Chapter 591: Emperor Group, Chu Mu’s Allies

Chapter 591: Emperor Group, Chu Mu’s Allies

“Chu Mu, wait until the Realm Throne competitions in the future when I obtain the Supreme Throne. I’ll give you the fourth seat’s beast type.” Ye Wansheng shrugged his shoulders and teased Chu Mu who was standing on the illustrious and splendid honor stage. 

Chu Mu threw a glance at Ye Wansheng and raised his eyebrows as he asked: “What exactly is your teacher’s inheritance? Otherwise why would you dare talk so big?” 

“Haha, it’s a secret!” Ye Wansheng gave a mysterious laugh. Yet, he was still full of confidence.

Since Ye Wansheng wasn’t going to tell him, Chu Mu had to ask Ye Qingzi.

“The four seats have appeared.” at this moment, Ye Wansheng softly spoke to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the four luxuriously dressed men slowly walking over.

The oldest of the four seats was Soul Pet Palace’s Hai Qiu. The corners of his eyes had a few wrinkles. The next oldest was Nightmare Palace’s Xie Tao, then it was Elder Ting, and finally it was the four seat’s head, Tian Ting, who was the youngest.

The four of them didn’t immediately walk over. Instead, they walked first to a group of people with extremely high statuses.

“The status of the fours seats is even higher than those with tenth rank honors. The people sitting over there are all Kingdom Lords or representatives from the various kingdoms in Tianxia Realm. There are also tenth rank title experts from the four large factions there. All of them have reached the spirit emperor rank and have emperor rank soul petse.” as Ye Wansheng stood on the honor platform, he wasn’t silent. Instead, he continued to speak quietly with Chu Mu.

Of course, while conversing, Ye Wansheng still maintained a smiling face as he faced the sea of people in the plaza below him.

Chu Mu’s eyes fell onto the spirit emperors sitting high up. Aside from the kingdom lords from the various regions, Soul Palace’s Palace Lords, Nightmare Palace’s Palace Lords and Soul Pet Palace’s Palace Lords were also all sitting there. Evidently, this group of people was the strongest group of people in Tianxia City.

Chu Mu was very surprised that almost all of these people had appeared at the Battle of the Realm’s honor ceremony.

Although the young generation’s Battle of the Realm was a grand occasion, there was no need for so many spirit emperors to appear. Perhaps the young generation’s Battle of the Realm had some other meaning? 

Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t know that the congregation of the spirit emperor level experts here wasn’t to congratulate the young generation.

In truth, people behind the scenes all knew that after this year’s young generation Battle of the Realm ended, immediately after would be the nomination competition for the one person in every ten years Realm Thrones!

Ye Wansheng had obtained this information from somewhere and told it to Chu Mu, who came to a flash of understanding. It was no wonder that almost all of the tenth rank title experts in Tianxia Realm had appeared.

The Realm Thrones were Tianxia Realm’s ultimate honor. What Chu Mu had obtained was only the ultimate honor in the young generation! 

“Chu Mu, do you know what the process is for obtaining the Realm Throne?” asked Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu shook his head. How would he know? 

“It’s like this. You only need to have one tenth phase emperor rank soul pet, and you are permitted to participate in the Realm Throne competition…” as Ye Wansheng spoke, he threw a strange glance at Chu Mu.

“Participating in the competition doesn’t mean you have qualifications. It only permits you to participate. There’s also a nomination qualification. The nomination qualification is determined by a nomination card sent out by the previous Realm Throne King. The nomination card will not go to everyone, but it’s merely a mission for those who receive one. If you finish the mission, then you obtain the initial qualifications for the Realm Throne.

After the initial nomination, there’s also certain requirements that one must meet. First is reputation. If one’s reputation is low or he lacks followers, he or she won’t have the qualifications to obtain a nomination. Next is territory. If one’s territory is a total mess, then one won’t obtain a nomination. Afterwards is strength. Only by passing through these series of requirements will one obtain a nomination. When one obtains a nomination, there will be a statue of this person erected under the Throne Palace steps, indicating that this person has obtained the honor of being genuinely chosen in these ten years. 

Don’t look down on this just because it’s a nomination. There are many spirit emperors that sharpen their skills for years upon years, but still don’t have the qualifications for a nomination.

After one obtains a nomination, he or she can participate in vying for the four seats. These four seats are chosen simply on the basis of strength.

The King is the person elected from the four seats; but there’s one aspect that is extremely particular.” Ye Wansheng emphasized.

Chu Mu naturally was very interested in everything regarding the Realm Thrones, and promptly listened carefully.

“Although the King is chosen from among the four seats, if the four seats are all weak, then the King seat will remain vacant. In other words, it’s not every ten years that someone will be chosen to become King from among the four seats. It is very likely that in this ten years the four seats are all removed. It’s said in history that there were fifty years where the King seat was vacant.” said Ye Wansheng. 

Chu Mu really didn’t know that this rule existed. This made Chu Mu think of Princess Jin Rou, who said that the four seats under the King were Tianxia Realm’s law itself, but the four seats were very far from the King himself. 

Moreover, Ye Wansheng had given him a very important piece of information: “The King is not ordained in Tianxia City, but in Wanxiang City.” 

When Wanxiang City was mentioned, Chu Mu went somewhat absent-minded. 

