Chapter 589: Emperor System, Spirits

Chapter 589: Emperor System, Spirits

Although Chu Mu gave the second grade’s honor to Ye Wansheng, everyone in Tianxia City knew that Soul Palace Chu Chen, this heavenly defying young man, was the proper obtainer of the two honors.

Ye Wansheng’s skin was thick, and he didn’t feel awkward. Instead, his goal had been his teacher’s inheritance. As long as he was able to obtain it, he didn’t care what anyone else said. He was indifferent.

Of course, Ye Wansheng decided that after he obtained his teacher’s inheritance, he planned on training hard. Especially since every time he saw Chu Mu, his bitter eyes indicated that he was jealous. So that he wouldn’t be useless when he encountered Chu Mu in the future, he had to give it his all.

Chu Mu didn’t know what Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng’s inheritance from their teacher was. It probably was some priceless treasure. Moreover, Ye Wansheng had said himself that if they could obtain their teacher’s inheritance, perhaps in a few years, Chu Mu wouldn’t be their opponents either. 

This made Chu Mu very surprised. Ye Wansheng happened to know his true strength. Normally, the gap in strength would only grow larger and larger between people. For a moment, Chu Mu didn’t really know if this fellow was being shameless or reliable.

The two great honors were issued at the same time, and the tenth realm ended on the tenth day.

After the fight ended, Chu Mu obtained ample rest. His other soul pets also had a chance to rest up. After ten days of eating and drinking, the flesh on the Sinking Wind Dragon grew a lot, as it recovered very quickly.

Only Mo Xie, who had experienced a consecutive series of great fights, became addicted to sleeping. Occasionally she would come out to move around, but would do so in her pitiful appearance. She was extremely sleepy as she lay on Chu Mu’s shoulders. 

This made Chu Mu silently confused. Why did Mo Xie become so lazy after mutating to the emperor rank? Normally when she had nothing to do, she would go wander around.

“Old Li, why is this happening?” asked Chu Mu.

“This is very normal. Emperor rank soul pets are all fond of sleeping. Didn’t I tell you before that emperor rank soul pets rely on resting to recover their physical strength? They are extremely strong, meaning that the food they eat is enormous. Moreover, they don’t eat normal things. Firstly, soul cores are useless to them.” said Old Li.

“Soul cores are useless? Then what do they eat? Soul crystals?” Chu Mu stared at Old Li.

Soul cores had always been, from the beginnings of history, food for soul pets. Why were they now of no use at the emperor rank? If emperor rank soul pets ate soul crystals, that would be exceptional! 

A ninth rank soul crystal was several hundred millions, while tenth rank soul crystals were several billions. Mo Xie had multiple attributes so it was even more unfair, because these soul crystals would be even more expensive. 

“Could it be you never discovered that so-called tenth rank spirit items and articles are pretty much the limit at the monarch rank?” as Old Li spoke, he pinched his few strands of metal strip-like beard hairs. He looked as if he was giving a lecture. 

Old Li’s words were true. When Chu Mu had middle class monarch soul pets, he was essentially using ninth rank items. By the time his soul pets reached the peak monarch rank, they would probably be using tenth rank spirit items and articles. 

“It seems like you understand. The ten ranks system applies only to those under the emperor rank. The tenth rank represents high class and peak monarchs. This is the same for techniques and their might. Normally speaking, high class and peak monarchs can use tenth rank in might techniques. Even bewildering worlds are like this. Of course, at the ninth rank and tenth rank bewildering worlds, creatures which have been strengthened to the emperor rank will appear.” said Old Li.

“Then after the emperor rank, are there other rankings?” Chu Mu earnestly asked.

“Of course. Firstly, because the emperor rank is much stronger than the monarch rank, spirit items in the tenth rank will barely be of any use strengthening emperor rank soul pets. This includes spirit items that can speed up a soul pet’s growth. Therefore, in the marketplace, you probably don’t need even to look at the items that are sold by the factions.” said Old Li with experience. 

Chu Mu stared at the old creature and said: “If it’s of no use, then I’ll only have Mo Xie!” 

“Ke ke… I forgot. Your other soul pets are all at low ranking states. Their strengths are a bit lacking.” Old Li awkwardly said, “ultimately, any item within the ten ranks are not of much use to Mo Xie… of course, ninth rank soul crystals and tenth rank soul crystals can barely be considered food for her…” 

“...” Chu Mu’s face quickly darkened.

Ninth rank soul crystals and tenth rank soul crystals were items that costed hundreds of millions. Mo Xie innately loved to eat, and she enjoyed being spoiled. By treating these things as mere grains of rice, wouldn’t this spend Chu Mu’s entire fortune?! 

“Then what exactly do I feed emperors?” asked Chu Mu.

