Chapter 577: Undead Tower, The Sealed Sinking Wind Dragon

Chapter 577: Undead Tower, The Sealed Sinking Wind Dragon

Su Sha’s identity wasn’t clear. Since this person’s identity wasn’t clear, Chu Mu just assumed this man was the defector young woman’s subordinate. After all, the defector young woman couldn’t possibly head to tenth realm alone.

“That woman has emperor rank strength of the Holy Stem Flower. However, she clearly isn’t tenth phase, so her strength is probably similar to top tier monarch rank. Mo Xie, you said that your seal breaking was her perfect counter. That’s great, so if we find her, killing her won’t be too hard.” Chu Mu said.

Princess Jin Rou saw Chu Mu and little Mo Xie communicating and a smile crept into the corners of her mouth, “Chu Mu, maybe you can even take the final honor of tenth realm on your way. The final honor’s reward is an emperor rank young soul pet. One has to know how hard it is to get an emperor rank young soul pet. This Battle of the Realm may be your only chance. Once you lose it, getting an emperor rank in the future will be near impossible.”

Chu Mu nodded and smiled broadly as well.

If time allowed, Chu Mu indeed could consider going to tenth realm for the final honor. After all, its an emperor rank soul pet! After it’s tenth phase, he could be equally matched with the so called tenth level title holders!!


The second star point was a decayed large statue. Chu Mu directly released the sealed organism inside.

As Chu Mu expected, the defending organism was indeed a top tier monarch rank soul pet. IF this were before, Chu Mu would have an incredibly hard time dealing with it.

Now, it was different. Mo Xie only fought a couple of rounds without even using techniques before killing this top tier monarch rank defending organism. The entire process was incredibly easy.


Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox stared wide-eyed at Mo Xie and let out a cute murmur.

Back in Wogu Region, Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s strength was above Mo XIe. However, who would’ve thought that Mo Xie transformed and was now a seven sin fox. Facing the powerful top tier monarch that even Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox didn’t dare face, Mo Xie dealt with it easily. Both as demon fox species, its strength was already different as night and day. The little ice fox had its dignity hurt. 

Princess Jin Rou robbed the little ice ball’s fur, knowing that the little fellow was being bitter.

Princess Jin Rou already had mental preparation that Chu Mu’s soul pet could continuously mutate. However, she still didn’t expect that Chu Mu would leap to such new heights. With the mutated seven sin fox, he could look down upon all young generation members.

“Don’t feel bad. Once you’re tenth phase, I’ll strengthen you and you’ll have a chance to reach emperor rank too.” Princess Jin Rou gently comforted her little ice fox.

“Wuwuwuw~~~~~” Little ice fox was still dispirited. No matter how much she was strengthened, it wasn’t as fast as mutating.

Seeing Chu Mu deal with the top tier monarch rank soul pet, Princess Jin Rou slowly walked over with her map and told Chu Mu, “We’ll follow this path until the final honor castle of tenth realm. Along the way will be your father’s sealed soul pet location, also known as Undead Forest.”

“En, let’s leave.” Chu Mu said as he jumped onto Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back and brought the pitiful appearance little Mo Xie as he continued forward.

In reality, Chu Mu was very curious what princess Jin Rou came to Immortal City to do. As she walked ahead, Chu Mu started staring at her beautiful back image and pondered.

“Chu Mu…..’ Princess Jin Rou turned around and immediately noticed Chu Mu staring at her, the words getting caught mid throat.

Chu Mu looked a little embarrassed. It seems like his pondering was mistaken to be willful staring.

Chu Mu had to admit that Princess Jin Rou was indeed pretty, to the point where one couldn’t control one’s imagination anymore. A thread of face veil couldn’t block her beauty, only tempting one to dig further to see her appearance.

However, Chu Mu had Ye QIngzi now, and knew that Ye QIngzi was the most suited for him.

So, though he had more contact with the originally untouchable Princess Jin Rou, Chu Mu no longer had any extra thoughts about her.

Princess Jin Rou herself quickly adjusted as well, and continued, “I heard some things about your father’s sealed soul pet.”

“En, continue talking, I want to hear it.” Chu Mu didn’t bother hiding his gaze, since he hadn’t truly thought astray.

Princess Jin Rou glanced at Chu Mu. She didn't show anything on her face, but she was muttering to herself on the inside, “Chu Mu truly is thick skinned - secretly looking at me yet still acting this calm, doesn’t he know he has a woman already, and that his woman is still in danger? Treat emotions more carefully!”

“Chu Tianmang’s restriction was covered up very tightly by soul alliance. Only those who were present knows the exact details. About this sealed soul pet in Immortal City, if I’m not mistaken, it should be Chu Tianmang’s Sinking Wind Dragon.” Princess Jin ROu said.

“Sinking Wind Dragon!”

Chu Mu’s heart strings were touched.

It was indeed Sinking Wind Dragon! When he listened to his father talk about all kinds of soul pets, Chu Mu would notice that every time the old man mentioned a few soul pets, he would show sorrow and reminisce.

