Book 2 Chapter 59 - Yang Clan’s Mysterious Contestant

Chapter 59: Yang Family’s Mysterious Contestant


Four days passed by very quickly. The last battle with the Yang Family was still going to be held at Gangluo City’s center plaza battlefield!

Because of the continuous and intense battling, the battlefield was clearly showing damage. The center pillars had mostly either slanted or toppled over, and the ground was dotted with potholes. Only the centermost pillar that signified the start of a battle still stood, ready to burn at any time.

Today, the plaza battlefield was truly a sea of people. Before it was even time for the battle, people from Gangluo City and other cities had started waiting outside just to get a good seat so they could have the best viewpoint on this hair-raising clash of clans[1. TL: Haha the opportunity was too good just to let it pass].

The Yang Family originally should’ve easily been first, but with Chu Mu’s power five days ago, everyone now saw the strength in Chu Family’s team, so the Yang Family’s position was truly threatened!

One sided battles were always hard for people to become interested in. After all, the ending was predictable. However, such unexpectedly even matched battles were the ones that were most eye-catching since, in such battles, there were so many variables, and the constant tipping of the balance of battle would also affect everyone’s heart…...


It was still the same area of seats as last time, but this time the Chu Family’s seats were clearly higher up, and even the Zhou Family, who were fuming with rage towards the Chu Family, could only sit below them.

Sitting back onto the high seat that belonged to him, the Chu Family clan head Chu Ming was very happy. His eyes happened to fall on Chu Mu, because all of this had happened because of him.

“Chu Ming, let me tell you something.” The Yang Family clan head Yang Kuo sat on his high seat and glanced at Chu Mu beside him, yet a smile appeared on his face.

Chu Ming lifted his head and looked Yang Kuo, who was obviously in high spirits, and said, “Were you going to tell me to surrender now?”

Yang Kuo laughed at the thought and said in a whisper only the two could hear, “Four years ago, Chu Tiancheng killed his way into my house to ask me if I hired someone to assassinate his useless son Chu Mu……”

Hearing Yang Kuo say such words now, Chu Ming immediately furrowed his brows, feeling an indescribable anger well up!

“I can tell you now, the person who hired someone to assassinate that trash wasn’t me……” Yang Kuo intentionally paused, and then using a disgusting tone of voice he said, “This person was my grandson, Yang Luobin…...See that, he’s on the stage right now, and he will soon fight against Chu Mu. Not dying four years ago was his luck. This time, he will be dead for sure!”

Yang Kuo’s words and manners immediately caused a flame of anger to burn within Chu Ming’s heart. If not for the Yang Family’s experts protecting Yang Kuo, the angry Chu Tiancheng would’ve long since killed this old bastard. How else could he be spared to live until today?

“Father, calm down.” Seeing Chu Ming’s anger that was on the verge of exploding, the calm Chu Tianheng immediately attempted to pacify Chu Ming.

In reality, everyone in Chu Family knew that the person who asked to kill Chu Mu was definitely from the Yang Family, but no one knew who exactly.

Before, the Yang Family had always denied it flatly, but with Yang Kuo saying it now, it was obvious that he wanted to exacerbate their conflict!

“Yang Kuo, your grandson will be dismembered by Chu Mu!!” Chu Ming pushed down his anger and said viciously!

“Oh really, I really do want to see that……” Yang Kuo was very strange today with his mannerisms, as if he knew that the Yang Family would definitely win this battle!


At the center of the battlefield, Chu Mu stood proudly with a deep purple robe. His black eyes pierced through the three hundred meter long battlefield and stared at the white clothed man!

That white clothed man was Yang Luobin.

Yang Luobin was the strongest young man in Gangluo City. Since four years ago, Chu Mu’s conflict with him was at an extreme!

In reality, when he returned to Gangluo City and contacted the Nightmare Palace killer He Lang, Chu Mu had already figured out who paid a heavy price to hire Xia Guanghan to assassinate him.

This person was Yang Luobin!

At the time, the person who should’ve undertaken the task was the Nightmare Palace killer He Lang who was roaming through Luo Region. Yet, Xia Guanghan just happened to be in Gangluo City and needed a host to feed his White Nightmare, so he took the task personally and kidnapped Chu Mu, forcing him to sign the contract with the White Nightmare.

Maybe Chu Mu should thank this guy that hired an assassin to kill him, or else he may still just be a regular member of the Family that received a regular soul pet.

But to Chu Mu, the best way to thank him was to kill him personally!

“Let’s let Chu He start!” Chu Xing said. After he said it, he specially looked at Chu Mu.

“Let me do it.” Chu Mu slowly opened his mouth and said.

