Chapter 560: Torching the World, Seven Sins Fox Inferno Monarch!

Chapter 560: Torching the World, Seven Sins Fox Inferno Monarch!


Ten years ago


“Chu Mu, today we will talk about a very noble and powerful soul pet.” Chu Tianmang was barefoot, his pants rolled up as he stepped on the cobblestoned river floor.

Seven year old Chu Mu also rolled up his pants and stepped into the water. However, he was much shorter, so the river was almost engulfing his thighs.

“What soul pet, is it powerful, can I get it?” Chu Mu’s youthful face showed a stubbornness that he wouldn’t be pushed away by the river. 

Except, in the end he still stepped onto a rather smooth pebble, causing him to fall over into the water.

Just as he was about to get flushed away, Chu Tianmang’s big hands extended into the water, pulling the soaking wet Chu Mu out of the water. Seeing his grudging expression, he only responded with laughter.

“They are punished creatures. You are so small, you can’t even take the force of the river. How can you capture them? A mere sneeze from them could send you into the skies.” Chu Tianmang laughed, and put the dripping Chu Mu onto his back, carrying him as Chu Mu walked against the flow of water.

“A punished creature, why?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“Their birth is a sin.” Chu Tianmang said with a smile.

"Birth is a sin?” Chu Mu was even more confused. Wasn’t birth the start of a new cycle? Why was it a sin?

Even if they were incredibly evil in their previous life, wouldn’t birth cause all that to become irrelevant?

“All life forms have to follow a natural order. There are strict ranking systems to restrict the power of organisms of all levels. However, because they are too powerful, their birth could cause a disaster in itself.” Chu Tianmang said.

Chu Mu laid on Chu Tianmang’s back, and opened his eyes wide. Clearly, he was already very interested.

“According to ancient legends, there are seven sins of life. Many highly intelligent species and life forms are tempted by these sins. When any of these sins appear, endless battle would happen. With battle comes death. Especially with massive species, it would create rivers of blood, and send the whole world into darkness……”

“Amongst the corpses, the rivers of blood, and the endless ruins, there always appears a noble fox monarch. It watches down upon the broken world emotionlessly…...

“This fox monarch is the source of the burning world; it brings disaster with its existence.”

Chu Mu put his chin on Chu Tianmang’s broad shoulders, blinked a couple times, thought carefully before asking, “Ominous disaster organism? Shouldn’t the battle between species be blamed on the internal conflict between species? Why do they put the blame on this fox monarch?”

“Hehe, this is the eighth sin of life: it never directly addresses its own issues. You aren’t wrong. This fox monarch isn’t the source of all evil, it simply appears at the end of disasters. No one knows why it appears……”

“Even you don’t know?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Tianmang laughed, and shook his head before continuing, “In ancient times, people ignorantly put all the crimes and blame upon them, so they must be guilty. In fact, people activated powerful seals to lock up these seven fox monarchs’ strengths to let them pay for their crimes of creating disasters, needing a thousand generations before it’s completely paid back……”

“A thousand generations. A fox monarch’s life span is definitely longer than a humans, so how many years would that take?” Chu Mu asked surprisingly.

“Yes, even today the seven types of fox monarchs are still paying for their crimes…..” Chu Tianmang said ruefully before continuing, “But, even after paying their crimes, even after its power were sealed, it is still very powerful!”

“Even more powerful than the Sinking Wind Dragon you mentioned last time?” Chu Mu asked.

“Sinking Wind Dragon……” Hearing this name, Chu tianmang suddenly lost focus for a bit.

After laughing bitterly, Chu Tianmang answered seriously, “More powerful! Though they are both monarch ranks, it is stronger than the Sinking Wind Dragon; it is undoubtedly the king of monarch ranks! Even while paying back its crimes, it still has destructive powers!”

Chu Mu grabbed onto Chu Tianmang’s shoulder tightly, and couldn’t wait to learn more about this powerful lifeform that was atoning for its sins!

Chu Tianmang laughed and said, “Remember, they’re called Seven Sin Fox! Seven different types of power containing seven original sins.”

“Seven Sin Fox!!” hearing this name, Chu Mu’s heart was touched. At this moment, he truly wanted to see the noble appearance of these seven sin foxes.

“Seven sin foxes have different names. Only one name was written down in the ancient pet encyclopedia though; its name is Seven Sin Fox Inferno Monarch!”



 Above the Immortal City

The dark night engulfed the ground like a black tide, roiling with chaotic wind currents that blew the rubble of Immortal city into the airs. The rubble covered the sealed city, causing the entire region to become muddied!

The most powerful wind currents appeared in the Immortal city blood Beast altar plaza!

