Chapter 562: Species Catastrophe, Indignant Sin Fox

Chapter 562: Species Catastrophe, Indignant Sin Fox 

Gorgeous flaming lotuses continuously blossomed throughout the entire plaza. With each destructive flame attack, they rapidly smashed the plaza. 

The entire plaza was composed of black rock that was several hundred times sturdier than normal rock. Using defensive terms to describe it, the ground had reached the equivalent of a ninth rank defense.

However, under Mo Xie’s Sin Flame Totem - Epoch Flame Lotus’ tenth rank might, the ground had been completely smashed, caved in, and shattered. The indignantly burning sin flames even began to extend outside the plaza, igniting the black wood walls!!

A tenth rank technique!!

Chu Mu stood at the center of the flame lotus, and watched with a face full of shock as the sin flames imprinted everything red. His eyes were illuminated by the gorgeous dark red flames!

Chu Mu himself didn’t know how long this technique persisted. He could only see the statue guards slowly being swallowed up and destroyed. This monarch legion, which originally should have been undefeatable, was now unable to withstand a single blow. It was truly hard to believe that these were monarch soul pets that he had, once upon a time, could only look up and revere! 

“Long long long long~~~~~~”

The remnants of the fire explosion still lingered in Chu Mu’s ears. He scanned his surroundings, and discovered that the statue guards two hundred meters around him had all transformed into smashed rocks and ashes. 

There had probably been 200 statue guards that met this fate. One technique unexpectedly annihilated 200 statue guards. Even Chu Mu was slightly disbelieving that the one which possessed such powerful destructive power was his very own Mo Xie. 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!”

The statue guards’ defenses were extremely high. If the creatures on the battlefield had all been under the monarch rank, Mo Xie’s technique would have been able to kill thousands! 

Two hundred statue guards had been eradicated, and the remaining seven hundred statue guards had more or less been injured. They looked like a ruined army!

However, Mo Xie seemed to be unsatisfied with this kind of destructive power! 

The Seven Sins Fox wasn’t an elemental world soul pet. If an elemental world soul pet were to use Epoch Flame Lotus, it would definitely be able to kill most of the statue guards present!

The death of two hundred statue guards was clearly not enough to pacify Mo Xie’s anger!

Suddenly, Mo Xie disappeared from the sin flames. Her speed had reached a level that Chu Mu couldn’t even see her!

In the next instant, Mo Xie astonishingly appeared in the statue guard legion. Her nine sin imprinted fox monarch tails were like nine boundless creatures, beautifully but savagely unfurling their bodies as they began to fiercely strike the statue guards!!

Each sin imprinted fox tail was suffused with a special marking. These sin marks were the most pure type of energy, and when they struck a statue guard’s body, their ninth rank middle stage defense would be instantly shattered!!

“Pai!!!! Pai!!!!!! Pai!!!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie didn’t use any techniques. The moment she swiped out with her claws, a statue guard’s head would fall off. Her nine sin imprinted tails seemed to possess life, as they autonomously attacked the surrounding statue guards. 

Mo Xie’s calm slaughter and the destruction of the statue guards losing their heads out of fear created a stark contrast. The grey pieces of rock were the statue guards’ flesh, and the current scene could only be described as carnage!! 

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, Mo Xie’s nine sin imprinted tails began to dance and imposingly wave!

Wherever the sin flames went, a bright light would appear before transforming into Sin Flame Whips!

Sin Flame Whip!

Mo Xie’s tail suddenly used her strength to fling Sin Flame Whips in all directions!

The sin flames on the nine fox monarch tails transformed into flaming whips. Each whip reached a terrifying several hundred meters in length. They were incomparably concentrated as they flung out. Consequently, another large group of statue guards was crushed under this force!!

In the blink of an eye, another hundred statue guards had been crushed under Mo Xie’s ruthless attack. Regardless if they were low class monarchs, middle class monarchs, or high class monarchs, it was hard for them to escape this destiny of death. The entire altar plaza was now filled with a dense aura of destruction! 

“Young master!!!” Old Li’s voice suddenly reverberated in Chu Mu’s mind.

“Stop making a big fuss. Just say what you want to say.” Chu Mu had enough of Old Li’s yelling.

Ever since Mo Xie mutated, Old Li didn’t stop shouting and it seemed as if he was about to go crazy. 

“Your small fox is now a Seven Sins Fox. These statue guards aren’t very smart, and don’t have a true commander. They can only dumbly defend this area.” Old Li spoke very quickly, meaning that he was very excited. 

“What do you want to say?” Chu Mu didn’t understand Old Li’s words.

“Your small fox’s strength is abnormally high. Although there are nearly a thousand statue guards, as a Seven Sin Fox, there’s no need for it to personally waste time to trample these weak things. Just have Mo Xie use Species Calamity, and you’ll witness a stunning scene!” Old Li said in incomparable excitement. 

“Species Calamity?” just from hearing the name of this technique, he immediately knew this was a formidable technique. Chu Mu was excited. 

