Chaper 588 Part 1: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly

Chaper 588 Part 1: The Competition Wraps Up, Chu Mu Reaps Greatly

Defector young woman saw that Mo Xie attacked again, and she no longer dodged.

Very clearly, she knew that because of her neglect, these six years of planning were all ruined. And the person who ruined it all was actually the soul pet trainer she had neglected, the one she signed a soul pact with.

At the end, the defector young woman didn’t even dodge anymore. Instead, she simply stared at Chu Mu with her imposing eyes, as if meaning to memorize Chu Mu’s appearance down to the last detail. One could tell from this that the defector young woman was truly enraged this time!


Mo XIe’s claw went straight for the defector young woman’s heart!!

The defector young woman just stood there. Even though her heart was ripped to mush, she didn’t reveal any pain, still staring at Chu Mu like a vengeful ghost.

Facing the defector young woman’s stare before death, Chu Mu was unfazed.


“Heavens…...this Chu Mu is too cold-hearted!”

Not far from the black cloud slope, Li Huang stared stunned at the fight before the castle!

Li Huang had once seen the defector young woman puppet before. He was astonished by her looks that time. Such a woman should be praised on an altar. Yet Chu Mu didn't even blink before ripping such a perfect bodied soul pet like her to shreds. He was truly legendary in his ability to destroy beautiful things!

After Li Huang lost his Cyan Hidden Dragon, he didn’t give up. Hiding far away, he was ready to take advantage of both sides weakening. However, even the mysterious woman wasn't a match for the emperor rank soul pet.

This way, Li Huang didn’t dare to stay at all. He was sure that once Chu Mu noticed him, he would definitely be killed. Knowing that he wasn’t powerful enough yet, he definitely wouldn’t go and anger Chu Mu.


The blood trickled out. However, every time the blood ran a good distance from the body, it would automatically be absorbed into the ground and slowly disappear.

The defector young woman’s body looked like it had blood and flesh, yet it wasn’t completely human. Once Mo XIe ripped open her body, she slowly became a withering massive blue flower.

The blue flower was the original body of Holy Stem Flower. The defector young woman puppet’s eyes were wide, as they stared at Chu Mu even through death.

Chu Mu slowly walked in front of her corpse as her body became illusory withering blue petals. However, her head was still there. Chu Mu walked up and ripped off her face veil.

Just like the scene in Chu Mu’s memory, the defector young woman looked almost identical.

Of course, compared to the true defector young woman, this puppet was still missing a lot. At least, it didn’t have the attraction that made Chu Mu lose his mind. Facing this empty husk, other than it having delicate features, there was nothing else.

The true defector young woman had a holy aura on top of her perfect appearance. This was radically different from the defector young woman puppet’s gloomy character. Chu Mu knew that if he went to look for the defector young woman now, he may forget all his anger after a single charm.

Not long after, Chu Mu lifted the veil, even its appearance started to grow fuzzy, and ultimately become withered petals that disappeared into the ground.

After the defector young woman’s corpse disappeared, Chu Mu walked over and added a couple stamps for good measure.

Very things could make Chu Mu angry. Yet, this woman was one that utterly did, to the point where Chu Mu wasn’t even about to give her corpse respect!


He finally had hints for his first soul. Chu Mu finally had his heart somewhat settled, and his desire to become stronger grew even more intense!

The puppet’s strength could reach emperor rank, meaning the defector young woman herself definitely was incredibly powerful. If he wanted to enslave her, Chu Mu had to be far stronger than her in both remembrance and in soul pet strength!

Chu Mu now had 12 soul pact slots. If he could regain control over the defector young woman, Chu Mu wouldn’t mind having two soul pact slots being taken by her. Because, after she was enslaved, Chu Mu could retract her to the soul pact space and never summon her. This way, it would both completely imprison the woman but also because his first soul’s control would be back in his own control.

“Mo Xie, are there innard crystals?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu was worried that the puppet was just a creation from petals. This way, the puppet wouldn't have any crystal and would just be dead.

Worth celebrating was, though this puppet was a puppet, it was a real Holy Stem Flower. Mo XIe’s claws quickly extracted a complete Holy Stem Flower innard crystal.

Chu Mu was joyful, and quickly cleaned it before throwing it into his own soul pet space.

This way, Ye Qingzi was saved. For this, Chu Mu let out a big breath.

“Speaking of which, if the puppet were a real holy stem flower, then what is the defector young woman herself?” Very soon, Chu Mu got another question.

Chu Mu clearly remembered that when he signed the soul pact with her, she came out of a Holy Stem Flower. However, old soul teacher De verified through rotten petals that it didn’t seem to be a Holy Stem Flower, and was instead some other lifeform…...

