Chapter 587: Surging Anger, Faithful Until Death

Chapter 587: Surging Anger, Faithful Until Death

The defector young woman wasn’t surprised at Chu Mu’s change in tone. She seemed to have expected Chu Mu to fall-out with her.

Her eyes quickly fell on the Sinking Wind Dragon. She couldn’t let it fly away and bring the competition authority people, otherwise this would mess up her plans.

But the defector young woman was surprised because the Sinking Wind Dragon didn’t fly. Instead, it stared with eyes full of savagery at the Abyss Beast next to her that had been released from its seal!

“Not fleeing, perfect!” the defector young woman’s eyes suddenly turned cold and her attitude from just now completely turned on a dime. Here eyes were full of killing intent!

Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t believe that the defector young woman would amicably agree with him. She had already ordered for his death earlier, so she was clearly trying to eradicate him.

The moment he died, their soul pact would undo; however, the defector young woman had told him that his soul pact still had a bit of use and they couldn’t immediately undo it. This was contradictory. So how could Chu Mu not see through the defector young woman? She was clearly tricking him!

“There are numerous stone monuments here. Choose whichever one you want to be your tombstone!” the defector young woman let out a sneer. Suddenly, the guardian creature seals began to visibly shake!

The surrounding guardian creatures were under the mind control of the defector young woman and she had carefully and prudently placed the guardian creatures around this place in ambush.

Now that the defector young woman had awakened these guardian creatures, 10 high class monarchs and three peak monarch rank guardian creatures suddenly appeared. They surrounded Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou within them.

Chu Mu’s eyes never left the defector young woman. Just as she summoned the guardian creatures, Chu Mu immediately gave Mo Xie an order to attack!

Chu Mu wanted to take advantage of the defector young woman underestimating her opponent to launch a fatal attack. Presumably, the defector young woman would never have expected Mo Xie to already possess the strength of an emperor!


Mo Xie nimbly jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulders. Her four paws practically didn’t even touch the ground before she flew off, moving at a speed so fast she couldn’t be seen clearly!

A silver light flashed, and as Mo Xie launched her attack from the air, the flames on her body astonishingly increased. Her small body rapidly transformed into a ball of scorching hot sin flames!

After the sin flames began burning, the mighty and imposing body of a Seven Sin Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch abruptly appeared from the sin flames. She left behind a trail of flames as she cooly and demonically launched herself at the defector young woman!! 

At the beginning, the defector young woman ignored her. However, when Mo Xie bursted with terrifying speed, she inwardly realized that the situation wasn’t good! 

The moment Mo Xie transformed into a Seven Sins Fox, the defector young woman’s face became filled with shock. She didn’t even have time to ponder this, as she changed a second incantation with a face of shock!!

Lotus flower-like petals began emerging under the defector young woman’s feet. They quickly wrapped the defector young woman’s body, firmly protecting her within.

The defense of Holy Stem Flowers was notably top tier. These defensive petals could not even be broken by tenth rank techniques. 

Moreover, the defector young woman’s Holy Stem Flower defense had an additional special seed effect. This was the Holy Stem Flower’s emperor rank soul pet ability. This ability was able to negate any damage from a soul pet underneath the emperor rank. Even an emperor would have difficulty breaking this technique.  

If she was facing other soul pets, the defector young woman would naturally be unafraid. However, the defector young woman knew that Chu Mu’s fox had the ability to break seals. This was the greatest counter to her Holy Stem Flower’s defense! 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie naturally knew to utilize her seal breaking ability. The silver moon on her forehead immediately became exceptionally clear!

As Mo Xie neared the defector young woman, the defector young woman attempted to use the Abyss Beast to block for her. However, how could the slow and stupid Abyss Beast stop Mo Xie’s rapid pace? 

Mo Xie easily dodged her way to the front of the defector young woman. Her beautiful claws streaked across the air and criss crossed, ripping the defector young woman. 

Two ghastly sin flame blades gloriously appeared in the air. This time, Mo Xie had concentrated her strength on a ten meter length! 

One had to realize that with Mo Xie’s current strength, it wasn’t impossible for her to use a thousand meter attack. Any one of her claws attacks would be able to spread a thousand meters. However, while this was acceptable against soul pets with weaker defensive abilities, she had to concentrate the strength in her claws against the defector young woman!

The two sin flame claws carried the seal breaking ability. They easily ripped open the Holy Stem Flower’s seed ability defense, and began to tear at the defensive petals!

Flower types innately feared fire and the Holy Stem Flower was no exception. Mo Xie’s sin flame claws could deal multiple times the damage to the defector young woman!



The two sin flame claws intersected with each other. After breaking open the defensive petals, they immediately reached the defector young woman’s body. The arrogance in the defector young woman’s eyes had vanished without a trace; they had been completely replaced by shock!

Not long ago, Chu Mu’s small fox was but a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox. Its strength hadn’t even reached the tenth phase middle class monarch rank. How did it suddenly transform into an incomparably powerful Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch! 

Fresh blood flew everywhere. Countless torn pieces of flower petals flew off the defector young woman’s body alongside the blood. 

