Chapter 564: Dawnlight Reaper, Killing Royal Mo Ye in Combat!

Chapter 564: Dawnlight Reaper, Killing Royal Mo Ye in Combat!

“Qin Ye, kill it, don’t give it a chance to grow!” Xia Guanghan also noticed the Zhan Ye was increasing in strength.

Xia Guanghan was a careful person. He didn’t like to give his enemies breathing room. As for Xia Guanghan, he had already summoned two soul pets. One top tier monarch rank white nightmare, the other top tier monarch rank Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf.

“Making a big fuss over small issues.” Qin Ye didn’t think of it much. His gaze fell on his own royal Zhan Ye, and again glanced at the extremely resilient Zhan Ye. He laughed coldly saying, “Witness the true power of a royal Mo Ye King- I’ll show you what a true king looks like!”

Just as he spoke, the royal Mo Ye’s dark aura became even heavier. Its entire body seemed to have fallen into this dark energy!

Suddenly, the royal Mo Ye disappeared. Only a heavily dark black axe remained, locking onto Zhan Ye.

“Broken Limb Rebirth isn’t a resurrection technique. Once injured to the point of near death, its extremely weak body wouldn’t be able to heal back……” Qin Ye’s voice said very calmly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die, but I will put you at the brink of life and death to let you feel the true power of a Mo Ye!”

As Qin Ye spoke, the black energy became larger and larger, almost touching the tip of the seal!


Royal Mo Ye let out a roar. Immediately, the massive black axe fell down from above, and its deadly black ray blossomed on the edge of the knife, threatening to cut the space itself in half!!

This energy was extremely dominant. The wounded Multi Colored Devil Tiger was almost split open by the black battle axe’s energy alone. If not for Ye Wansheng retracting it in time, it may have been cut into pieces already!

At the center of all this energy, withstanding much more energy than the Multi Colored Devil Tiger was Zhan Ye. At this moment, all of Zhan Ye’s Horned Beast imprints lit up and gathered on Zhan Ye’s claws!

Zhan Ye didn’t put up any defense!

As the royal Mo Ye was gathering energy, Zhan Ye was also gathering energy!

When the powerful dark energy fell down, Zhan Ye abruptly lifted his ink claws towards the dark battle axe as well!!

Contrasting the dark energy, Zhan Ye was casting the Dawnlight Reaper Blade!

Representing the last gleam of death, it blossomed amidst the thick dark energy. In the sealed space, it was like the break of dawn!


The black battle axe cut down from above, cutting Zhan Ye from skull to waist. The terrifying wound nearly broke Zhan Ye in half directly while the thick dark energy seeped into Zhan Ye’s body, frenzily corroding its blood and innards…...

This attack was scary. From Zhan Ye’s shocking wound, one could tell that, with any other normal life force soul pet, they would probably die multiple times over from the wound!

At the same time Zhan Ye received the incredibly grave injury, the royal Mo Ye similarly didn’t fare better. The dawn light pierced through darkness and flashed past the royal Mo Ye’s lower jaw position!

Zhan Ye survived in the Mo Ye Forest. Before it was even mature, Zhan Ye fought constantly with same species Mo Ye. Such a cruel past in survival caused Zhan Ye to learn about a defense weak point in his own species.

This defense weak point was impossible to discover. Even the Mo Ye species themselves had never realized it. Only through countless batterings and beatings did Zhan Ye even learn of this about his species.

Their defense weak point was their lower jaw! Mo Ye’s lower jaw has extremely powerful bite strength, but to move the lower jaw around, the armor near it was soft armor!

A Mo Ye was almost covered from head to toe in ink armor. Only its lower jaw is softer armor!

Royal Mo Ye carefully protected its head in the entire fighting process, so Zhan Ye never had an opportunity. However, as it fell down from above as a battle axe, its lower jaw was completely exposed!!

That menacing dawnlight flew straight for the royal Mo Ye’s lower jaw!!


Royal Mo Ye fell heavily from the skies, its lower jaw almost completely torn off while blood spewed heavily out of it!

Zhan Ye’s attack was significantly weaker than the royal Mo Ye. However, this weak attack completely collapsed this royal Mo Ye, causing this Mo Ye to fall into a state of near death!

The wound that nearly split Zhan Ye in half was full of dark energy, causing Zhan Ye to be unable to use Broken Limb Rebirth, and as the dark energy spread, Zhan Ye’s life force was nearing zero swiftly.

But, at least Zhan Ye was tenacious, causing the first to die to be the royal Mo Ye!

Qin Ye’s entire person was dazed, in disbelief as he looks at the royal Mo Ye he prided himself on…...

