Chapter 579: Unrivalled Monarch, Sinking Wind Dragon Fighting the Cyan Hidden Dragon

Chapter 579: Unrivalled Monarch, Sinking Wind Dragon Fighting the Cyan Hidden Dragon

Li Huang’s strength was the strongest, and he had four peak monarch rank soul pets.

Zhao Mulin was much weaker than Li Huang and only had two peak monarch rank soul pets. The others were all high class monarch ranks.

As for the other member, he didn’t even have a peak monarch rank soul pet.

Normally speaking, if one’s strength was three levels lower, it was barely possible to fight if one fought with five soul pets against one. However, the difference between the emperor and monarch ranks wasn’t merely three levels. Emperor ranks would always possess even stronger strength and it would require at least 10 opponents to make it a fight!

Li Huang couldn’t have a soul pet with a special ability akin to the Violent Ice Beast. Mo Xie wouldn’t be hindered by having to protect Chu Mu and the others. Thus, while facing the soul pets of these three people, killing them would be easy. 

Just as Li Huang and the three others were shocked by Mo Xie’s powerful strength, Mo Xie launched another attack. This time, her technique was a group attack!

Amidst torrential sin flames, Mo Xie’s silver body suddenly disappeared. Immediately after, nine long flaming dragons flew out. Each one was several hundreds of meters long and as they danced, they swept across the surroundings of the Death Forest Tower. Even if the ground was lit up by blazing waves of flame, one would still feel that the horizon was covered!!

Nine large dragon-like fox tails, each reaching a length of over a hundred meters, danced wildly about. It was a beautiful yet shocking scene!!

This group technique was aimed solely at Zhao Mulin’s one peak monarch and the other member’s high class monarchs!

The three high class monarchs and one peak monarch were unable to react. The nine dancing dragon tails encompassed the entire Death Forest Tower and swallowed up the four soul pets. Li Huang and the two others once more felt as if a nightmare had descended. They watched with wide open eyes as the four soul pets transformed into ashes under the nine dancing dragon tails!!

The three high class monarchs were all the other soul pet trainer’s soul pets. In an instant, he suffered three soul wounds, which caused him to fall back onto the ground as he nearly passed out. 

Zhao Mulin’s other peak monarch was instakilled again and his mind immediately collapsed because of this. He could only stand there, dumbfounded. He even forgot to run.

Compared to Zhao Mulin and the other soul pet trainer, Li Huang’s reactions were clearly much nimbler.

Although he was shocked in his heart, and even if he found it hard to believe, Li Huan was certain that no matter what, he was not the opponent of the emperor rank soul pet in front of him.

When the nine sin flamed dancing dragon tails appeared, Li Huang frantically jumped onto his Cyan Hidden Dragon’s back. He took advantage of Mo Xie attacking his teammates and chose to flee!

“Quickly fly! You dumb dragon!!” Li Huang roared.

Since it was an enslaved soul pet, each time Li Huang gave an order, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s reactions were always half a beat slower. This caused Li Huang to be incessantly angry, especially since right now was a moment greatly concerning his own life and this dumb dragon was still reacting slowly! 

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body jumped up, reaching a height of twenty meters. When it reached the highest point, it spread its wings. Its cyan body barely managed to pass through the nine hundred meter long fox tails as it shakily fled towards the horizon. 

Chu Mu saw that the Cyan Hidden Dragon had unexpectedly dodged Mo Xie’s nine enormous tail attack, and was somewhat surprised.

But how could Chu Mu let Li Huang ride ono the Cyan Hidden Dragon and escape? Promptly, he agilely jumped onto Mo Xie’s back.

“Mo Xie, chase!” Chu Mu ignored Zhao Mulin and the other soul pet trainer who were lying on the ground in fear. He had Mo Xie chase it towards the horizon. 

Mo Xie quickly retracted her technique and gorgeous sin flames suddenly ignited under her four paws. Immediately, she began to tread on air!

Mo Xie’s air walking technique wasn’t actual flying. However, it could tread on air for a short period of time while exploding forth with the same running speed as if she was on the ground. Thus, certain wing type soul pets that wanted to rely on their flying ability to flee could not easily escape from Mo Xie’s pursuit. 

In between the towering forest towers, a dark red, demonic, and elegant figure sped through the sky. It moved with extreme speed as if it was on the ground, nearing the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Li Huang had already recalled his other soul pets. Seeing Chu Mu’s emperor rank soul pet pursue him, his face immediately paled, and he yelled at his Cyan Hidden Dragon!

The scales on the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body began to shine with a cyan lustre that condensed on two of its enormous flesh wings. This energy immediately increased its flying speed and it was quickly about to pas through the black seal pattern!



Suddenly, amidst the black seal pattern, the roar of a dragon resounded that caused the entire black horizon to tremble!!!

This roar was even more vigorous than the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s roar. Moreover, it was possible to sense that within its roar was mixed in much anger. It used its roar to release its emotions!!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Silver colored destructive winds suddenly surged and the black layer of clouds in the horizon began to move due to this wind force!

This powerful wind force originated from the seal pattern!

“It’s the Sinking Wind Dragon!!” Mo Xie lifted his head and glanced at the black pattern above the seal tower. The creature covered in dense destructive wind flew out!!

