Chapter 56: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (1)

Chapter 56: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (1)

“Look, quickly, look, I knew it, I knew it, fourth brother is stronger than anyone! These arrogant people, no one believed what I said, now you see! That Ice Air Fairy…...and that Devil Tree Battle Soldier……” After seeing Chu Mu finally exploding with his true strength, Chu Ning couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart.

During this period Chu Ning had always felt sullen for Chu Mu, feeling that the clan members didn’t value Chu Mu enough. Now, look at all their eyes nearly falling out. In Chu Ning’s eyes, who was the Zhou Clan number one young expert, or the Yang Clan number one young expert? Once Chu Mu intervened, all of them could only die on the side!

Chu Ying, Chu Xing, Chu He, Chu Lang all still had their jaws open wide. They had seen people playing it low-key, but they had never seen it this low-key. They finally witnessed what it meant to suddenly amaze the entire world with one single feat!

“Good!!! Good stuff!!” Finally, Chu Xing recovered from his bewilderment. His heart churned with ecstasy as he couldn’t help but yell out!

Chu Mu’s victory indubitably tilted the balance of victory towards Chu Clan!

The normally silent Chu He still stood there, but from his expression and eyes, one could see his surprise and happiness.

As for Chu Ying, who had complained constantly about Chu Mu’s poor skill, she had the most vivid expression on her face. She couldn’t even believe that the upright and handsome teen on the battlefield was Chu Mu!


“I didn’t think that they still had such a trump card. That old thing Chu Ming was really willing to put down a fortune to train that rubbish.” Yang Clan’s Yang Kuo’s face became sullen as he said with a salty tone.

“En, this was indeed unexpected. It seems like the Zhou Clan is out of luck.” Yang Luobin looked at the strangely stronger Chu Mu, as his eyes revealed a most strange emotion, and even the corner of his mouth was twitching strangely.

After speaking, Yang Luobin specially looked at the male beside him in a long blue windbreaker.

The man’s collar was up, covering his chin, leaving only his angular nose and abstruse eyes visible. These eyes hid within the shadows of his long hair, and they looked like they were ruminating.

“What do you think?” Yang Luobin showed signs of obedience, and asked the mysterious young man.

The young man lifted a corner of his mouth and said nothing, yet his expression said he understood things very clearly already.


“Round two, Chu Mu against Zhou Shengcheng!”

The Zhou Clan members all creased their brows, unable to think of who to send out to deal with the powerful Chu Mu. Finally, they decided to send Zhou Shengcheng, who was second only to Zhou Pan!

“Summon your soul pets.” The judge looked at Zhou Shengcheng and commanded dully.

Zhou Shengcheng realized that Chu Mu’s two soul pets were very hard to deal with, so he summoned all three of his soul pets!

Three summoning symbols appeared consecutively on the floor, each emerging from a different color!

A dark shadow slowly enveloped a region of the battlefield. What should’ve been lit with a sunny afternoon now felt like it was occupied by a strange vacuum.


Umbra: Demon World - demon type - dark species - Umbra subspecies - high class servant rank

Umbra was a rather rare soul pet. Although it was ranked as a high class servant rank, it had the power of warrior rank. Additionally, the Umbra that Zhou Shengcheng summoned was a sixth phase ninth stage, and was almost at the seventh phase Umbra.

“At first glance, it is obvious this Umbra has been strengthened with a dark type soul crystal. It’s aura is pretty scary!”

“Umbra is a control heavy soul pet, it’ll be hard to deal with!”

“That sixth phase eighth stage Skyrock Spirit was also very strong, clearly countering Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.”

Zhou Shengcheng’s third soul pet was the very surprising flower type soul pet - Ghost Scythe Flower Demon

Ghost Scythe Flower Demon: Plant World - flower type - Flower Demon species - Ghost Scythe Flower Demon subspecies - low class commander rank

Zhou Shengcheng’s Ghost Scythe Flower Demon was at the sixth phase first stage. From its outer appearance, it seemed not to have been trained with a flower type soul crystal above fifth rank, so its fighting power wasn’t that strong.

“Two odd soul pets, do they want to use this method to defeat Chu Mu?”

“Would you like to switch soul pets?” The judge looked at Chu Mu and gave him plenty of time to switch soul pets out.

Chu Mu shook his head, not planning on switching.

Switching soul pets naturally wasted soul power. Chu Mu’s soul power was very limited, so in fights like this there was no need to switch soul pets.

“Battle, begin!”

After speaking, the sturdy pillar in the middle immediately burst into vibrant flames!!

On Cyan Nightmare Island, Chu Mu had already seen the abilities of an Umbra. He knew that such pure dark type soul pet could unknowingly appear beside him, so he immediately pulled away from the battle.

Sure enough, the sixth phase ninth stage Umbra immediately morphed into shadows at the beginning of the battle, vanishing into the shade behind the slightly dilapidated pillars. Right after, behind the many pillars, multiple shadows appeared, flickering.

“Ning, Ice Wall”


Ice Air Fairy let out a long cry. Without any target, it consecutively cast ice walls, creating several of them on the stadium!

The casting of ice wall seemed to have no order, but in reality, Chu Mu was fully utilizing the reflection of sunlight to create a shadowless region near him!

Sure enough, as the sunlight constantly reflected off the ice walls, the region near Chu Mu and his soul pet was void of shadows, and the sneaky Umbra could only linger near the ice walls, unable to get close to Chu Mu and his soul pets.

