Chapter 580: Soaring Bloodlight Appears, Immortal City’s Blood Beast Empero

Chapter 580: Soaring Bloodlight Appears, Immortal City’s Blood Beast Emperor

Tianxia Plaza

“Chu Chen’s emperor rank soul pet appears again. Li Huang and the other two have no way of fighting back at all. Zhao Muling crawled his way to escape, while the first tier top five Li Huang gave up his own Cyan Hidden Dragon, and ran away in fear!”

After this news flew into near ten thousand people's’ ears, a wave of discussion was sparked.

Not only because the first tier expert Li Huang was defeated, but because it also proved completely that this emperor rank soul pet was Chu Mu’s!!

“Even Li Huang didn’t have any chance at fighting back, who in first tier can stop Soul Palace Chu Chen?”

“With an emperor rank soul pet, Soul Palace Chu Chen clearly wants to sweep through first tier! He truly does want the tenth realm final honor!!”

Initially, everyone was still skeptical, but now everyone believed that this young man was sending a challenge to the young generation of the entire Tianxia Realm!!

Speaking of which, having an emperor rank soul pet, who would stay in the petty competition of second tier final honor? He naturally was going for the tenth realm honor of emperor rank young soul pet!!

“Restriction, this fellow needs to be restricted!!”

“Having an emperor rank soul pet, he is coming to Battle of the Realm just to break all the rules!”

Those that support Chu Mu were cheering for him fanatically, while those who opposed him didn’t dare to criticize him, but started heavily suggesting that the Battle of the Realm staff restrict him!

A young man with an emperor rank soul pet meant that the tenth realm final honor emperor rank young soul pet was virtually gifted to him for free.

This would mean that, without any accidents, he would have two emperor rank soul pets.

Even Kingdom masters, palace masters, and tenth rank title holders could only usually have one emperor rank soul pet. Chu Mu was about to have two! How could this be allowed!!

Most importantly, this person was a third tier member. This meant that he still had chances to participate in the Battle of the Realm more times. If he weren’t restricted, he may end up with three emperor rank soul pets, and that's if Chu Mu didn’t get anymore himself!

Three emperor rank soul pets before 30, he would truly be the first to do that!

“Looks like Chu Chen might actually be restricted from competition.” Shang Heng shook his head helplessly.

Over all these years, only soul palace prince shocked the battle of the realm staff enough to be restricted. Yet, not long after, Soul Palace got another abnormal young man that wouldn’t be spared from being restricted!

“Old soul teacher De, will Chu Mu really be restricted from the competition? If so, then doesn’t that make his sprint towards tenth realm irrelevant, causing him not to get the young emperor rank soul pet?” Ting Lan opened her mouth to ask.

“Uh, he’s definitely getting restricted. However, he’s probably going to be restricted from the battle of the realm in six years. This year’s rewards will still be in effect. We have an elder in there. If Chu Mu actually gains the tenth realm final honor, and they aren’t willing to give it, our elder will step up.” Old soul teacher De said.

“This is good. Oh, right, how is Ye Qingzi?” Ting Lan quickly asked.

A few days ago, she was deeply poisoned and sent back. Everyone saw it and was worried for her.

Old soul teacher De was also a soul teacher, yet he only shook his head, “It depends on her luck now.”

What he meant by luck was whether the elder could bring back the innard crystal of a Holy Stem Flower within ten days. Old Soul Teacher De had already given out a huge bounty to buy a healing emperor rank innard crystal, but such a thing usually needed multiple months of forewarning before being barely able to find a purchase. Ten days was truly too hurried.


 Immortal City - Dead Forest Towers

The black clouds were like the Sinking Wind Dragon’s emotions. Before, they were rapidly rolling, causing the Sinking Wind Dragon to be incredibly irascible. Now, the black clouds were calmed down, slowly floating in Immortal City’s skies, and the Sinking Wind Dragon was also calmer.

Dragons were high intelligence organisms that also cared greatly about the inheritance of blood.

This means they could also smell the blood inheritance within humans.

After Sinking Wind Dragon and Chu Tianmang’s soul pact was split, its memory was lost, but it didn’t completely forget everything. Once Chu Mu calmed down its emotions, Sinking Wind Dragon smelled the blood that flowed through its former master, and concluded that Chu Mu was the descendant of Chu Tianmang.

Though the Sinking Wind Dragon was irascible, it still had logic, which caused Chu Mu to feel slightly comforted.

Yet, every time he looked at Sinking Wind Dragon’s skinny, almost rotting body, Chu Mu felt pangs of sorrow in his heart.

In the battle before, Sinking Wind Dragon casting and controlling destructive wind, so Chu Mu couldn’t see its true form. Now, Chu Mu saw the Sinking Wind Dragon’s true appearance.

The Sinking Wind Dragon wasn’t as big as the cyan hidden dragon species. Its height wouldn’t reach ten meters.

The might mentioned before no longer showed on the Sinking Wind Dragon at all. Sinking Wind Dragon was almost just bones and skin, its wind-like body looking as bony as an old man!

What shocked Chu Mu the most was the dark energy that was corroding its body. This corrosion caused the sinking wind dragon’s skin to rot!

In the past, Chu Tianmang had always talked about the handsome and mighty nature of the Sinking Wind Dragon, so Chu Mu always had a special respect for it.

