Chapter 572: Now, Who Controls Who’s Life?

Chapter 572: Now, Who Controls Who’s Life?

“Finally dead.” The Violent Ice Beast could no longer remake its body. The sin imprints and the sin flames caused inner and outer ravaging on its body. Finally, this violent ice beast couldn’t stop the power of Mo Xie’s Flame Monarch Purgatory and was destroyed by Mo Xie. Even its soul was completely destroyed by this energy!

Qin Ye’s soul again was wounded. This was his third soul wounded. At this point, his entire person was weak. He laid on the ground like an abandoned dog, his whole body shaking.

The Flame Monarch Purgatory didn’t disappear after the Violent Ice Beast died. Mo Xie controlled the sin imprints and sin flames, also starting an attack towards the remaining two soul pets!


Countless fang baring dragons shook their dark red bodies in the purgatory. Blossoms of death filled sin imprints branched out. Infact, these crack swere starting to destroy the entire seal, causing the seal to become even more brittle.

“Young master, let Mo Xie stop her inferno monarch purgatory.” Old Li’s voice floated into Chu Mu’s ears.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Mu asked questioningly. “Wouldn’t killing them all through flame monarch purgatory be better?”

“I mentioned beforehand that this was a two way seal. The second seal is below the first seal. Your little fox has seal breaking abilities, so its sin imprints will rip open the seal below. I can feel that the seal below is already very brittle. If you release that sealed organism, even your little fox may not be its match.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu was startled. He hadn’t thought that there would be an even more terrifying creature under the blood beast altar.

Chu Mu glanced at the paining Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan. After flame monarch purgatory was cast and caused both of them to be heavily wounded, the remaining two soul pets didn’t pose any threat either.

Immediately, Chu Mu told Mo Xie to stop its Inferno Monarch purgatory.

“Wuwu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie’s eyes burning with sin flames slowly dimmed away. At this point, all the sin imprints slowly retracted back into Mo Xie’s silver body.

The dancing flames started disappearing as well. The purgatory that came out of Mo Xie’s eyes back off along with the sin flames and sin imprints, retracting back into Mo Xie’s pupils.

After the shocking red purgatory disappeared, people were still experiencing the hallucinatory effects of it. Only long after the purgatory was retracted did they recover.

“Is it complete?” Princess Jin Rou started, as if she just woke from a dream, staring slightly blankly at Mo Xie.

Ye Wansheng’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. It was the first time he had experienced the power of an emperor rank at this close distance. Such a power caused one to fear, but also caused Ye Wansheng’s heart to roll because this was the powerful energy that he yearned for!

Chu Mu himself was also touched by Mo Xie’s Inferno Monarch Rank. The emperor rank and monarch rank’s difference wasn’t only in speed, power, or defense. Clearly, most emperor ranks had their own special abilities, learnings from countless battles, or innate talent as a higher ranking species!

“Huhuhu!!!!!!!” Mo Xie’s sin flames burned again, the piercing dark red giving off an evil and death-like terror.

Every step Mo Xie took would cause a beam of sin flames to sprout, showing off her dominating manner. Facing two top tier monarchs that were ravaged by the inferno monarch purgatory, the comparison brought out the fox monarch’s dignity even further!

Mo Xie slowly stepped in front of the Golden Evil Insect. This Gold Evil insect was very resilient; Flame monarch purgatory’s sin imprints and sin seals weren’t concentrated attacks, so it didn't suffer that incredible damage.

Yet, as this golden evil insect stood before the seven sin fox corrupted monarch rank, it truly was rendered into a small bug, unable to even struggle as Mo Xie daintily grabbed it using her tail!

Nine tails all had sin imprint’s power. These nine sin imprints seeped into the golden evil insect’s body and slowly destroyed it!

Laying on the ground, Qin Ye’s eyes were filled with blood vessels. Currently, they could only watch as golden evil insect was slowly destroyed!

“I, I am soul alliance sixteen absolutes Qin Wu’s son. You can kill all of my soul pets, but you can’t kill me, or else your friends, your family, and all those related to you will die with me!” Qin ye bit his teeth and said both shamefully and threateningly!

Hearing Qin Ye’s words, Princess Jin Rou quickly furrowed her brows. She knew the soul alliance hierarchy well. The sixteen absolutes held a very high position, some even controlling the killing rights of kingdoms and regions!

