Chapter 574: Medicine to Heal Qinzi, The Crystal Inside the Holy Stem Flower

Chapter 574: Medicine to Heal Qinzi, The Crystal Inside the Holy Stem Flower

Species Calamity led to only a few remaining statue guards staying alive in the plaza.

It was only now that the anger imprinted in these statue guards’ eyes had finally disappeared. Facing the corpses of their own species filling this entire plaza, their minds finally awakened, and the statue guards abruptly realized the terrifying effects of this fight.

Mo Xie appearing once again in the plaza caused the remaining statue guards to show fear. In panic, they all began to flee far away.

It was difficult to imagine that these statue guards that had originally been extremely difficult to defeat had turned into stray dogs that could only flee like this.

“These were all gotten rid of by you?” Ye Wansheng couldn’t even close his mouth, as he stared in shock at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu only nodded his head, ignoring this and asking Ye Wansheng instead: “What poison did Qingzi contract? How could she become like this?” Ye Wansheng finally came back to his senses. He walked up to Chu Mu, glanced at Ye Qingzi and said: “This is from a soul teacher’s soul technique that sacrifices one’s blood to strengthen his or her soul pet. The moment the poison invades the arteries in her brain, Qingzi will…” as he spoke, Ye Wansheng walked in front of Ye Qingzi and glanced at her face. Abruptly, he discovered that her cheek had already been filled by poison!

Moreover, Ye Qingzi had gone unconscious at some point!

“Crap, the poison is already extremely close to her brain. Qingzi used this technique once in Li City. Reasonably speaking, this technique shouldn’t be used more than once in three years. Now the poison is still spreading, and before long…” Ye Wansheng’s face was deathly pale.

Previously he didn’t think Qingzi had been too badly poisoned. But now that he looked again, this was already endangering her life. If she wasn’t healed, his sister would be poisoned to death!

Ye Wansheng didn’t think that the situation would become so serious. He looked extremely nervous and he let out continuous streams of sweat!

“What methods of healing her are there?” Chu Mu’s heart was anxious and it seemed like he was going to lose Ye Qingzi. He hastily gathered up the beauty in his arms.

“Only Qingzi herself knows. But now she’s unconscious.” Ye Wansheng’s gaze immediately fell on Princess Jin Rou in hopes that she would know something.

However, Princess Jin Rou shook her head. Evidently, she didn’t know how to save Ye Qingzi either.

“Old Li!!” Chu MU yelled. He pulled Old Li out of his spatial ring. “Stop counting Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s goods. Quickly tell me how to save Qingzi!”

Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s soul pets all had soul equipment while they themselves wore ninth rank soul armor. Presumably, the inner crystal of the sealed space’s blood beast was in their spatial rings too. Old Li, this greedy fellow, grabbed all of these items after the fight ended.

Chu Mu had no thoughts of determining how many riches Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye had right now. He had only thought of detoxifying Ye Qingzi. 

Old Li originally hadn’t paid any heed to this because he felt that the poison would be healed after rest. However, when he discovered that the poison was quickly about to spread to Ye Qingzi’s temples, his face immediately changed!

“How did it become like this?!” Old Li said in shock.

“Stop wasting your words. Quickly think of a solution!” Chu Mu anxiously said.

The poison now covered almost all of her beautiful face. Seeing this, Chu Mu felt like a knife was twisting his heart. No matter what, Chu Mu could not just watch the poison continuously corrode her, causing her to lose her life!

“Young master, normal methods of detoxification won’t work because this soul teacher’s body has been wounded. I’m afraid only the inner crystal of an emperor rank healing soul pet can suppress the poison. Brat Ye, how stupid are you? You clearly knew that your sister was already poisoned, but you still let her use this technique!” Old Li suddenly yelled.

Ye Wansheng was extremely regretful. He really didn’t know that Ye Qingzi had been poisoned in Li City, nor did he realize that the situation had progressed to a stage that would endanger his sister’s life.

“Old Li, you must think of a way to save my sister. As long as you save my sister’s life, I’ll do anything you want.” Ye Wansheng grabbed Old Li’s sleeve and spoke with extremely sincerity.

“I just said, you must use an emperor rank healing soul pet’s inner crystal!” said Old Li, seriously.

“Where can we find an emperor rank healing soul pet’s inner crystal though?!” Ye Wansheng’s face was full of shock as he spoke. 

Emperor rank soul pets were innately very few, much less so an emperor rank soul pet with healing abilities!

Moreover, even if they were to find one, in order to obtain an emperor rank inner crystal, one had to kill this emperor rank soul pet!

Tianxia City sold various inner crystals of monarch rank soul pets. However, emperor rank crystals were fewer than few. Especially those innately rare healing type emperor rank soul pet inner crystals.

“Among Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Pets, the Holy Stem Flower possesses healing abilities. Moreover, the Holy Stem Flower is an emperor rank.” said Princess Jin Rou

Princess Jin Rou’s reminded caused Old Li to suddenly understand: “That’s right, a Holy Stem Flower’s inner crystal works.” 

“Holy Stem Flower!” Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Chu Mu knew that Old Soul Teacher De had a Holy Stem Flower. However, in order to save Ye Qingzi, he would have to take the Holy Stem Flower’s inner crystal, which would be equivalent to killing Old Soul Teacher De’s Holy Stem Flower. Old Soul Teacher De would never sacrifice his soul pet for Ye Qingzi.

