Chapter 561: Sin Flame Totem, Epoch Flame Lotus

Chapter 561: Sin Flame Totem, Epoch Flame Lotus

Sin Flames were dark red in color, a mixture of blood and darkness, as well as a heat that could incinerate everything!

Mo Xie’s body was completely enveloped in the Sin Flames, her body seemingly merging with the flames, leaving only the cold noble eyes visible!


Sin Flame’s aura created an entrenching influence that created immense pressure in the hundred meter radius around Mo Xie.

What was more surprising was, on the black ground under Mo Xie, a massive Sin Flame Totem appeared bizarrely. This totem hid the most powerful ability of the seven sin fox’s ability to bring disaster to the world. At the same time, also sealed within it was infinite energy!!

The sealed totem was shocking; the Rock Statue Guards didn’t dare to step towards it in the slightest, all backing off quickly in fear.

Standing at the center of this Sin Flame Totem was Mo Xie, her silver noble body slowly appearing amongst the rapidly burning Sin Flame!

The first to appear was Mo Xie’s skull. Compared to the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, her appearance didn’t change much. However, her angular eyes were now decorated by flamboyant sin lines; the sin lines almost covered all of Mo Xie’s face and neck- almost like a cold mask!

These lines on Mo Xie’s face not only broke up the fox monarch’s famously beautiful appearance, it actually added a touch of a monarch’s unique pride!

Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s body was the combination of power and beauty. Furthermore, as a seven sin fox monarch, after Mo Xie mutated, her body had found the perfect balance between power, elegance, demonicness, and wildness- seeming like the perfect life form.

No matter her body proportions, muscles, length of four limbs, there wasn’t a single disharmony found on this fox’s body. Down to every single silver-like hair, she seemed intricately engineered. As they flowed in the wind, countless soul pet trainers would go crazy over her perfect form!

Mo Xie’s nine most shocking tails didn’t disappear, instead spreading out further along the sin flame totem. They were spread out uninhibitedly over the ground; some were unfurled, while others waved along with the release of sin flames, creating a magnificent fox tail diagram!!

Every soul pet trainer knew that one couldn’t value the appearance of a soul pet too much. However, from a human’s sense of beauty, even veteran old soul pet trainers, when looking at a soul pet, would naturally be attracted by a soul pet’s appearance, because a soul pet’s appearance often decided the growth situation and decided their power!

Thus, with her elegantly sculpted muscles, pure colored and high quality fur, well angled and gleaming armor, powerful and flexible limbs…...these were all objectively beautiful traits for beast type soul pets.

The seven sin fox that appeared from the sin flames again made Chu Mu reconsider what truly was perfection in art. One couldn’t believe how such a maximally elegant being could be considered the source of all disasters!

Seven sin fox’s true perfectness definitely was not just because of their appearance. Its power was even more perfect, in fact surpassing its own species rank!!

Just as Old Li shouted out loud, the seven sin fox itself was perfect monarch rank. Its beast type and demon type energy’s combination made its innate strength beyond monarch rank, reaching pseudo-emperor rank!

Adding on the sin flames that were rumored to incinerate worlds, Mo Xie’s fighting strength would reach low class emperor rank!!

Pseudo emperor rank and low class emperor rank were nearly three ranks apart, meaning any attack of Mo Xie could instantly kill the tenth phase ten thousand leg centipede back in the centipede abyss!!

In the seventh realm, facing the ten thousand leg centipede, Chu Mu could only look on in despair, but now the ten thousand leg centipede was nothing but a pathetic bug now!

The most important thing was, what Chu Mu currently faced was a thousand strong monarch army. However, they were all completely subdued by Mo Xie’s emperor aura. Not a single rock statue monarch dared to attack Mo Xie.The high class monarch rank that attacked Mo Xie before was now like a statue, frozen in standing. Clearly, even this high class monarch rank Rock Statue Guard didn’t think the royal flame nine tail inferno fox would have this mutation!

In front of the seven sin fox inferno monarch Mo Xie, the high class monarch rank Rock Statue Guard was infinitesimal, causing it to lose the courage to even run away!

The long, dragon-like tail slowly extended forward, while Mo Xie stayed in place. Her fox monarch tail slowly snaked its way towards the high class monarch rank Rock Statue Guard, lifting it up.

Rock Statue Guard didn’t have any ability to resist. The fox monarch tail had the imprisoning power of the sin imprints. As a high class monarch rank Rock Statue Guard, there was no way for it to struggle free!

Mo Xie’s eyes were cold and proud, like a cruel monarch that was gazing down upon its inept servant, and then executing it unhurriedly!


Suddenly, Rock Statue Guard’s body shattered under the fox monarch tail’s power!!!