This plaza’s location made it feel as if the sky were only hundreds of meters away from the ground. The reachable sky caused all the rock statue guards to feel a massive wind pressure upon them!

Nearly thousands of rock statue guards fell into eternal panic. The high class monarch rank rock statue guards even sensed the presence of something about to descend upon the altar. Their bodies started shaking as they let out roars of unease!


Mo Xie’s calls pierced the skies. Her silver fur danced like demons, her silver eyes burning with radiant flames!!

They were a pair of pupils full of the power of illusion!!

Through these eyes, one could almost see a world- a world about to be torched and destroyed!!

“Seven Sin Fox Corrupt Inferno Monarch wields the power of fire. People call their flames Sin Flames. Its power is not any weaker than the fifth rank fire type crystals, and its rumored to hide enough power to burn worlds!”

Chu Mu stood blankly behind Mo Xie, as everything Chu Tianmang told him about seven sin fox echoed back through his mind!

Yet, what Chu Mu saw was indeed sprouts of Sin Flames coming out of Mo Xie’s silver body, a fifth rank fire crystal even more powerful than the Nine Underworld Devil Flames!

“Seven sin fox!! Mo Xie is mutating to become a seven sin fox!!!”

Chu Mu felt his entire being palpitate along with his heart!

Seven Sin Fox was a being he had long held as a mythical deity in his childhood. Especially with the story of thousands of years to wipe away their sin, Chu Mu’s young heart was in shock!

Even after paying back its crimes, even after its power were sealed, it was still the king of monarchs! How dominant and powerful was this!!

“Young…...master!! Young…… master!!! Your small fox…… it’s…… its mutating again!!!”

The Old Li that hadn’t escaped projected its voice to Chu Mu’s mind!!

Old Li had stayed hidden in western kingdom for a long time, so he who loved collecting information knew that Chu Mu’s little fox had mutated from Evil Flame Six Tail Demon Fox to Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox.

A species mutation happening in Chu Mu’s soul pet was already a gift from heaven. After all, if Mo Xie hadn’t become monarch rank, Chu Mu would never have brought the rest of his soul pets up this quickly.

But, what Old Li couldn’t believe was that this little fox that mutated once mutated again!!

Continuous Mutation!!

Old Li knew Chu Mu’s little fox had insane talent, but he never would have thought this little fox could continuously species mutate!!!

“Heavens!! The little fox is mutating into a Seven Sin Fox!!! This…… this is the most powerful species of all of monarch rank!! Its natural fighting strength is already Emperor rank!!!!!!” Old Li’s screaming was enough to show just how shocked this two hundred year old raccoon was at the appearance of the Seven Sin Fox!!

Old Li was extremely knowledgeable, so how would he not know of the tale of the seven sin fox? In fact, according to the tales, if one could find the sacred item of the seven sin fox, the seals would be unlocked, and they would become beings that surpassed emperor rank!

“Seven Sin Fox itself is a perfect monarch, able to match pseudo emperores. Adding on its fifth rank crystal sin flames…… its fighting strength could easily match a low class emperor rank! Young master…… young master, low class monarch rank fighting strength, maybe…… maybe you won’t have to die anymore!!!!!” Old Li was screaming borderline insanity!

Seven sin fox, emperor rank, and low class emperor at that!!

Even Chu Mu couldn’t have guessed that Mo Xie would mutate into a Seven Sin Fox Corrupt Inferno Monarch at such a life and death moment!

Seven Sin Fox Corrupt Inferno Monarch, this was the most powerful soul pet imprinted into Chu Mu’s brain since he was seven. Chu Mu hadn’t even dreamed that one day he would own one himself!!

Seeing Mo Xie, at this moment, Vhu Mu no longer had any words to describe his inner heart…...

In fact, in Chu Mu’s black sockets, a single, warm tear was quietly sliding out.

It was only one drop,  and yet this one drop contained too much emotion!

The glimmer dripped down Chu Mu’s cheek. Completely paying attention to Mo Xie, Chu Mu didn’t notice that, as this tear fell, a strange ripple appeared in the space, and the tear disappeared…...

In the special bottle in Chu Mu’s spatial ring, the amount of Sobbing Monument tears increased slightly.

In reality, Chu Mu had never noticed that the monument tears were slowly increasing. Every time Chu Mu’s soul truly touched a soul pet’s soul, it increased.

Seeing Binding Wind Spirit’s memory shards, White Nightmare becoming high class monarch, Zhang Ye sitting upon the mountain of corpses…… the Sobbing Monument Tears were always increasing.

Yet this time, when Mo Xie species mutated to Seven Sin Fox, the amount of tears increased the most out of all!!

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