Chapter 569: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory (1)

Chapter 569: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory(1)

The Violent Ice Beast had just finished recovering when Mo Xie’s nine tails flipped up massive shockwaves. The air flow alone was enough to reach the effects of a ninth rank wind type technique!

When the nine sin imprint tails fell heavily onto the Violent ice Beast’s body, the Violent Ice Beast’s body split into many pieces and flew back!

“If this energy were slapped onto a normal top tier monarch, even its bones would split open!”

Ye Wansheng said shocked.

Compared to the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, as a seven sin fox corrupted inferno monarch, Mo Xie’s use of her tail was at its max. When those nine tails swept past, even the sealed space itself shook!

“It’s useless. No matter how many times it attacks, it can’t kill my soul pet!” Qin Ye laughed out loud. After speaking, he even turned over to Xia Guanghan and said, “Let your Destructive Wind Fairy attack. I don’t believe it can protect all of them at once!” Xia Guanghan saw that the Violent ice Beast regained control of the scene and showed some relief. Immediately, he told his Destructive Wind Fairy to start gathering a new wave of wind type techniques!

Mo Xie’s gaze was cold. It wanted to kill Xia Guanghan the most, yet Qin Ye was in the way, making Mo Xie even more infuriated!

“Dongdongdongdong~~~~~~~~~” Very quickly, the Violent Ice Beast’s body reformed again, as if it had countless revival powers. It indeed was hard to deal with!

“Chu Mu, my Bell Noise Concubine’s pollen poison can counter all revival abilities. As long as this Violent Ice Beast gets poisoned, it won’t be able to regather.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu using soul remembrance.

Chu Mu turned around and was just about to reply when he suddenly noticed clear black veins slowly appearing on Ye Qingzi’s face, almost destroying her delicate face.

“Ye Qingzi, what is wrong!” Chu Mu stared shockingly at Ye Qingzi.

Just now, the destructive wind was blocking his vision, so Chu Mu didn’t notice Ye Qingzi’s transformation. Seeing this now sent daggers into Chu Mu’s heart.

Ye Qingzi only then realized that the veins on her face were affected by poison too. She didn’t want to show Chu Mu this terrible side of her, so she quickly turned around and faced away.

“Mo Xie, you go deal with them first!” Chu Mu quickly jumped off of Mo xie and ran in front of Ye Qingzi, grabbing her shoulder.

“Qingzi, what happened!” Chu Mu said worriedly as she hugged Ye Qingzi.

“Haha, she used a soul master’s self-damaging soul technique to increase her soul pets’ strengths and is now facing the worst of punishments. She will die in no time!” Xia Guanghan’s irritating voice suddenly transmitted over. At the same time, Xia Guanghan’s destructive wind fairy finished its wind type channeling, creating another tenth rank wind type technique!

Tenth rank wind type techniques may not cause much damage to Mo Xie, but to other people, it was deadly. Violent Ice Beast was using its continuous revival to restrict Mo Xie. Meanwhile, if Xia Guanghan’s destructive wind fairy constantly cast wind type techniques, Mo Xie would be burdened by constantly protecting everyone, making her unable to leap past the Violent Ice Beast to kill anything else!

“Chu Mu, just continue to waste time with us. The longer you wait, the worse the poison gets to her. Once all her veins are covered in poison, your woman will be as good as dead!” Xia Guanghan said.

After speaking, Xia Guanghan’s destructive wind fairy’s wind type techniques again swept over. This time, the powerful destructive wind was a destructive wind vortex that almost covered a fourth of the space, slowly yet terrifyingly inching nearer!

With everyone and their soul pets’ defenses, even if they were near the fringe region, this massive vortex could cause fatal damage to them!

Mo Xie of course wouldn’t just watch as this destructive wind vortex came to everyone. She suddenly started running, her silver sin imprints quickly appearing in front of the destructive wind vortex!

All her fur was blown askew. However, facing this tenth rank wind type technique, Mo Xie didn't show any fear. Her sin imprint claws suddenly ripped forward, creating huge sin imprint cracks on the tenth rank destructive wind vortex. These sin imprints actually started branching into the entire vortex!!


As the sin imprints appeared, the destructive vortex seemed to break apart from inside, and quickly shrink, causing its power to shrink as well.

Very quickly, the tenth rank hurricane vortex slowly disappeared under Mo Xie’s claw!

“This sin imprint can destroy even energy!” Xia Guanghan was shocked. This was the first time he had seen a power able to directly destroy the energy and intangible wind type technique!

Qin Ye laughed coldly, and didn’t mind the sin imprints power at all. Taking advantage of Mo Xie’s landing, he gave a command to Violent Ice Beast.

Violent Ice Beast’s body actually shattered, sending countless ice shards towards Mo Xie’s landing region, floating around Mo Xie.

Suddenly, all the ice cubes started to merge and combine!

The recombobulation of the Violent Ice Beast there was intending to completely seal Mo Xie inside, freezing her in permanently!