“Princess, who are the sixteen absolutes?” Chu Mu glanced at Princess Jin Rou and said.

“Soul alliance is different from nightmare palace and soul palace, they all had the position but not the title. The core strength is as such: One master, Two concubines, four heroes, eight disaster, sixteen absolutes. These people were all at the peak of humanity, definitely stronger than our elers.” Chu Mu smiled.

“Stronger than elders!” Chu Mu was secretly surprised. Old Li had once told him that, having a top tier emperor rank isn’t the judge who was the best. 

“As long as you know. Between the younger generation, when they fight with elders, my father wouldn't mind. However, if you killed me, my family situation won’t let this rest, and you will face mortal danger”

Qin Ye specially observed Chu Mu and noticed that he was already showing signs of hesitation. As long as he lived, soul alliance Qin Ye could rise up again. He just needed to live on today,  and wash away the shame!

“Princess, can i trust you?” Chu Mu turned around and said.

“What do you think?” Princess Jin Rou seemed to understand his meaning. She let out an upwards smiling face.

Chu Mu nodded and turned away, directly walking towards Xia Guanghan again.

Qin Ye had seen Chu Mu leave, but the rock in his heart finally fell he left . He also laughed at Chu Mu’s indecisiveness and mercy. If it were him, no matter who it was, to stop any consequences from happening, he would instantly kill them even if they were the son of the immortal prison! 

Yet, Qin Ye hadn’t thought of     how to leave, when he suddenly felt something creep up his body.

Qin Ye quickly lowered his head and suddenly noticed that, unknowingly, a dark red sin imprint had climbed up onto him, extending from his legs to his stomach, and finally reached towards his head!

Qin Ye’s entire body froze as his bloodshot eyes locked onto Chu Mu. Using his most angry voice, he roared, “Chu Mu, if you dare kill me! You…” Beng!!!!!!!! Before Qing Ye could finish speaking, the sin imprints destroyed his body, causing blood to fly everywhere!

Qin Ye’s death was truly sad, being rendered without a full corpse!

Qin Ye didn’t know. Chu Mu’s hatred towards soul alliance was already extremely deep due to his father. Even if you forgot the fact that no one could find out about killings within the seal, even if that sixteen absolute Qin Wu found out, Chu Mu would still kill Qin Ye without hesitation. Chu Mu definitely wasn’t a merciful person!

Qin Ye’s corpse was shredded very well. This death was hair-raising, especially for Xia Guanghan.

“Attack!! Attack them!! Quickly attack them!!!!!!” Xia Guanghan realized that Chu Mu and Mo Xie were walking over, and even started screaming in panic.

Destructive wind fairy, Xia Guanghan’s last soul pet, hastily started an incantation of wind type, creating tenth rank destructive winds that swept towards Chu Mu!

The destructive winds were muddy, and seemed to cover the heavens and earth. However, every time it passed by Mo Xie, Mo Xie’s tail would extend and slap them out of existence!

Mo Xie’s cold eyes glared at Xia Guanghan. She didn’t hurry, simply following by Chu Mu’s side and walking over equally slowly.

“Moonlight Fox is but a moonlight fox. It will never be the match of White Nightmare. No matter how powerful an ant is, a lion can step on it and kill it.” Chu Mu looked at Xia Guanghan and said in a steady voice to the twisted face of Xia Guanghan.

This was what Xia Guanghan said to Chu Mu back then; Chu Mu remembered this very well.

At that time, Xia Guanghan hadn’t known that Mo Xie was a continuously mutating osul pet. At that time, Xia Guanghan was like a deity high above, deciding on Chu Mu’s life with ease!

Yet, Chu Mu through life and death, facing mental and physical torture, he never gave up. It wasn’t just an attachment to his father, but also an oath to get out of this situation of having his dignity trampled upon and finally control his own fate.

This moment had finally come. Compared to a few years back, Chu Mu and Xia Guanghan’s identities were completely flipped. The one controlling Xia GUanghan’s life was now Chu Mu!

Mo Xie was very near the destructive wind fairy now. The destructive wind fairy’s techniques were also getting increasingly weak, easily dissipated by Mo Xie.

Still using her tail to grab the destructive wind fairy, without the obstruction of the violent ice beast, it had no power to even struggle against the top tier monarch rank seven sin fox corrupted flame monarch .

“Now, who controls who’s life?” Chu Mu said calmly as he stared at Xia Guanghan!

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