Chapter 558: One Human, One Fox

Chapter 558: One Human, One Fox

On the altar plaza, rock blades full of strength were lifted high into the air. A dozen statue guards had locked onto Chu Mu, and their combined majestic aura were capable of shattering one’s confidence! 

They finally launched their death attack!!

Amidst the statue guards, Chu Mu was gripping his stomach, and he revealed a pained expression. 

The high class monarch strength directly struck Chu Mu. If Chu Mu’s body hadn’t undergone the Jade Spring Holy Water baptism, this attack was capable of splitting his body to pieces! 

Chu Mu stood up with great difficulty. The statue guards didn’t attack very quickly, and when he felt the enormous rock type aura hit him from all directions, Chu Mu didn’t dare hesitate and chanted an incantation!

“Long long long long!!!!!!!!”

A dozen rock blades slashed down from all sides. An earth breaking strength abruptly manifested, and didn’t give Chu Mu any room to dodge!

The dozen streams of energy merged into one, its combined might reaching the tenth rank! If it were another environment, everything within a thousand meters around them would have been destroyed!!

The moment the energy surged at him, Chu Mu’s body rapidly burned with devil flames!

The devil flames burned his body, quickly transforming it into ashes.

“Hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

In the next moment, Chu Mu appeared a hundred meters away, leaving the center of the energy blast.

However, the blast of energy was enough to still affect the thousand meters, and Chu Mu merely managed to dodge the strongest area affected. 

Soon, a powerful rock type force swept at him like a tide. Chu Mu’s body had just emerged from the devil flames before being thrown into an air. Astonishing wounds further appeared on his body. It was as if his body was being torn apart!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!”

Mo Xie angrily gave a cry. Her body illuminated with a silver color as she ran forward. Her four paws carrying royal flames flitted past the heads of the statue guards as she attempted to reach Chu Mu...

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!!!”

As Mo Xie flew past them, countless rock blades intersected in midair. Clearly, no matter how high Mo Xie jumped, they would still be able to attack her.

Mo Xie dodged in midair, but the wounds on her body continued to increase. It was as if she was walking under a rain of blades. The faster she went, the more serious the injuries she suffered… however, she continued to do everything to run towards Chu Mu. 

Fortunately, the tenth rank energy blast from earlier also affected the statue guards themselves to a certain extent. Mo Xie took advantage of their recoiled state to fly over their heads. If it were normal circumstances, with Mo Xie’s strength, the moment she leapt into the air, she would definitely be killed by countless statue guard rock blades in midair. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Finally, Mo Xie landed in front of Chu Mu. As Chu Mu was about to fall into the statue guard group again, she used her tail to pick up the injury riddled Chu Mu.

Feeling the softness of a tail, even though he couldn’t open his eyes, Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie had arrived.

Only, right now Chu Mu felt rather helpless and bitter.

“Mo Xie, go to the center of the energy blast. That place should be relatively safer.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Mo Xie.

Chu Mu naturally knew that staying in the air would definitely cause them to suffer the attacks of hundreds of stone guards. That would be equivalent to suicide. 

“Wu~~~~~~” Mo Xie quickly landed, dodging a few long range attacks from the statue guards, as she ran towards the center of the energy blast from earlier.

The tenth rank energy had yet to fully subside, and a powerful rock type energy was still spilling over. However, in order to keep breathing, they could only head there. Otherwise, the next time the statue guards launched a group attack, it would inevitably spell their deaths. 

“Hu hu hu~~~~” Mo Xie’s silver fur disheveledly fluttered in the wind as the remnants of the rock type energy tore at her body...

Finally, Mo Xie arrived at the heart of the tenth rank energy. There had temporarily appeared a rather large hole at the heart, because the energy had surged around in all directions. There would need to be ten seconds before the energy was fully pacified. Therefore, the next round of attacks from the statue guards would probably be in ten seconds.

The White Nightmare had been sealed in the Blood Beast Altar, and even if Chu Mu resolved to bet himself and transform into the half devil, he could not. Moreover, choosing to transform into a half devil was equivalent to burning his soul to death… 

“Wu wu~~~”

As they landed on the ground, Mo Xie placed Chu Mu on the ground.

Mo Xie knew that none of her attacks could cause any damage to this tide-like statue guard legion. As she stood next to Chu Mu, she used her tongue to lightly lick the wounds on Chu Mu’s arms. She ostensibly wanted to lessen Chu Mu’s pain.

Chu Mu used her hand to pat Mo Xie’s head. His eyes didn’t show any signs of fear or helplessness in the face of death. Instead, they carried pain and gratification.

“You’re the most obedient, but also the most disobedient.” What else could Chu Mu say? There was no point in berating Mo Xie’s recklessness. 