“Mo Xie, use Species Calamity and annihilate them!” although Chu Mu didn’t know what Species Calamity was, since Old Li said it could cause a species to self-destruct, it would definitely be an extremely extremely powerful technique!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!”

Mo Xie’s attacks suddenly stopped, and her pair of eyes blazing with destructive torches of fire became even more resplendent!! 

A strange phenomenon occurred once more. The sin flames on Mo Xie completely covered her body, transforming her into a ball of burning sin flames.

Inside the sin flames, Mo Xie’s long, narrow, and  imposing eyes suddenly appeared. Her pupils were several times larger than normal circumstances. When one stared closely, he or she would gradually feel that the ball of sin flames that Mo Xie had transformed into was, in reality, Origin Flame that the Seven Sins Fox Flame Monarch always thought would burn down the world! 

In her pupils, nothingness transformed into Origin Sin Flames that ignited the plaza. The light from the Origin Sin Flame seemed to resemble countless staring sinful eyes!!

The statue guards had green colored eyes, but when Mo Xie’s Species Calamity technique finished, the nearby statue guards’ eyes gradually turned a savage dark red color!

More and more of the statue guards’ eyes began to change color. If one looked closely, he or she would discover that a ball of small Origin Sin Flame had been imprinted into their eyes!

“Young master, have your small fox kill the high class monarch rank statue guards. Then, you and your small fox will be able to sit to the side and drink some tea while chatting.” said Old Li.

Although Chu Mu really didn’t understand, he still had Mo Xie find the high class monarch rank statue guards. 

There were not even ten high class monarch rank statue guards leftm and Mo Xie quickly locked onto them!!

“Sou sou sou!!!!”

It was as if Mo Xie had entered an uninhabited region. None of the hundreds of statue guards were able to do anything to stop any of Mo Xie’s actions! 

Mo Xie only had to expend a bit of energy to kill the high class monarch statue guards. Chu Mu only saw an incomparably gorgeous dark red light of fire flash amidst the statue guard legion… 


The first high class monarch rank statue guard was ripped to shreds by Mo Xie’s sin flame claws!


The second high class monarch rank statue guard was crushed by Mo Xie’s fox tail!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

 Ostensibly feeling as if killing them one at a time was a waste of time, the extremely fast moving Mo Xie split into six figures!

“Young master, this is no longer a simple illusion technique. Instead, it closely resembles a doppelganger technique!” Old Li immediately cried out. 

Chu Mu hastily used his soul remembrance to follow Mo Xie’s steps. He abruptly discovered that the six doppelgangers Mo Xie had split into had each locked onto a different high class rank statue guard in different locations!

“Although the doppelgangers will only last for a very short period of time, they are able to utilize seventy percent of your small fox’s true body’s attack power. This is enough to kill these high class monarch rank statue guards!” said Old Li!

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!! Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

Practically the moment Old Li’s voice faded, six high class monarch statue guards at different locations on the altar plaza were ripped to pieces!!

“The high class monarch ranks have all been killed. You’ll now be able to witness the Seven Sins Fox’s most terrifying ability!” said Old Li.

Chu Mu really did want to know what this so-called Species Calamity was. 

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

Mo Xie had already returned to Chu Mu at some unknown time. She had stopped all her attacks. Instead, she raised her head, and let out a deafening howl! 

After the emperor sound rang out, all of the statue guards began to clearly tremble. Immediately following, the dark red Origin Sin Flames imprinted in their eyes began to violently burn!

Presently, one could see both ruthlessness and savagery in their eyes. Most astonishingly, they had locked onto the closest member of the same species!

There was both extremely profound hostility and a ‘fight to the last breath’ anger that was inextinguishable. 

“Your small fox has transformed into the wrath fox monarch of the Seven Sins Foxes. It will spread wrath through an entire species like the plague, causing them to kill each other out of wrath!” said Old Li. 

“Kill each other…” Chu Mu was even more shocked in his heart. If he were to spread the wrath to a soul pet empire that possessed millions of soul pets, the entire species would start killing each other. This truly was a species calamity! 



The statue guards infected first finally went mad. They raised the rock blades in their hands, and struck their own species members with incomparable wrath!

The statue guards struck by members of their own species were angered. And they retaliated in wrath! 

The wrath slowly began to spread from the first location like the wars of flame. Gradually, it evolved into a fight between all of the statue guards!

Not long after, the entire plaza had transformed into a massacre among these statue guards!

To think that, not long ago, Chu Mu and Mo Xie were facing undefeatable enemies. But now, Chu Mu and Mo Xie were standing on the side, watching this species massacre each other!

Mo Xie’s species mutation this time had been so powerfu,l it had far surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. Thinking of the situation in the seal, Chu Mu’s eyes suddenly flashed, and the expression on his face gave the story of what he wanted to say: “Xia Guanghan, Qin Ye. Is it possible for you to survive now?” 

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