Chapter 573: Xia Guanghan, Unable to Escape Death

Chapter 573: Xia Guanghan, Unable to Escape Death

The dark red sin flames burned shockingly as nine sin imprint tails restricted its body.

The destructive wind fairy couldn’t move at all, and was only able to withstand the torture of the sin flames!

And this moment, Xia Guanghan was feeling the same as the destructive wind fairy. Though he wasn't receiving any attacks, his repeatedly damaged soul was choking the life out of him. His veins bulged out on his extremely pale face, and his eyes seemed to be popping out!

Finally, the destructive wind fairy was killed!

As the destructive wind fairy’s body was slowly disintegrated by the sin flames, Xia Guanghan’s face was twisted even further with pain. However, standing opposite of him was this particular young man. The shame was what caused Xia Guanghan the real pain!

Just as Chu Mu said, who was controlling who’s life, who was playing with who’s fate?

Back in Nightmare Palace and Prison Island, Chu Mu had always had to find escape from Xia Guanghan’s hands. However, after leaving the eternal sea, which trained Chu Mu from a soft boy to a determined young man, Chu Mu had always controlled his own fate.

“Damned!! Damn it!!! The ending can’t be like this!! The finale definitely doesn’t happen like this!!” Xia Guanghan shouted madly.

Shame and failure were in reality the hardest to accept. especially when he fell to a person he once could have crushed like an ant. In fact, he didn’t even want to admit that he was the sole reason why today had become a reality!

“My fate has always been in my hands, yet you have always been just a small stepping stone on my path.” Chu Mu said calmly to Xia Guanghan.

At this moment, the hatred in Chu Mu’s heart had faded away. Chu Mu knew that, without Xia Guanghan’s pressure, he wouldn’t be where he was today. Though Chu Mu knew he was still just a smidge in the massive soul pet world, if he had just given up at the time, Chu Mu would definitely regret not being able to stand up and break through mediocrity. He would instead watch as his dignity was shattered and be utterly helpless about it!

“You, you have no reason to talk down to me! Just because you can kill me, what can that prove? It’s just your luck! If you didn’t have this continuously mutating soul pet, you are nothing, and I would easily kill you!” Xia Guanghan glared deadly at Chu Mu and said angrily.

Chu Mu had to admit that everything changed because he owned Mo Xie!

Chu Mu similarly agreed that he was an incredibly fortunate person.

However, Chu Mu had never relaxed his efforts to become the strongest due to Mo Xie’s continuous mutation, neither had he ever slacked off!

Chu Mu got the chance to transform, and he tightly grasped this opportunity to become the strongest he could ever be!

One could say that, other than going into a coma, every night Chu Mu experienced was through meditation, while his day would be filled with constant battles. The luxurious cities, countless entertainments, countless relazations, Chu Mu didn’t step into them a single time. The world was boundless, with countless safe havens, yet Chu Mu only walked the most dangerous bewildering worlds!

Even after stepping out of eternal ocean, Chu Mu never stopped battling, and neither did he ever let the fire of his beliefs die out.

Today, he could control Xia Guanghan’s life. Chu Mu didn’t feel any happiness from this, however, because Chu Mu knew that, as long as he didn’t die, this scene was inevitable; Xia Guanghan was bound to be stamped upon by him, and someone like him wasn’t even worthy of being a true adversary for him!

Because Xia Guanghan was too greedy, because of anger and jealousy, he completely lost himself to plotting and didn’t seek to strengthen himself. He didn’t understand that true power stemmed from within, from belief and confidence in oneself. Xia Guanghan, who once had a place in Nightmare Palace of Tianxia city, was rendered nameless. Even the first tier member Qin ye was more powerful than he was! If he knew to get more powerful, knew to challenge himself, he would probably be near tenth rank title holder. If that were the case, even if Mo Xie mutated, he could still defeat Chu Mu. However, he didn’t…...

Someone who didn’t understand the true nature of an expert will ultimately become the trash in the eyes of true experts, living petty and withered lives!

“You no longer are qualified to be my opponent.” Chu Mu turned around and gave Mo Xie a command.

Xia Guanghan had to die, Chu Mu won’t give him any reason to stay live!

Mo Xie’s gaze was ice cold. Chu Mu’s resentment dissipated when he saw just how pathetic Xia Guanghan truly was. However, Mo Xie’s built up anger couldn’t be dissolved so easily!

Mo Xie lifted her claw and slowly gathered a ball of sin flames.

Xia Guanghan stared closely at Mo Xie, looking as if he was insane.

However, just as Mo Xie’s claws moved, Xia Guanghan’s muttered incantation finished!