The Violent Ice Beast’s body came together extremely quickly. In a short period, the seven meter tall violent Ice beast gathered its complete body, with Mo Xie in the center, as if devoured by the ice. Even the nine tails were slowly being frozen!

Chu Mu lost focus for a second and was immediately taken advantage by Qin Ye. Both Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye were extremely sly and were very good at controlling their soul pets. 


In the Violent Ice Beast’s stomach, Mo Xie let out an angry call!

How could the low class monarch rank corrupted inferno monarch be so easily subdued? With this call of Mo Xie, the sin imprints on its body peeled off and extended into the violent ice beast’s body!

The low class emperor rank sin imprints were enough to easily break the violent ice beast’s body. Very quickly, when the sin imprints stretched across the violent ice beast’s entire body, the violent ice beast’s body again showing countless cracks!

One of Mo Xie’s unfrozen tails lightly swept by, causing the seven meter tall violent ice beast to again get shattered.

Violent ice beast collapsed and Mo Xie quickly recovered her freedom. Yet, at this moment, Xia Guanghan’s Bloodsucking Terror Wolf had laid ambush beside Mo Xie- without her knowing at all!

Xia Guanghan’s Bloodsucking Terror Wolf quickly released a dozen blood wolf shadows that frenziedly attacked Mo Xie. Mo Xie had just been unfrozen and was immediately put under assault, so she couldn’t defend much> very quickly, a couple small wounds appeared on her skin.

“Come back!”

Xia Guanghan was also playing incredibly dirty,. He knew that if his Bloodsucking Terror Wolf directly fought Mo Xie, a single sin imprint claw from Mo Xie could kill his wolf. So, once it got a hit in, he immediately commanded it to run away and wait for Mo Xie to attack again!

“Chu Mu, this poison isn’t lethal. Let’s kill them first. If we continue to waste time like this, they gain more control!” Ye Qinzgi saw Mo Xie hurt and quickly told Chu Mu.

Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye clearly weren’t easy to deal with. Their soul pet training and manipulating was clearly adept and highly skilled!

Ye Qingzi’s water moon, bell noise concubine, as well as Wood Tray spirit were all low ranking. Giving the emperor rank Mo Xie healing didn't amount to much. Also, they were all heavily injured, so casting techniques would be hard.

Chu Mu’s face was also stern. Violent Ice Beast was an incredibly hard to deal with soul pet., especially because it type countered Mo Xie.

If they could figure out a way around the violent ice beast, Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye would all be useless!

“My bell noise concubine is small. Use your Mo Xie’s tail to hide it, and when the next tundra ice recombobulates, the Flower Noise Concubine’s poison will seep into Violent Ice Beast’s body, completely killing it.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu shook his head. It wasn’t that he didn't want Ye Qingzi to help. Instead he wanted to give her a change.

As an emperor rank soul pet, getting swallowed up would result in her being frozen. Mo Xie’s tails clearly could not block frost off well, and if she used sin imprints it would directly burn up the Bell Noise Concubine. So, the method Ye Qingzi described would definitely sacrifice the Bell Noise Concubine.

Ye Qingzi similarly adored her soul pets , so how could Chu Mu tell Ye Qingzi to sacrifice herself.

Though this was a long long time ago, Chu Mu could still remember what Chu Tianmang telling him. The seven sin fox corrupted fox monarch’s strongest power wasn’t sin flame totems, wasn’t sin imprint claws, but instead was sin flames and sin imprints combined, creating the technique Flame Monarch Purgatory!


Mo Xie quickly signalled that she knew this technique through her native knowledge.

If she casted this most powerful inferno monarch technique, regardless of whether it is Bloodsucking terror wolf or destructive wind fairy, even violent ice beast could be instantly killed. After all, its the ultimate technique of the seven sin fox inferno fox monarch!

Yet, this ultimate technique needed two seconds to cast.

Between the three top tier monarchs, the sneak attacking Terror Blood Wolf, destructive wind fairy that constantly attacked the owners, and the unkillable Violent Ice Beast, so Mo Xie definitely wouldn’t have two seconds to channel.

“Qingzi, do you have anything that can cause soul power to increase instantly?” Chu mu hugged Ye Qingzi and said.

Ye Qingzi nodded lightly, “I have two, but you can’t eat it again within 10 days.

“How much can it add?” Chu Mu asked.

“As seventh remembrance soul master, it can grow about 30%.” When Ye QIngzi opened up her spatial ring, she pulled out a red pill and put it in his hand.

Mo Xie was species mutating, Chu Mu’s soul was rising. Though it didn't immediately break through eighth remembrance, it still caused a 30% growth in sales. Adding on Ye Qingzi’s medicine’s three tenths, six tenths was enough!

Ye Qingzi’s palms were covered in black poison too. Chu Mu was sad just looking at her.

After taking the soul power medicine, Chu Mu swallowed it in a gulp and his expression became determined and also caring towards Ye Qingzi, “Qingzi, I’ll kill them quickly, and then immediately bring you in for healing!”

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