Chapter 592: Trapped in Tianxia City, Chu Mu

Chapter 592: Trapped in Tianxia City, Chu Mu

“There are limited people with emperor rank soul pets, so any new additions or losses are important. In normal situations, soul emperors wouldn't easily accept new people, because gaining an extra person meant they had to split the resources with one extra person. To the 100 people who left, they probably all remember you now, and are thinking of how to deal with you. Other than Jia Cunding and his fellows, the twenty soul emperors were probably notified by Old soul teacher De and that great elder to let them know you have a behind-the-scenes supporter. If anything happens, help them out a bit. You have to remember them because they’re your new allies.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt like he had walked into a new territory.

The spirit emperors that said hi to him, Chu Mu had to all remember carefully. As a newcomer, he indeed had to pay more attention.

 Chu Mu would naturally help out Soul palace spirit emperor experts. But, of these twenty spirit emperors, soul palace members weren’t included. Most of them were solo, kingdom masters, or soul pet palace people.

Soul palace people all had identification, so there was no need to bring them in front of Chu Mu; they were default allies of Chu Mu.

As for the spirit emperors who left early, Chu Mu had to be very careful after meeting them. Especially in deep mountains or forests, if they have ulterior motives, they definitely wouldn’t even hesitate to steal Chu Mu’s resources.


At the beginning of Battle of the Realm was the peak of Tianxia City’s population. As the battle of the realm continued, slowly, people who had been eliminated, as well as people who couldn’t wait, all left.

Only the last people remained, most of which either lived in Tianxia City or in the cities nearby. Of course, there were people who really wanted to know the results of the competition.

Now that the competition was finally at a close, all those people who weren’t part of Tianxia City naturally packed up and left.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both naturally were going to leave. Before, they planned on writing letters back to send this heavenly good news to the entire clan. They both decided instead that, instead of using letters, since they were both going back anyways, they should just go bring the news themselves.

Thus, the two came to say goodbye to Chu Mu. Chu Mu specially spent an entire day to help the two brothers out before telling them to go back to Chu Family first. If he ever had to go to west kingdom, he would definitely go back and visit.

Chu Mu’s family was developing well in western kingdom. They said that there was some property in Wogu Region, and were rising quickly in the past few years- at least much better than they were doing in Gangluo.

Chu Mu originally planned on finding western kingdom kingdom master to help his clan out. However, he was surprised to see that the western kingdom kingdom master didn't seem to be on the list of allies, and all the kingdom masters near there weren’t present either. On one hand, they didn’t want to get nominated, but they also seemed to be experiencing some matters in that region, the specifics of which Chu Mu didn’t know.

Saying goodbye to his two brothers, Chu Mu planned to say goodbye to all the soul palace young generation.

Chu Mu wasn’t a lazy person, so he wouldn’t get self-satisfied just because of the honor of Battle of the Realm. To enslave defector young woman in Wanxiang City in six years, Chu Mu had to try even harder to raise his strength.

Chu Mu’s original plan was to go east after the battle of the realm until he reached Wanxiang City.

The plan towards the east wasn’t a bad idea. However, Old Li told Chu Mu to stay in Tianxia Realm for a few more years, and raise all his soul pets’ strengths before considering leaving Tianxia Realm. With only little Mo Xie, going east would be too hard.

Furthermore, Chu Mu had to prepare Mo Xie’s food fully. In the spatial ring that the defector young woman left, there was only enough for Mo Xie to eat for two months. This was without participating in any battle as well. If she had to fight, it would be a consumption of tens upon tens of spirits. With Chu Mu’s current economic ability, he truly wouldn't be able to sustain this. Thus, Chu Mu had to fix the transitional issue between monarch and emperor rank. After all, Chu Mu’s pretty much jumped from high class monarch straight to low class emperor. There was a large gap in between that had to be adjusted well. Not only the strength of soul pets, but also the sudden increase in economic stress.

Chu Mu and Ye QIngzi had agreed to leave together beforehand.

However, Ye Qingzi changed her mind after. She still decided to follow Ye Wansheng because there were many things in her soul teacher’s will that she needed to search for. These things were all scattered in different places, very likely needing to go in the opposite direction as Chu Mu.

“You currently own an emperor rank soul pet, so anywhere you go, we will become a burden. If you go train yourself, you will find it more comfortable.” Ye Qingzi said.

Burdens weren’t an issue for Chu Mu. How would having a support soul pet trainer like Ye Qingzi be a burden? However, he did feel like the places he was going to would be very dangerous. Bringing Ye Qingzi may push her into danger again, and her soul pets wouldn’t find training easily. Instead, they could train well together away from him.

“Don’t worry, after receiving my teacher’s will, our strength will increase very quickly.” Ye Qingzi smiled mischievously.