Xia Guanghan’s body started becoming ghostly. By the time Mo Xie’s sin flame darted up, Xia Guanghan’s body had already disappeared, becoming a ghost-like being that floated upwards!

“Hahahah!!! Killing Xia Guanghan isn’t that simple!!” Xia Guanghan laughed out loud maniacally. His ghost body quickly floated towards the cracks in the sealed space!

Facing Xia Guanghan with this special soul technique, Chu Mu simply glanced at him slightly and didn’t show much astonishment.

“White Nightmare.” Chu Mu gave White Nightmare a command.

White Nightmare quickly casted displacement specter, and easily followed Xia Guanghan’s ghostly body!

Middle rank nine underworld devil flames sprouted upwards. Powerful soul burning energy went straight into Xia Guanghan’s body. Xia GUanghan’s soul was already extremely fragile. The lethal flames quickly burned his ghostly body.

“Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!”

Xia Guanghan’s painful shout came out. Inside the nine underworld devil flames, his face was twisted, like a ghost, staring at Chu Mu.

As the body was burned by nine underworld devil flames, Xia Guanghan roared painfully, “Chu Mu, your life will end by the hands of a woman. One day, she will kill you! I, Xia Guanghan, will be a grudging devil down in hell!!”

After White Nightmare burned an organism to death, it wouldn’t become a ghost. So, after Xia Guanghan finished the last curse, he had utterly disappeared from this world!

Xia Guanghan’s last soul technique was a completely useless struggle. This ghost type technique may not be able to be captured by Mo Xie, but White Nightmare’s painful devil flames were the counter to all ghost types. Xia Guanghan’s vain struggles were simply causing him to die more painfully!


With the death of Xia Guanghan, the battle finally completed.

Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Princess Jin Rou all let out a breath. However, Princess Jin Rou noticed Xia GFuanghan’s last sentence and asked Chu Mu quietly, “The woman he mentioned….”

“Nothing, just rambles of a dying man.” Chu Mu shook his head and didn’t answer.

In reality, Xia Guanghan’s words caused Chu Mu’s heart to shake. Though Xia Guanghan didn’t reveal everything, Chu Mu knew that the woman definitely was the defector woman.

Xia Guanghan had plotted with the defector woman. If Xia Guanghan was the defector woman’s subordinate, or if Xia Guanghan was the person defector woman sent to kill him, then that meant Chu Mu was constantly under surveillance!

Xia Guanghan appearing at Gangluo City Chu Family was already a strange event. If it pertained to the defector young girl, however, the two could be connected!

Ye Qingzi stared weakly at Chu Mu. She always habitually wanted to think for Chu Mu. Normally, she could also guess that the woman was most likely the defector woman…..

However, Ye Qingzi clearly barely had the ability to think now. All she felt was countless poisonous bugs eating away at her. To not affect Chu Mu’s battle, she hadn’t made a single noise. But now, the pain was all over her body, causing her to be unable to stand.

“Qingzi?” Ye Wansheng noticed his sister’s situation and quickly went to support her, face full of worry.

Chu Mu immediately came back to his senses and remembered to bring Ye Qingzi back to heal. If anything happened to Ye QIngzi, Chu Mu wouldn't forgive himself. After all, Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye clearly came for him; Ye Qingzi was brought in involuntarily.

“Young master, leave this sealed space first. The sealed space is shaking. If we don’t leave soon, there will be big trouble.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and grabbed Ye Qingzi and jumped onto Mo Xies body.

“Wuwu~~~” Mo Xie was also worried for Ye QIngzi, letting out a faint call.

Scared of Ye QIngzi getting hurt again, Mo Xie wrapped on of her tails around to hold Ye Qingzi so she could lay down more comfortably.

“Mo Xie, break open that seal.” chu Mu said.

Chu Mu and Mo Xie broke through the seal to enter the sealed space. The seal had self-healing functions, which was why Ye Wansheng, Princess Jin Rou, and Ye Qingzi couldn’t leave the seal when Chu Mu battled.

Mo Xie’s claws shined with a silver glow. With the appearance of the silver moon mark on her forehead, the seal breaking powers adhered to Mo Xie’s claws again!

One claw created another large crack in the seal!

Chu Mu told Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou to leave first before finally bringing Zhan Ye and White Nightmare out.

Very quickly, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi returned to the blood beast altar. He found Princess jin Rou and Ye Wansheng both standing stock still, so he asked questioningly, “What’s wrong?”

“The rock statue guards.” Ye Wansheng said as he gazed across the entire plaza, overwhelmed with shock.

At this moment, the plaza originally full of monarch rank rock statue guards was no longer the same. The most terrifying change was the mountains of corpses piled everywhere, creating a stunning scene!!

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