“First time I’ve seen someone use ice walls that way……”

“True, he’s taught me a new move today.”

Chu Mu’s clever usage of ice wall immediately brought praise from the audience.

Sitting on the seats, when Qing Menger saw this tactic, she smiled slightly, remembering when Chu Mu told her this principle of using light.

Qing Menger remembered that Chu Mu used to always glow with vigor when he started talking about different tactics and ability usages, as if he could actually cast it on the battlefield. But in reality, he could only imagine, unable to make it a reality.

Now, Chu Mu realized one of his battle plans on the field where everyone was watching, so she indeed felt happy for him.


Zhou Shengcheng saw this and immediately ordered his Skyrock Spirit to start shattering the ice walls that the Ice Air Fairy was creating!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!”

Walls upon walls of ice with hardness even stronger than rock type techniques shattered into pieces, scattering messily on the battlefield.

Seeing the ice walls shattering, Chu Mu started to back off while telling his Ice Air Fairy to constantly release ice walls. However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost Scythe Flower Demon were engaged in a pure ranged struggle among both Plant World soul pets.

“Seems to be countered…….”

Seeing Chu Mu and his soul pets constantly backing off, Chu Clan’s members all felt difficult for him.

Indeed, from the current situation, Chu Mu was constantly backing up and constantly telling his Ice Air Fairy to cast ice wall to prevent the Umbra from ambushing him, but with the presence of the Skyrock Spirit, these ice walls would quickly shatter…...

“What will retreating do!” Zhou Shengcheng smiled, commanding his soul pet to push forward, as well as casting a rock type soul technique himself to start shattering the ice walls that the Ice Air Fairy was setting up.

Chu Mu acted very calm, and slowly retreated while still steadily putting down defenses.

Zhou Shengcheng’s combination of soul pets perfectly pressured Chu Mu’s two damaging soul pets. Zhou Shengcheng didn’t seem like he wanted to switch soul pets, so he spent all his soul power on casting soul techniques!

An incantation was slowly chanted. This time Zhou Shengcheng planned to cast the seventh level Meteor Burst, wanting to deal a heavy blow to both of Chu Mu’s soul pets!


Another ice wall shattered. In the direct path towards Chu Mu, there were no ice walls left. With no ice walls to reflect light, the reflection effect also disappeared. The scary Umbra quickly used the shadows to strangely appear under the Ice Air Fairy’s body!

Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation!

The Umbra’s specialty: Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation. Once casted, the soul pet won’t be able to cast anything. Even moving the body would be very tough!

Without any obstacles, the Umbra’s technique quickly shrouded the Ice Air Fairy like a black cage, shackling the Ice Air Fairy’s body…...

The casting Zhou Shengcheng immediately smiled. Once Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was restricted, victory was just a matter of time. Perhaps using massive amounts of soul power to cast this soul technique wasn’t needed either.

The shadow that shrouded the Ice Air Fairy felt as if it shrouded all of the Chu Clan’s hearts as well. Everyone was full of sorrow, because everyone could see that once the Ice Air Fairy was restricted, the battle was nearing its end.

But, just when everyone furrowed their brows, Chu Mu smiled!

The demonic yet slightly ruthless smile, when revealed, caused even his black pupils to unintentionally emit a shivering killing intent!

“Ning, kill!”

Chu Ming ordered out loud to his Ice Air Fairy!


The Ice Air Fairy’s sound strangely came from a distant place.

When this sound rang out, the body of the Ice Air Fairy that was originally shrouded by shadows slowly started to bend!

When the Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation casted by the Umbra sank in, there were only spots of light slowly dissipating into the darkness and the Ice Air Fairy’s body wasn’t there!

The sudden vanishing of the Ice Air Fairy immediately subdued everyone. Just as everyone was shocked, the Ice Air Fairy’s sparkling body suddenly appeared from an unnoticeable ice wall on the messy battlefield!

Ice Mirror!

No one would’ve thought that while constantly casting ice walls to defend against the Umbra, Chu Mu had set up an Ice Mirror trap. Now, the Ice Air Fairy appeared behind Zhou Sheng Cheng’s three soul pets, only thirty meters away from Zhou Shengcheng!


The Ice Air Fairy’s chanting had long since completed. Instantaneously, a coldness razed throughout the battlefield. Countless ice crystals started conjuring above the Ice Air Fairy’s head!

The miniscule ice crystals formed into the shapes of ice swords. Very soon, sixteen massive ice swords were formed, each hovering with their tips faced down!!


With the shout of a fairy, the Ice Air Fairy, under everyone’s shocked gazes, controlled the sixteen six meter long swords to shoot straight from the skies!

The beautiful sun cast rays down, yet cold radiance shone in all directions!

The frightening drop of the ice swords went straight for Zhou Shengcheng himself!

Without using Microcontrol, the sixteen ice swords stabbed towards Zhou Shengcheng! Even if Zhou Shengcheng originally casted Ice Armor for defense, with this sudden barrage of attacks, Zhou Shengcheng had no time to prepare any other defense!


“Beng!!! Beng!!!!”

“Beng Beng Beng!!!”

Loud bangs resonated through the entire battlefield!

With such an intense barrage of attacks, Zhou Shengcheng’s position was disfigured in a moment.

Deep sword shaped pits, shattered ice, fractured ground…...

But, this wasn’t what made all ten thousand people on the stadiums feel shocked about. What was really shocking was that Zhou Shengcheng himself was, in front of everyone’s eyes, pulverized into meaty pulp by the sixteen ice swords!

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