Chapter 576: Killing towards Tenth Realm (2)

Chapter 576: Killing towards Tenth Realm (2)

Tenth realm, the default fighting grounds for first tier. Those put into second tier and third tier would never even think of entering!

Yet, Battle of the Realm didn’t clearly set a rule saying third and second tier members couldn’t go towards tenth realm to fight. This was why different tiers could have struggled together in the previous realms. 

This was a tradition. It wasn’t because people specially split everyone into three tiers; it was just, as young generation soul pet trainers, changes in age caused a great difference in strength. Three years of age difference often caused an obvious difference in strength.

Because of this, after countless years of hosting Battle of the Realm, the unspoken tradition created tiers, which gained the recognition of Battle of the Realm and created an ambiguous rule.

Over these many years, it wasn’t that no one ever challenged above their own tier, it was only that only one in a couple hundred years would one incident happen.

However, people have seen challenges beyond one tier, but no one had seen someone challenge across two tiers!!

Mu’s outstanding performance in second tier had already made many people categorize him as an expert amongst second tier. Chu Mu also very bravely killed his way to the blood beast altar, so without any mishaps, the ninth realm final honor would be his!

Going from third tier to second tier and gaining the final honor was already a great miracle. What caused everyone to be dumbstruck was this person still wasn’t satisfied, wanting to fight his way into first tier in tenth realm!!

The first tier ninth realm and tenth realm are continuous. According to information from informational soul pets, in the first tier ninth realm, there were already a majority that have been eliminated. The remaining 30 people were fighting for the final honor of tenth realm!

These thirty people were definitely the most powerful of the young generation of battle of the realm. The second tier strongest Si Tian couldn’t even be compared to these thirty people.

In fact, of these thirty people, many were top tier experts even in the middle aged generation. Unless people were Kingdom masters, palace masters, or tenth level title owners, no one dared to fight them!

That was why when Chu Mu went so headstrong into tenth realm, it caused an unprecedented commotion!

“If someone takes the second tier final honor and the first tier final honor together, it truly would break the record of Battle of the Realm history! Will this person be Chu Chen!!” Zhao Cheng started muttering to himself.

“One lucky chance….. And maybe… truly is possible. If that emperor rank soul pet exists…..” Shang Heng said.

“Don’t emperor rank soul pets easily defect? Chu Mu definitely isn’t a spirit emperor yet, so how is he be able to control an emperor rank soul pet? I’m guessing that the emperor rank isn’t his. Didn’t you hear? The informational soul pets say it has already disappeared.” People in soul palace discussed.

“Indeed, you’re right. How would Chu Chen have an emperor rank soul pet. If he truly had one, he would be invincible in young and middle aged generation. Even us soul palace only have emperor ranks at the palace master level.”

These young generation members’ discussion quickly fell into Old spirit teacher De’s ears. He humphed and, with no mannerisms of an elder, stood right in the pack of young generation members and said, “What do you kids know? That soul pet definitely reaches emperor rank in power, but its species rank is definitely still monarch rank!”

“Then, you’re saying Chu Chen has created an emperor rank soul pet through strengthening?” Zhao Cheng immediately asked.

Old soul teacher De shook his head. “It isn’t simple to strengthen an emperor rank soul pet at all. If I guessed correctly, Chu Chen’s emperor rank soul pet is the seven sin fox, the most perfect monarch rank soul pet.”

“The most perfect monarch rank? Seven sin fox?” Soul palace members were all confused, never having heard this phrase.

“You bunch of idiots, not taking the time to learn, and now you know nothing!” Old soul teacher de said fumingly.

He proceeded to explain the special existence of the seven sin fox as well as the concept of perfect monarch rank to these soul palace younger generation members.

After hearing it, everyone realized the implications, and all showed envious expressions towards Chu Mu!

As soul masters, being able to ride emperor rank soul pets was incredibly rare. To them, being able to break through the gap from monarch to emperor rank was already incredible!

Seeing these younglings almost salivate in envy, Old soul teacher de also laughed out in satisfaction, “Us soul palace have another abnormal level young man. Hahaha, we will finally suppress Nightmare Palace in the future. This Chu Chen kid truly has future prospect, he’s worthy of being called a young master of soul palace……”

“Our soul palace young master?”

“What young master?”

“Old soul teacher de, what did you say Chu Chen was?”

The young generation members immediately started gossiping. Even Ting Lan, Li Zhan, Shang Heng, and Zhao Cheng stared blankly, because they all seemed to hear that Old Soul Teacher De referred to Chu Chen as soul palace’s young master.