This silver colored figure wasn’t as large as the Cyan Hidden Dragon, but its flying speed was astonishing. Even though the Cyan Hidden Dragon was using a technique that increased its flight speed, it wasn’t even half as fast as the Sinking Wind Dragon!

Chu Mu himself couldn’t even clearly see its figure. He only saw a silver colored wind figure fiercely slam into the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Immediately, a powerful cyclone rose up from the ground straight to the sky! It was shocking!!

The Sinking Wind Dragon’s wild nature surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. This creature that had just been released ostensibly needed to release its accumulated anger and the ruthless Cyan Hidden Dragon became the target for this anger!

Relying on its incomparable speed, the Sinking Wind Dragon displayed fighting strength that even slightly shocked Chu Mu. It made the Cyan Hidden Dragon seem very clumsy, slow and powerless, while the Sinking Wind Dragon itself seemed experienced, nimble and wild. In this bloodthirsty battle, it displayed the elegance and spirituality of a soul pet full of wind attributed strength! 

Chu Nu didn’t chase. Instead, he had Mo Xie stop on a black tower and watch the Sinking Wind Dragon angrily fighting the Cyan Hidden Dragon in the sky!

“Scram!! Scram!!” Li Huang turned pale as he shouted. Originally, he thought that because the Sinking Wind Dragon had been sealed for tens of years, its fighting strength was definitely far from back then. He thought he should have been able to easily deal with it.

He never expected that this Sinking Wind Dragon’s strength would surpass his expectations. They were both peak monarchs and they were both unrivalled dragon species in the monarch rank.  However, in this air battle, his Cyan Hidden Dragon was being beaten so bad it couldn’t even retaliate!

Li Huang, I’ll kill however many soul pets that you summon!” Chu Mu didn’t participate in the fight between the two dragons. However, seeing that Li Huang was going to summon other soul pets, Chu Mu gave a ‘friendly’ reminder. 

Li Huang’s expression was even more unsightly. He simply had no idea what this young man wanted to do!

“Chu Chen, I have no grievances or animosity with you. Why are you forcing me like this? Could it be you want to make an enemy of my Soul Alliance?!” Li Huang said in great anger.

“Leave behind your Cyan Hidden Dragon and you can scram!” Chu Mu coldly said.

Chu Mu still remembered Old Soul Teacher De’s intentional warning to him. He couldn’t openly offend Soul Alliance. 

On the one hand, several messenger soul pets were flying this way, circling far away in a safe spot. On the other hand, Chu Mu didn’t want to expend too much of Mo Xie’s fighting strength on Li Huang. After all, his greatest enemy was the defector young woman puppet. If she used some special method to breakthrough the tenth phase in this short period of time, Mo Xie wouldn’t have enough fighting strength and would be at the disadvantage. 

Old Soul Teacher De had said. In a young generation fight, as long as he didn’t kill the person himself, the older generation wouldn’t find trouble for him. Whether Li Huang himself would find him for trouble later, why would Chu Mu be afraid of him? 

Li Huang naturally was worried about his life.  Promptly, he jumped off his Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“Ao~~~~~~~~” the Cyan Hidden Dragon saw that Li Huang was fleeing and immediately let out a shout.

“Go far away from me!” Li Huang saw that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was going to follow and immediately was greatly angered.

Li Huang knew that Chu Mu’s goal was the Cyan Hidden Dragon. In order to protect himself, how could he let the Cyan Hidden Dragon follow him? 

After landing on the ground, Li Huang summoned another peak monarch. He didn’t hesitate at all. Seeing that Chu Mu didn’t chase him, he hastily rode on his peak monarch and fled in a miserable state!


 The Cyan Hidden Dragon saw that its master was fleeing, and let out a miserable roar.

Although the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s mind had been washed by memory fluid, it had known Li Huang for a long time. and still saw him as its master. Now that its master had fled without even turning back, this was an unbelievable blow to its heart! 

“Ao hu!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The moment the Cyan Hidden Dragon was distracted, the Sinking Wind Dragon’s attacks were even more terrifying. Sinking Wind Claw, Destructive Wind Breath, Dragon Wind Meteor...

Various powerful techniques struck the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s advantages lay in its life force and defensive abilities. However, facing these attacks, it had no ability to resist them and was continuously pummeled to the ground!

In this moment, the Sinking Wind Dragon’s powerfulness was displayed even more thoroughly. Chu Mu finally understood what truly was an unrivalled monarch. If he didn’t have an emperor rank soul pet, there was no way he could fight it!

“Mo Xie, stop the Sinking Wind Dragon. Don’t let it kill the Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Chu Mu saw that the Sinking Wind Dragon wasn’t going to pull back and hastily spoke to Mo Xie. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Sin flames ignited once more under Mo Xie’s feet and she flew up from the death tower. Her nine tails repositioned in front of her and formed fluffy silver tail clouds that constituted a barrier of protection for the Cyan Hidden Dragon that had been beaten to the ground. 

Mo Xie’s nine tails inherited her Nine Tail Inferno Fox effect in that their defensive abilities were even stronger than her own body’s defensive ability. A series of the Sinking Wind Dragons’ attacks rained down, but the Cyan Hidden Dragon protected under the nine tails didn’t suffer any actual harm. 

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