Chapter 583: Immortal Spring Water, Growth Speed of Five Times

Chapter 583: Immortal Spring Water, Growth Speed of Five Times

The Little Hidden Dragon had just been born. Its mental energy was limited. It kept on jumping and crawling everywhere until it got tired, before lying down on Chu Mu’s shoulders to sleep.

Chu Mu knew that it was unsafe for this small fellow to lie on his shoulders. Promptly, he placed it into his soul capture space. 

The small fellow was still at its infant stages. He would have to wait a few days until it slightly matured and entered a state where it could evolve to the tenth phase before he could sign a soul pact with it. Therefore, Chu Mu could only temporarily place it into his soul capture space.

The interior of the soul capture space was safe and cozy. The small emperor lay on its back and faced the sky as it slept. The entire soul capture space was like an enormous bed to it and it could toss and turn as it liked.

After this sleep, the Little Hidden Dragon would probably reach the first phase first stage. Next, Chu Mu would have to slowly raise it. In a few years, the Little Hidden Dragon would definitely be even more domineering than Li City’s Cyan Hidden Dragon, approaching the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s rank, or even surpassing it!


“That’s right, Chu MU, there’s a very special spirit item in Immortal City.” Princess Jin Rou suddenly thought of something and spoke to Chu Mu.

“Hm?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows. Since the rich Princess Jin Rou was telling him about something special, this item couldn’t be common.

“Immortal Spring Water.” Princess Jin Rou said.

The circumstances behind the Immortal Spring Water had been accidentally obtained by Princess Jin Rou. If she hadn’t seen the Little Hidden Dragon, she wouldn’t have remembered about it.

“The Immortal Spring Water can cause a soul pet’s growth speed to increase by five times. In other words, a creature that would originally need 10 years to reach the tenth phase now only needs two years. It’s effective even on emperor rank soul pets.” Princess Jin Rou continued to say.

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up and he excitedly said: “So there’s also this kind of a treasure.”

Five times the speed of growth was practically an immense treasure to any soul pet trainer that recently acquired a new powerful soul pet.

If he gave it to the Little Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu would be able to have a tenth phase emperor rank soul pet within one to two years.

“This item is Immortal City’s most valuable object, and its value is no less than an emperor rank infant pet. However, nobody knows where the Immortal Spring Water is located, including the four seats. Probably the only person that knows is the king, Li Hong.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou’s words caused Chu Mu to suddenly think of the defector young woman puppet.

Chu Mu was a quick thinker, and was able to link these two seemingly irrelevant things together before coming up with a conjecture.

The appearance of the Immortal Spring Water made Chu Mu feel that this very likely was the defector young woman puppet’s true objective.

Emperor rank infant pets were normally pseudo monarchs. To the defector young woman puppet with the Holy Stem Flower ability, an infant emperor pet had value, but it wasn’t particularly much. There was no need for her to scheme for so long.

However, if the Immortal City contained a treasured spirit item like the Immortal Spring Water, then this was more fitting of her true objective.

After all, if the Immortal Spring Water had effect even on an emperor rank creature, then its value was also obvious for a high class emperor.



The tenth realm’s black cloud slope.

The black cloud slope was the protruding ancient castle region that Chu Mu had seen from afar outside the city.

This region was actually very expansive and the black cloud slope was several kilometers long. 

Above the slope were several towering stone monuments that resembled tombstones. Each stone monument was a seal and if one wanted to enter the ancient castle, he or she would have to eradicate all of the creatures sealed inside.

Underneath the black cloud slope, a black garmented woman stood there silently. The violent wind blew over her body, but it only accentuated this woman’s evilness and coldness. 

She lifted her gaze and stared with empty eyes at the dilapidated ancient castle. She looked like a statue.

“Master, we’ve obtained the Immortal Spring Water.” right now, there was a man kneeling on the ground while devotedly bowing his head.

This man was the mysterious black horse in the first grade, Su Sha. He had previously sworn his devotion to the defector young woman puppet, and was the defector young woman’s strongest thug in the first grade.

Su Shan had surmounted all the difficulties to reach this point and his fame was rather high. However, nobody knew that in reality, he had pledged himself to another woman whose name rarely appeared on the Tianxia Rankings. Right now, Su Sha was kneeling in front of this woman, and he didn’t even dare lift his eyes to watched this female master’s black clothing flutter in the violent wind.

In Su Sha’s heart, this woman was the most perfect woman he had seen before. Aside from the frequent lack of vitality, the rest of her beauty was indescribable by mere words. His devotion to the female master had risen to a level of ardent fervor. 

“Six years ago I should have already obtained that object. If it wasn’t for that fellow obstructing things, how would it have delayed until now.” the female master coldly sneered.

The reality was that the female master had already known Immortal City like the back of her hand. Immortal City had frequently been closed while also being clearly prohibited grounds. Any small activity there would be discovered by the Tianxia competition authorities. Only when the Battle of the Realm began and when the ninth and tenth realms arrived would Immortal City be truly ‘opened’. 

It was only then that she could seize her chance and openly take away the Immortal Spring Water.

Six years ago, the female master had already schemed to take away the Immortal Spring Water. However, due to someone’s obstruction and in order to not inadvertently alarm others, she had no choice but to return and wait patiently for the next Battle of the Realm.

Since she had already taken it away once, taking it away the second time would be easy. Essentially, the only thing she was lacking was the chance to openly enter Immortal City because the moment she did, she would be able to take away the Immortal Spring Water.

“Not long ago, some large seal was opened and the head of the four seats, Tian Ting, appeared.” Su Sha lowered his head and reported this matter.

“It was the Blood Beast Emperor. That seal originally wasn’t particularly sturdy. However, the Tianxia competition authorities never found the suitable chance to reconstruct the seal. Now that it has been opened, it will be difficult for Tian Ting to deal with it, thus lessening trouble for us.” said the female master.

“Tian Ting already suffered an injury not too long ago. Now that he has to face the Blood Beast Emperor, his main pets will definitely be injured…” said Su Sha.

The female master didn’t care about Tian Ting. This dim-witted and arrogant dog of Soul Alliance had been in Tianxia Realm for so many years, yet had never detected her intentions. Therefore, there was no need to fear Tian Ting.

Su Sha saw that the female master didn’t care about Tian Ting and softly asked: “Now what will we…”

“You stay here and wait for Xia Guanghan to bring Princess Jin Rou here.” said the female master.

After speaking, the female master walked away slowly towards the ancient castle.

Su Sha gave a bow once again. He kept his eyes on the female master’s beautiful figure from behind. The black cloud slope that the female master walked over contained numerous seals, but no matter how close she got to them, the seals were never disturbed. The black cloud slope seals, which to many first grade competitors was an extremely difficult obstacle, became mere decoration.

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