Chapter 578: Oppressive Second Grade, Relax Your Mind?

Chapter 578: Oppressive Second Grade, Relax Your Mind?

“Wait for them to open the seal first before you make a move.” Princess Jin Rou said to Chu Mu softly.

Chu Mu naturally understood this, so he watched quietly from the side.

Chu Mu’s eyes inadvertently fell onto the Cyan Hidden Dragon. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body was mighty and powerful. Its body was radiating destructive strength, and its cruel and savage eyes perpetually emitted hostility towards any other creature.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s appearance was different to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon to a certain extent. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s skin color was even deeper and its scales covered its entire body like a cyan metal armor draping its powerful body. The armor outlined the contours of its imposing body. Whenever its mighty body flew up in the air, galloping through the sky, it resembled the master of a world! 

Regardless of appearance or aura, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was clearly inferior to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon by a level. This much Chu Mu had discovered when he encountered the adult Cyan Hidden Dragon at Li City.

The adult Cyan Hidden Dragon at Li City had strengthened itself to the emperor rank and its strength was even above Li Huang’s Cyan Hidden Dragon. While an adult Cyan Hidden Dragon was not an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, when the adult Cyan Hidden Dragon in Li City had suffered wounds but fought alone against two emperors and countless peak monarchs, it had been tyrannical and imposing, leaving Chu Mu in much shock. 

In comparison, Chu Mu could only feel ruthlessness on Li Huang’s Cyan Hidden Dragon...

“Big Brother Li Huang, this seems to be a dual star seal. We need to find the two star points to open it.” said the sharp voice man from before.

The sharp voiced man was called Zhao Mulin. He was a young expert who controlled plant world creatures. Although his strength wasn’t ranking in the top ten of the first grade, his reputation wasn’t small either.

“What a joke. Since I’ve come, of course I would know how to open it.” laughed LI Huang as he spoke.

Li Huang walked as he talked to the very center of the Death Forest Tower, and began to use his soul remembrance to arouse the Death Forest Tower’s seal, in an attempt to forcibly break the seal.

As Li Huang’s soul remembrance entered, black colored energy balls began to emerge at the very top of the sword towers amidst Death Forest Tower. These energies had some attraction force with each other that caused them to slowly link up, drawing the lines of a black seal.

The black energy gradually became clearer and not long after, the entire seal pattern outline appeared above the Death Forest Tower. As the energy condensed, various patterns and charms emerged from within the seal pattern...

As expected, the seal was opened by Li Huang!

Chu Mu was silently shocked in his heart. He was unsure of how Li Huang could open the seal without going through the two star points. Perhaps it was because he had destroyed the two star points that Li Huang was able to open the seal.

The seal had already been opened and one could clearly see the black pattern above the Death Forest Tower forming a special spatial door. The creature inside the seal could fly out while creatures outside the seal could fly in.

“Let’s go in. I’ve heard that this Sinking Wind Dragon is a top quality dragon. I’m not sure how long it’s been sealed for. Perhaps its teeth have all fallen out, hahaha.” laughed Li Huang.

As he spoke, he jumped onto the Cyan Hidden Dragon, and had it fly directly into the seal.

Seeing the three people make their way into the seal, Chu Mu felt it was time to make a move.

“If you don’t want to die, then leave the seal!” Chu Mu walked out from the adjacent black plant wall and with one shout stopped the three people going after the Sinking Wind Dragon.

Li Huang, Zhao Mulin, and another soul pet trainer had just risen into the air on their soul pets. However, after they heard this voice, their hearts went cold and they hastily stopped in their tracks!

These three people, even if they had intentions to fight, were in the tenth realm where there was bound to be many experts. Even they didn’t eliminate the possibility of them being defeated. Therefore, when they heard this voice, they immediately reacted.

However, when the three people discovered that there was only one person, they were stunned.

“That’s strange. Who is this person? I don’t seem to have seen him before.” the other young man had a face of confusion as he looked at Chu Mu.

“I seem to recall… oh, I remember. It’s the person who challenged the grade above him and defeated Nightmare Palace’s young prince. He is Soul Palace Chu Chen that in one go became the second grade’s powerful and popular figure!” Zhao Mulin’s spoke with his sharp voice, but one could see the confusion in his heart manifesting on his face. 

Why did this second grade expert run here to the tenth realm?

Even if he walked the wrong path, he strayed way too far off. It would take a few days to go from the tenth to the ninth realm and the path was very separated. 

“Soul Palace brat, what did you just say?” Li Huang’s eyebrows rose. He seemed to have a bit of an impression towards Chu Mu, but simply didn’t take him seriously.

Chu Mu knew that there was no point in him speaking. Shouting like this was only to stop them from entering the Sinking Wind Dragon’s sealed space.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that this fight would be difficult to avoid so he didn’t need to be courteous as he said: “I want you to screw off!” 

With an emperor rank soul pet, in the young generation, did Chu Mu have to be polite?

