Chapter 585: Black Cloud Slope, True Woman

Chapter 585: Black Cloud Slope, True Woman

The black clouds in the skies of the ancient castle started getting denser and denser, almost completely covering the upper half of the black cloud slope. Standing under the slope, one couldn’t even see the situation around the ancient castle.

The first tier was covered in many informational soul pets. But, these informational soul pets usually needed to fly to a certain height to perform reconnaissance. After all, the informational soul pets’ defenses are very weak. If they were too near to the battlefield, any careless aura released by monarchs could cause these informational soul pets to faint.

With the black clouds sinking, the black cloud slope’s situation was completely covered. The informational soul pets could only gather under the slope and bring news of Chu Mu’s appearance with Sinking Wind Dragon towards the tenth realm final honor location to everyone on the Tianxia Plaza.

At the time, the informational soul pets at Dead Forest Tower didn’t see the full process. So, the SInking Wind Dragon’s appearance caused everyone to think it was just another one of Chu Mu’s powerful soul pets that he hid.

The Sinking Wind Dragon was invincible in monarch rank. If such a soul pet were to be brought into tenth realm, it would be a sweep too unless another abnormally type-talented organism appeared. However, such type-talented organisms aren’t widespread at all. The only ones who truly had the talent to match it were probably top tier monarch rank White Nightmares of Nightmare Palace.

Unable to see the situation on the slope, the Tianxia Plaza people were incredibly anxious. They wished the black clouds could dissipate quickly, so they could see this duel of tenth realm better, even if most people could guess that no one would stop Chu Mu and his invincible monarch and emperor rank soul pets…...

Of course, even Battle of the Realm staff didn’t know that Chu Mu’s true enemy this time wasn’t a tenth realm enemy, but a plotting woman with an emperor rank!


When Chu Mu knew that the defector young woman puppet was at the ancient castle, he determinedly killed his way towards the top of the black cloud slope.

Chu Mu still remembered in seventh realm, the defector young woman puppet’s disdained expression, pride, and conceit could infuriate anyone to no end!

Before, Chu Mu still had some worries about defector young woman, feeling that maybe the defector had some unspeakable sorrows on her end. Though her sorrows won’t be able to make up for her decision, she should at least have some guilt and remorse when she sees him.

However, Chu Mu saw not a single trace of remorse or guilt, instead she put on an aloof expression and didn’t care to hide her disdain for anyone else. This caused Chu Mu to be even more angry!

Chu Mu always had a strong control over his emotions, so he rarely got truly angry. However, against the defector young woman, Chu Mu was truly outraged!

Additionally, without accident, the Immortal Spring Water was already in the defector young woman’s hands. This thing that could cause the little hidden dragon to reach tenth phase in two years was incredibly valuable for Chu Mu, so he had to get it.

Once he killed her, Chu Mu basically had the tenth realm final honor, an emperor rank young soul pet.

Most importantly, her innard crystal can be used to heal the endangered Ye Qingzi.

Any four of these reasons could cause Chu Mu to kill her without any hesitation!


Mo Xie seemed to have sensed the defector young woman’s aura. In pitiful appearance mode, she immediately ran to the front.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou both sat on the Sinking Wind Dragon’s back. The two of them on mounts would easily get killed in such a scenario so, to preserve the safety of their soul pets, they didn’t summon anyone else.

Chu Mu also summoned White Nightmare to follow by his side. Though White Nightmare couldn’t front the attack, protecting Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi was something it could do.

The black cloud slope had many seals along the way, all of which were around high class monarch ranks. With the Sinking Wind Dragon barrelling through, no organism could stop its path!

Very quickly, the outline of the ancient castle slowly appeared in the black clouds.

“She’s over there!” Princess Jin Rou pointed at a piece of black land and said to Chu Mu.

Indeed, when Chu Mu saw that woman’s silhouette. If not for knowing this woman’s evil from before, her waving curves in the haze alone could cause someone to lose their willpower.

Chu Mu jumped off of the sinking wind dragon while Mo Xie also nimbly leaped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, going along to face the defector young woman.

Chu Mu knew this was just a puppet and not truly his soul pet, so killing it didn’t mean much. He had to figure out where the real defector young woman was through this puppet!

Bringing the sinking wind dragon, Chu Mu walked straight towards where the defector young woman was.

The defector young woman puppet clearly sensed Chu Mu’s aura. Standing in the hazy fog, her hollow eyes glanced at where Chu Mu was walking and showed some astonishment.

The defector young woman puppet knew Chu Mu’s situation like the back of her hand. She was extremely clear of what type of strength Chu Mu had.

From her point of view, being able to get second tier final honor should already be a great achievement for Chu Mu. There was no way he could run to first tier territory!

However, when the defector young woman puppet found a sinking wind dragon tightly following Chu Mu, she revealed a more thoughtful expression.

“Looking for death again and again, I truly feel bad for you now.” The defector young woman puppet’s tone was still as awful as always.

Her eyes stared at Chu Mu, not a hint of emotion in those hollow eyes. In reality, this puppet didn’t have any emotions. It only did as its owner said, saying what the owner wanted to say.

Just as Chu Mu was about to speak, he suddenly noticed the defector young woman puppet’s character change!

The puppet’s black clothes started lifting up by itself without any wind. A fragrant flower scent wafted outwards, the smell alone causing people to feel drowsy. It also brought along the deadliest poison. If one directly smelt it, their very minds could be controlled.

The defector young woman puppet’s clothes flew in the air. Her veil didn’t cover her face as tightly as Princess Jin Rou’s did. When the wind blew, one could still see her face.

Indubitably, her appearance was heavenly and perfect beyond any comparison. Any man who sees her would lose their soul; the loyal Su Sha is a clear example.

The defector young woman puppet’s gaze started changing, revealing a deeper glint. These eyes had a cold arrogance that was innate, affecting the way she looked at everything. At the same time, it was piercing, showing the determination and cold-blooded apathy in her heart!

Chu Mu was surprised at the change in the defector young woman puppet. It was as if a husk were suddenly imbued with a soul. The change in character made it seem like two completely different people!

This was no longer a husk, a hollow beauty. It was the real deal, beautiful but emanating piercing coldness at the same time, similar to a red rose full of thorns!

“This is the last chance I will give you to live. Leave Princess Jin Rou here and disappear before my eyes in three seconds!” The defector young woman said in a cool voice.

This tone was completely commanding, as if she already controlled Chu Mu’s life and could stamp on it however she pleased.

Seeing the defector young woman in front of him, Chu Mu knew that this was the true nature of the emperor-like woman, the defector young woman herself. Chu Mu could feel the faint soul connection between them!

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