Chapter 565: Power Stealing, Crazy White Nightmare

  Chapter 565: Power Stealing, Crazy White Nightmare

Blood Beast Altar

Chu Mu was currently anxious because he didn’t think that, after the seal closed, using Mo Xie’s seal breaking abilities, he would still need a bit of time. 

Chu Mu undertsood Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan’s abiltiies well. They definitely both had top tier monarch rank soul pets, and not only one. Though White Nightmare and Zhan Ye were both in the seal, compared to top tier monarch rank soul pets, they were clearly a large chunk weaker!

If there were any accidents, Chu Mu would definitely obliterate their souls!!

“Old Li, how long before we open the seal!” Chu Mu asked worriedly.

“This was clearly a double seal, causing the blood beast’s seal to become sturdier too. After all, under normal circumstances, with the seven sin fox’s ability, one hit should be able to destroy a seal that kept a high class monarch rank back…… By this seal’s toughness, they need about two more minutes.” Old Li said.

“Two minutes… have to withstand until then!!” Chu Mu said to himself.


Inside the seal

Princess Jin Rou casted an incantation, and started using her soul remembrance to awaken the hidden strength in her White Nightmare.

Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare was fed by her from first phase first stage. Though this White Nightmare didn’t have the largest appetite, its stage and phase growth was still very slow later in its growth.

Under normal situations, with the amount of time Princess Jin Rou had fed this White Nightmare, it should have reached tenth phase long ago, yet it was only ninth phase high stage now. This was because Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare had converted some of its energy into a hibernation state!

Hibernating soul pets were a very special case in the soul pet realm. This hibernation didn’t discriminate species, meaning it could happen on any soul pet.

A hibernating soul pet’s unique quality was that its late stage growth speed was incredibly slow. Even so, many soul pets viewed hibernating soul pets as treasure.

Slow growth didn’t mean it wouldn’t grow, and the moment the soul pet grew to tenth phase, the sleeping energy would completely awaken, and its strength would increase greatly.

Even before reaching tenth phase, this organism could have a short awakening, with the price being no growth within the next three months.

White Nightmare Princess’s devil flames were already much darker, having been wounded by the top tier monarch rank blood terror wolf.

Top tier monarch Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf was nearly five ranks higher than the White Nightmare princess. With the expensive ninth rank soul armor, its defense brought their strength disparity to two ranks.

However, if the White Nightmare princess was attacked head on by the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf, the White Nightmare princess would still die!


“Kill it!” Xia Guanghan commanded his White Nightmare.

Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare and Chu Mu’s White Nightmare have fought for enough time. As a top tier monarch, xia guanghan’s White Nightmare was two ranks stronger than Chu Mu’s White Nightmare.

From what Xia Guanghan saw, this battle should have ended much earlier. However, he never would have thought that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare could last until now!

Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare floated in front of the White Nightmare. Its burning middle rank nine underworld devil flames appeared at White Nightmare head!


Middle class nine underworld devil flames suddenly blew up in Xia Guanghan’s palm. The White Nightmare was blown away. One could see that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare silver face was blown half off!

White Nightmare’s devil flames immediately extinguished. It laid down painfully, its eyes nearly flipping out, but still full of the utmost anger and unwillingness!

“Your life is mine. Initially, when I wanted you to die, you had to die. I let you live, so you have to be grateful! Now, I want you to die, and you will die!!” Xia Guanghan said sternly.

Xia Guanghan’s sentence was not only said to White Nightmare, but it was also said to Chu Mu.

At that time, if Xia Guanghan simply had to think, and Chu Mu and White Nightmare had to die. And now, their ending would be the same, with absolutely no change!


White Nightmare’s mouth corner was rotten, yet it still let out angry roars, barely propping up its body.

Of all the soul pets, White Nightmare had followed Chu Mu for the longest. Just as Chu Mu had gotten free of Xia Guanghan, the White Nightmare was also trying to get rid of this Xia Guanghan’s control.

At that time, he was incredibly weak. Now, it was stronger, so the stubborn White Nightmare would definitely not resign itself to its fate!!


Just at this time, Princess Jin Rou was slowly waking up the White Nightmare princess. Soul devil flames’ energy slowly increased, and one could clearly feel the White Nightmare princess’s strength increase!


Chu Mu’s White Nightmare glanced at White Nightmare princess and let out an excited call!!

Displacement Specter!!