His royal Mo Ye also opened his eyes wide, but his pupils were not visible. Its body was jerking violently while its lower jaw was completely unhinged. Its life force was nearly out!

“This… is this possible!!” Qin Ye stared face full of shock!

Xia Guanghan also glanced at the dying royal Mo Ye and said angrily, “I told you to just get rid of it, what are you doing!”

Qin Ye’s seemed to have gone completely crazy, his terrifying eyes staring intently at Zhan Ye, who was similarly on the verge of death!

“You, heal my Mo Ye! Fast, or else I will kill you all along with your soul pets!!!!” Qin Ye suddenly pointed at Ye QIngzi and commanded angrily.

Even if Qin Ye retracted his royal Mo Ye now, it would be to no avail. Tenth rank healing medicine couldn’t stop the draining of life now. Only soul pets with healing techniques could bring back Mo Ye’s life now.

Ye Qingzi’s soul pet formation was Bell Noise Concubine, Water Moon, Wood Tray Spirit, War Court Black Beast, three of these support soul pets could all bring a near-death soul pet back to life. It was also these three support soul pets that caused the three to last until now against Qin Ye and Xia Guanghan, or else their souls would be heavily injured already.

“You heard me, heal my Mo Ye, or else I won’t even leave your body intact!!!” Qin Ye said angrily!

“Okay, I’ll heal for you!” Ye QIngzi laughed coldly.

After speaking, Ye QIngzi immediately commanded bell noise concubine to cast a technique!

Bell Noise Concubine’s singing was like an incantation. Special pollen appeared around its light body, which slowly flew towards Qin Ye’s royal Mo Ye.

The pollen slowly fell down and merged with the royal Mo Ye’s body.

The next second, royal Mo Ye’s life force steadied, remaining at an incredibly weak state.

Seeing his royal Mo Ye’s life force stop leaking, Qing Ye’s expression finally loosened a little. He glanced at Ye Qingzi and said, “Very well, you may live.”

“Oh,” Ye QIngzi replied, “but, your royal Mo Ye is dead for sure.”

Just as she finished speaking, the life force that stopped flowing immediately started falling at an even faster rate, more than ten times faster than when it was struggling before!!

The pollen that entered the royal Mo Ye’s body wasn’t there to replenish its life force; it was there to destroy the royal Mo Ye’s organs!

It wasn’t healing pollen, it was poisonous pollen!

Once subject to poisonous pollen, even soul pets with rebirth technique would die for sure!!

Very quickly, the royal Mo Ye’s life force dissipated completely, becoming a grudging corpse that laid in front of Qin Ye.

Qin Ye’s face became even paler, clearly signs of soul pact breaking!!

“You!!!!!” Qin Ye’s veins popped out as he shouted angrily!!

“I want you all to die for that!!!!!!” Qin Ye yelled out, actually starting an incantation while his soul was still wounded to summon another soul pet!!

The moment Qin Ye cast an incantation, an even larger aura assaulted everyone!

This aura was a rank or two stronger than top tier monarch, meaning it was a soul pet very near pseudo-monarch rank!!

All three of them’s soul pets added together could barely withstand Xia Guanghan’s top tier monarch rank Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf and Qin Ye’s top tier monarch rank Gold Evil Insect. Such a situation couldn’t last for more than a couple minutes before they get completely annihilated.

If another top tier monarch rank appears, in a minute, they would definitely all die!

“I feel like someone is ripping the seal apart right now. Very likely, the competition staff have noticed the strange situation and have come to save us. We just need to last until the seal is forcefully broken, and we will get out alive!” In the dangerous situation, Princess Jin Rou used her soul remembrance to say to Ye family brother and sister.

Ye QIngzi nodded stiffly. Ye Wansheng glanced at the top tier monarch that was about to be summoned by Qin Ye and replied, “We won’t last more than a minute, can it be opened in a minute?”

“No, I guessed that a competition staff needs at least two minutes. And, if Xia Guanghan knew someone was opening the seal, he can definitely summon more soul pets to kill us all……. I will summon up the hidden energy in my white nightmare, so please take out your strongest power, we still have hope.” Princess Jin Rou said.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t know whether the brother and sister have more powerful cards to play. If not, they would definitely die here.

“Princess, maybe I can let you two live on……’ Ye Qingzi used her soul remembrance to say to Princess Jin Rou.

“I know. If you live on, I will cause them both to die without a burial ground!” Princess Jin Rou said very earnestly.

These two people set up a trap, causing them to all fall prey to it. The most hackle-raising thing was, Chu Mu had also fallen prey to near thousand monarch rank soul pets due to their tricks.

So, if any one of them should live on, Princess Jin Rou would absolutely subject these two to the worst, torturous death known to mankind!!

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