The defector young woman gripped her body as she rapidly retreated with a pale face. Fresh blood ceaselessly, flowed down in between the cracks in her fingers. The blood was flowing out extremely quickly!

“How is this possible?! Your soul pet!!” the defector young woman retreated far back and stared with both shock and anger at Mo Xie!

“It won’t be too long before I uncover your real body in Wanxian City. When that time comes, you’ll die an even more miserable death!” Chu Mu coldly said!

Although this wasn’t the defector young woman’s real body, the defector young woman had probably spent much effort on this puppet body.

Chu Mu had already grown to disgust and hate this defector young woman’s “holier-than-thou” attitude to an extreme. Now that he watched her in this state, this somewhat relieved the anger in his heart!

Most importantly, Chu Mu already knew where the defector young woman was located. The defector young woman’s true strength was definitely stronger than this puppet, however it didn’t matter. Chu Mu already possessed emperor rank soul pets, and it would only be a few years before he would be able to make his way to Wanxiang City and fiercely trample over this woman!

This defector young woman’s eyes were full of hatred as she stared at Chu Mu. She never expected that Chu Mu’s soul pet would evolve to the emperor rank. She herself was only very close to the tenth phase, and possessed pseudo emperor strength. 

However, in front of the Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch, if she wanted to resist, she was completely countered from an attribute standpoint, while also having already sustained a heavy injury from underestimating her opponent!

“Mutation! Species mutation!!” finally, the defector young woman understood!

Chu Mu could not have possessed a Seven Sins Fox earlier. Otherwise, back in the seventh realm, he would have summoned it already so he wouldn’t have to force himself to dire straits. The only possible explanation was that his Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox had undergone a species mutation, mutating to the Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch!

The chance of a species mutation was very low. The defector young woman was very clear of this. But after knowing the truth, she was already beginning to seep blood from her mouth. Much of this blood was due to the anger in her heart rushing up! 

She was so close to finishing her objective, but ultimately, the near-zero chances of a species mutation had appeared in the hands of a person who she was able to easily crush to death. If the mutation had happened in the past, so be it. However, it just had to be after she had schemed for so many years and just as she was about to succeed. It completely destroyed her plans! 

The defector young woman’s ability to calm herself was outstanding. If it were someone else with slightly lower calming abilities, he or she probably would have angered oneself to death!

The defector young woman clutched her wound, and stared with vigilance at Mo Xie. Mo Xie only had to launch one more attack and the defector young woman would be dead. She never expected that because she had underestimated her opponent that she would immediately fall into dire straits.

“Chu Mu, if you dare kill me, even if you run to the ends of the earth to hide from me, there will be one day when I rip your body to pieces!” the defector young woman bit her pale white lips tightly. Her two eyes were about to spit fire!

“Xia Guanghan said this too, but he ended up dying.” Chu Mu rubbed his ears. This sort of threat was of no use to him. Instead, he took his time as he said:  

“Aren’t you someone who always enjoys placing yourself on a pedestal? You always feel that you have an innate advantage over anyone. Although I don’t know where you get this feeling of superiority from, I’m truly extremely disgusted.” 

“Originally I wanted to wait for my strength to be enough before I went to Wanxiang City to kill you and undo my first soul. However, I’ve changed my mind now!” 

“I won’t undo the soul pact! Because my soul remembrance is too low, I’m unable to control you. But, there will be a day when my soul remembrance will surpass your’s. I will transform you into a slave, and let you taste the feeling of having your dignity trampled on. As long as I don’t die, you will be controlled by me for the rest of your life. When that time comes, I want to see just how arrogant you can be!” 

As a psychic soul pet trainer, Chu Mu had never been willing to enslave soul pets. 

However, only this method would be able to truly undo the anger towards the defector young woman filling Chu Mu’s heart!

“You… are dreaming! A low class human like you will never be able to surpass me in cultivation even if I stop for a while!” the defector young woman’s anger had reached its peak. She pointed at Chu Mu and let her blood rapidly flow as she said: “I’m just afraid that you won’t dare step into Wanxiang City. As long as you step into the city, I will excavate your soul from your body and torment your soul for the rest of eternity. You’ll wish you were dead!” 

“There’s no harm in telling you. Even if I don’t succeed this time, in the next Battle of the Realm, I’ll still send a puppet here. When that time comes, I’ll offer your head. Perhaps even the people and soul pets close to you will all die!” 

Chu Mu sneered. Even now, the defector young woman didn’t forget to belittle him. She still saw him as a low class human. 

Six years ago, Chu Mu definitely would not have wasted time to bicker with the defector young woman’s puppet here. He would definitely have made his way to Wanxiang City and found the defector young woman’s true body!

But this time, Chu Mu had completely become mortal enemies with the defector young woman. Presumably, the defector young woman also hated him to her bones. But this was perfect. Chu Mu had never planned to resolve things amicably, especially with this extremely detestable woman!

“Mo Xie, kill her!” Chu Mu didn’t want to speak any further with the defector young woman and without mercy, gave Mo Xie the order to kill!

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