He was still very far from the Realm Thrones. At least right now he had the qualifications to participate. But if he actually wanted an initial nomination, this was ostensibly impossible. 


Up in the stantion, there were approximately a hundred spirit emperors. These people were all the overlords of an area. 

Above the hundred spirit emperors were the four seats who ostensibly possessed Tianxia City’s entire authority. The four seats were currently speaking with the spirit emperors. Because they were using soul remembrance to block the sound, Chu Mu who was standing on the honor platform couldn’t hear them clearly. 

Not long after, it seemed that they had finished being assigned, and the numerous spirit emperors all stood up. There were a few that remained in place who would symbolically wait for the Battle of the Realm to finish before leaving.

“They’re coming over. They will probably say something encouraging and congratulatory.” Ye Wansheng threw a glance over at the spirit emperors, and spoke to Chu Mu in a low voice. 

As expected, approximately thirty spirit emperors stood up one by one.

“White Nightmare Palace’s Palace Lord - Jia Cunding, expresses his good wishes to the young people under the heavens!” the first spirit emperor made his way over and immediately, a powerful soul remembrance from a competition authority member, announcing his name. 

“It’s Senior Jia who has two White Nightmare emperors!” 

“I haven’t seen him in a while. It’s said that he’s travelling in the eastern area and that his strength has greatly increased. I’m not sure how strong he is now.” 

“White Nightmares are innately tyrannical. Strengthening one to an emperor rank is harder than other soul pets. However, if one does manage to strengthen one to the emperor rank, its fighting strength will be extremely powerful!” 

Clearly, the hundreds of thousands of people present had heard of Jia Cunding’s name before. Moreover, they knew a bit about his famous soul pets. From the eyes of these people, it was possible to discern true reverence for experts. This was completely different from reverence for young generation experts. There was no bandwagoning, no blindly following, no concealed jealousy or fake enthusiasm. Instead, it was respect and admiration for true experts!

Chu Mu stood there, and watched Jia Cunding walk forward. This man didn’t look too old; furthermore, he gave Chu Mu the feeling as if he had just stepped out of the young generation. 

Jia Cunding walked forward and arrogantly glanced at Chu Mu. Speaking at a level that only the two of them could hear each other, he said: “Young generation members with emperor rank soul pets are no longer protected by customary convention. In other words, you are no longer considered part of the young generation. I’ll give you a word of advice. Be low-key.” 

After speaking, Jia Cunding promptly left and didn’t say anything more.

Chu Mu didn’t really understand his words, but he could be sure that Jia Cunding had enmity towards him. He didn’t hide any of the arrogance in his eyes.

Presumably, Jia Cundding had some connection with the three Nightmare Palace young experts he defeated. 

“Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord - Zhao Qinghe…” another loud voice announced the brilliance of the spirit emperor walking over.

Blue Kingdom had always been a huge kingdom in Tianxia Realm. Thus, Blue Kingdom’s status was much higher than other Kingdom Lords! 

Chu Mu remembered that Zhao Cheng was a young expert from Blue Kingdom. Since Zhao Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord was also surnamed Zhao, presumably the two of them were blood related. 

Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord was very amicable to Chu Mu, completely the opposite from JIa Cunding. His two eyes expressed admiration and praise for Chu Mu. 

“My nephew mentioned that you were his team leader. Haha, in the future if you have any difficulties, you can come and find me, Zhao Qinghe. If you have any questions about emperors, you can just ask me. My secondary occupation is a scholar.” Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord Zhao Qinghe patted Chu Mu’s shoulders. 

“Young master, this Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord is incredible. At least his five main pets are emperors. In comparison, Jia Cunding is trash.” Old Li’s voice slowly transmitted to him.. 

Chu Mu was astonished in his heart. He never expected this Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord who was as amiable as a businessman would have such strength. He naturally couldn’t be rude and warmly replied: “Then I will thank Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord for your care first.” 

Blue Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord faintly smiled as he nodded his head. Then he left and let other people express their wishes. 


Everyone could see that the winner of this Battle of the Realm’s ultimate honor was being treated completely differently than the past winners.

In the past Battle of the Realms, only a few spirit emperors from the various large factions had gone over to express their congratulations to the winner. But for this Battle of the Realms, dozens of spirit emperor experts had offered their congratulations! 

Even if a spirit emperor didn’t have an official position, he or she was still a supreme expert. As for those spirit emperors with official positions, they further possessed all authority over millions of people. 

Now that so many spirit emperors were expressing their good wishes towards this young man, it didn’t need to be said that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen had an unlimited future. He had practically been integrated by these experts into their ranks!

“Young master, these spirit emperors no longer see you as part of the young generation. You’ve already been pulled into the emperor group. In the future, when you understand more, you’ll realize that there are many fights in the emperor faction that both fight in the dark and according to the rules.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu could feel this as well. In Soul Palace, Chu Mu would occasionally see people of this rank and when he did, they would look at him with the eyes of someone looking on at their juniors: encouragement, appreciation, indifference. They would only laugh a little, but they wouldn’t actually care. 

But now, these people were clearly roping him in and expressing goodwill. Even if they were innately friendly, their attitudes were completely different. There was no longer that special barrier between the younger and older generation. Instead, there was now the implication of being the same people. 

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