Book 2 Chapter 58 - Killing To Bring Out the Family’s Honor

Chapter 58: Killing To Bring Out the Family’s Honor

“Fourth Brother! I did say that you were the Chu Family’s hope!! Haha!!” Due to receiving a soul remembrance injury, Chu Ning, who was unable to participate in the Recommendation, heavily patted Chu Mu’s shoulder.

The Chu Mu today had brought out through killing an abrupt rise in honor after being laughed at and ridiculed. Moreover, he had brought about the Chu Family honor that had declined for so many years through killing!

After this round of fighting, everyone began to see the Chu Family on a whole new level. This was even moreso for the member of the Chu Family, Chu Mu, who had been regarded as a joke by the Gangluo City people!!!

“You clearly have such powerful strength. Why didn’t you reveal it until now? Could it be that you deliberately wanted to create such an effect? First, you wanted to make others think you were useless before suddenly bursting forth. By creating such an effect, did it satisfy your vanity?” Chu Ying was still like her usual grumbling unsatisfied self. However, from her eyes, one could already see an evident change...

The corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose, but he didn’t deny that he wanted to create this stunning result. After all, it was so hard now for such trivial glory and honor to cause any emotional movement.

“Although killing people isn’t good, brother truly is very cool.” Chu Yishui, who was the younger sister whom Chu Mu was most familiar with, ran in front of Chu Mu and hugged his arm, rocking back and forth. She was like a young lady who was showing off her powerful brother.


Fighting required morale, and Chu Mu’s two consecutive victories and slaughter had promptly ignited Chu Xing’s fire of fighting.

In many people’s opinions, Chu Xing’s strength was inferior to Zhou Pan’s. However, from the beginning of the fight, Chu Xing’s soul pets displayed coarse and violent attacks, unexpectedly forcing Zhou Pan to summon his second soul pet first!

Zhou Pan’s second soul pet was a wing type Wing Spectrum Demon! The Wing Spectrum Demon was at the low class commander rank. On its pair of wings, respectively, was a strange face. When the wings abruptly opened up, it caused others to feel two pseudo-sinister smiles that fluttered in the air!

What better soul pet was there to deal with a wing type soul pet than a wind type soul pet?

Chu Xing summoned his second soul pet, Storm Fairy, in an extremely decisive manner!

Chu Xing’s Storm Fairy had clearly undergone wind type soul crystal strengthening. Although it was only at the sixth phase fifth stage, its ability to control the wind was exceptionally powerful. Surprisingly, it could also use Overlay techniques like Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy!

Elemental World soul pets possessed the most perfect control over the elements. Technique Overlay and microcontrol were only achievable by Elemental World soul pets!

Wave after wave of terrifying hurricanes whistled past. Blade after blade of sharp Spurring Wind Blades flew past. The Storm Fairy’s suppressing ability was exceptionally formidable. The sixth phase first stage commander rank Wing Spectrum Demon was firmly restricted. It wasn’t even able to use its strange method of flying and, ultimately, Zhou Pan had no choice but to consume more soul power to swap out soul pets.

“The Zhou Family has lost. Even if Zhou Pan is able to beat Chu Xing, he definitely can not resist the other three Chu Family members. Especially Chu He, whose strength is not inferior to Chu Xing’s by much. There isn’t any member capable of directly contending against Chu He!”

“The Chu Family’s Chu Mu suddenly exploded with such terrifying strength and immediately won two rounds. Most importantly, he stunned all those Zhou Family fellows so much that they essentially began to cower. The Zhou Family will definitely lose this battle.”

“In my opinion, with the Chu Family now having the formidable Chu Mu, perhaps the Yang Family won’t be able to hold its position!”

Aside from the variable of Chu Mu, the strength of the other members of the Chu and Zhou Families were perhaps more or less understood by others. As long as a slight variance occurred in the tide of the battle, the final outcome could be predicted!

Indeed, Chu Mu’s kill brought out the Chu Family’s honor, while also fiercely trampling on the Zhou Family’s honor. It had caused a huge change to occur in the tide of battle.

Finally, Chu Xing burst forth with unprecedented fighting strength and defeated Zhou Pan in one strike. Additionally, he killed Zhou Pan’s strongest soul pet, washing away the humiliation from five years ago!!

Standing in the center of the plaza battlefield, Chu Xing looked at the sorry figure of Zhou Pan that had ran off the battlefield, and a smile finally rose on his face.

This smile was a laugh that truly came from the heart. He laughed because he was overwhelmed by emotions, and he laughed in an incomparably arrogant manner. So many years of hard work and bitterness was all for this moment of victory!

“Zhou Family bastards, get up here! Let me stomp another one of you to death!” today, Chu Xing was full of the Chu Family’s coarse and wild demeanor, and he continued to stay on the battlefield to fight!

Of the four great families, presently, the Zhou Family people’s faces were the most unsightly. They had never expected to be beaten so miserably by the Chu Family. So miserably, in fact, that this time that they would have no face left!!

Chu Xing fought the fourth Zhou Family member. What made everyone astonished was that Chu Xing had really exploded with all his capacity and, unexpectedly, despite using up a large amount of fighting strength against Zhou Pan, still managed to eliminate two of the fourth Zhou Family member’s soul pets!!

“Chu Ying, I leave the rest to you!” After killing two of the opponent’s soul pets, Chu Xing decisively conceded to the referee.