The heavily injured White Nightmare suddenly cast a dodging technique, strangely floating in front of the progressively stronger White Nightmare princess.

“White Nightmare, what are you doing!” Princess Jin Rou stared blankly. She suddenly realized that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was very likely devouring her White Nightmare Princess to increase its strength!!

As an ominous White Nightmare, when facing powerful opponents, even its owner would get devoured, let alone another species. So, when White Nightmare floated in front of the White Nightmare princess, Princess Jin Rou also showed panic.

Though this could increase White Nightmare’s strength and give everyone a better chance of survival, princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare princess post-awakening could also reach high class monarch rank top tier monarch rank…...

While both their strengths would increase, princess Jin Rou wouldn’t just watch as her White Nightmare princess was devoured. After all, it and her towering ice curse demon fox had grown up along with princess Jin Rou.


White Nightmare didn’t mind Princess Jin Rou’s call. It stood behind White Nightmare princess’s back and grabbed White Nightmare princess’s head…...


White Nightmare princess’s energy was awakening, causing its devil flames to get stronger and stronger. However, when White Nightmare slapped its hand onto the princess’s skull, the awakened energy seemed to pass through this hand and into White Nightmare’s body!

White Nightmare’s original dim devil flames sprouted upwards, becoming even stronger!!

“Power Steal!!” Princess Jin Rou’s face immediately showed shock!

Power steal, this could be said to be a more advanced nightmare species ability! How could it appear on this White Nightmare!!

After absorbing the White Nightmare princess’s awakened energy, White Nightmare’s originally low rank nine underworld devil flames sprouted to middle class rank!!

Middle rank Nine Underworld Devil Flame!! This meant that the White Nightmare was now a top tier monarch rank, similar to Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare!

Xia Guanghan was surprised by this scene too, only realizing after a while, “How is this possible!!”

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Obtaining more energy, White Nightmare became crazier. Throwing the White Nightmare princess behind to princess Jin Rou,it  gathered up middle class nine underworld devil flames again and leaped towards Xia Guanghan!


White Nightmare was incredibly crazy, with a completely unpatterned fighting style! Middle class nine underworld devil flames and its counterpart collided together. No matter how much damage it would cause its body, White Nightmare wouldn’t care. As if it had infinite power, it continuously attacked Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare!

Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare’s mannerism was completely gone, very quickly getting pushed back by White Nightmare’s devil flame. The scared Xia Guanghan couldn’t do much but bring back the top tier monarch rank Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf, somewhat curbing the White Nightmare’s assault!!


White Nightmare body’s resentment had finally reached a certain level, slowly becoming an energy that welled into White Nightmare. White Nightmare’s middle rank nine underworld devil flames again became powerful, causing even the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf to not dare to near!!

After pushing away the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf, White Nightmare’s peculiar eyes locked onto Xia Guanghan!

Using displacement specter twice, White Nightmare suddenly appeared in front of Xia Guanghan. The middle rank devil flames brought White Nightmare’s anger towards Xia Guanghan’s body!!

Xia Guanghan’s face was scared pale as he quickly retreated and told his White Nightmare to protect him!!

Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare also cast displacement specter back to guard Xia GUanghan, pushing away all the nine underworld devil flames that welled up.

Xia Guanghan backed off continuously, not daring to look down on the White Nightmare with confidence anymore. Just now, he had almost fallen into the terrifying devil flames. He never would have thought that in a situation he should have been able to control, such a situation would happen!

“Qin Ye, don’t hold back, kill them all!!!” Xia Guanghan was full of resentment, and after being pushed away pathetically, he was flew into anger out of humiliation.

He had no patience to waste on these trash soul pets!!

The incantation came up, causing Xia Guanghan to summon his other main soul pet!!

Xia Guanghan’s soul hadn’t completely recovered. He only had three souls, and now he only had three previous generation soul pets, all of which were near top tier monarch rank!

Once he summoned all three, killing them would be a piece of cake!!

Xia Guanghan didn’t like making a big fuss over small things, but he was truly angered now!!

Qin Ye’s entire person was cold as ice. After Mo Ye died, Qin Ye started summoning!!

“They are summoning all soul pets!” Ye Wansheng’s voice fell.

In this situation, the three would only last a few minutes. Once they summoned all their soul pets, the first wave attack would cause them to lose a large amount of their force! There was no way they would last until the seal broke!

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