High class monarch rank Rock Statue Guard’s defense was ninth rank complete stage. Only a tenth rank power could kill it. Yet, Mo Xie didn’t even seem show effort before crushing the high class monarch rank!!

Rock Statue Guards had their own wisdom. They had Mo Xie surrounded in hundreds of circles. However, when they saw their commander killed like an insignificant ant, all the Rock Statue Guards started shaking!


Mo Xie’s eyes were cold with fury!

Now, facing the Rock Statue Guards that had tried to kill her not long ago, the angry Mo Xie wanted them to feel the helpless despair of death!


Mo Xie let out a powerful call!

This voice was like a sprout of flames, darting into the low hanging black sky!

The sin flame totem under Mo Xie slowly dimmed away. With the angry call of Mo Xie, the sin flame totem slowly rose into the air instead.

Finally, the sin flame totem fell upon the black sky, shrouding the entire altar plaza!!

The entire altar plaza was nearly one thousand meters in length. One could imagine just how grand and majestic a sin flame totem that could cover the entire plaza was; it was completely blocking off the entire black sky!!

Sin Flame Totem - Epoch Flame Lotus!

Rumor was that, when the seal didn’t exist, the Seven Sin Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch used this exact technique that incinerated worlds!

Even if they were burdened with the source of sin, even if their energy was sealed, the world flames could still cause an entire region’s organisms to turn to ashes!

The dark red flames slowly dripped down from the sin flame totem and didn’t look much different than the most normal flames. In fact, even while falling, it was incredibly quiet…...

Suddenly, when the dark red flames fell on the ground, a terrifying darkness and blood inferno lotus blossomed from that location!!

The inferno lotus immediately devoured the Rock Statue Guard’s surroundings, leaving these Rock Statue Guards no chance to even struggle, burning away into ashes under this power!

How great were low class monarch rank Rock Statue Guards? Yet, with one drop of the flame lotus, they were instantly killed!

Very quickly, more and more inferno lotus dew dropped down from the sin flame totem, and every time it fell, more blossoms of death appeared to destroy nearby Rock Statue Guards!

“Honghonghong!! Honghonghong!!!!!!!!!!!”

The sin flame totem became an apocalyptic judgement. Thousands of Rock Statue Guards withstood the fury of the inferno monarch. The entire altar plaza was filled with incredibly hot inferno lotus that were both brilliant yet merciless!



In the distance, the special informational soul pet let out a hurried cry.

From its vision sharing with the informational soul pet trainer, the trainer couldn’t possibly judge that Mo Xie had a species mutation.

All in all, he only saw a seven sin fox appear out of sin flames before the catastrophic scene unfolded, nearly burning the little weak informational soul pet!

Informational soul pet trainer himself was dazed, relaying the message to the rest of the plaza after a while.


The entire Tianxia City was still in its silent state. In reality, everyone was waiting for the news of Chu Chen and his soul pets’ death.

“Soul palace Chu Chen…….he…...he isn’t dead. For some reason, there suddenly appeared an emperor rank fire type soul pet!!!”

“The emperor rank fire type soul pet was killing Rock Statue Guards in packs, instantly burning them all using inferno lotuses!!”

Emperor rank fire type soul pet?

Low class monarch rank Rock Statue Guards being instantly killed in packs?

What was this concept? The second tier young generation members could already enter the ninth realm with a tenth phase low class monarch rank soul pet!!

Yet now, such a rank was being instantly killed, and in clumps at that!!

Sighing noises sounded all around, because no one wanted to believe this unbelievably fake news!

“The news is real!” At this moment, one of the four chairs used their soul remembrance to make sound that spread towards all the people’s ears!

“The immortal city staff sensed a huge amount of fire energy come from the blood beast altar!”

Informational soul pet trainers could lie, but could the Battle of the Realm leaders, and the authoritative elder Hai Qiu, lie?

At this moment, the entire plaza finally realized that what the informational soul pet wasn’t fabricated!!

If this were real, then the emperor rank soul pet that were instantly killing Rock Statue Guards, it truly existed!!

If even the competition staff of the immortal city felt the flame energy’s spread, one could imagine the terrifying fire type calamity that was ravaging the blood beast altar plaza!!

“Emperor rank…… heavens!!” Zhao Cheng cried out loud.

“Chu Chen was right there, and this emperor rank soul pet was clearly helping Chu Chen fight the near thousand Rock Statue Guards…… can it be……” Soul palace members all showed shock. If they continued that line of thought, they wouldn’t even believe it themselves!

“Can it be, this is Chu Chen’s true main soul pet - an emperor rank existence!”

“Emperor rank main soul pet…… this Chu Chen is too abnormal!!! This kid is going to get disqualified in his first competition!!” Old spirit teacher De could no longer sit still, shouting out loud!

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