Chapter 563: The Seal Under the Seal!

Chapter 563: The Seal Under the Seal! 

“The statue guards have begun to kill each other!!” 

The news rapidly transmitted to Tianxia Plaza, which immediately erupted again!! Right now no one was clear what was happening over there!! 

“Internal strife. Could that emperor rank soul pet be a demon with powerful mental strength? Have that messenger soul pet describe the details!” said Elder Hai Qiu.

The messenger soul pet, from far away, quickly described the shape of the emperor rank soul pet and its abilities to Elder Hai Qiu.

“This… dark red colored flames… there seems to only be one type, right?” Old Soul Teacher De stroked his beard.

“Yes, sin flames!” Hai Qiu and the Soul Palace four seat elder nodded their heads.

“A soul pet that has sin flames, nine sin imprinted tails and looks like a fox monarch. Moreover, it is capable of causing soul pets to kill each other… why have I not heard of this soul pet before?” Old Soul Teacher De was experienced and knowledgeable; however, for a moment, he was unable to determine what it was.

“Could it be… it is the soul pet in legends that is capable of causing species calamity - the Seven Sins Fox?!!” said Hai Qiu. 

Hai Qiu’s words caused numerous higher ups of the Tianxia competition authority to show shocked expressions.

At this moment, the Soul Pet Palace and Soul Palace elders of the four seats looked at each other with extremely complex expressions!!

“Hai Qiu, if I didn’t remember incorrectly, the nearly thousand statue guards are the guardian creatures situated even deeper in the Blood Beast Altar…” 

“If the one that appeared there is a Seven Sins Fox, then it’s capable of causing these statue guards to completely annihilate one another. And the moment the statue guards no longer remain…” 

Hai Qiu’s face was full of worry right now. It was originally impossible for even an emperor rank soul pet to kill all of the statue guards. However, they never expected that the powerful emperor soul pet summoned by Chu Mu would have such a terrifying ability!

“It’s extremely dangerous. Go now, and inform the first seat!” at this moment, the two elders that knew of Immortal City’s secret were extremely worried! 


Hai Qiu quickly transmitted the information to the first seat, Tian Ting. Tian Ting creased his brows, because he never thought Chu Mu would have a Seven Sins Fox! 

“His majesty Li Hong has already gone east. The only person who can suppress the Blood Beast Emperor is you. If you don’t take action, the Immortal City will be met by a hard to suppress disaster.” Hai Qiu said very earnestly. 

“Who put the second grade’s final honor at the Blood Beast Altar? What an absolutely stupid idea!!” Tian Ting’s face was unsightly.

The core members of the Tianxia authorities knew that the Blood Beast Altar had two seals. The first seal was a normal high class monarch seal, while the guardian creatures were merely six low class monarch rank statue guards. 

However, underneath this seal was an even larger seal. The guardian creatures of this seal was the nearly 1000 statue guards from the entire plaza!!

There were nearly a thousand statue guards. Unless one had a middle class emperor rank, it would be extremely difficult to kill them all. 

Only, the Species Calamity technique was extremely special, and it caused the statue guards to kill each other. Therefore, in a short period of time, nearly all of the statue guards would meet their deaths!

Once all of the guardian creatures were killed, the seal would become very unstable, and the sealed Blood Beast King would very likely be able to use its own strength to shatter the seal!

“Fortunately Xie Tao is already heading to Blood Beast Altar. However, Xie Tao alone may not be the Blood Beast King’s opponent. Just to be sure…” Hai Qiu solemnly said. 

“I’ll go over!” Tian Ting’s face went cold. He most hated it when issues kept arising, especially when he had to personally do something.


Inside the seal.

Qin Ye looked with contempt at Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye.

In his opinion, there was no Mo Ye stronger than his emperor species Mo Ye. Even if Zhan Ye had six times the usual life force, it could not fight against his emperor species Mo Ye!

With each attack, the emperor species Mo Ye would carry a dense darkness aura. This darkness effect would cause its attacks to at least double in strength. Moreover, the corroding strength from the darkness was an extremely powerful counter to high ranking defense. Zhan Ye’s ink armor and ninth rank soul armor would unlikely be of much use. 

“Hou hou!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye’s ink armor had been intensely corroded already. Its darkness attribute was weaker than the opponent and thus there was no immunity. 

It slightly trembled as it stood up and its pair of black eyes stared closely at the emperor rank Mo Ye! 

This was already the second fight with an emperor species Mo Ye. Last time in the desert, the emperor species Mo Ye had made Zhan Ye feel enormous humiliation, by heavily injuring it with one attack. Especially since they were the same species, and at the same rank and phase and stage! 

“Hou!!!!!!” Zhan Ye let out a low roar at Ye Qingzi.

Zhan Ye’s roar told Ye Qingzi that it didn’t need any healing or life force strengthening. It would rely on its own strength to defeat this emperor species Mo Ye! 

“Zhan Ye…” Ye Qingzi could feel the stubbornness of this soul pet. 

In reality, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Princess Jin Rou’s fight were also extremely difficult. Their four soul pets each were being fought by Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s other main pets. Moreover, in this short period of time, their soul pets had suffered numerous injuries. If it wasn’t because they were being healed, they would have already perished. 