When they walked onto the battlefield, Chu Xing and the other three all felt the cold air emanating from Chu Mu, which was formed from the most condensed hatred and desire for revenge!

“First match, Chu Family Chu Mu vs. Yang Family Yang Zhiren!”

The judge read the two starting members of the Familys out loud.

The deep purple robed Chu Mu slowly walked into the rice colored plaza battlefield. At this moment, Chu Mu could hear the cheering of tens of thousands of people!!

His opponent was Yang Zhiren, the weakest member of Yang Family. He was not even as good as Zhou Family’s Zhou Shengcheng, who was killed.

Seeing that the first to go was Yang Zhiren, Yang Kuo immediately stared blankly, his eyes falling on the young man in a black trench coat, revealing expressions of questioning.

“Brother, letting Yang Zhiren go up first, is that too……” Yang Luobin looked at this mysterious young man and asked.

The Yang Family’s original composition had Yang Shang in it, but Yang Shang and his father Yang Mantian died in the forest not long ago. The Yang Family was missing a member, so they let this mysterious man fill the spot.

In reality, when they were battling Qing Family, everyone had already noticed the existence of this mysterious Yang Family young man in a trench coat with his collars up. Everyone started guessing which young expert the Yang Family was hiding.

But, no matter how much others searched around, there seemed to be no information on this young man. Not even his name was known because, since the start of the Recommendation, this Yang Family young man had not fought a single time.

Because Chu Mu attracted so much attention, countless people had started guessing Chu Mu’s real power, and now theYang Family too had a mysterious person. This mysterious person had never fought before, but from Yang Family members’ attitude towards him, this person was definitely very strong.

“I wanted to confirm something first.” The trench coat man eyed Yang Luobin and said lightly.

“Confirm what?” Yang Luobin said, not understanding.

“Confirm that he is the person I’m looking for, and whether or not he is worth it for me to fight……” The trench coat man replied.

“That’s……” Yang Luobin looked awkward, but he didn’t dare to say much in front of the man, so he could only do as he said.


“Match, start!!”

With a shout from the judge, the vibrant flames in the very center of the battlefield lit up once more. It’s raging fire flickered, shining fire light and sprinkling its hot red glow everywhere!

Realizing that Chu Mu was a bloody executioner, Yang Zhiren didn’t dare to have any neglect. He immediately summoned both his soul pets to prevent himself from being killed unwittingly by some strange tactic by Chu Mu.

Yang Zhiren’s two soul pets didn’t have much specialty. It was a Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and a Rare Blood Beast, soul pets that every Yang Family member had.

Yang Zhiren’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was at the sixth phase first stage from its appearance. It didn’t look like it was strengthened by any high level beast type soul crystal. Such a commander rank soul pet could be dealt with easily with Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy alone.

As for the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast, it should have some fighting strength too, but only some. Compared to Chu Mu’s soul pets, it wasn’t even on the same level.

“Contestants, summon soul pets.” The judge eyed Yang Zhiren, who had summoned two soul pets and then his eyes immediately fell on the motionless Chu Mu.

After the battle began, they could directly enter battle. The judge was just kindly reminding Chu Mu.

But what surprised the judge was that this Chu Family contestant didn’t even chant any incantation. He simply moved like a stern statue and walked alone towards the Yang Zhiren’s two soul pets!

“Why isn’t brother summoning any soul pet?” Chu Yishui stared closely at Chu Mu and looked questioningly.

Chu Xing and the others also didn’t understand. It was reasonable to say that, against an opponent, Chu Mu should at least summon his Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier or his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Yet, the flames of battle have been lit already and Chu Mu still hadn’t chanted any incantation. Not only did he not chant an incantation, but Chu Mu also just walked straight towards the Yang Family contestant Yang Zhiren!

Noisy discussion immediately started as everyone looked at the purple robed Chu Mu, not understanding Chu Mu’s actions. If he walked any further, he was going to enter the enemy’s soul pet attacking range. Without a single soul pet, Chu Mu would have to face the direct attacks of the opponent’s soul pets!

“Maybe he didn’t forget to summon a soul pet. Have you guys noticed the shrunken Six Tailed Demon Fox that often lies on Chu Mu’s shoulder?” Chu Xing noticed this detail and said.

“Oh oh, almost forgot, Chu Mu still had a fifth phase Six Tailed Demon Fox. The Six Tailed Demon Fox’s fighting strength was very close to commander rank, so this Demon Fox must be pretty powerful……” Chu Ning nodded.

“But, even if he had already summoned a type strengthened Six Tailed Demon Fox, against Yang Zhiren’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and Rare Blood Beast, isn’t that too implausible?”

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