Chapter 57: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (2)

Chapter 57: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (2)

Bloody flesh flew everywhere, and underneath the dregs of ice was Zhou Shengcheng’s pulverized body that bloodily and viscously began to slowly seep out….

Such a shocking and merciless scene caused the entire plaza battlefield to fall silent!


In the next instant, the entire plaza field loudly erupted. The alarm and excitement that death brought made the entire plaza flare up!

There were many occasions when fights would prohibit the death of soul pet trainers. Furthermore, there were even some stringent fights that prohibited the killing of the opponent’s soul pets.

The Recommendation competition’s goal was to select the strongest people to enter the following round of selection at Luo Region City. Therefore, while in the preliminary competition, there similarly was a restriction to kill people.

During the main competition, if one were to find the opportunity to directly kill the opponent soul pet trainer, despite there being a prohibition, killing people had already become a tacit acceptance!

However, even if there was some leeway, smashing the opponent member into mincemeat had definitely not happened before in the Recommendation!

This kind of carnage was too ghastly, and no one would have ever thought that in a fight where one side’s attribute was being suppressed, such a soul shaking scene would occur!

In one instant, everyone was still discussing whether Chu Mu or not would be able to break away from such restrictions. In the next instant, sixteen ice swords had obliterated a living person, with blood droplets flying everywhere!

“Chu Family brat!!!” the Zhou Family family head Zhou Guixian abruptly stood up from his spot, and his gaze coldly glared at Chu Mu who was on the battlefield. The flesh in his face unceasingly trembled and, from his eyes, one could see that this old man was forcibly suppressing the anger in his heart!!

The sudden standing of the Zhou Family family head, Zhou Guixian, also instantly woke everyone up. Chu Ming’s gaze stared back at the old fellow; as long as he moved half an inch, Chu Ming would not idly sit back and watch!

The Yang Family and the Qin Family didn’t bat an eyelid, but one could clearly see that the heads of both families were revealing shocked expressions.

“*Cough*! Everyone needs to calm down a bit!” the organizer had already sensed the sparks flying between the two families and coldly spoke.

The Zhou Family head Zhou Guixian sucked in a deep breath of air. His gaze abruptly changed from Chu Mu to Chu Ming. Without hiding any of his anger and hatred he said: “I must have your Chu Family pay up the most painful cost!”

“Hmph, bring it on. Cut the bullcrap,” coldly retaliated Chu Ming!

“Whatever issues you may have, resolve it after the Recommendation. Don’t strut around in front of my face. Otherwise, don’t blame me if I’m impolite!” the organizer’s voice coldly rang out once more.

Zhou Guixian forcibly suppressed his anger, and he sat back down in his seat. His entire being was as cold as an iceberg.

Watching the Zhou Family head Zhou Guixian sitting back down in his seat, Chu Mu’s mood slightly eased up. Yet, it was a long time before the billows in his heart calmed down and he intentionally looked at Chu Tianlin and Chu Si next to him...

Chu Tianlin and Chu Si only knew that Chu Mu’s current strength was very powerful, and that his personality had changed a lot. However, they didn’t expect Chu Mu to act so mercilessly, unexpectedly killing Zhou Shengcheng right from the start.

What made Chu Tianlin and Chu Si feel incomparably shocked the most was Chu Mu’s bearing after killing someone. He was indifferent and pitiless, without the slightest hint of emotional fluctuation. Unexpectedly, he had, in an extremely orderly fashion, used the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to protect himself before exceptionally calmly calling back the Ice Air Fairy and using it to begin bombarding the three masterless soul pets with techniques!

“Brother is very scary…” Chu Yishui stared at Chu Mu, and it was a while before she said something.

Yet, Chu Yishui’s words truly resonated within the others. Indeed, Chu Mu’s actions just now caused Chu Xing and the others to shudder. For instance, if these Chu Family disciples were to be forced to, they could kill someone, but that realm of killing was not something that could reach Chu Mu’s level!!


“Chu Family, Chu Mu wins!”

Lacking a master, the soul pets were clearly disorderly when it came to tactics. Without any surprise, the three soul pets were quickly killed by Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

“Chu Mu!!” The Zhou Family’s young family head Zhou Shangke could no longer control the rage in his heart, as he stood offstage, using his soul remembrance to create a roar that resembled a wild beast’s. It swept through both outside the battlefield and inside.

“Huhuhu~~~~~~~~” The roar smashed into Chu Mu’s body, but he stood still like a statue. There wasn’t even a trace of undulation in his eyes. Smashing the opponent soul pet trainer into mincemeat and killing three soul pets seemed to be just a mere ordinary event to him.

“You will die very miserably, very miserably!!” Zhou Shangke didn’t dare break the rules of the Recommendation and could only stand outside the battlefield as he wildly shouted!

Chu Mu swept his gaze over the other three Zhou Family people who were a bit stunned. His gaze fell on Zhou Pan last before he indifferently said: “He said before that a person is going to die, not a soul pet. Isn’t this just satisfying his request?”

Chu Mu’s words caused Zhou Pan’s expression to twitch a bit. Indeed, when Chu Mu had said that he would kill all the soul pets Zhou Lijun summoned, Zhou Pan had said “a person is going to die, not a soul pet”.

Such words were clearly a fiercer method of retaliation of Zhou Pan. If there was an opportunity, the Chu Family people definitely had to die. However, Zhou Pan simply didn’t think that the people who would die would be his own Zhuo Family people; moreover, he did not think that he would be ridiculed like this.

