Chapter 584: Puppet, Defector Young Woman’s True Nature

Chapter 584: Puppet, Defector Young Woman’s True Nature

Stepping into the sinister ancient castle, the defector young woman puppet slowly walked into the center of the vast, yet gloomy great hall.

The ancient castle, in reality, only had an outer shell. The inner space of the hall used to be the shelter of some ghost type soul pets, but they were cleaned away by the Battle of the Realm staff.

Though there were no ghost type soul pets left, it still felt haunted. Occasionally, the passing gust of cold draft even had a ghost face in it. The corners of shadowy rooms always hid a couple of pairs of eyes that watched every person that stepped in.

At this moment, the entire ancient castle only had the defector young woman. She stood at the center of the entire ancient castle and closed her eyes to start an incantation.

The incantation finished in a moment. A flower stamen slowly appeared underneath her feet. The blue stamen slowly blossomed. What was strange was the center of the flower had a lot of crystalline fluid.

The liquid slowly shifted and revealed a delicate face that rippled along with the water.

This was the face of a woman. If the defector young woman puppet were standing at a different angle, it may even feel like the face was just the reflection of her.

The female’s face was slightly hazy, yet her striking eyes seemed to be able to see through the barriers of space, seeing all within the castle.

“This should be it……” The woman in the reflection said.

“This should be it……” At the same time, the mirror image spoke, the defector young woman puppet said it as well, the two sentences almost completely overlayed.

Very quickly, the blue liquid in the flower stamen disappeared, as the defector young woman puppet’s hollow eyes slowly became sharper, becoming the apathetic female emperor from high up.

In reality, when the defector young woman puppet revealed this character, it meant that she was controlled by the defector young woman herself.

When her eyes were hollow, it meant she was the puppet, a husk that the defector young woman created. The puppet had its own thoughts and its own power, but compared to the real defector young woman, it was weaker in all aspects.

Under normal situations, the female puppet would do as the defector young woman said, and in key situations, the real defector young woman would use her consciousness to completely control the puppet. This was when the defector young woman puppet’s character completely reflected the real defector young woman.

“The remainder should be easy.” defector young woman puppet said to herself, revealing a twinkle in her eyes.

As she spoke, the defector young woman puppet again spoke an incantation.

This time, a massive piranha plant appeared, its large mouth like petals slowly opening up to regurgitate an extremely slimy corpse!

This corpse was male, yet his clothes and even skin were almost completely dissolved. His senses were completely disfigured, looking shocking to the eyes.

The defector young woman puppet didn’t mind this at all. A branch appeared in her hand that clearly had the ability to suck blood, carefully stabbing into the corpses’ neck blood vessel.

The flower branch’s vascular tubes started sucking and very quickly, the corpse deflated and finally disappeared amongst the corrosive liquid.

After collecting the blood, defector young woman puppet started dripping the blood in all corners of the ancient castle. Though it seemed like patternless sprinkling, if one looked down from an eagle eye’s view, one would find that she was drawing a blood diagram!

She continued to draw in this diagram for a while, yet when she finally completed, her brows furrowed.

“No use?” defector young woman puppet’s expression soured.

“This blood has issues, Heng!” defector young woman puppet’s face went cold, as she stood their indifferently.

“Get rid of the blood, don’t let others notice. Go open the tenth realm seal and act as if you’re fighting for the final honor as well.” The defector young woman puppet seemed to be talking to herself.

After speaking, the defector young woman puppet’s eyes slowly became gentle, but the gentleness quickly shifted towards hollowness, losing her soul.

After losing her soul, the defector young woman puppet slowly walked back out of the ancient castle like a corpse.

The tenth realm final honor sealed an organism in the stele right outside the ancient castle, with a dozen defending organisms around it.

The battle of the realm usually kept the difficulty of the final honor high. This tenth realm final honor organism was a monarch able to match dragon species. Other than this, there were multiple high class monarch ranks in the defending creatures and even top tier monarchs. Unless the competitors had overpowering skills, taking the tenth realm alone was nearly impossible.

The defector young woman puppet didn’t come for the final honor. She knew many of the seals placed down near the ancient castle, so to prevent anyone from figuring out her true intentions, she unsealed some of the defending organisms’ seals.

The first defending organism that the defector young woman puppet let out was a soul pet between high class and top tier monarch.

After seeing the defector young woman puppet, this soul pet immediately leaped over savagely to try to rip open her weak body with its claws.

The defector young woman puppet easily dodged aside and thin flower vines that appeared near her strangely crept into the defending organism’s body.