Chu Mu knew that if any of his soul pets were in danger, they wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their own lives. 

They all had reasons to give their lives for Chu Mu. Zhan Ye’s appreciation, the White Nightmare’s dependence, Ning’s reliance, the White Nightmare’s devotion, Night’s sympathy… 

Only Mo Xie, no matter what he did, didn’t need any reason nor any logic.

Just like the beginning. When the Empyreon Cyan Hidden Dragon which could give Mo Xie powerful protection was bringing her along with it, Mo Xie had lain down on the shoulders of the weak human Chu Mu. Just like in the demon’s home. Even if the soul pact had ruptured, Mo Xie still wouldn’t leave him… 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

Mo Xie murmured, carrying a bit of sadness.

Every time they faced enemies, Mo Xie would stand in front of Chu Mu.

However, right now with enemies on all sides, Mo Xie could only stand next to Chu Mu.

“You’re unreconciled, eh? You only needed a few more years, and we wouldn’t even put a thousand of low class monarchs in our eyes.”  Chu Mu had no intentions of complaining.

Any soul pet trainer would face an undefeatable enemy one day. Chu Mu couldn’t continuously be met with good luck, so he didn’t complain. He was only unreconciled for both himself and for Mo Xie...

“Wu wu~~~” Mo Xie raised her head. Her pair of silver eyes watched Chu Mu, as they flashed with a light of determination. 

“Of course.” Chu Mu wore a smile now and his eyes were also filled with determination, “We will fight!” 

Chu Mu sucked in a deep breath, and stood up with his wounded body.

His black clothes were tattered and broken. His hair was disheveled. It was very similar to when he was surviving on Prison Island like a barbarian. 

Mo Xie’s silver body was contrasted by the captivating red blood on her fur, giving off the feeling of a bloodthirsty fox!

When Chu Mu was on Prison Island and required strength in order to survive, the will to become strong had been firmly implanted in the deepest parts of Chu Mu’s heart. 

Mo Xie and Chu Mu’s destiny were the same. At her weakest, she had merely been a servant rank small fox that needed to continuously grow, evolve, and mutate.

Back then, corpses had littered the jungle but ultimately the black and silver figures had left proud and aloof… 

Now, they were still one human and one fox. 

In front of a thousand meter plaza with enemies, no matter how savage the statue guards were or how powerful and terrifying, they were unable to stifle the light in the human and the fox’s eyes! 


The messenger soul pets circled high above underneath the black clouds. In the small soul pet’s eyes, all it could see was this shocking scene.

“Chu Mu and his soul pet have fallen in the plaza of over a thousand low class monarchs…”

When the messenger soul pet’s message transmitted to Tianxia Plaza, the entire plaza filled with tens of thousands of people erupted!!

The news continued to spread like a tropical storm!

“How could it be like this?!!” 

“Soul Palace’s Chu Chen and his soul pets will die like this?!” 

“How is he doing now?!!”

Shocked cries continuously rang out. There was an unprecedented commotion among sea and mountain of people in Tianxia Plaza! 

Shang Heng, Ting Lan, Zhao Cheng, and the numerous Soul Palace members sat in their spots. From their expressions, one could tell that it was very hard for them to accept this reality.

“Messenger soul pet trainer, they still haven’t died yet, right?” 

“What about now? Have they been killed yet?” 

Every question shouted was louder than the previous. Although everyone knew that Chu Mu could not survive, they wanted to know when this young expert, that had shocked the entire Tianxia City in one go, would fall...

The people that admired and worshipped Chu Mu had to know when exactly he fell!


The messenger soul pet circling above the Blood Beast Plaza shared the same line of sight as its master, so the messenger soul pet trainer could view the situation there.

However, when this messenger soul pet trainer saw it with his own eyes, he had been stunned for a few seconds and for a moment, didn’t know how to describe what he just saw.

Ultimately, the messenger soul pet trainer delivered the information.

“They are fighting.” 

The messenger soul pet trainer could only use “They are fighting” to describe them. Perhaps he himself felt that describing the details was too difficult, but he could truly feel that they were fighting!

They were fighting! 

But wasn’t this easy to describe? Didn’t all soul pet trainers frequently fight? 

However, in front of an enormous number of undefeatable enemies, their will to fight was completely different from one another!

“They are fighting.” 

Even the competition authority guards that passed on the message delivered the message in a very low voice. Their low voices circulated through the ears of everyone in Tianxia Plaza.

However, in this moment, a silence washed over the entire Tianxia Plaza.

Chu Mu, wearing ragged black clothes, and the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, dripping in fresh blood. They fought against the boundless mass of the statute guard legion… 

Even if the people couldn’t see, they were capable of imagining this heart-rending scene in their minds!!!

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