grey outlook in Chu Mu’s heart quietly lifted!

Because, from Tian Ting’s tone one could tell that he didn't know about the continuous mutation, and he didn’t know that Mo Xie was brought out of Soul Alliance by empyrean cyan hidden dragon!

Chu Mu was elated!

Him holding his ground has found him a slim chance!

“It looks like only Xia Guanghan and Princess jin Rou who had always watched his soul pet knew Mo Xie was continuously mutating. This Tian Ting only knew that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had a soul pet egg on it, but he didn't know it was Mo Xie!”

“There’s still hope, I’m not in desperate grounds yet!”

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