The defending organism couldn’t fight back at all. As the flower vine’s poison intruded, the defending organism's eyes slowly changed…...

After some time, the defending organism’s cruelness seemed to completely disappear. Instead, it slowly crawled over in front of the defector young woman puppet and laid down like a slave!

After controlling this defending organism, the defector young woman puppet did the same thing and continued to release and control all the tenth realm defending organisms.



Su Sha continued to stand at the Black Cloud Slope. The clouds and fog were getting lower and lower, causing the ancient castle to nearly disappear, also completely hiding the female master’s figure.

Su Sha had been waiting here for a while now. In the meantime, Su Sha had fought many first tier experts that made their way there.

Su Sha was very powerful. Even facing Li Huang, Feng Luo, he had complete confidence in winning. As for other players, they were worth even less notice.

“Xia Guanghan, why is he spending this long on such a small matter!” Su Sha complained.

Because Xia Guanghan didn’t appear for a while, Su Sha needed to continue to wait here. He couldn’t go against the female master’s commands and run into the ancient castle alone.

“Xia Guanghan won’t come.”

Suddenly, a voice came from aside!

Su Sha was surprised. He was a sixth remembrance soul master, meaning there very rarely should be anyone with higher remembrance. However, someone noticed him and even heard his complaint, yet he had no clue where they were.

“Who is it?” Su Sha humphed coldly and glanced towards the other end of the black cloud slope.

Su Sha’s position was at one end of the slope. When he glanced towards the source of the sound, he first saw not the speaking person, but an eight meter long dragon type organism.

“This……” Su Sha blanked. This clearly was a tenth phase Sinking Wind Dragon!!

Dragon species were often known as undefeated in monarch rank. Though Su Sha was powerful, against a dragon monarch, he may not be able to win.

Su Sha was already shocked. He remembered that in first tier, only Li Huang had a cyan hidden dragon, and because it was brainwashed by memory fluid, it didn’t even have a soul, causing it to be negligible.

Yet, the Sinking Wind Dragon in front of him had imposing eyes, radiant with fighting intent. Though it was skinny, it was definitely a top notch dragon discernible just by its aura!

While both top tier monarch, if it fought against his two top tier monarch ranks, this Sinking Wind Dragon may be able to handle them!

The Sinking Wind Dragon haven’t moved around in a long time in the seal. Knowing that Su Sha was the opponent, it ran headstrong into battle, bringing a black cyclone of destructive wind with it towards Su Sha and his soul pets!

Su Sha had summoned three top tier monarchs. However, facing these three top tier monarchs, the sinking wind dragon hardly feared them, showing off dragon species’ dominance completely!

Su Sha was even more shocked. This Sinking Wind Dragon was far stronger than he imagined!

The Sinking Wind Dragon’s advantaged laid in its combination of beast type energy and powerful wind type control.

When Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit fought in close quarters, it could only dodge and make distance between itself and its enemies to continue fighting.

However, the sinking wind dragon was different. With its powerful dragon body, it absolutely wins close quarter combat against top tier beast type monarchs.

At a distance, the Sinking Wind Dragon could also show all those who dare oppose it the might of destructive wind!

This way, with the combination of beast and wind type, the sinking wind dragon gained its title of undefeated in monarch rank. Adding on the clear talent Chu Tianmang’s Sinking Wind Dragon had, facing Su Sha’s three top tier monarchs, it actually still could manage easily!

When fighting the Cyan Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu already ascertained the Sinking Wind Dragon’s strength. It seems like they truly needed emperor rank soul pets before they could take down this powerful sinking wind dragon!

“Mo Xie, kill Su Sha.” Chu Mu commanded Mo Xie with soul remembrance.

Su Sha was chanting a spell but clearly didn’t want to be caught off guard. Su Sha needed four soul pets to defeat the Sinking Wind Dragon.

However, Chu Mu won’t give him a chance to summon soul pet!


Mo Xie’s speed was even more terrifying than Sinking Wind Dragon. Too preoccupied with battle, Su Sha didn’t even notice an emperor rank nearing!!


The sin flame claw appeared by Su Sha’s neck bizarrely. Su Sha opened his eyes wide, pupils reflecting the terror in his mind!

The sin flame quickly spread from Su Sha’s neck to the rest of his body, stealing away all his life!

Su Sha’s eyes continued to widen. Even until death, he didn’t understand how he was killed by a small fox in one hit. Even at the moment of death, he still felt as if the tiny fox was harmless and even kind of cute…...

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