Old Soul Teacher De wouldn’t sacrifice his soul pet, nor would other people. 

Moreover, the value of an emperor rank didn’t even need to be stated while purchasing an emperor rank healing soul pet’s inner crystal was impossible. The only possible method was to kill a whild Holy Stem Flower in the Sacred Holy Region. 

“Young Master, didn’t Old Soul Teacher De tell you that about someone in Tianxia City whose position is even higher than his in Tianxia City. This person is probably a Soul Palace senior elder. If you go back to the city now, and have this senior elder head to the Sacred Holy Region, if your luck is good, perhaps he’ll be able to find a Holy Stem Flower in ten days.” said Old Li.

“Perhaps? Then won’t Qingzi’s life still potentially be in danger?” Chu Mu couldn’t allow a “perhaps”. Even if there was a sliver of “perhaps”, Chu Mu couldn’t accept this. This matter pertained to Ye Qingzi’s life!

“This all depends on her luck. After all, even in the Sacred Holy Region, a senior elder would still find it difficult to find a Holy Stem Flower in ten days.” Of course, the senior elder could issue a reward for an expensive flower type emperor rank soul pet’s inner crystal from someone’s collection. This way she has another way of being saved.” said Old Li in a low voice.

Chu Mu had gone completely gloomy. All of Old Li’s methods were maybes. If they were unable to collect one, or if the senior elder was unable to find a Holy Stem Flower in time, then Ye Qingzi really would die.

In Li City, Ye Qingzi had used this self-destructive technique in order to fight for time so he could absorb the Jade Spring Holy Blood.

This time, it was because of his enemy that Ye Qingzi had fallen into danger, and she had no choice but to use this technique. 

Both times had been because of him. No matter what, Chu Mu couldn’t let Ye Qingzi die like this.

“Chu Mu?” Princess Jin Rou saw that Chu Mu wasn’t saying anything, and she spoke in a low voice at him. 

“Old Li, go with Ye Wansheng and take Qingzi back to the city. Tell that elder about the situation and ask him to take action. Then tell Old Soul Teacher De, and have him collect emperor rank flower type and water type crystals…” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate anymore and spoke to Ye Wansheng and Old Li.

“Chu Mu, you’re going to?” Ye Wansheng’s eyes were flushed red as he looked at Chu Mu. He didn’t understand what he was about to do.

Chu Mu didn’t respond. He used his hands to caress Ye Qingzi’s cheeks as he stared at her.

He had never been through any heart-stirring moments with Ye Qingzi that would make Chu Mu understand how sorrowful and despairful he would feel if he lost Ye Qingzi. He didn’t even know when he started liking her. Everything had just been so natural.

However, even if everything had progressed smoothly and everything had been so simple, Chu Mu didn’t need some huge event to understand that this feeling was the most pure and cherished thing there was.

Most importantly, Chu Mu was very clear that Ye Qingzi was the woman he most wanted, and the woman he most needed.

Chu Mu couldn’t bear it if anything happened to Ye Qingzi. Nothing could happen to her!

When the Holy Stem Flower was mentioned, Chu Mu realized that there was a Holy Stem Flower in the Immortal City that had the greatest chance of saving Ye Qingzi.

It was the defector young woman!

The defector young woman puppet was half human and half soul pet. One of its bloodlines was the Holy Stem Flower. He double checked with Old Li if the defector young woman puppet’s inner crystal would save Ye Qingzi.

Old Li responded that it definitely would.

Chu Mu had to settle things with the defector young woman puppet anyways. Ye Qingzi desperately needed to be saved so, in this fight, Chu Mu would give it his all. He was determined to breakthrough to the tenth realm’s ultimate honor grounds to find the defector young woman puppet!

“Chu Mu, you really are going to kill the veiled female master?” Princess Jin Rou realized what Chu Mu was going to do and softly spoke.

Chu Mu vigorously nodded his head and said: “With Mo Xie, I have a good chance of killing her. I’m just worried now that the time is not enough.” 

“You don’t need to worry about time. It takes about six days from here to reach the tenth realm’s ultimate honor ground. After we reach there, if we follow the green markings, it won’t even take us a day to walk out of Immortal City. However, I feel that the veiled female master cannot be this simple. There are probably even people in the first grade who are loyal to her…” said Princess Jin Rou.

“No matter what, I have to try. Princess, give me the Immortal City map.” Chu Mu didn’t want to delay.

“You aren’t familiar with Immortal City. Even with the map, you’re bound to take many detours. You may not be able to make it in ten days.” said Princess Jin Rou.

 “This…” Chu Mu’s face showed an unsightly expression.

“How about this, I’ll go with you. Have Ye Wansheng take Ye Qingzi back to the city.” Princess Jin Rou’s tone was flat as she spoke. 

Chu Mu was stunned and stared at Princess Jin Rou who was always wearing a veil. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“You saved me so I should help you out. Moreover, you forgot that I have another goal in Immortal City.” said Princess Jin Rou.

“Then I give much thanks to Princess.” Chu Mu wasn’t unreasonable. He really did need Princess Jin Rou’s help, since she was familiar with Immortal City. Therefore, he gave a very sincere thanks. 

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