Chapter 582: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Little Hidden Dragon is Born (2)

Chapter 582: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Little Hidden Dragon is Born (2)

After waiting so long for the Little Hidden Dragon to be born, Chu Mu had nearly forgot about its existence!

He never expected the Cyan Hidden Dragon in front of him that had lost its soul had unexpectedly awakened this small fellow. He truly never saw this happening!

To any one faction, being in possession of one emperor rank soul pet was enough to make it a hegemon of a location! This faction would have paramount authority in the soul pet region. Back in Li City, Old Kingdom Lord Li’s intimidation all of the factions was still fresh in Chu Mu’s mind. All of it was because he had a pseudo monarch, the Red Galactic Demon Emperor! 

Now that Mo Xie had become an emperor rank, it would be much easier to plunder rare resources for his other soul pets, making it much easier for his other soul pets’ strengths to rise.

 Adding on this Little Hidden Dragon, although it would take a while for it to mature to the tenth phase, it was merely a matter of time!

Any soul pet that had raised a tenth phase soul pet and had a soul remembrance that was relatively high would only require half the time to raise a new soul pet to the tenth phase. Further adding the assistance of even higher rank spirit items, if things were fortunate, it would only take for years for it to reach the tenth phase!

Moreover, as it increased to the tenth phase, the Little Hidden Dragon’s fighting strength rank definitely wouldn’t just stay at its original level. Chu Mu would definitely think of various methods to strengthen it!

Perhaps in five or six years, Chu Mu would possess a middle class emperor or even a high class emperor soul pet!!

In five or six years, Chu Mu would still be of age to participate in the first grade Battle of the Realm! If one was able to sweep through the first grade with a pseudo emperor, then how about a high class emperor...

When that time came, why would Chu Mu participate in the Battle of the Realm? He could just go for the Realm Thrones!

Even if he couldn’t obtain a Realm Throne spot, he probably would be able to obtain a seat, or otherwise obtaining an elder spot in Soul Palace or Nightmare Palace would be extremely easy!


“Sha sha sha sha~~~~~~~~~~~~”

Chu Mu’s heart was surging with emotions when the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s voice immediately caused Chu Mu to come back to reality.

Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the Cyan Hidden Dragon, but he shockingly discovered that the enormous body of the Cyan Hidden Dragon was slowly withering and decomposing!

Chu Mu was stunned, and hastily grabbed the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon horns.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s life force was quickly slipping away. However, the life force slipping away was extremely particular!

Cyan light was enveloping it, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s pristine dragon scales fell off its body and onto the ground. Its tall and mighty body slowly decomposed in the cyan light, transforming into countless cyan colored life energy sources that slowly imbued themselves into the Hidden Dragon Egg...

“This is…” Chu Mu saw that the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s life force was slowly diminishing, and his heart was full of emotions!

Obviously, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was decomposing!

Decomposing was a unique method of dying in the Hidden Dragon species. They were called Undying Hidden Dragons because dying of old age was a taboo to their species.

Therefore, when their life force was about to reach its end, they would decompose their own body, and spread their remaining life force into the sky.

Right now, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was decomposing itself. However, instead of dispersing its life force, it was imbuing its life force energy into Chu Mu’s Cyan Hidden Dragon egg, using this special method to hatch a new life form!

Chu Mu knew that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was facing death. Originally he wanted to stop it, but the familiar “sha sha sha” sound rang out once again.

The cyan colored light was as beautiful as if it were a dream. A dense aura of life formed shining specks of light that resembled a group of the most primal small life forms making noises amidst the ray of light... 

The Cyan HIdden Dragon’s body slowly decomposed under the light. The final thing it told Chu Mu was that, to it, this method was the best method of liberation. 

To many life forms, growing old, passing away, rebirth, growth, evolution, maturation, peaking, and then growing old again was all a cycle of reincarnation. To the Cyan Hidden Dragon, this was its unique destiny. 

This wasn’t a complete circle, however. Because after countless generations, a creature would continuously adapt to survival, and become even stronger.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was imbuing his life force full of youth into the Little Hidden Dragon. It would pass away, but allow an even stronger creature to be born.

Indeed, this was the best ending for the Cyan Hidden Dragon that had lost its spirit. It was the best form of liberation. 

Chu Mu watched the exhausted Cyan Hidden Dragon pass away. In his heart, he once again held deep veneration for the Hidden Dragon species. 

Finally, the Cyan Hidden Dragon disappeared, and a cyan colored light gradually dimmed.


“Dong dong~~~~~~~”

As if its life was continuing, once the Cyan Hidden Dragon disappeared, the Little Cyan Dragon’s dragon egg began to lightly shake. It seemed like it was hurrying to hatch!

“Ge zhi~~~”

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the incomparably sturdy egg.

“Ge Zhi~~~ Ge Zhi~~~~~~~~~”

The cracks began to spread from the top of the egg to the bottom. They grew more and more in number and increasingly large.

“Sha sha sha~~~~~” a youthful shout rang out. The small fellow inside could not break apart the egg shell itself, so it was panting with frustration as it smashed against the shell.

Chu Mu excitedly extended his hand in haste to help this small fellow break out of the dragon egg.

“Ao!!!” suddenly, the Sinking Wind Dragon extended its claws, stopping Chu Mu.