“Hahaha, it seems this brat simply doesn’t know where he is!” Zhao Mulin suddenly laughed.

When the three people heard Chu Mu, they guessed that this second grade expert probably thought he was in the ninth realm. In a complete blunder, he had stupidly run to the tenth realm and was now facing these first grade experts!

“There are so many paths in Immortal City you’re not supposed to walk on and red patterns that you’re not supposed to step on. But now you’ve arrived at our tenth realm and still dare yell at us. Aren’t you courting death?!” the soul pet whose name was unknown spoke. 

“Listen to us. This is the tenth realm and is the hunting ground of us first graders! The second grade’s strongest people rank within our first grade’s top thirty. But, to us, you’re just a joke!” mocked the sharp voiced Zhao Mulin.

“Zhao Mulin, get rid of him. I don’t want to waste my time because of a Soul Palace trash.” after Li Huang knew of Chu Mu’s identity, he couldn’t even be bothered to look at Chu Mu. He didn’t hide his arrogance. 

Zhao Mulin laughed and said silently: Each expert we encounter in the tenth realm is very strong and has caused our mental state to be constantly at edge. Now that we’ve somehow run into a second grade competitor, I’ll take this chance to destroy him and relax myself. 

“I’ll let you understand the difference between a first and second grader. Would you believe that just one of my soul pets will be able to completely get rid of all your soul pets?” Zhao Mulin wasn’t in a hurry. His plant type soul pet was already hiding underground. With just an order, it would immediately spring up.

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid. He calmly faced this first grade expert.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t appear. She watched from the side. After she heard Zhao Mulin’s words, she said in a low voice: “It should be Chu Mu’s one soul pet that will be able to get rid of all your soul pets.”


“Mo Xie, fight!” ordered Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulders. The sin flames on her body began to rapidly spring up. An enormous evil energy suddenly engulfed her surroundings. Compared to the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, this incarnation was much more demonic and tyrannical!! 

The opponent had a plant world soul pet, so Mo Xie didn’t use sin imprint. Instead, the sin flames wrapped her entire body and her nine tails gorgeously unfurled. Mo Xie abruptly increased her speed. She resembled scalding magma that had been spewn out of a volcano as she flew forth!!

Mo Xie’s emperor rank aura suddenly burned the entire black tower like a sea of fire. Li Huang and the two others were immediately stunned and simply didn’t understand what had happened!!

Zhao Mulin’s plant monarch was hidden underground. Mo Xie had locked onto this soul pet and was rushing towards this plant type soul pet’s main body!

Zhao Mulin was unable to react and could only watch as the burning dark red colored sin flames attack the location his soul pet was hidden!!!

“Sin Flame Claw!!”

Mo Xie’s dark red colored sin flame body erupted and an even larger ardent flame rushed towards the three people!

Amidst the gorgeous sin flames, Mo Xie’s powerful body reached out and with a beautiful stretch, her claws imposingly ripped open a dark red colored demonic burning moon blade towards the ground!! 

“Si la!!!!!!!”

The demonic burning moon blade was two hundred meters long and the incomparably sturdy black brick ground was easily ripped apart like a lotus. The blade rapidly penetrated all the way to the location the plant monarch’s main  body was at!!

This plant monarch was unable to dodge and the ripping force destroyed its wood vine body. The fifth rank sin flames entered its body and did double the damage to its body!!

Mo Xie’s emperor rank attacks were capable of instakilling the plant type monarch on their own, but adding on her fire attribute, this doubled the effect!!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

An astonishing fissure in the shape of the moon flitted past the three people. The sin flames were burning and underneath the fissure, Zhao Mulin’s plant monarch’s life force rapidly diminished. Before long, it had been burned to ashes by the sin flames!

As for how powerful and how high of a temperature this attack was, the nearby three first grade experts could all feel it!

At this moment, Li Huang, Zhao Mulin, and the other member were completely stunned!

This was because the moment the soul pet covered in sin flames attacked, they had realized this was the strength of an emperor rank!!

Zhao Mulin’s facial expression, due to the soul pact rupturing, clearly changed, but it was nothing compared to the shock in his heart… 

Just now Zhao Mulin had been thinking that they had come across the rare occurence of encountering a second grade competitor, and wanted to destroy him to loosen his mental state.

Ultimately, the reality had been completely the opposite. The one destroyed wasn’t his opponent but himself!

Facing an emperor rank soul pet, his state of mind right now was definitely not relaxed. Instead, it was going to collapse soon!

It was hard to believe… truly too hard to believe. Even Li Huang wasn’t any calmer than Zhao Mulin. One had to know that Soul Palace Chu Chen was controlling an emperor rank soul pet. Even his Cyan Hidden Dragon, which was invincible in the monarch rank, wasn’t the opponent of an emperor! 

However, why had an emperor rank soul pet appeared in a young generation’s hands. Moreover, it appeared in the hands of an unremarkable person! 

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