Chapter 586: Wanxiang City, The Defector Young Woman’s Location

Chapter 586: Wanxiang City, The Defector Young Woman’s Location

“Don’t you feel that your hypocrisy is a joke?” laughed Chu Mu.

His final chance to live? Then what was Xia Guanghan doing in Blood Beast Altar earlier? Why would Xia Guanghan have the map of Immortal City and intentionally divulge it to Princess Jin Rou?

It was very obvious that all of this was done at the orders of the defector young woman. Only the defector young woman who had been scheming for so many years would have such a good understanding of Immortal City!

“I’m completely different from you people. With the little amount that you know, there’s little point in speaking more with you.” said the defector young woman. 

Speak more? If it wasn’t because he wanted to find out where this woman’s true location was, Chu Mu wouldn’t have bothered to speak to this brain damaged woman. 

Chu Mu didn’t know why this woman would always put herself on a pedestal. Was being a half human and half soul pet that worthy of pride? 

Perhaps she had some strength that allowed her to look down on everyone. However, if she really did have this ability, why would she have to make so many small movements in the shadows? In this world, if one’s strength was enough, what object couldn’t that person obtain?

Chu Mu took in a deep breath. He tried his hardest to mask his anger and disgust towards this defector young woman as spoke:

“I have a Sinking Wind Dragon. With your strength, it will be difficult to deal with the Sinking Wind Dragon. Moreover, several Tianxia authority experts are in Immortal City. Even if my Sinking Wind Dragon cannot defeat you, it will be able to inform them through the wind and easily break your scheme…”

“I know that you’re only a puppet right now. Fighting with a puppet is of no meaning to me. However, if you infuriate me, I won’t let you off!” 

The defector young woman didn’t say anything. She only stared at Chu Mu, knowing that he had more to say.

“Both sides losing isn’t beneficial to me. However, you’ve occupied my first soul for too long and have severely affected by cultivation path. From the very beginning I haven’t been able to use my first soul…”

The defector young woman understood Chu Mu’s intention. It seemed that Chu Mu planned     on resolving this grievance with logic. 

The defector young woman pondered carefully, scared that there was some trick behind this.

Chu Mu’s strength was in front of her. Although those stupid people had spread the rumour that he was amazing in the young generation, the defector young woman believed that in the next ten or even twenty years, it would be hard for Chu Mu to pose a true threat to her. At most, he would only be a small obstacle in Immortal City.

“You want me to undo the soul pact?” the defector young woman thought for a moment before acknowledging his words.

The defector young woman silently thought: “If Chu Mu can leave, this will simplify things. Moreover, although I’m sure I can defeat the Sinking Wind Dragon, I really don’t have confidence I can capture it. If I alarm Tian Ting and the others, and if this place is being strictly guarded, everything will fail again…” 

The defector young woman was a hundred percent sure Chu Mu didn’t know of her plan. However, she was afraid Chu Mu would act recklessly, causing her to once again wait another six years.

“Ok. Also, if you want Princess Jin Rou’s life, I won’t agree. She must be safe and sound.” Chu Mu was rather good at acting, and added in this reasonable request.

He had to add this requirement in, otherwise he would seem too fake. After all, in the seventh realm, Chu Mu had tried so hard to protect Princess Jin Rou, and now he was doing the opposite and giving her up? 

“You trying so hard to arrive at the tenth realm was to undo our soul pact and to guarantee her safety? What relationship do you have with her?” the defector young woman was suspicious as she spoke. 

After speaking, defector young woman intentionally glanced at Princess Jin Rou, and found that her eyes were dodging around, almost as if she didn’t want to look at Chu Mu.

The defector young woman was able to discern what was going on from her facial expressions. Quickly, she understood. Clearly, the relationship between Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou wasn’t just a pure male and female friendship… 

Chu Mu saw that the defector young woman had come to her own understanding, and threw a glance at Princess Jin Rou. He praised her in his heart: “The Princess is indeed exceptionally intelligent. I didn’t even need to say anything and she knew how to act along.” 

The princess played the part of someone who’s love affairs had been seen through, yet was unwilling to talk about it. This removed the suspicion the defector young woman had.

“Firstly, the tenth realm ultimate honor will belong to me because I need a young emperor pet. Secondly, I don’t know what goal you have, but you’ve repeatedly found trouble for the Princess and I don’t want her to suffer any harm. Thirdly, the relationship between you and me should have ended a long time ago.” said Chu Mu.

Three conditions. This made the defector young woman feel this was very apt, and a very smart choice. 

The defector young woman revealed a trace of a satisfied smile. She said: “With your attitude, how could I want your life?” 

“I don’t have any good bearings towards you. I’ve already given my conditions. After you agree, we’ll undo our soul pact, and we won’t deal with each other in the future. It’s that easy.” Chu Mu naturally could not be too fake and still carried a look of dissatisfaction. 

“We can’t undo the soul pact now. At least, you have to let me finish the matter here first. As for the Princess, I just want to borrow an item on her. I don’t want her life. You can relax about this. As for the tenth realm’s honor, you can just take it.” as the defector young woman said this, she slowly walked forward to one of the sealed tombs. 

Suddenly, a sealing light appeared from a sealed tombstone. Amidst this special light astonishingly appeared an enormous Abyss Beast! 

Abyss Beasts were innately irascible. The moment they saw another race, they would launch a frenzy of attacks. They were one of the hardest soul pets to tame and raise.

