Chapter 575: Killing His Way to the Tenth Realm (1)

Chapter 575: Killing His Way to the Tenth Realm (1) 

“Young master, put these pieces of equipment on. Aside from those among the most powerful in the first grade, no one else has enough money to purchase a ninth rank armor. Give your soul pets all ancillary combat equipment. If you encounter a few first grade experts, your other soul pets will be able to deal with them. 

As he spoke, Old Li gave Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s spatial rings and their equipment to Chu Mu. At this moment, Old Li didn’t dare take anything. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and urged Old Li and Ye Wansheng to bring Ye Qingzi back.

“Chu Mu, please.” Ye Wansheng spoke before picking up Ye Qingzi and rode on his Star Wilderness Devil Colt as he began to head back according to the green patterns. 

“Also, young master, although it is not hard for an emperor rank soul pet’s physical strength to recover, it still eats a lot. You must preserve the small fox’s physical strength, otherwise the soul cores will not be enough to fill up the emperor rank’s stomach, and her physical strength will not recover…” Old Li gave another word of advice before he left.

Chu Mu nodded his head and followed Old Li and Ye Wansheng with his eyes as they left with Ye Qingzi.

After they left, Chu Mu’s heart was still difficult to calm down. He took in a deep breath, recovering his emotions.

“Wu wu wu~~~~” Mo Xie intelligently used pitiful appearance, slowly transforming into a small inferno monarch. Her appearance wasn’t too different from her original pitiful appearance, and she was still extremely adorable. 

Mo Xie jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulders and used her tongue to lick Chu Mu’s cheek. She seemingly was telling Chu Mu not to worry.

Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie’s nine small tails and gradually adjusted his state of mind.

“Chu Mu, Xia Guanghan, and Qin Ye have a total of four ninth rank soul armors and one ninth rank full form offensive soul equipment. Use them all on your soul pets.” Princess Jin Rou said to Chu Mu.

“What about yourself?” asked Chu Mu.

“Myself and Bing Ying both have ninth rank soul armors. We’re about to fight against first grade experts who are able to enter the tenth realm. Only the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox and White Nightmare will be a bit of use. My other soul pets will not participate. We’ll mainly be relying on you to fight.” Princess Jin Rou didn’t try to be brave, and indicated that her strength was lacking.

Princess Jin Rou rarely had to worry about funds. She received the pampering of numerous elders and senior elders, and would always receive special treatment from them. But what she did lack was soul pet training.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He put the ninth rank soul armors, and Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s spatial ring into his soul pet space. 

Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s spatial rings mostly contained medicines, soul crystals, and soul cores. There weren’t items with true value. 

This was very common. The majority of soul pet trainers, if they had homes, would normally place their goods at their homes when they travelled to dangerous places. This would prevent their spatial rings from being lost, or if something unexpected occurred, they wouldn’t lose all their riches.

Zhan Ye and the White Nightmare both already had ninth rank armors. The ninth rank full form offensive soul equipment was given to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye was at the ninth phase middle stage. After obtaining a full form offensive soul equipment, it didn’t need to use Brave Stinging Heart and its strength would be equivalent to a tenth phase middle class monarch. Presumably, once Zhan Ye’s physical strength and broken limb rebirth abilities fully recovered, its Brave Stinging Heart’s final burst would allow it to near the peak monarch rank.

The White Nightmare already had full form soul equipment. The awakening ability it had stolen from the White Nightmare Princess would quickly disappear, and it was about to return to the high class monarch rank. Of course, relying on its nine underworld devil flames, it was only lacking by one level compared to those peak monarchs without ancillary attributes; thus it was capable of fighting against peak monarchs.

Of the four pieces of soul equipment, one ninth rank soul armor was given to Mo Xie, allowing her defensive ability to slightly rise. Of course, to an emperor rank’s defense, the ninth rank soul armor was really just decoration.

“Chu Mu you should wear one. Otherwise if that woman attacks you, you won’t have the ability to resist.” Princess Jin Rou saw Chu Mu was planning on giving the soul equipment all to his soul pets, so she gave advice to Chu Mu.

Towards Chu Mu’s actions, Princess Jin Rou was pretty much speechless. If other soul pet trainers had soul armor, they would wear it themselves first. However, Chu Mu had six ninth rank pieces of soul equipment right now altogether, but didn’t even plan on wearing one himself. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, as he indeed felt this was needed. Promptly, he took one of the soul armors and put it on.

Of the other two, Chu Mu gave one to the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the other to the Ghost King.

In the subsequent fight, neither the Binding Wind Spirit, Ice Air Fairy, or Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be of much use. However, this Ghost King with extremely powerful defense would be able to hold its own.

The Ghost King was now at the ninth phase second stage. Its defenses had been raised to the late ninth rank. After Monarch Ghost Transformation, it would rise to the full ninth rank. If it wore the ninth rank soul armor, it would be able to stop tenth rank techniques!

