Chapter 581: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Small Hidden Dragon is Born (1)

Chapter 581: Immortal Dragon Creation, Emperor Bloodline, The Small Hidden Dragon is Born (1)

Sinking Wind Dragon didn’t realize that the lightning came from Tian Ting.

If it knew Tian Ting were in Immortal City, with its proud character, the sinking wind dragon would definitely fight its way towards Tian Ting, even after a decade, and even knowing that it wasn’t Tian Ting’s match.

Chu Mu brought a lot of medicine, so Chu Mu retracted his thoughts and started treating Sinking Wind Dragon and Cyan Hidden Dragon’s wounds.

The Sinking Wind Dragon was very cooperative, eating everything Chu Mu gave it in one bite.

The Sinking Wind Dragon clearly was hungry, eating a huge pile of soul cores and soul crystals, amounting to nearly ten million.

Dragon species had always had a very large appetite. It was a good thing that Chu Mu was relatively well off now, or else losing nearly ten million in just food would truly hurt.

Of course, Sinking Wind Dragon was only eating this much because of being sealed for so long without energy; normally, it wouldn’t have such a large appetite.

Cyan Hidden Dragon laid on the ground, its body full of wounds. It was completely opposite to the stimulated state after it was released, looking as if it was taking its last gasp.

Clearly, Li Huang’s escape and soul pact breaking brought a great blow to Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Li Huang couldn’t possibly let the Cyan Hidden Dragon occupy one of his souls, so not long after running away, he casted his soul pact incantation, and retracted his soul pact with his cyan hidden dragon.

Chu Mu didn’t want the Cyan Hidden Dragon to have anything to do with Li Huang either, so he told Cyan Hidden Dragon to remove the soul pact as well.

After the soul pact broke, Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes were still hollow, its expression sad...

Clearly, the Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t know who it was anymore, or what was worth living. It had already become a slave in both body and mind. After losing the soul pact, it had nothing to support it to live on anymore.

“Ao~~~~~~~~~~” Sinking Wind Dragon saw the pathetic look on Cyan Hidden Drago,n and also angrily roared at it!

Sinking Wind Dragon seemed to be saying to Cyan Hidden Dragon that, if he stayed alive determinedly after being sealed for more than a decade, yet the mighty still-alive Hidden Dragon was this downbeat, it was a disgrace to the species of dragons.

“Chu Mu, this is the effect of memory fluid. To a cyan hidden dragon with no memory anymore, removing the slave status means that it has lost the will to live on as well.” Princess jin Rou said.

Chu Mu’s body was still flowing with Jade Spring Sacred Blood. Seeing this Cyan Hidden Dragon was like seeing his own species.

Chu Mu stood by the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head, hand gently rubbing its dragon horns.

From this Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body, Chu Mu saw the image of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was similarly a proud life form that was destroyed by the memory fluid. At its lowest moment, it even became a cyan bug that couldn’t even be called a soul pet, needing the similarly weak Chu Mu to protect it.

Chu Mu still remembered the little cyan bug at that time. It was so simple- it only knew to eat and sleep, yet it still stayed by Chu Mu, who was good to it.

At that moment, the little fellow wasn’t the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that shook the world; it was just a weak organism that lost all its memories.

Chu Mu hoped that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could slowly find its own memories back after the mishaps it had gone through.


The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had been enslaved by soul alliance, causing its offspring to be enslaved too.

Now that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had escaped, Chu Mu hoped its offspring could also escape from soul alliance.

However, Li Huang’s Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t be as resilient as the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. It didn't have the determination to regain all its old memories.

The memory fluid washed away all its memories, equivalent to wiping its soul clean. The only thing this Cyan Hidden Dragon could do was be a slave, moving mechanically through the motions. Once it lost that, it lost meaning in life…...

It was supposed to uphold the legend of the Hidden Dragon, yet it had fallen to such lows!

“Ao~~~~~~~” Sinking Wind Dragon roared.

Sinking Wind Dragon and Cyan Hidden Dragon were exact opposites. After being imprisoned for a decade, it was full of passion for its new life. It grabbed the Cyan Hidden Dragon by its horns, seeming to communicate with the Cyan Hidden Dragon through dragon speak.

Chu Mu could only very vaguely hear their conversation. The Sinking Wind Dragon was telling the Cyan Hidden Dragon not to be this sad because they could go back and find the home of dragons - Dragon Region.

Mentioning Dragon Region, the Cyan Hidden Dragon finally lifted its head feebly. Its cyan eyes gained movement for a brief moment, but quickly, it dropped its head back down, as if not even remembering what dragon region was anymore.

“Ao!!!!!!” The Sinking Wind Dragon was angered. It had never seen such a brainless dragon, so its claw heavily slammed the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head!!

The Sinking Wind Dragon had used real force in this attack. After the slap, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head was lodged into the ground!

Chu Mu was just about to intervene and stop it, yet he noticed that the Cyan Hidden Dragon didn't have any reaction, simply pulling its head out of the ground quietly and closing its eyes emotionlessly.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body still had wounds. Yet, with the Cyan Hidden Dragon this depressed, not even willing to regenerate its own wounds, it would continue to bleed.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t accepting any healing. Continuing to lose blood like this, no matter how powerful its body was, it will eventually run out of life.