Seeing this Sinking Wind Dragon now, it was greatly different from before.

This definitely wasn’t an exaggeration from Chu Tianmang. It was this Death Forest Tower’s seal that caused a healthy Sinking Wind Dragon to end up like this.

The only thing worth congratulating was, from that previous battle, one could tell that in the decade past, this Sinking Wind Dragon didn’t lose its fighting intent!

“Chu Mu, this Death Forest Tower’s seal is a punishing seal. It is seeped with dark energy that slowly eats away at the sealed being’s life. Usually, seals are imprisonment ones, so the sealed soul pet could simply sleep, and not suffer like this. This seal was a slow acting poison that someone intentionally set up for the Sinking Wind Dragon. After twenty years, the SInking Wind Dragon will definitely lose all its life force and die……” Princess Jin Rou said in a small voice to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew from Princess Jin Rou that the Sinking Wind Dragon’s imprisonment length was twenty years, meaning it would be let free after that.

However, with this slow acting dark seal, the punisher wanted Sinking Wind Dragon to die before it could be released; how could Chu Mu not understand this?

“Soul Alliance Tian Ting!” Chu Mu tightened his fist, resentment building up in his heart.

There would be a day where, after he is powerful enough, Chu Mu would kill the leader of the four leaders without any hesitation!

Chu Mu took a deep breath and rubbed the Sinking Wind Dragon’s bony body. For some unknown reason, seeing Chu Tianmang’s soul pets this pathetic, Chu Mu felt as if he saw his own father’s pathetic downfall, causing his heart to hurt even more.


Suddenly, Immortal City’s ground started shaking!

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou both lifted their heads, but they quickly saw an even scarier scene!

Sudden change!!

In some part of Immortal City, a soaring bloodlight appeared, breaking through the skies and dying that entire section of sky blood red!

Even Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou, who were decently far away, felt their souls shake after seeing this bloody scene!

How powerful would the energy have to be to create a bloodlight that dyed half the skies!!

“Chu Mu, that…...that I think is…...its from the blood beast altar direction!” Princess Jin Rou was stunned, only saying after a long while.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou had been feeling the immortal city’s ground shaking. They didn’t originally mind, but when this beam of bloodlight darted up, they finally realized that it signaled the appearance of an even more powerful beast!!


Within the bloodlight, suddenly a purple lighting struck downwards with might!!

That lighting that ripped through the skies seemed incredibly violent and thick. If one were close up, it would probably be even more shocking!!

“That…… That’s fifth rank Sky Thunder, and it’s advanced Sky Thunder at that……” Princess Jin Rou was shocked but still made the correct judgement acutely.

Chu Mu was similarly astonished; he had no clue the immortal city had such a powerful being in existence!!

Though both energies only appeared for a split moment, the shock it brought to everyone’s heart was hard to describe!

Not only Chu Mu and princess Jin Rou, the second tier and first tier competitors in the immortal city were all subdued by this powerful energy!


It was only after a while that Princess Jin Rou slowly recovered her calm.

She specially glanced at Chu Mu who was still staring at the skies, not knowing whether to say it or not.

“Chu Mu……” Finally, Princess Jin Rou opened her mouth.

Chu Mu came back to his senses and looked at Princess Jin Rou.

“The entire Tianxia Realm, the only soul pet able to control this fifth rank Sky Thunder is a Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor……” Princess Jin Rou specially paused and looked at Chu Mu. Seeing Chu Mu look confused, she hesitated but decided to continue, “And only one person owns such a Sky Thunder Fairy Emperor……”

Chu Mu was a very quick thinker, so he quickly caught onto what Princess jin Rou meant.

“You’re saying that the soul pet who released the lighting is soul alliance Tian Ting’s?” Chu Mu opened his mouth.

“En, Tian Ting has a high class emperor rank, which is also his main soul pet.” Princess Jin Rou said in a quiet voice.

Of the four leaders in this Tianxia City, other than the king, only Soul Alliance Tian Ting had such powerful strength!! The thunder used to attack the blood light was Soul Alliance’s Sky Thunder Demon Emperor!

“High class emperor rank……” Chu Mu said slightly absentmindedly.

Mo Xie was low class emperor rank according to Old Li. Low class emperor rank and high class emperor rank had a large difference. Most importantly, Tian Ting definitely didn’t have just one high class emperor rank.

“Someone guessed that Tian Ting wouldn’t have a large breakthrough within ten years. I think that, in ten years, you can kill him easily as if flipping your hand……” Princess Jin Rou said.

Princess Jin Rou actually was very optimistic about Chu Mu’s future. On one hand, he has the continuously mutating Mo Xie. On the other hand, Chu Mu himself was an expert that Princess Jin Rou respected.

Chu Mu had already stepped beyond the emperor rank bottleneck that countless other soul pet trainers couldn’t do. Before thirty years old, he still had much room for improvement. Princess Jin Rou’s conservative estimate as that in ten years, Chu Mu definitely could kill the leader of the four leaders of Tianxia City!

“Ten years?” Chu Mu mumbled.

He didn’t think he would even need that long!

Not only because of half devil, Chu mu believed that it wouldn’t take ten years before his main soul pet reaches high class monarch, and his other soul pets wouldn’t be much further behind!

At that time, Chu Mu would help his father and the Sinking Wind Dragon get their deserved revenge!

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