Chapter 571: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory (3)

Chapter 571: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory (3)

This time, the sin imprints began to rapidly spread, and practically covered the entire sealed space. Even if the Destructive Wind Fairy and Xia Guanghan were at the furthest point of the sealed room, they were still covered by the seal imprint. 

As Mo Xie’s eyes became more imposing, the sin imprints gradually formed the composition of scalding magma. It began to emulating the scorching flames!! 

The purgatory in her eyes had been released into the outer world. This was a demon strength that belonged under the hallucinatory category of effects. 

However, the flaming magma flew surged like a wild dragon. The entire space was painted with a ream light and wasn’t completely illusory. It truly did possess the heat and violent burning effects of reality!!

The Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s sin imprint transformed the purgatory in Mo Xie’s eyes into a true, flaming purgatory. The sin flames began to surge up in between the cracks of this space!

Qin Ye’s three soul pets, Xia Guanghan’s soul pets, as well as Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou’s soul pets had been completely enveloped by Mo Xie’s purgatory domain. 

Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng and Princess Jin Rou’s faced had all been printed red, and they were incomparably shocked in their hearts!

Mo Xie’s technique had covered the entire sealed space, creating a purgatory-like space. This had trapped everyone, and all their soul pets inside a flaming monarch purgatory!

However, Mo Xie’s sin imprint and sin flames were extremely special. For the people and soul pets Mo Xie had accepted, regardless of how strong or destructive the sin imprints and sin flames were, they wouldn’t harm them at all. It was as if they were in a completely illusory space. The only thing that affected them was the glaring red.

Chu Mu and the others wouldn’t be affected by the sin imprints or sin flames, while Xia Guanghan, Qin Ye, and their soul pets were not so well off.

Emperor rank strength was unstoppable. The sin flames were innate fifth rank flames. Aside from the ice type Violent Ice Beast which strength was closer to Mo Xie’s, the other soul pets were immediately affected by the most painful sin flame burning!!

The sin flame burned their bodies. But within the heat was also an evil and imposing strength that was capable of burning a soul pet’s defense to ashes!!

Not only this, but the sin imprint also existed!

A strange dark red colored sin imprint mysteriously entered the soul pets bodies before rapidly growing, destroying the composition of their bodies!

In other words, the scorching heat from the sin flames seeped into a body from the outside while the sin imprint began to destroy from within. When the two of them combined together, the pain was a thousand times higher than being hit by other techniques!!

A series of painful howls rang out. The first to be unable to withstand this energy was Qin Ye’s demon monarch which had the weakest defense. Moreover, when this demon monarch had been fighting the War Court Black Beast, it had continuously been corroded by the dark attribute, causing its defense to drop. 

Now, in front of the boiling Flame Monarch Purgatory, this demon was the first to lose the ability to resist!

A dark red si imprint began to grow out from within the demon monarch’s body, splitting it apart. Immediately, the sin flames began to rapidly seep into the sin imprint cracks and violently burning the demon monarch’s body!!

The demon monarch’s flesh body resembled a rock fissuring under flames as it was struck by the two forms of energy. Its body was slowly peeled apart a little bit at a time~~

Finally, the demon monarch had been completely stripped bare and turned into a pile of scorched ashes that dropped into a Flame Monarch Purgatory!

At the depths of the extremely terrifying Flame Monarch Purgatory, the look of satisfaction on Xia Guanghan, and Qin Ye’s had completely disappeared. It had been replaced by feat that went to their souls!

Inside this purgatory, Mo Xie was like a dictator. Even the Violent Ice Beast was undoubtedly dead; obviously the other peak monarch soul pets were no better!

The second body that was destroyed by the sin flames and sin imprints was Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare!

Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare had been injured by Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. In front of such tyrannical strength the nine underworld devil flames on its bodies were unable to mount any resistance. Instead, the injuries in its body allowed the sin imprint to enter more easily!

The moment the sin imprint’s dark red color strength spread all over its body and even if its defense was stronger, it would still be completely defeated!

Once cracks began to appear on Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare, the sin flames seeped in once more. When the inner and outer strengths combined, this White Nightmare let out a pained cry and the nine underworld devil flames on its body were completely extinguished as it disappeared without a trace in the Flame Monarch Purgatory!!

“Nice job killing!!!! Little fox, kill them all!!!” Ye Wansheng saw that the peak monarch rank White Nightmare had been killed and immediately began to shout! 

To a second grade competitor, a peak monarch was an undefeatable existence. Not long ago, when he was fighting the plethora of peak monarchs, Ye Wansheng had no hope. But now that two of the evil people’s peak monarchs had been slaughtered, he let out a cry of delight! The best was to kill all of the peak monarchs while also burning Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye to death!!

When Princess Jin Rou saw Mo Xie use such a powerful technique, her face displayed a cold and dismal smile. This fight truly had been too difficult. Princess Jin Rou had never encountered such a strong enemy that had gotten so close to threatening her life. Now that she was seeing Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s soul pets burn in the Flame Monarch Purgatory, she had no sense of remorse, and also hoped that Mo Xie would be able to completely annihilate them!!