And clearly, this was what the Cyan Hidden Dragon wanted. It wanted to lay there until all its life left its body…...

Chu Mu had given Li Huang a choice before. If Li Huang didn’t abandon the Cyan Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu definitely would have let Li Huang and the Cyan Hidden Dragon go. However, after this, the Cyan Hidden Dragon and Li Huang were Chu Mu’s enemies. The next time they meet, Chu Mu would definitely kill them!

From now, one could see that, though Li Huang was moralless, this brainwashed cyan hidden dragon had lost its soul, making it beyond help even if Li Huang removed its soul pact.

Chu Mu had to pick the latter. Though Chu Mu had a thousand unwilling reasons, Chu Mu knew that a Cyan Hidden Dragon with just a body and no soul would become a servant of soul alliance, and become an enemy.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t have to do it himself. The Cyan Hidden Dragon had no courage to regain its life in the next few days, wanting to end itself just like this.

In Reality, Chu Mu felt like the healing medicine was extra, because if the Cyan Hidden Dragon gave up even its own healing abilities, it clearly was ready to just die like this…...

“Chu Mu, let’s leave.” Princess Jin Rou saw the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s decision and said to Chu Mu quietly.

Princess Jin Rou could guess that Chu Mu had some relationship with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. After all, the continuously mutating soul pet was in his hands.

Chu Mu didn’t leave immediately, instead opening up his spatial ring and putting healing medicine in front of the Cyan Hidden Dragon before saying, “This is medicine that will heal you. I will stay in immortal city for a few more days. If you change your mind and want to go look for the dragon region with SInking Wind Dragon, eat this medicine and come find us……”

After speaking, Chu Mu stood up and walked by Princess jin Rou. Looking at her, he sighed , “You think I did the right thing there?”

Princes Jin Rou naturally knew Chu Mu was pointing to the soul pact severing between Li Huang and Cyan Hidden Dragon that caused the Cyan Hidden Dragon to lose the will to live.

“It’s its own decision now.” Princess Jin Rou didn't say much else. IN reality, it was hard to give a comment on it.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t say much else. Glancing one last time at the Cyan Hidden Dragon, he said to the Sinking Wind Dragon, “Let us go.”

The Sinking Wind Dragon’s wounds recovered very quickly and it looked full of energy again, leading the way ahead of Chu Mu.


Chu Mu was just about to leave when the Cyan Hidden Dragon suddenly let out a special sound.

“You changed your mind?” Chu Mu’s heart leaped, and he quickly turned back around.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon shook its head but it stood up, its massive claw slowly extending, finally pointing at Chu Mu’s right finger.

“Shashashasha~~~~~~~~~~~”The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes revealed the slightest emotion.

“Spatial ring?” ChuMu asked.

Cyan Hidden Dragon nodded.

“Something in my spatial ring that you want?” Chu Mu asked again, and was answered with another nod.

Chu Mu’s spatial ring space was split into a couple main categories: soul cores and soul crystals. They took up a lot of space because it was the food of his soul pets.

Following was medicines, good quality medicine that was necessary on any outdoors trips. After were luxury items, the Monument Tear, and the Cyan Dragon egg…...

“Cyan Hidden Dragon egg!!”

Chu Mu suddenly realized in that split second!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon egg has been in his spatial ring for many years, causing Chu Mu to almost forget about this little guy’s existence!

After a normal cyan hidden dragon split, the egg could hatch within a year. Yet, Chu Mu’s Cyan Hidden Dragon egg was incredibly stubborn. Chu Mu did a quick count, and realized that a full three years have passed!

Chu Mu immediately took out the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg, and placed it in front of the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon lowered its head, its cyan eyes staring at the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg.

After some time, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes suddenly teared up. A single drop of tear fell from the corners of its time-ridden face, falling onto the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg.

Cyan Hidden Dragon’s move caused Chu Mu’s heart to tremble. It seems like, brainwashed or not, life’s most fundamental instincts couldn’t be wiped out. At least this Cyan Hidden Dragon still had the instinct to reproduce, nurse, and protect.

Suddenly, the Cyan Hidden Dragon glowed with green!

This glow was incredibly radiant, lighting up the nearby murky region!

The green light constantly changed, slowly showing a transition between dark to light, and then back to dark, which only brought out the colors of the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg.

What caused Chu Mu surprise was that the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s life force was originally very weak, but suddenly it had grown much stronger!

This power could cause the little life inside to break out!!

“The little cyan hidden dragon was finally about ot be born!!” Chu Mu’s heart shook as he became incredibly excited!!

Chu Mu had received the inheritance of jade spring sacred blood. This inheritance could give Cyan Hidden Dragon the development it needed…...

The Cyan Hidden Dragon itself was already high class monarch rank. After receiving the Jade Spring Sacred Blood from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s proper blood, it could reach emperor rank or even inherit the true bloodline of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!

This meant the birth of another emperor rank!!!

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