However, Chu Mu was astonished because when the Abyss Beast with strength not inferior to the Sinking Wind Dragon appeared, it was abnormally calm as it casually laid there. It had zero temper, and seemed to become the defector young woman’s faithful servant.

“This is the tenth realm’s ultimate honor creature. If you take its inner crystal, the tenth realm’s ultimate honor will belong to you. It’s being controlled by me right now. You just need to give me a bit of Princess Jin Rou’s blood. I don’t need much blood. Just enough to fill up this bottle.” as she spoke, a vial appeared in the defector young woman’s hands. The vial was as tall as one’s palm, but was skinny. A soul pet trainer giving that much blood would only temporarily weaken him or her. This was of no big deal.

She threw the vial and it landed in Chu Mu’s hands.

Chu Mu accepted the vial and looked at Princess Jin Rou. 

Princess Jin Rou’s face somewhat changed, and her expression became extremely complicated.

However, Princess Jin Rou ultimately walked up to Chu Mu, and slightly cut open her pale white wrist. Blood quickly dripped into the vial; she was very resolute.

Chu Mu looked with apology at Princess Jin Rou. For the sake of this act of his, he had no choice but to make Princess Jin Rou sacrifice a bit of blood. 

After filling it up, Chu Mu immediately used external medicine to rub on Princess Jin Rou’s wrist, sealing up her arteries, which would otherwise bleed her dry. 

After the blood vial was filled, Chu Mu unhurriedly gave it to the defector young woman and said: “How are we going to deal with the soul pact matter? Your soul and main body are not here.” 

“Once this all ends, you can use your soul link to find me. I will undo the soul pact with you and I’ll also heal your soul rupture wound, allowing you to heal faster.” the defector young woman stared at the blood vial in Chu Mu’s hands as he spoke.

“I don’t trust you. Do you have a method of breaking our soul link?” Chu Mu proceed to say.

“This is only because your soul remembrance is too low. I’m in Wanxiang City.” said the defector young woman.

“Wanxiang City?” Chu Mu was stunned. Chu Mu only knew a bit of the situation in Wanxiang City. It was said that practically all of the human race’s experts had gathered in Wanxiang City. This included the senior elders and elders of the various large factions, as well as the large kingdom and upper Kingdom Lords, and experts who weren’t involved in power conflicts… among them, Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace’s highest palaces were also in Wanxiang City. Most importantly, that was Soul Alliance territory!

Tianxia City had always been thought of as the eastern city. However, Wanxiang City was the final city of every soul pet trainer!

To many soul pet trainers, travelling through land and sea and passing through bewildering worlds just to reach Wanxiang City was already an honor that one could flaunt in front of others.

“How can I be sure your words are true?” asked Chu Mu.

“You don’t trust me?” the young woman spoke and waved her hand. Suddenly, a blue stamen slowly blossomed in front of Chu Mu. Inside the stamen were numerous crystal substances that softly rippled. Indistinctly, one could see a statue slowly appear.

This statue wasn’t much, but Chu Mu was stunned because this statue seemed to be hovering at the very top of the clouds in the sky. Underneath it was a flourishing city. Compared to this statute, the city was much smaller!

“This is the scene my main body sees. You and I have a soul link, so you should be able to determine if this scene is real or not.” said the defector young woman.

The most symbolic indication of Wanxiang City was the Wanxiang Altar that was towering like a mountain! 

This was clearly not fake. Moreover, when he saw what she was seeing, Chu Mu really did feel a weak soul link with the defector young woman. This was also a reality. 

Since their vision was shared, Chu Mu strove to remember the scene because from his angle, looking at the Wanxiang Altar, he would be able to find the location of the defector young woman in Wanxiang City!

“In these next few years I’ll be in Wanxiang City. You can find me at any time. After you find me, we can undo the soul pact. Now that you have status and are afraid of me tricking you, you can get your mother or the senior elders to come. However, there’s no need for that. After I finish this matter, I will have no need for your soul pact. I won’t let a man have a soul link with me for no reason.” said the defector young woman. 

From the young woman’s words, it was possible to see her arrogant nature. She seemed to feel that her soul link with Chu Mu would dirty her. This couldn’t help but make Chu Mu sneer.

His sneer wasn’t because of this defector young woman’s arrogant tone, but because he had obtained his goal!

Since the defector young woman indicated she was in Wanxiang City, he now had a clue. Chu Mu had no more need to continue acting!

The defector young woman saw Chu Mu’s facial expression and suddenly felt things were wrong. She silently asked: Could it be he’s playing with me? But even if he knows where I am, Wanxiang City’s situation is basically already in control. Even if Chu Mu is a Soul Palace Young Master, he won’t be of any influence to her.” 

As for now, the defector young woman wasn’t afraid. A Sinking Wind Dragon wasn’t much threat to her. The Abyss Beast she controlled was enough to deal with it. As for Chu Mu himself, she was even less afraid. Aside from Chu Mu’s small fox which could break free from seals and was thus barely a threat to her, his other soul pest were all weak. 

Only, a smile hung on Chu Mu’s face. This smile made the defector young woman indistinctly feel something wasn’t right. 

Finally, Chu Mu spoke!

Chu Mu had an evil and cold tone as he said: “I’ve obtained all the information I wanted to know. You can die now!” 

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