De Old Soul Teacher realized that, in a moment of pride, he accidentally revealed Chu Mu’s identity, and he felt ashamed.

“What young master? What are your ears hearing? When did elder say that?” Old soul teacher De started using the tactics of a kid, yelling back at these chattering young generation members.

“All of you go train properly. Those of you with another chance at Battle of Realm, get ready. Those without a chance, you should get pumped up even more. One has to know that if you don’t raise your strength before thirty years old, your strength will probably be fixed for the rest of your life. Know that?” To hide his leak, Old Soul Teacher de started to lecture all the young generation members.

These young generation members were all elites of soul palace with titles above seventh level. However, compared to Old soul teacher De, an elder, they were just a group of meddling kids. With Old Soul Teacher De’s lecture, all of them could only nod in agreement.

“You have to learn from Chu Chen. This person doesn’t care for his own life when he trains. I have never seen him eat and play, have love. He competes whenever he gets time……” Old Soul Teacher De couldn’t stop speaking now.

“Indeed, Chu Chen is our role model.” Many of the soul palace members present had seen for themselves the battle between Chu Chen and Nightmare Palace young prince. Those who haven’t seen it have also heard of it. So, to hear Chu Mu earn honor for soul palace, they were all incredibly respectful.

Old soul teacher De saw that the young fellows no longer dug deeper about his slip, he finally let out a breath quietly.

“Elder De, you just said that if one doesn’t reach a certain height before thirty, one will never be able to improve after. Is that really true?” Ting Lan asked.

De old soul teacher cleared his throat and faced Ting Lan. An amiable smile quickly appeared on the elder’s face, completely another person than the lecturing character just seconds ago. “Indeed, this is a cruel reality. Any soul pet trainer would be like this. This is why we soul palace highly value our young generations’ self training efforts.

Ting Lan nodded lightly and didn’t ask further, going into deep thought.


Immortal City

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou had gone deeper into the city for three days already. This was very close to the tenth realm segment portioned out, so it won’t take long before they meet first tier experts.

“Chu Mu, we’re very close to the second star of your father’s soul pet. It may take about two extra hours. Then, your father’s sealed soul pet will be in tenth phase, ready for you to release it.” Princess Jin Rou looked at the immortal city map and quietly told Chu mu.

Ye Wansheng had already marked the second star location on the map. Now that they had the second tier final honor, they needed to fix the issue of his father’s soul pet. Thankfully, this event won’t take too long, or else Chu Mu would still prioritize Ye QIngzi, leaving this to a later date to save Chu Tianmang’s soul pet.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded, heading towards the second star point of the sealed soul pet.

The second star point was more difficult than the first, so white devil won’t be its match, meaning Chu Mu had to let Mo Xie attack.

Old Li had specially explained that emperor rank soul pets’ stamina doesn’t recover well. Chu Mu didn’t mind too much. Mo Xie could stay in pitiful appearance which could recover her stamina. Let alone, the strongest soul pet of second star was just top tier monarch rank. Mo Xie didn't even need to use a technique to beat it, saving even more stamina.

“Princess, what experts are there in first tier? Do you know?” Chu Mu asked.

Since they were heading towards tenth realm, he had to understand the situation. After all, Chu Mu knew the first tier wasn’t a place he could sweep through with just a one emperor rank soul pet.

“En.” Princess Jin ROu immediately explained the approximate situation of first tier to Chu mu.

Qin Ye’s strength was top five in first tier. The rest of the top five all had main soul pets that reached top tier monarch rank.

The five weren’t ranked by strength. They were soul alliance Li Huang. Princess Jin Rou’s same mother, different father brother Xu Hefeng, Soul Palace Elder Feng’s son Feng Luo, as well as some large kingdom from the eastern Su Sha.

Li Huang Chu Mu had seen. It was the person that Chu Mu saw initially when he went to Holy Stem Sacred Region, the one controlling a enslaved Cyan Hidden Dragon that was extremely arrogant.

Every time he thought back to the cyan hidden dragon’s pained yet soulless eyes, Chu mu felt indescribably painful. Though that cyan hidden dragon was cruel and ruthless, Chu Mu could always feel the cyan hidden dragon’s soul shout towards him for salvation…...

Princess Jin Rou’s brother Xu Hefeng and Princess Jin Rou had never liked each other because of their different fathers. However, this person was incredibly powerful and not below Qin Ye, so Princess Jin Rou warned Chu Mu to be wary.

Soul Palace Elder Feng, one of the four main leaders, had a son with extreme fame and power as well.

Su Sha had an unknown identity that no one bothered to check, but his/her strength was incredible, making him/her one of the strongest dark horses of first tier!

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