“I still don’t want to part with you.” Chu Mu held Ye Qingzi’s small hands and looked into her eyes. He felt that without her, he would be missing something from his life.

Ye Qingzi heard that and immediately blushed. Secretly looking around and finding that no one else heard that, the blush on her face slightly receded and she replied, “Every city I go past, I will leave a message in soul palace. If you pay attention, you will know where I am!”

“Alright, I will.” Chu Mu nodded.


Before, Chu Mu thought he would pack up and leave first. However, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were even faster, leaving the second day that the Battle of the Realm ended.

Chu Mu had also asked about Ye Qingzi’s teacher’s will briefly, and Ye Qingzi answered by saying it was a very complicated medicinal recipe. The soul items concocted will help increase a soul pet’s strength directly. It is also customized to each soul pet, so in their following selection of soul pets, they have to select certain soul pets.

Chu Mu didn’t understand much of it. But, he knew that if they followed the method written in their teacher’s will, their strength would definitely increase at a rapid pace.

“Qingzi, leaving this quickly isn’t too great, is it? Didn’t you see how sad Chu Mu was when he said goodbye?” Ye Wansheng said on his Star Wilderness Devil Colt as he glanced at Ye Qingzi.

“One more day and he will know…..” Ye Qingzi turned around to look at the Tianxia City slowly disappearing over the horizon.

“Ai, wahtever, if we leave we leave. Brother will find you a solution.” Ye Wansheng let out a breath and increased the pace of Star Wilderness Devil Colt’s running.

Ye Qingzi was still thinking of Chu Mu, but decided to leave Tianxia City hastily. No one knew what she was thinking about.


After Ye Qingzi left, Chu Mu felt slightly lost, especially when Ye Qingzi left this hurriedly, not giving Chu Mu any chance to stay with her for a long time.

Since the beauty had left, Chu Mu couldn’t say much, also starting to pack his stuff and continue his training life.

According to what Old Li said, The main mission now was the find spirit resources. While finding spirit resources, he had to increase the strength of all his soul pets.

High remembrance soul master harnessing a tenth phase pseudo-monarch was a limit. So, if Chu Mu didn’t reach soul emperor rank, as a low class monarch rank, Mo Xie would be hard pressed to reach tenth phase.

His own strength was a problem that needed to be fixed quickly too.

Chu Mu wasn’t actually far from eighth remembrance soul master. It shouldn’t take him long to reach that level. Because Chu Mu already had an emperor rank soul pet, the bottleneck between soul master to soul emperor would be significantly easier to close, meaning he wouldn't need too long to reach soul emperor as well.

Chu Mu’s only worry was his high temperature soul.

Liu Binglan previously said she would meet with Chu Mu at Tianxia city. However, even Battle of the Realm had ended, yet Liu Binglan hasn’t appeared, making Chu Mu extremely worried.

“What is Wordly Immortal Ice? Is it really that rare?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Wordly Immortal Ice is an elemental ice energy crystal higher rank than Glazed Ice. Finding a natural Wordly Immortal Ice is probably enough to raise an emperor rank soul pet’s strength. You should understand that, when many emperor rank soul pets need a lot of spirit resources, finding an item that raises their strength will be even harder, so the price of the Worldly Immortal Ice was very high.

“Above worldly immortal ice was Heavenly Immortal Ice. The heavenly immortal ice was the sixth rank snow elemental energy crystal, surpassing any emperor rank soul pet. It was also what could cause a top tier emperor rank to evolve beyond emperor! With the female master’s tools, finding heavenly immortal ice was hard, but there was hope for worldly immortal ice.

Chu Mu initially didn't understand emperor rank well. With what Old Li said, he finally realized that the Worldly Immortal Ice could actually strengthen an emperor rank soul pet.

At emperor rank, every rank was a great change to a soul pet trainer’s status, so one could see just how precious it is!

“Good thing that young master’s soul remembrance always rises quickly, or else this soul temperature would probably be lethal.” Old Li said.


Controlling the high soul heat, Chu Mu could only lift up his hands with soul remembrance. To completely remove it would depend of if Liu Binglan could find him.

Chu Mu didn’t worry about this issue any longer. After packing away his things, he followed Old Li’s commands and left east.

Old Li had lived for 200 years, so this old man knew many hidden spirit resources springs. They were right south of the Tianxia City, giving people hope on their way back.

Yet, just as Chu Mu was about ot leave Tianxia City, there was a group of people that stopped Chu Mu!

“I’m not allowed to leave Tianxia City? Who gave that command?” Looking at these men that all looked powerful, Chu Mu looked at them in shock.

Its leader Tian Ting’s command so, please Boss Chu you should go back.” A soul emperor in charge replied amiably to Chu Mu.

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