Chu Mu didn’t understand in the past. Now Chu Mu knew. These soul pets were probably the ones that the old man had once owned and had accompanied him in his adventures through the world!

Even the weakest dragon species was at least monarch rank. And, most dragon ranks are said to be extremely powerful presences in monarch rank; though they didn’t have the same perfection as the seven sin fox, they were still named invincible amongst monarch ranks!

“This sinking wind dragon was originally supposed to be let free. However, soul alliance Tian Ting gave it an unneeded sentence, which caused it to be sealed under Immortal City for nearly ten years now.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“Soul alliance Tian Ting…...the leader of the four absolutes just under the king? Tell me about this person.” Chu Mu furrowed his brow and asked.

“Four absolutes under king was a saying in Tianxia City. In reality, the four absolutes were still far off from the king. However, lets not talk about that and talk about Tian Ting instead.” Princess JIn ROu continued. “Tian Ting was an extremely powerful expert under the titles of soul alliance’s sixteen absolutes. It is said he has the ability to match them……”

Chu Mu knew that Princess Jin Rou’s news was definitely accurate, and was completely different from the news he heard from the public.

“That’s just hearsay. At least, Tian Ting’s strength can’t match your soul palace senior elders. From what I understand, his strength is around the average of elders. He is from Wanxiang City and was supposed to fight for the sixteen absolute position in soul alliance. However, he instead became the four leaders of Tianxia City, which may be related to the event in eternal ocean……”

“Tian Ting grew up in Wanxiang City and was incredibly arrogant, often looking down upon experts from Tianxia Realm. Your father Chu Tianmang was from Tianxia Realm, so hearing Tian Ting’s extremely taunting and insulting words, Chu Tianmang went to duel and utterly destroy Tian Ting, even killing one of his main soul pets in anger. That was how both of them started their blood feud. Since Chu Tianmang had lost his power, he came and added a sentence on the Sinking Wind Dragon that was supposed to be spared, causing it to end up in the Immortal City.

After hearing it, Chu Mu’s heart was shaking. He hadn’t thought that Chu Tianmang at that time already had the strength to defeat the leader of the four leaders, Tian Ting, who also had a high likelihood of inheriting the position of sixteen absolute in soul alliance. Just how radiant was Chu Tianmang at his peak?

It was rare to find someone who understood his father well, so Chu Mu asked the questions in his heart.

“Your father’s most radiant moments……. That I don’t know too much about. Mainly, its because the crime your father committed was too grave. Soul Alliance almost sealed off all information about him. I’m guessing that he was undefeated in his own generation however.” Princess Jin Rou said with some thought.

Princess Jin Rou’s understanding was limited, so Chu Mu couldn’t figure out the truth, only able to change topics and discuss the Sinking Wind Dragon’s condition instead.

The Sinking Wind Dragon was a soul pet Chu Tianmang gained later in his life. It had just gotten to tenth phase when it was sealed up, so it was rather behind in terms of Chu Tianmang’s soul pets’ strengths, but it had great potential. After all, it was a dragon!

Chu Mu couldn’t help but think back to Chu Tianmang’s description of it, “Sinking Wind Dragon, a body of silver, tall and mighty…… 

It is a proud creature, only able to swallow food from the rewards of his battles…...

Its temperament was sometimes gentle as a warm current, sometimes angry as a storming gale…...

It was like wind, praising the freedom of riding the air, flying through valleys, mountains, and clouds……”


Thinking of the proud Sinking Wind Dragon that once flew the world being stuck in a tiny space, unable to get the freedom it so valued for a dozen years, Chu Mu’s heart felt even more pained.

Immediately, Chu Mu wasn’t willing to wait any longer, hoping they could release the Sinking Wind Dragon and allow it to face the skies again, flowing freely between the winds…...


The Undead Tower wasn’t too far. About the fourth day, Chu Mu arrived there.

The undead towers were actually a group of black spire-like structures, each about thirty meters in height, like black swords that stabbed down from the clouds, majestic and imposing!


Just as Chu Mu was about to step into the range of the Undead Towers, little Mo Xie let out a small whimper to remind Chu Mu that there were people nearby.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin ROu immediately concealed themselves and started observing.

After a moment, Chu Mu saw a couple soul pet trainers loitering around near the Undead Towers as if looking for something.

“Boss Li Huang, you sure the information is accurate, that there is a Sinking Wind Dragon in here?” A slightly shrill voice came.

“There’s no mistaking it. Sinking Wind Dragon’s blood and heart are the perfect soul items for my Cyan Hidden Dragon. It might even have a soul cyrstal!” Li Huang’s voice came. From his voice, one could tell the greed and cruelty that was undisguisable!

From not far away, hearing this, Chu Mu immediately closed his fists hard!

Chu Mu was just thinking about the incident of Cyan Hidden Dragon. He didn’t think he would find Li Huang here, and find him scheming about the Sinking Wind Dragon -- he truly had outlived his deserved time in this world!!

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