With full form martial equipment, Chu Mu’s strength also greatly rose.

Each ninth rank armor cost 5 million. To a true expert in the first grade, they required at least two months to finish a ninth rank mission with a 1 million gold reward. Moreover, the chances of success were very low. 

Furthermore, the majority of competitors would spend endless amounts of money on strengthening and feeding their soul pets. There were not many people who had the luxury of purchasing luxurious soul equipment. 

Therefore, even a ninth rank soul armor was rather precious in the first grade. There were not people who, like Chu Mu, had full form warrior equipment or other equipment. Chu Mu thus had a huge advantage!

“Zhan Ye, go back and rest first. White Nightmare, you stay and continue to fight.” said Chu Mu.

Zhan Ye had already finished using its Broken Limb Rebirth technique and required rest to recover. Since it had taken the White Nightmare Princess’ awakening ability, the White Nightmare still had ample fighting strength. Thus he would mainly rely on the White Nightmare to clear the upcoming path.

“Princess, let’s go.” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou carried her pitiful appearance ice colored small fox, Bing Ying. She rode on a Nightmare Palace Gale Colt as she followed beside Chu Mu.



The Blood Beast Altar Plaza was a mess. About half a day after Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou left, Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xie Tao hastily arrived. 

Elder Xie Tao had come here mainly to weaken the sealed blood beast’s strength. However, when he saw that the plaza’s statue guards had practically all been turned to smithereens, his face was covered with shock!

“What happened! What…. What on earth happened?!” Elder Xie Tao yelled as he slightly lost his bearings. 

Elder Xie Tao was extremely clear that if all of the statue guards were killed, then this would affect the second seal’s stability. 

Promptly, Elder Xia Tao began to hastily check the state of the seal. This seated person’s face greatly changed, as the second seal had been completely ripped apart by some force!

Even more terrifying was that this extremely powerful emperor rank soul pet that was under the second seal was just about to break the seal!

Xie Tao immediately recognized the gravity of the situation and rapidly condensed his soul remembrance to form a voice. He yelled at the sky: “I am the first seat Xie Tao! All competitors participating in the second grade’s ultimate honor competition listen to me. Immediately follow the green markings and leave Immortal City. Those who don’t listen will suffer the consequences themselves!!”

“...immediately follow the green markings and leave Immortal city. Those who don’t listen will suffer the consequences themselves!!” 

This voice quickly spread through a large region of Immortal City. Those second grade competitors who didn’t know of the situation and were lingering near the Blood Beast Altar were attempting to enter. However, after they heard the voice, their faces went blank since they didn’t know what occurred. 

“What happened? Could it be they cancelled the competition?” 

“What on earth are the Tianxia authorities doing? We risked our lives to make it here. We’re just about to reach the Blood Beast Altar when they suddenly yelled for us to return?” 

“If I don’t obtain the second grade’s ultimate honor, I won’t leave Immortal City!” 

“Some danger could have emerged. For safety’s sake, we had best leave.” 

Various voices rang out in this region of Immortal City.

The majority of people listened to Elder Xie Tao’s orders. Although they didn’t understand why and were hesitant, they began to leave Immortal City.

However, there were a few overzealous people. After all, they were already so close to Blood Beast Altar. Victory was right in front of them and it was very difficult for them to leave. 


Tianxia Plaza

“What is the situation in Immortal City like right now?”

The situation on the Blood Beast Altar had already become the focal point of everyone in the plaza. Even the first grade’s information was not as cared about as Chu Mu’s information.

When Chu Mu and Mo Xie had entered the seal, the Species Calamity had continued. It could be said that everyone had reached a state of inconceivable shock as they “witnessed” the scene of the statue guards killing each other from the information soul pet circling nearby the Blood Beast Altar.

Moreover, at the end, people didn’t even know what exactly had happened. Only a few experienced soul pet trainers could roughly guess that it could have been Chu Mu’s emperor rank soul pet using a demon technique, causing the statue guards to point their blades at one another.

“Ye Wansheng is bringing the injured Ye Qingzi away from Immortal City.” the messenger soul pet transmitted information about them.

“What about Soul Palace Chu Chen? What is he doing? Was that emperor rank his soul pet? Or was it some powerful creature in Immortal City that came to his aid?” 

There were still many people who didn’t really believe that Chu Mu truly possessed an emperor rank soul pet. 

Among the younger generation, the peak of the first grade was the peak monarch rank. It was practically impossible for an emperor rank soul pet to appear!

“I can’t see where that emperor rank soul pet is. However… Soul Palace Chu Chen and Princess Jin Rou are heading to the depths of Immortal City… that direction… that direction seems to be towards the tenth realm!” transmitted the messenger soul pet. 

“What?!! Soul Palace Chu Chen and Princess Jin Rou are going to the first grade??” 

This piece of news immediately erupted in the entirety of Tianxia Plaza!! 

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