“Holy Stem Flowers are low class emperor. The defector young woman is either a strengthened holy stem flower or some more advanced organism. However, it definitely isn't past emperor rank.” Chu Mu stared guessing at the defector young woman’s strength.

If the defector young woman got beyond emperor rank, she wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble. So, Chu Mu felt that it was more likely she was top tier or high class emperor rank.

“Whatever, I’ll stop thinking about it. I can’t go wrong with just getting more powerful.” Chu Mu stopped guessing.

Mo XIe was already emperor rank. The little hidden dragon would also reach emperor rank in two years. Adding on the final honor of tenth realm, he would have another emperor rank, creating a great prospect!

Thinking to the little hidden dragon, Chu Mu immediately remembered that the defector young woman had a bottle of Immortal Spring Water!

Immediately, Chu Mu looked around the defector young woman’s body to look for her space ring.

Indeed, the spacial ring fell to the ground still stuck with the defector young woman’s blood. Chu Mu quickly picked it up.

The defector young woman didn’t have that many things in the ring. Most of it was filled with little crystals full of soul energy, similar to soul crystals yet not soul crystals, things that Chu Mu had never seen.

Chu Mu didn't know its use but collected it all anyways and put it into his spatial ring. He guessed that if the defector young woman would keep it, its value was naturally high.

“Haha, this should be the Immortal Spring Water!” Chu Mu suddenly laughed out loud. Indeed, in the defector young woman’s spatial ring he found a flask with deep blue liquid.

Chu Mu had spent a while with Ye QIngzi, so he could tell the rarity of a medicine by the flask. This flask was definitely a tenth rank medicinal flask at first glance, something even Ye QIngzi only had a few of.

If this expensive flask didn’t hold the Immortal Spring Water, Chu Mu was ready to go back to the withered stems of the defector young woman puppet for another round of stamping!

“Princess, this Immortal Spring Water……” Chu Mu was just about to tell Princess Jin Rou to appraise it for him.

Yet, when Chu Mu turned around, he noticed that other than seeing the sinking wind dragon demolish the top tier monarch rank abyss beast and other defending organisms, there was no sign of the princess.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Always, Chu Mu was very curious as to why Princess Jin Rou had to enter Immortal City. Now that she disappeared suddenly, she definitely went into the ancient castle.

“White Nightmare, you stay and help the sinking wind dragon deal with these organisms, I’ll go in for a look.” Chu Mu didn’t have time to go through the defector young woman’s loot more carefully anymore. Leaving White Nightmare behind, he walked straight towards the ancient castle.

Mo Xie successfully killed four high class monarchs and 1 top tier monarch and followed behind Chu Mu into the ancient castle.

Just as he stepped into the castle, Chu Mu felt a cold ghostly aura, much like the aura given off by some ghost type soul pets he’s seen before.

Ghost type soul pets were always rather rare. Chu Mu hadn’t even seen many undead type, nevertheless ghost type. Presumably, this ancient castle was the habitat of ghost type soul pets but was recently cleaned out.

“Chu Mu?” A gentle voice suddenly came from inside the castle.

“Princess, what are you here for?” Chu Mu quickly saw the princess in a blue dress.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t answer, simply observing the ancient castle ground and sniffing occasionally in deep thought.

“Princess?” Chu Mu asked again, clearly strange at Princess Jin Rou’s actions.

Only here did Princess Jin Rou glance up at Chu Mu. Those spirited eyes gazed at Chu Mu, yet Chu Mu saw some disappointment and sadness in them, which caused Chu Mu to be even more confused.

“Don’t worry, this thing isn’t beneficial for you. I’m just getting what I want.”Princess Jin Rou said quietly.

Chu Mu looked at the princess, and noticed that she seemed disappointed and lost and was even more confused.

“You wanted the same thing as that woman?” Chu Mu asked.

The defector young woman specially came to this strange castle, and Princess Jin Rou also came in herself even while Chu Mu was fighting the defector young woman. This means the castle definitely had something both of them want, and it definitely wasn’t anything normal.

“I wasn’t sure before, but I’m sure now. However, we don’t have the same starting point, so forgive me for being unable to tell you the whole truth. This is very important to me and has no direct relationship to you……” Princess Jin Rou said earnestly.

“Do you plan on staying or leaving then?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu was currently worried about Ye QIngzi. He had gotten everything he could take, so Chu Mu was ready to leave immediately. As for the thing both princess Jin Rou and defector young woman wanted, Chu Mu was curious about it, but had no means of knowing if Princess Jin rou refused to share.

“Let’s go, I did what i could do already.” princess Jin Rou’s emotions were downcast when she replied.

Chu Mu nodded, choosing not to guess her thoughts and simply brought Princess Jin Rou out of the ancient castle.

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