The Sinking Wind Dragon told Chu Mu that the dragon egg was the first test a young dragon faced upon entering the world. Even if it ended up suffocating inside the dragon egg, he could not help it. If it failed to break through its first test of survival, then it would not be able to survive in this world where the strong ate the weak! 

Chu Mu nodded his head and didn’t help.

“Sha sha sha!!!”

The Little Hidden Dragon seemed to have gone angry as its smashes grew in both frequency and strength!

Finally, an even larger crack appeared, and the Little Hidden Dragon managed to find a breakthrough using this. It extended a small and adorable claw out!

“Sha Ao~~~~”

A young howl suddenly rang out as the incomparably sturdy dragon egg was finally torn apart!

“Ao!!!!!!” the Sinking Wind Dragon was clearly stunned, and it let out a low howl.

From its reaction, it was possible to see that the Sinking Wind Dragon was surprised that this small fellow could emit a dragon sound the moment it was born, despite being so young!

The egg was ripped apart, and a small round and glossy cyan head stuck out of the egg. Its eyes filled with small starlights looked left and right with curiosity, confusion and a bit of craftiness. It very clear that this was a quick-witted and mischievous small fellow.

When the Little Hidden Dragon was young, its body resembled an insect, close to the insect form that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had looked like when Chu Mu had originally met it. 

However, this time, the Little Hidden Dragon’s young insect body had small forelegs and hind legs. Its back had two protruding points which evidently were the embryonic forms of its wings.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s eyes darted back and forth, before finally resting on Chu Mu. It cried out to Chu Mu in a very excited and dependent manner.

The Little Hidden Dragon had smelled Chu Mu’s aura. Having stayed in Chu Mu’s spatial ring for so many years, and Chu Mu himself having the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s bloodline in him, it naturally recognized Chu Mu.

Watching the small fellow’s birth, Chu Mu understood why even though the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s memories had been wiped and its spirit had been riddled with injuries, it still so stubbornly tried to survive... 

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had definitely already understood that when this Little Hidden Dragon was born, all the spiritual comfort and happiness it would bring would completely outweigh all the hardships it had to go through!

A trace of tears glimmered at the corner of Chu Mu’s eyes. He wasn’t crying only because of the Little Hidden Dragon’s birth, but also because he had been moved by his admiration towards the life of this species. Chu Mu could no longer express his emotions with words. He just stood there with a smile as he watched the Little Hidden Dragon nibble at the rest of its egg shell.  

This was the Little Hidden Dragon’s first meal. After it ate its fill, the Little Hidden Dragon raised its head and stared at Chu Mu. From its mouth came out a soft “sha sha sha” sound.

Chu Mu wore a smile, knowing that this small fellow was acting like a spoiled child towards him. 

Chu Mu stretched out his palm, letting this small fellow climb onto his hand.

The Little Hidden Dragon quickly climbed up Chu Mu’s palm. Its crawling speed was rather fast, resembling the bug-form Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. It nimbly climbed up to Chu Mu’s shoulders and twisted its somewhat fat and chubby body. Its lively appearance made Chu Mu think of the Cyan Hidden Dragon that had lost its memories… 

After the Cyan Hidden Dragon had twisted its body into a comfortable position, it began to examine Mo Xie, the Sinking Wind Dragon, and Princess Jin Rou with great curiosity. It was unafraid of strangers. It was possible to see a layer of thin mist on Princess Jin Rou’s beautiful eyes as she stood next to Chu Mu. She extended her hand and lightly caressed the Little Hidden Dragon’s glossy head. Her eyes showed a smiling expression...

Females were innately more emotional than men. Chu Mu, as a man, was unable to stop his tears. This was even more the case for Princess Jin Rou.

“Ao~~~ Ao~~~” the Sinking Wind Dragon discovered that the small fellow was watching it with its wide open round eyes.

Thus, the Sinking Wind Dragon immediately displayed the appearance of an elder, and gave a few howls at the Little Hidden Dragon. It told the Little Hidden Dragon to eat well and sleep well so that it could become mighty and godly in the future! 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” the pitiful appearance Mo Xie stood on Chu Mu’s other shoulders. It stared with its adorable eyes, and mischievously used its tails to tease the Little Hidden Dragon.

The Little Hidden Dragon was also mischievous. It didn’t just sit on Chu Mu’s shoulders. Instead, when it saw the fluffy objects come and provoke it, it promptly jumped up and used its claws to grab onto Mo Xie’s small tails.

However, the Little Hidden Dragon could not jump far, and was unable to grab Mo Xie’s tail. Thus, it fell off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. 

Mo Xie saw that she had gone too far and hastily turned around, using her tail to sweep up the Little Hidden Dragon to prevent it from falling and getting hurt.

“Sha sha~~ Sha sha~~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon was totally oblivious to the danger. Instead, it proudly grabbed onto Mo Xie’s small tails as it swayed about. It let out a series of youthful shouts as it seemed to enjoy being cradled. 

“Wu wu~~~” Mo Xie gloomily shook her tails. She was a Seven Sin Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch. A mighty emperor rank fox monarch. Yet, now she was wearing an unwilling expression as she played with the Little Hidden Dragon with her tail, teasing it! 

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