Seeing Chu Mu and Chu Xing fiercely *** the Zhou Family, Chu Ying could no longer hold back her male-like war driven heart. After ascending onto the stage, she had defeated the last soul pet of the Zhou Family’s fourth member within five minutes!

For the last round, the Zhou Family’s last member originally wanted to regain some of the Zhuo Family’s face, but his completely run-down vigor caused him to lose to Chu Ying, despite having a large chance to win!

Complete victory!

What was originally supposed to be an evenly matched fight ultimately ended up being a complete victory for the Chu Family!

The Chu Family had sent out three members in total and defeated five of the Zhou Family members.

Of the Chu Family’s three members, none of their soul pets had died, while the Zhuo Family had paid the painful price of 10 of their soul pets being annihilated, and one person being killed! Moreover, amongst them, the blood reeking Chu Mu had instantly killed six soul pets and the second Zhuo Family expert, Zhuo Shengcheng!

Such a complete victory in the Recommendation was definitely rare, especially when it occurred during the final competitions in the main event between the four great families!

This time, the Yang Family’s position was truly threatened. Countless people were beginning to predict whether Chu Mu, who had powerfully risen over the past four years and shocked everyone present could continue to slaughter en masse in the finals of the competition!

Everyone in Gangluo City knew that the conflict between the Yang and Chu Families had reached a completely incompatible state. When the Chu and Zhou Families fought, there had already been many grave casualties. Thus, wouldn’t the fight with the Yang Family be even more bloody?!!


Five days after the main competition was the finals. The finals wasn’t much of a surprise; the Yang Family that would probably defeat the Qin Family would fight the final contest against the Chu Family on the plaza battlefield.

The Chu Family’s strength originally wasn’t inferior to the Zhou Family’s. Now with Chu Mu’s meteoric rise, a surge of anticipation came for the finals in four days. There were even some eliminated factions that intentionally stayed in Gangluo City in order to see the sparks fly between these two great families in this final fight where blood would dye the battlefield!

In the following fights, there weren’t any great changes. The Yang Family defeated the Qin Family. The Qin Family themselves knew that they couldn’t beat the Yang Family and decisively preserved their strength. In the subsequent fight, they easily defeated the heavily wounded Zhou Family, and solidly gained control of third place!

As for the Zhou Family, they very miserably became last place!


After the fight with the Zhou Family had ended, the entire Chu Family had flared up because of one person- Chu Mu.

It was unquestionable that, during this fight with the Zhou Family, Chu Mu alone had determined their victory. Moreover, he had brought about the complete victory of this round that had made every Chu Family member want to cry out in delight!

At this present moment, of the entire Chu Family, who would still feel that having Chu Mu attend the Recommendation was a mistake? Furthermore, who would continue to look at Chu Mu with the slightest contempt? Currently, Chu Mu was the glory of the entire family and also the entire family’s spirit. Everyone was even wondering whether, with Chu Mu’s current displayed strength, even if they were against the Yang Family in the finals, they could have a very large chance of victory!

“Chu Mu, presently, grandfather truly has no idea what to say. These four years…” Chu Ming put his hand on Chu Mu’s shoulder at the family meeting and freely wept in front of everyone.

On the plaza battlefield, Chu Ming was still able to control his emotions. However, after returning home, once he thought of the hot blood and honor that Chu Mu had brought the entire Chu Family, how could Chu Ming remain calm?

This was not only feeling proud about the Chu Family, but moreso feeling proud because he had such a grandson. In the past, each time he saw Chu Mu who was incapable of summoning soul pets, Chu Ming would feel a wave of bitter disappointment. Currently, Chu Mu had completely freed himself from those shadows and chains of the past and had become a powerful soul pet trainer. Chu Ming’s present tears were all shed from the depths of his heart!!

“Very good, truly very good. Once Tiancheng hears of this news, his eyes will definitely be brimming with tears of excitement! That won’t do, I’ll write him a letter now. Have someone inform Tiancheng at top speed. Let Tiancheng know that not only did his son not die, but he also became a responsible expert!!” Chu Ming’s emotionally moved body began to tremble.

When he mentioned Chu Tiancheng, a bit of movement occurred in Chu Mu’s expression. The clan was his family, and being able to obtain such glory for the clan and allow it to rise abruptly was Chu Mu’s mission. However, what would still make Chu Mu overwhelmed by emotions was his father’s shock and excitement when he saw that Chu Mu was now strong.

All of Chu Mu’s soul pet knowledge had been taught by Chu Tiancheng. It was Chu Tiancheng who had brought Chu Mu into this mystical world of soul pets, and had caused Chu Mu to have such infatuation towards various kinds of soul pets. He also made Chu Mu have a burning desire to become a powerful expert.

Chu Mu knew that his father was suffering from a ban, and would forever be unable to leave Luo Region. It was because of this ban that Chu Tiancheng had invested such enormous hopes into Chu Mu, hoping that he could raise him into a true expert. However, Chu Mu losing a soul had dealt an even heavier blow to him.

At that time, Chu Mu was depressed, dismayed, and even thought about forsaking the path of cultivating his soul. However, Chu Tiancheng continued to encourage him. He never stopped instilling soul pet knowledge into him, causing him to gradually regain his confidence from within the shadows...

Currently, he had finally taken such large strides, and Chu Mu very urgently wanted to have his father, who day by day grew even more weary, see him!

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