Mo Xie and Chu Mu hated Xia Guanghan to their bones, so the Flame Monarch Purgatory wouldn’t let him off easy either!

After killing Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare, the sin imprint and sin flame strength focused on the cowering Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf!

The Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf was essentially the weakest among the peak monarchs. It didn’t have any special abilities like the White Nightmare or Violent Ice Beast. If they were to fight head on, a sing Sin Imprint Claw from Mo Xie would be able to instakill it.

But now, since the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf was facing two types of emperor rank crystallized strength, it was even hard for him to escape his death!

Xia Guanghan’s face was pale. His eyes had been completely imprinted red by the purgatory. His Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf was not far away from him, and he could only watch as it was burned to ashes by the sin flames and sin imprint!!

The pain and shock caused Xia Guanghan to go crazy. However, he himself was being burned by the Flame Monarch Purgatory. If he didn’t have a ninth rank soul armor and soul technique defending him, he would have already been turned to ashes.

“Mo Xie, kill the Violent Ice Beast!” Chu Mu knew that Xia Guanghan, who had lost two soul pets, was of no threat to him anymore. The only one that could actually obstruct Mo Xie was the Violent Ice Beast.

It was impossible for the Flame Monarch Purgatory’s strength to be limitless. Therefore, he had to kill the Violent Ice Beast!

The Violent Ice Beast’s innate strength was in between a peak monarch and pseudo emperor. Moreover, it had also been strengthened by Qin Ye’s soul techniques. Therefore, this soul pet was essentially only weaker than a pseudo monarch by a level. 

Mo Xie was a ninth phase middle stage and although she was a low class emperor, her total strength was pretty much equivalent to a tenth phase pseudo emperor. Therefore, her true strength was only one or two levels higher than the Violent Ice Beast. Adding on the Violent Ice Beast’s unique ice rebirth ability, it really did pose a huge obstruction to Mo Xie. 

However, an emperor was an emperor, and if it wasn’t because the Destructive Wind Fairy had the ability to mass-attack soul pets, Mo Xie would be able to even defeat the Violent Ice Beast in one blow!

Right now, the Violent Ice Beast’s ice rebirth ability had evidently slowed considerably in Mo Xie’s powerful purgatory.

Seeing the Violent Ice Beast repeatedly suffer from the purgatory, Qin Ye forcibly put on a smile and said: “even this technique cannot kill my Violent Ice Beast!!” 

Qin Ye barely managed to speak these words, because he knew that the Violent Ice Beast’s ice rebirth ability wasn’t truly a rebirth technique. 

Ice Rebirth sacrificed one’s defense as a cost. When a soul pet suffered a rather powerful attack, it would shatter parts of its body to decrease the intensity of the attack.

In other words, this was no true rebirth ability, and if the opponent knew the theory behind this technique, it wouldn’t be particularly hard to break through. 

Therefore, if the moment the Violent Ice Beast transformed into shattered pieces of ice it was attacked, this would deal true damage to it!! 

“So that’s how it worked. This is a technique that uses soft to fight the hard. No wonder it could continuously rebirth as if it was immortal!” Old Li suddenly came to a realization. 

Seeing the Violent Ice Beast’s body continuously disintegrate, Chu Mu also finally understood why this Violent Ice Beast was unscathed no matter how many attacks it took. Obviously, he had been mislead by the Violent Ice Beast’s so-called “rebirth”!

The Violent Ice Beast had no rebirth ability. Each time it was attacked by Mo Xie’s powerful attacks, it would scatter its own body. 

It was like if someone punched a pile of sand, the sand would disperse, but no damage would be done!

 “Mo Xie, obliterate it!!” understanding the intricacies behind it, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face.

Now that he knew the principle behind the Violent Ice Beast’s “rebirth”, killing the Violent Ice Beast would be as easy as flipping his hand!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie had been fighting the Violent Ice Beast for a long time and had long been upset by this. Promptly, she let out an angry howl!

Mo Xie’s nine sin imprint tails began to extend, rapidly reaching out at the burning Violent Ice Beast!

The Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s nine tails were no longer strictly confined to the shape of nine tails. Mo Xie could weave them together with each other before fiercely binding the Violent Ice Beast within!

There were still a few cracks in between the tails. Mo Xie quickly utilized the sin imprints on her tails to seal up these cracks, not giving the Violent Ice Beast another opportunity to split its body!

“Wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie let out a commanding howl. Suddenly, an exceptionally mysterious yet beautiful sin imprint flower technique blossomed on the Violent Ice Beast, rapidly destroying its body!

The Violent Ice Beast was unable to split itself and could only sit there and allow the sin imprint’s strength to destroy its body!!

Qin Ye couldn’t laugh anymore. His entire face was distorted, and he looked to be in extreme pain.

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