“There are items called ‘spirits’. These ‘spirits’ are truthfully just the natural degradation of crystals, inner crystals, soul cores, and soul crystals to create even purer energy crystals. These energy crystals are sold on the market and their prices are pretty similar to ninth rank and tenth rank soul crystals…”

“Spirits are extremely limited. I can say with confidence that a relatively small kingdom will only produce one source of spirits. Moreover, the amount will probably be enough to barely maintain one emperor rank soul pet’s appetite.” said Old Li.

“If spirits aren’t enough, can’t they eat soul crystals…” Chu Mu proceeded to ask.

“Ninth rank and tenth rank soul crystals indeed can fill their stomachs, but this strategy isn’t very effective. Ninth rank and tenth rank soul crystals have less energy, and are comparable to steamed buns. While they really can fill one’s stomach, they don’t have much nutrition. Occasionally eating them is no problem, but if you let an emperor soul pet eat a lot, its strength will weaken. Moreover, they will deteriorate with age, or be unable to heal from heavy injuries.” said Old Li.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t enough energy inside ninth and tenth rank soul crystals, but that they weren’t suitable for food. 

“At the emperor rank, the natural law of the strong preying on the weak is accentuated. The most important reason for this is due to fighting over spirits. As for exchanges between spirit emperors, they pretty much only use spirits to conduct exchanges because these items never depreciate in value. There isn’t one emperor rank soul pet that doesn’t need to eat.” said Old li.

“But why is it like this? Why are emperor rank soul pets the one worried about food?” asked Chu Mu in astonishment.

Emperor rank soul pets were pretty much at the top of the food chain. It wasn’t even hard for small soul pets in the wild to satiate their hunger, yet emperor rank soul pets were worried about their food.

Old Li shook his head and sighed before saying: “The natural soul pet law is fair. This is the biggest embodiment of this. Weak soul pets can eat anything to survive, but emperor rank soul pets are not the same.

This law leads to the majority of emperor rank soul pets occupying territory as a hegemon, or in other words the creation of your so-called bewildering worlds.

Firstly, an emperor rank must have enough spirit resources to survive in a bewildering world. I told you before that spirits are the natural formation of various elemental crystals, inner crystals, soul cores and soul crystals. Moreover, they do not appear very often. Thus, the more complete and the larger a bewildering world ecosystem is, the larger the chance of spirits being created. Emperor rank soul pets will always occupy a large piece of territory, allowing other soul pet groups and tribes to settle there. Then, it will have these groups and tribes offer spirits to it as tribute.” 

Chu Mu had a rough understanding of the emperor rank system from Old Li’s words.

Only, Chu Mu was very confused. Could it be that emperor rank soul pets didn’t fight often? Only through fighting could they grow stronger. 

Promptly, Chu Mu voiced the confusion in his heart.

“Emperor rank soul pets are emperors, or the tyrants of an area. Unless some serious territory argument occurs, emperor rank soul pets normally will not fight. After all, even if it had an even more resource rich territory, an emperor would never say its spirit resources are enough. Moreover, the stronger it gets, the more spirits it would need and after every fight, it would exhaust much of its physical strength. Although an emperor rank’s physical strength is much greater than other soul pets, you can imagine that if it were to fight countless enemies, it would eventually be exhausted to death… they may be strong, but they also won’t start meaningless fights that waste their physical strength. Furthermore, they aren’t willing to suffer injuries because if they do, other emperors are very likely to invade their territory and occupy their resources.” 

Chu Mu somewhat understood Old Li’s words. 

“Of course, if a soul pet trainer is part of the equation, then things are different. Humans have created an enormous market system, meaning that if a spirit emperor has money, it can purchase spirits. Additionally, humans can also think of other easier methods to find or create spirits. Therefore, emperor rank soul pets who sign soul pacts with humans will fight more frequently…” 

“However, even an emperor rank soul pet like this will wear down the finances a soul pet trainer. There are even some soul pet trainers who can’t bear this burden and release the emperor rank soul pet. Therefore, young master you must prepare your heart. Spirits truly are expensive and are very rare.” said Old Li.

“Also, why do people who possess emperor rank soul pets sometimes obtain positions because of this? For example the Kingdom Lord position. Kingdom Lords are in charge of a vast territory and the spirit resources within will definitely be monopolized by them. Through this monopoly, Kingdom Lords are able to constantly ensure they have enough resources to raise their emperor rank soul pets. Young master may not have understood yet how much an emperor rank soul pet can eat. In a while you will know… also, your Little Hidden Dragon… can also really eat.” 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. It seemed that he would have to madly strive for his emperor rank soul pets in the future.

The only fortunate thing was that the things that seemed like soul crystals but were not in the defector young woman’s spatial ring were spirits. These spirits were enough to maintain two months of Mo Xie’s rations. 

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