“Zhou Pan, you go up. Slaughter that brat for me!” Zhou Shangke was nearing the end of his patience, so why would he care any longer about the order of battle!

Zhou Pan creased his eyebrows. Just now, Chu Mu’s method of killing people was too strange. If he was Zhou Shengcheng, Zhou Pan wouldn’t believe either that he would be able to adopt such effective measures. If this fellow still had a few strange tricks, there was a high chance that he himself would end up the same way.

“Hahaha! You killed well!! You killed well!!!” suddenly a loud laugh reverberated around the battlefield!

Everyone’s eyes fell on Chu Xing who had suddenly started madly laughing. The person who had let out this laugh really had been the eminently calm eldest son of the eldest son in the Chu Family, Chu Xing. In this moment, everyone’s eyes could feel the wild emotions being released from Chu Xing!

Being influenced by Chu Xing’s laughter, everyone in the Chu Family recovered from their shock and they all began to reveal rapt expressions!!!

It had already been many years since the Chu Family had been so overbearing. It had already been many years where the Chu Family disciples had suffered the humiliation from other families!

“You killed well!! You killed well!!!”

“The Zhou Family is a group of garbage. Annihilate them!!!”

“Fiercely *** them. Let them know the strength of the Chu Family’s disciples!!”

Chu Mu’s actions instantly ignited the mood of everyone in the Chu Family!

Perhaps they had truly been suppressed for too long. Chu Mu’s two consecutive victories, coupled with slaughtering the second Zhou Family expert, transformed their initial shock and horror into a surging tide within the heart!

“How repulsive. How am I, Zhou Pan, afraid of such trash!!” The sudden sound of loud ridicule caused the face of the three Zhou Family members to turn red once more. Zhou Pan had further reached the end of his patience, because he could clearly feel that Chu Xing’s ridicule was directed at him!

Zhou Pan didn’t hesitate and resolutely walked onto the plaza battlefield!

“The third fight…” the referee watched Zhou Pan walk onto the plaza battlefield and immediately was about to announce the participants in this round.

“Change people.” Chu Mu didn’t let the referee continue and instead spoke.

The referee’s words came to an abrupt halt and his gaze switched to the other Chu Family members.

Chu Mu chanted an incantation and recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ice Air Fairy back into their respective soul pets spaces before promptly turning around and walking off the battlefield.

“Hahaha, are you scared? Why don’t you dare fight with me?!” Zhou Pan watched Chu Mu unexpectedly take the initiative to walk off the stage and instantly began to laugh.

“Idiot, didn’t you see that Chu Mu has already fought two rounds? If you have the ability, fight two rounds first before contending against Chu Mu!” after Chu Ning heard Zhou Pan’s deliberate mockery, he immediately transformed his soul remembrance into sound and loudly scolded the moronic Zhou Pan.

Zhou Pan could no longer keep his calm like before, and sensing that many people in the surroundings echoing Chu Ning’s scolding of him, a burst of embarrassment ran across his face!

Chu Mu walked towards the arena and slowly walked in front of Chu Xing before saying: “This is your opponent.”

Chu Xing who was wild with joy suddenly became stunned. His two eyes stared at Chu Mu. The current Chu Mu was incomparably cold and he gave others a feeling that he had no emotion whatsoever. Even after killing someone, he was still able to maintain calm and collected...

Everyone knew that aside from those two soul pets of Chu Mu, he also had a Night Thunder Dream Beast. With the current strength he exhibited, it was definitely possible for him to summon the Night Thunder Dream Beast and fight against Zhou Pan.

According to Chu Xing’s thoughts, from being the butt of a joke four years ago to shocking everyone now, Chu Mu would probably continue fighting under the acclamation and energy of everyone’s new view of him. This was in order to let everyone know that he, Chu Mu, had transformed in over these four years.

However, Chu Mu hadn’t done such a thing. Even when all the Chu Family members had felt pride because of him; even when everyone was cheering and acclaiming his meteroic rise over the past four years, Chu Mu unexpectedly had received and put away the inspiring and blood-boiling glory to give the opportunity to fight to Chu Xing, who so desperately wanted to fight against Zhou Pan again!

“This is your opponent.”

These four simple words caused Chu Xing to be extremely moved. For this day, Chu Xing had already waited five years. Only Chu Mu truly understood this!

At this very moment, what other words needed to be said?!

Chu Xing understood that, in these four years, no matter how Chu Mu had changed or how cold he had gotten, or even how he treated his enemies like oppressively beating livestock, Chu Mu was still Chu Mu. Even if there were tens of thousands of people crying out in shock, he still wouldn’t forget his honor as his brother!

“Chu Mu, big brother won’t disappoint you!” Chu Xing gave Chu Mu a heartfelt hug, and resolutely stepped up onto the plaza battlefield! Despite not saying anything, from Chu Xing’s decisiveness, one could see that in this fight, even if he were to die, he would not lose the Chu Family’s honor!

Watching Chu Xing’s figure surging with hot blood from behind, a bit of emotion gradually began to exude from Chu Mu’s cold pupils.

Once upon a time, he himself had spectated from the audience with a face of admiration as he watched his big brother, Chu Xing, engage in a fight to his heart’s content in addition to family honor. Yet this time, this big brother that he had worshipped and admired had felt pride because of him. This was more valuable than the acclamation and cheering of tens of thousands of people for him!

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