Compared to Zhan Ye that could Broken Limb Rebirth, their soul pets required Ye Qingzi’s healing. 

The injuries on Zhan Ye’s body was already affecting its movement. Its body began to secrete insect fluid. This fluid rapidly healed its body, allowing it to return to a good-as-new condition! 

Moreover, along with the Broken Limb Rebirth effect, the Brave Stinging Heart energy appeared. Zhan Ye’s strength began to rise, reaching the ninth phase high stage!

“Strength increase?” Qin Ye’s face showed a shocked expression. 

Qin Ye knew that Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye had the ability to Broken Limb Rebirth six times. But he didn’t know that Zhan Ye could increase its strength during a fight. 

Moreover, Qin Ye valued Zhan Ye’s six Broken Limb Rebirth ability and could always later teach it an ability to increase its strength. But now Qin Ye was greatly shocked. Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye unexpectedly had a technique to increase strength!! 

“Ninth phase high stage. It turns out this was a top quality Warbeast Mo Ye!” Qin Ye’s face was immediately filled with ecstasy. 

This wasn’t some semi-complete good. Instead, it was a perfect Mo Ye!!

“Perfect Mo Ye, perfect Mo Ye. This is too good!!! This is too good!!! This belongs to me! Although it’s a bit lacking to my emperor species Mo Ye, this is already very perfect!” Qin Ye was a bit deranged! 

Zhan Ye’s eyes were apathetic. It was indifferent towards Qin Ye’s deranged manner. Right now, all of its focus was on its fight with the emperor species Mo Ye. 

Still a bit lacking to the emperor species Mo Ye?

Zhan Ye could understand what Qin Ye was saying, and it snorted disdainfully!

Zhan Ye wanted to make Qin Ye understand that this emperor species Mo Ye was a piece of trash!!


There was no bottleneck effect on Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart. When Zhan Ye had angrily used the second Broken Limb Rebirth, its strength rose to the ninth phase ninth stage. It would soon step into the tenth phase!

The emperor species Mo Ye had incited all of Zhan Ye’s fighting intent. One had to know at its very peak, Zhan Ye had gone from the eighth phase ninth stage middle class monarch rank to the tenth phase peak! 

Now, Zhan Ye’s innate strength had reached the ninth phase middle stage - middle class monarch rank. It definitely didn’t need to put a ninth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank emperor species Mo Ye in its eyes! 

The emperor species Mo Ye’s dark corroding energy caused Zhan Ye’s defense to greatly drop. When it used the first Broken Limb Rebirth, Zhan Ye had only taken three attacks. 

After the second Broken Limb Rebirth, the emperor species Mo Ye had to use four full strength attacks before seriously wounding Zhan Ye. 

When Zhan Ye used the third Broken Limb Rebirth, its strength rose to the tenth phase. At this moment, Zhan Ye’s attacks could already pose a threat to the emperor species Mo Ye! 

Seeing Zhan Ye’s strength continuously rise, Qin Ye was in a state of shock. He never expected that this Warbeast Mo Ye’s strength to rise so quickly! 

The fight hadn’t lasted very long but this Warbeast Mo Ye that was originally four levels lacking was gradually becoming even! 

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye gasped for air, and let out a roar at Qin Ye!

Zhan Ye’s angry roar quickly made Qin Ye’s face turn unsightly. 

Qin Ye had had this emperor species Mo Ye for a long time and understood a bit of the Mo Ye language. Right now, Zhan Ye’s roar was mocking the emperor species Mo Ye that he was proud of! 

“Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye is rising in strength so quickly!” Ye Wansheng inadvertently glanced at the fight over there before shockingly discovering that Zhan Ye had unexpectedly reached the tenth phase!

Princess Jin Rou who was commanding her soul pets’ fight also noticed this soul pet. 

With three mere Broken Limb Rebirths, the Warbeast Mo Ye’s strength had reached the tenth phase middle class monarch rank. Moreover, as its strength rose, Zhan Ye would grow stronger from various aspects. As the fight increased, the more its strength would increase! 

Now, Princess Jin Rou understood how Zhan Ye was able to survive after dropping into the centipede abyss. With this speed of strength increase, probably only the Ten Thousand Legged Centipede could kill it! 


Indeed, Zhan Ye’s strength had increased much faster than normal, because Zhan Ye was hiding, under its cold fighting intent, a deep anger!!

Zhan Ye’s mental strength was much weaker than Chu Mu’s seven remembrance spirit master level. Therefore, in the seal, Zhan Ye was incapable of feeling any mental connection with Chu Mu… 

Chu Mu could very likely have already died!! This was the real reason why Zhan Ye was angry!

To Zhan Ye, it would never be able to forget Chu Mu’s firm promise that “he would never let it be abandoned”. The human in front of it that delusionally wanted to obtain it would never understand how important the meaning behind Chu Mu’s words to it was! 

Zhan Ye wouldn’t show its emotions.

However, it would use the indignation in its heart as a catalyst for strength to fight!!

It didn’t want to simply defeat this laughable emperor species Mo Ye. It wanted to also kill Qin Ye and kill all of his soul pets!! 

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